Time To Start Another Log

  1. Time To Start Another Log

    Hey everybody. I use to be really active on this board around a year-year and a half ago. I have kept up the training, but I missed the community that exists here! I have dropped a few pounds, because I decided it was time to focus a little on physique instead of just pure strength numbers! I will be posting just with my everyday experience! I'm not sure how detailed I will be going on here! Just playing it by ear for a while!

    Base stats
    Weight: 172
    Bench Press: 305
    Deadlift: 405
    Squat: 385
    Clean and Jerk: 200

    Any questions just over me know!

  2. Sunday July 27th

    Run: 2.1 miles in 13:32!
    Walk: 2.1miles in 27ish

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