no chalk allowed.

  1. no chalk allowed.

    No chalk allowed in my local gym, not really a fan of gloves. Anyone know of any alternatives? Its not a grip issue just get sweaty hands.

  2. Straps

    However, I keep a tupperware of chalk in my gym bag and put a very light dusting on my hands. Just enough to soak up the sweat. You can't even tell its there when I rub it in.

  3. Keep your gym bag by you with one pocket dedicated to chalk. Keep it in a tubaware container or ziplock bag. You can also order chalk bags from any place that sells rock climbing gear. Just chalk up in your pocket, not an *******-ish amount, and lift. Wipe the bar off when your done and no one will notice.

    No other alternative will compare IMO.

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  4. Working at a gym with the same policy, I have never had an issue allowing it as long as it is simply wiped off afterwards and its kept in your bag. Cant leave a white powered bag sitting anywhere in 2014 and not raise a few eyebrows lol. Should be just fine with the above recommendations.
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  5. Try liquid grip. You rub it on hands like lotion and no mess on ground or bar.

  6. Like others have said, be discreet about it and you'll be good to go. I know there is liquid chalk, but I've never used it so I can't comment on its effectiveness.

    My gym allows it, but I make sure to mop up my chalk mess and clean the equipment down when I'm done, to not stir the pot. If I wasn't allowed to use chalk, I would change gyms, period.

  7. Use liquid chalk, the stuff is like magic

    Check them out on YouTube if you're skeptical. It's just lotion chalk and the alcohol evaporates out in like 10 seconds. Works very good

  8. I'm pretty bummed; I've been using chalk for years and the first time I left it by accident someone had a hay day with it and made a mess, so the owner banned it. But the liquid chalk definitely looks like an option.

  9. Liquid chalk is what you want. Smells like pina colada I believe.


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