RECOMPetition: Gutter and Houston Fight Through the Pain

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  1. You're pushing too hard and I'm not pushing enough right now. we are balancing out overall lol.

  2. I've gotta admit, I've been feeling a bit depressed/anxious lately due to some factors in my life... and that's why I've been really pushing it... Which is actually a good reaction to stress. Normally when I am feeling really down about something, I don't get super motivated... But all the training helps to clear my mind, plus the weather has been amazing here so I've tried to be outside / out of my house as much as I can be.

    I've just ordered some Tianeptine (Stablon) powder, so it's time to put that anxiety/bull$hit to rest and move on with a clear/positive mind. It's too bad it poops out for me after about 4 months, but that should be long enough. I normally do it in cycles as needed.

  3. Sorry life is getting to you bud. You're definitely doing something right if you're staying motivated to get in the gym etc. The weather here is hot and humid as hell, but I still get out there some. I've never heard of Stablon so I'll have to look into that.

  4. Thanks man. I get really affected by the women in my life, far more than I should, especially when I am in love. I shouldn't let women trouble / complications get me down. Staying busy is key for me... and hopefully some xanax and stablon as well lol... women can really drive me crazy sometimes...

    Living in NYC, most of my circle of friends are always out drinking, and that's not quite what I want to be doing all the time in order to burn stress. It's been tough for me to find a circle of clean living, athletic, positive friends here. Most of my athletic friends are scattered around the country.

    I think I want to start taking my training in a new direction soon. I love training, but I would really love to start training for 'something', to have a purpose. Something competitive. I've been thinking about getting into these various competitions such as the Civilian Military Combine, etc...Competitions that test strength, endurance and agility.. I feel so much better and accomplished when things I am doing have a purpose and goal, not to mention, it would be a great way to meet like minded people with similar lifestyles... It's tough to meet women in NY with the same lifestyle as me as that could also be a plus of doing these... I've thought about joining Crossfit again as well, for the camaraderie and family aspect of it all... but it doesn't completely follow all of my goals, and it's also quite expensive here on top of my yoga etc... The best thing about Crossfit is the community aspect and positivity & drive of everyone involved. I could definitely manage 2 Crossfit session a week while continuing my yoga and volume work at the gym, but a 2 day per week monthly pass here is over $150!! Combine that with $120 unlimited hot yoga pass and my ~$100 gym pass and that's a bit extreme!!

  5. This is the site for the CMC I was thinking of getting involved with:

  6. Took yesterday and today off as I had some special company over and am extremely exhausted today. Used today to rethink my plans, goals, etc. Got my stablon/tianeptine powder in and am pretty happy about that as well.

    I'll be doing grocery shopping tonight after putting together a new diet plan. Going to keep things very simple and whole, and start a pre-competition type diet consisting of:

    Coconut oil, EVOO and fish oil
    Chicken breast (not a big fan of fish)

    This will all take up the majority of the diet. But I will be including daily carbs this time around:

    Pre-workout, or possibly earlier in the day I will have 1/2 sweet potato (or similar) with my chicken.
    Post-workout I will have fruit (planning on pineapple because I love it, and the enzymes inside).

    Will post the diet in detail by tomorrow, once I work out all my macros. Will also post all my current supps, etc for this round of weight loss. Lately I've been doing a maintenance diet.

  7. Ya I'm going to make a plan tonight and post it for going forward. I will try and take some pics as well. What makes you choose asparagus as your main veggie vs broccoli etc? I like asparagus I just don't know what benefits it has over other veggies. I usually end up eating green beans a lot b/c I just love them and they're good with everything to me.

  8. From what I've read around and what people in the competitive world tell me, asparagus is a top choice.

    It has anti-inflammatory properties and an amazing nutrient profile:****12

  9. Btw, back on the topic of Stablon / Tianeptine. I got my order in yesterday and been taking it since. Feeling so much better today. I love how it's effects are almost immediate with me. Instant mood lift and anxiolitic. Cuts anxiety without the sedating effects of most Rx drugs. Quite the opposite - brightens the mood. Almost a wonder drug in that sense. It's a shame it's effects are not very long lasting in most people. I can never get it to work longer than 4 months myself, but I definitely feel better than before, once I stop using it. It can be cycled as well...although I've only used it a few times and never experimented with different off times.

