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  1. welcome back man!

  2. Missed your freakin strong lift numbers! Heal up well!
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  3. Thanks fellas. Need to get back to it. Main focus is recovering . Eating is the biggest issue. I'm always on the move at work that I can't find time to eat. We been short a driver so I'm on the road driving and eating at the same Time

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  4. Whatever day
    Work up
    315 x 6
    345 x 3
    -heaviest I've gone since injuring myself at work. Felt heavy as my but went up first

    Deads (speed pulls)
    -felt good. changed up my conventional pull abit. Put grip closer to shins and brought my shoulders more forward. Seems to be working better for me .
    Work up
    315 x 3 x 3
    Deficit off plate
    315 x 2 x 2

    Cg bench
    Work up
    225 x 6
    275 x 5
    225 x 3 x 10

    3 x 8

    Bb GMs
    135 x 10
    185 x 5
    225 x 5

  5. Good to see u back at it. you'll be back in the groove before u know it

  6. lower accessory day
    -just came in to get some blood flow. Went light on everything
    Oly squats
    135 x 15
    225 x 10
    265 x 10
    285 x 10
    135 x 20

    Leg press
    -high foot placement
    4 x 15
    Back extensions
    5 x 15

    Leg ext
    4 x 15

    45 x 3sets x 12

    Calve raises

  7. "Went light on everything" - but OLY squats 285x10 lolol

    You still using them oly shoes on leg days?
    Psalms 62:1-62:2

  8. Your "light" lifts are my maximums, sort of! How's the boy doing?
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  9. Hah my top set was prob the only one I had to dig deeper for to get a good 10 in. But other then that it wasn't too bad. But I've been using chucks on competition squats and deadlifts since hip pain has diminished and I could squat wider again. But oly squat or anything narrow I would use the oly shoes

    Here's a pic of my boy at 5 months Don't ask why he got a canada shirt on lol.

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  10. Good looking kid there, A

  11. You should be a proud papa! He looks adorable and healthy and happy!
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  12. upper assistance
    -another fluff day
    4 x 12

    Flat DB presses
    75 x 15
    85 x 10
    95 x 10
    105 x 10
    115 x 9

    Bb rows
    155 x 10
    185 x 12
    225 x 3 x 10

    Seated cable rows
    120 x 15
    140 x 12
    180 x 12

    Shoulder Db press
    -hypertrophy work
    55s x 3 sets x 20

    Seated chest support high rows
    3 pps x 3 x 15

    Seated Cable flys machine
    -paused at the extension
    100 x 3 x 10

    Really out if it today. Heart was pounding and I was just not in it. Good thing it was upper today because if it was lower body work i would of just ate it. Anyways I'm in need of a rest day at the buffet. wish I could just take a couple days off work. Day job killing me! Lol taking the next two days off and going in for speed/reps with squats and deads prob on the weekend. Be easy everyone

  13. Strong numbers for being "out of it"! Nice job AT!
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  14. Excellent work dude

  15. Some days you jus don't feel it. Still put in the work tho! Max out on the food and rest
    Psalms 62:1-62:2

  16. making that come back, big db benching and rowing for a fluff day haha.

  17. Thanks fellas

    Here was today's work

    Deads (conventional)
    Warmed up
    315 x 3
    315 x 3
    365 x 3
    385 x 3
    405 x 3 x 3
    315 x 10
    -drained after this

    Squats(wide stance)
    -felt better than last week. Hips and lower back need some more strength. Asss would pop up on last set
    Worked up
    275 x 5 x 5
    185 x 10 (paused)

    Bench(speed focus)
    185 x 5 x 5

    Stiff leg DLs
    Close/medium/wide stance
    135 x 3 x 15

    Step ups
    3 x 20

    -blah. Drained from work but decent day of training . Forced myself to go tonight due to busy weekend planned. W.e. Be easy y'all

  18. Took a week off. Didn't feel much of a deload because of work but at least I got better sleep in during the week.

    Kept volume low and simple. Figured this would b optimal for my lifestyle for now to help with recovery. Going to go easy on deadlifting. Not going to Max on it because of work and recovery. Just going to go light or skip them overall on some days.

