Distilled Water 14 week Prep log and then some....

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  1. Distilled Water 14 week Prep log and then some....

    Saturday marks the 14 week mark for my show in Dayton, OH June 7th. I shall begin my prep to be the most symetrical and conditioned LHW there (not the biggest

    I won't disclose a lot about my diet but will give general ideas of what I'm doing and training videos along the way with pictures of course.

    I was semi de-railed due to some injuries as of late and a busy schedule. I was sitting a solid 212-215 upon waking 2 weeks ago and have but have lost some of those gains sadly. I'm hoping to grow a little into this show as I did last time between shows. Thanks for joining, pictures will come sometime this week. Hopefully a video too
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  15. Diet has begun today, nothing crazy just yet. Brought cals down to about 3,700 from 4,000ish.

    Carbs heavily based around my workout but I do have carbs in each meal.

    Have 30gr of Aminos mixed up that I drink before bed and finish when I wake up around 3am to pee.

    Training will be 6 days a week for now, would like to do 7 but I think this nagging knee pain will only allow 6. Split looks like.

    Monday: Legs
    Tuesday: chest/shoulders
    Wednesday: Back
    Friday: Shoulders pump
    Saturday: Arms
    Sunday: light Back

    No cardio just yet
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  16. Your routine looks good man.

  17. Made it through my leg workout with no pain. It wasn't anything crazy but enough to get a good pump and burn.

    LyingLeg Curls
    4 sets: 25,20,15,12

    Stiff Deads
    Sets of 8 up to 295

    Leg Extentions with a squeeze
    4 sets of 20

    Hack squats
    Worked up to 6, 25lbs plates for 10 reps
    *30sec stretch

    Diet was spot on and now I'm gonna foam roll for a little
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