  10. Your inbox is full Mr. Popular

  11. I haven't cleared it in a while. All set!

  12. Monday July 15

    Starting a new workout routine, basically fullbody EOD. For legs, I'm removing squatting (for now) while keeping in RDL's. I'm doing a TON of yoga atm and the long lunge poses are super tough if I've been squatting. Focusing on fat loss now, as well as rehabbing, so I'm not going to stop my frequent yoga so that I can squat =) I might try a couple sets here and there though... but the yoga has worked wonders for my back. I feel little to no pain as long as I am going at least every other day. It's also really helping me with stability / balance.

    This Wednesday, there is a special guest instructor at my yoga studio, so I am doing 2 back to back sessions. Not sure if I will hit the gym then. If I do, it will be at lunch, while yoga is at night... but that's a lot of sessions in 1 day.

    Log time:

    Walk 30 min in pouring rain to gym lol.. this is dedication.. really had to push myself to go

    Foam roll 10min



    Machine flies

    120 x 6
    120 x 6
    150 x 6
    160 x 10
    160 x 10
    160 x 10
    170 x 10

    Reverse flies / rear delt machine

    40 x 10
    40 x 10
    70 x 10
    80 x 10
    100 x 8

    W's / rear flies on incline


    Incline bench prone shrugs

    35 x 10
    35 x 10

    note: I think I hit my mid traps enough now haha

    Incline close grip DB press

    50 x 15
    50 x 15

    Pushing 2 25's together and up
    Note: Doing these to fill in inner line of chest and upper inner area. This movement works for me


    Bar x 10
    95 x 10
    95 x 10
    95 x 10

    Seated curls

    40 x 8
    40 x 8

    Standing barbell curls

    45 x 10
    45 x 10
    55 x 10

    Decline sit-ups


    Took train home, screw the rain.. Plus it was late at night and felt like passing out after lol

    Doing similar routine 3x per week.

    Note: Just realized that I forgot to do my shoulder D1/D2's. Will make up for this today and add to routine. I will also add ab wheel and some strict pullups or lat pulldowns/rows to routine. Really need to focus on core... realized in yoga class that I can't really do side planks very well at all lol

  13. Monday, July 14

    I've been working like crazy so I've been letting my workout time slip away. It felt good to get back on track.

    Ab routine: I'll elaborate on this later about 8-10 sets of low/slow movement exercises

    Rope pulldowns: 80#x15, 90#x12, 100#x10, 110#x8

    Standing rope rows: 100#x12, 100#x12, 110#x10, 110#x8

    Back extensions: 3 sets of 10

    Supplements started:

    Ostabol @ 20mg

    11-OXO @ 600mg

    Adrenna-G (stimulant) @ 1-2 caps a day

    PLCAR @ 2g

    Diet is mostly CKD with a few slips here and there where I go a little over on carbs, but not too much. Been doing pretty good.

    Right now I'm sitting at 171lbs so I'd like to stay between 165-175 while reducing fat and retaining muscle. Once I hopefully get my BF% down to around 8-9% I' plan on lean bulking or just continuing to recomp.

  14. I am sick today and out until further notice

    Going to have to cancel my classes tonight... pretty upset about that

  15. Rest up bro and get well soon.

  16. Thanks man, it sucks. Was getting into a good groove. I rarely ever get sick in the summer too.

  17. Still have a sore throat and feel off, definitely going to do a workout tonight though. It'll do me some good to get out of the house. I've been working from home the past two days. Going to walk there again and do my fullbody routine, will make sure to really hydrate today and take lots of theraflu first lol.. Walking there in the rain Monday was probably what got me sick to begin with, but today is an amazing sunny day.

  18. I've been out of town since Friday so I haven't lifted or logged anything. I'll get a workout in tonight or tomorrow and get some updates going soon. I got your PM also Gutter so I'll look at that soon.

  19. I was out of action last week due to being sick, sore throat n feeling pretty awful. I also broke it off with a girl I was seeing and got back with my ex of 3/4 years, so that's been keeping me busy too... I've only been doing some PT stuff and hot yoga to keep my back/shoulders healthy.

    I'm all ready to go again, running some new supps until the fall, when I might try out 1-test cyp for a 3-4 month (strong) lean bulk. 1-test cyp is basically almost as strong as tren but without all the sides. Want to see what all the noise is about...but we'll see.