    Squats(wide stance)
    Worked up to 315 x 3sets x 5,8,6 reps
    Did some back off sets to get back into the feel of the squat with lighter weight
    -things felt kind of heavy. And couldn't get into a groove. Will drop weights back down next week and work up the weights the following (this is how I will be training for now, go heavy on days I'm feeling up for it and on days I'm just not in it, I'll back off next week and work back up)

    Deads (Sumos)
    315 x 3 x 3 reps
    -mainly for technique purposes.

    Ab work
    -a ton
    Figured this was a major weak point that I need to address.

  19. Makes sense, recovery is important.
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  20. Quote Originally Posted by kenpoengineer View Post
    Makes sense, recovery is important.
    Yes indeed. Feeling better at work for it. But still lack the energy to hit the gym at nights After work.

    Anyways. Finally got the chance to hit the gym late night today so sorry for lack of updates. Don't worry I try keep up to date with everyone's logs . I'm jealous of all the progress being made while I'm here at a stand still.

    here was today's full body day

    -worked up to a heavy single where speed didn't diminish too much.
    255 x 1
    275 x 1
    295 x 1
    225 x 10, 8, 8 ( close grip)
    - first time benching or any upper body since two weeks. Things felt heavy ish. I'm babying an injury on my shoulder as well.

    4 x 10

    Squats ( narrow stance oly shoes)
    - went for reps and getting the groove back with
    A Tempo (4 sec negative)
    135 x 10
    185 x 10,10
    225 x 10
    255 x 8
    275 x 5
    185 x 10
    -really liked this. I was feeling my hips and hams loading up and I would spring right out the hole

    Speed deads
    275 x 1
    315 x 1

    Bb hip thrust
    225 x 3 x 10

    Some fluff work-
    Hs rows
    Delt raises
    Tricep ext
    Hammer curls

  21. Bench
    Warmed up good with small increments
    -working sets
    185 x 3 x 10
    205 x 10

    225 x 8,8 (cg)
    185 x 2 x 10 ( lilly pause wide grip)

    High bb Incline
    135 x 3 x 15

    Bb Rows
    Delt rAises

    -all I had time for.

  22. good work man, always moving some heavy weight.

  23. Strong CG's
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  24. Thanks guys.

    Here's tonight's late night sesh:

    ME deads
    Work up
    395 x 3 x 5

    405 x 3 x 5 (block pull off plates)
    335 x 2 x 8 (deficit off plate)

    Paused squats (wide stance, chucks)
    135 x 5
    185 x 5
    225 x 5
    275 x 5
    315 x 3 x 3

    135 x 2 x 15 -narrow stance
    135 x 2 x 15 - wide stance

    Ab work
    Leg raises/ hs ab machine/ Side plate crunches

    -blah. Started up the 9 week cycle again. Had ton of energy but weights just feeling heavy. Paused squats were tough, Sumo needs some work. I'm going to need a lot of dedication to be able to recover by eating good and sleeping right for me to see any progress. Lets see how this turns out.

  25. Strong lifting nonetheless. Kill that food!
    Not a rep but a fan of Finaflex.

  26. Strong numbers! You are going to kill this nine week program! Half the battle is just showing up every night!
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    myBloodTracker for IPhone and IPad

  27. Yessir. It's been tough lately. Finally made some time to hit the gym for squats. Too bad I was pretty tired leaving the house tho. But my preworkout kicked in and helped me get through most of it without the weights feeling like a ton

    squats (explosive day)
    -worked up to a decent weight I know I could do for 8 sets explosively
    225 x 8 x 3 reps ( wide stance)
    245 x 2 x 5 reps ( oly squats w/ chucks)
    205 x 2 x 8 reps (paused wide stance)
    -yea I know baby weight. But body couldn't stay tight due to being kinda tired. Yawning in between sets

    -did slow negatives and explode up
    135 x 10
    185 x 10
    225 x 10
    275 x 5
    315 x 5
    365 x 5

    Back raises
    3 x 12

    Chin ups
    3 x 10

    Abs/ obliques
    -Leg raises/ hs crunches/ Db side crunches

  28. 2 things I think suck most when going into the gym yawning between sets and Being injured

  29. Working out after a long day is the worst. Don't be so hard on yourself. You are still a strong one!
    May I suggest using this app to track your bloodwork tests:
    myBloodTracker for IPhone and IPad

  30. Strong SLDL's. I love to see what you can do if you weren't tired.

    What's the tng mean?
    Not a rep but a fan of Finaflex.


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