It still bums me out that I can't squat, I just stared at the squat racks while doing back today. Time for the reviews!

Pure PF3: 8/10
I used pure pf3 alongside a scoop of protein every time and this made it easier to drink.
Flavor: 7/10 *Unflavored*
I got the unflavored version of pf3 with the intentions of mixing in with protein or other drinks. I tried to drink it plain but it was a sweet flavor that I did not like. However, once mixed with something I did not even notice it. If the fruit punch flavor is anything like the gameday fruit punch then it would be a 10/10.

While drinking pure pf3 and maintaining the same diet I reduced my bodyfat, as judged by the mirror, and got my strength up. I noticed that it helped me a lot with recovery as I could workout more and be less sore. So the reduced DOMS and the increased muscle made this product worth it for me. One thing that I did not like is it caused me some GI issues, but nothing too major just an extra trip to the bathroom once a day.

Value 9/10
Pure pf3 can be found on sale for around $35 along with a fermented leucine and this makes it pretty economical for something look to not spend too much.

Overall 8.5/10

I love gameday. It provides a smooth energy that lasts all workout long with no crash. I get mediocre pumps with it alone but add in some agmatine sulfate and the pumps are pretty crazy. The profile is solid and it is low caffeine content, which I preferred. I let one of my friends use half a scoop to try it and he got hooked as well.

Fruit Punch 9:10
This fruit punch does not taste like chemicals nor does it leave a nasty after taste like some do. It mixes really well after a couple of shakes and there is no sediment at the bottom and it does not froth up. The flavor tastes amazing when chilled, almost like a cold cup of coo-laid

Tigers Blood 8/10
Tigers Blood is like fruit punch mixed with pina collada which is nice

Affect 9/10
As mentioned I got a good clean energy from this product and there was no crash involved at the end of the workout. There is a low-moderate amount of caffeine in this product meaning that you can take later on in the day as well. My focus and pumps were increased every time I took gameday and can not fully compare it to any other pre on the market.

Value 10/10
The typical price for gameday is around $35/60servings which is around .50/serving. It can be found on sale for around 25/30 per tub and they will be doing a big sale if enough people sign up for their newsletter, so if you interested in trying it out for cheap then sign up! Half a serving is all you need to get you up, and a full serving will fire you up like no other!

Overall 9/10

Fermented Leucine
Leucine is the most anabolic amino acid. I always mixed ascoop of pure pf3 with a scoop of leucine added to either my post workout or my protein shake. It comes in a 50serving bottle and should be used alongside pure pf3 in my opinion.