    Planning on running a super clean / basic diet now, with carbs only existing peri-workout. I'll post it up this weekend.

  20. Hope things are going well with the renewed love life bud. Kind of out with the old and in with the older lol.

    I've hit the weights and cardio a few times this week, but have been neglecting the log. I have family in town and I'm still working like crazy. I'll try to post more next week. My neck has been killing me that last 2 days and it's giving me headaches off and on. I must have slept in a weird position for too long.

  21. Thanks man and yes that's a good way to put it haha... It's going to take a lot of work this time around that's for sure.

    Try rolling a lacrosse ball around parts of your neck while laying down so you're supported. Happens to me to. Hope you've been enjoying the family time.

  22. Just a quick note. The following will be started as of tomorrow:

    Ipamorelin - 100mcg morning / pwo / night
    CJC 1295 MOD GRF (1-29) - 100mcg morning / pwo / night
    (dosing will still be 3x day on off days, some sort of active recovery will still be in effect on off days, good time to do the pwo dose)

    Ostabol - 20mg ED in morning for 8 weeks
    Dermacrine - 3 pumps in morning for unknown time

    IM L-carnitine will start in a week or two. LCLT will be used until then

    Diet and training plan will be posted up tomorrow.

  23. Here's my new workout routine and a few updates.

    I'd taken a 2 week break from weight training due to being sick and fairly busy, but at the same time - I've become a bit more advanced in my hot yoga practice, which has helped my back and shoulders out immensely. I've been going almost everyday, doing more advanced flow classes, and have absolutely NO back pain anymore. That pain which existed in the lower left side of my ribcage seems to be gone now, and absolutely no pain in my T-spine, lumbar region or scapular area. As a plus, these classes are very challenging cardiovascular wise.... Just what I've been needing to help lose more weight and increase my endurance.

    Here's the new routine I've got planned out and will try as much as possible to adhere to. I'm basically doing a fullbody routine EOD, with a 2 day break before restarting. On my workout days, I am doing a hot yoga class after weight training. On my off days, I am doing a morning and evening hot yoga class, as active recovery and cardio, and physical therapy for my back/shoulders. The new flow class has been great for my shoulders as it includes a repeated series inbetween almost every pose, which really works on shoulder & scapular stability as well as core.

    Evening Fullbody Routine
    Hot Yoga class afterwards

    Morning Hot Yoga class
    Evening Hot Yoga class


    Evening Fullbody Routine
    Hot Yoga class afterwards

    Morning Hot Yoga class
    Evening Hot Yoga class

    Fullbody Routine sometime during the day, possibly at lunch during work, to free up my evenings, or in morning before work

    Hot Yoga class

    2 Hot Yoga classes, likely a flow class followed by a restorative class

    With the rate I'm going with rehabing my injuries, I should be back to benching and OH work again really soon. I'm still squatting and doing deads without pain, which is great. Will be nice to have full access back with barbell work. I really want to start incorporating more olympic lifts into my routine soon.

  24. I really need to get into the yoga stuff. I want to rearrange my garage and put a TV out there so I can use videos for yoga.

    Last night I drank my creatine and bcaa pre-workout and got on the elliptical for about 10min. After I got off I was stretching and became tired/sick. I ended up calling it quits shortly after and went to bed early. I'll try it again tonight. I guess I'm just running on E from working so much and staying up late to hang out with everyone longer than I should which leads to less sleep.

  25. I started my Ipamorelin/CJC shots, but strange thing is that I'm not experiencing the 'headrush' after the shot that I used to get in the past. Perhaps this isn't experienced as much with IPA as it is with GHRP-6 or 2. I only have 5 weeks worth, so maybe I will try another brand next time to compare.

    I missed my morning yoga class today..I had to wake up at 530am to get there. I haven't gotten up that early in years, so these morning classes are going to take some motivating to make it to. I'm hitting the gym after work today then will go to a flow class after I have a shake, go home, and walk the dog. I'll have to have a light meal after the class tonight in order to fit in my macros. Been trying to avoid eating late at night though. Drinking BCAAs (Xtend) during workout and yoga class, also taking MST Cordygen VO2 Ultra

    Might start B-12 shots soon, but waiting until I've got my new diet sorted, for when I'll need the energy. I'm still eating plenty of carbs, but strangely staying fairly lean. I guess since I got below a certain BF%, my body is utilizing carbs much better now.


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