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    I won't mention my name here. Regardless here I am...29 years old....I've lifted for > 10 years now and at one point had a physique to be proud of. Yes I still bench > 300...and have other impressive lifts and size...but I've also added bulk in some not so good places.
    4 years of medical school...and 6 months of residency (with tons of free cafeteria food) and the pounds and inches keep packing on.
    I've tried to avert it...I have my treadmill at home and on a good week will do at least 30 minutes a day. I have a power rack and cable pulleys at home plus a dip station and chin up bar and bench with 450lbs of weights...basically enough to work out any part of my body. I've attempted dieting...and then I'll have 15 pts to see in one day or someone dieing...and stress eat.....

    And I'm tired of it; tired of being embarassed to go on a date. I need some form of impetus to improve. I'm almost up to 250 at this point; who cares if my arms are 18" at that weight.
    And maybe; just maybe with my former degree in exercise science...4 years of med school...and many years of lifting I can help educate others along the way.....

    So let this serve as the formal commencent of a lifting/nutrition blog.
    Let me all know what you want to see in here.

  2. Hey Doc. Welcome and subbed.

  3. Subbed... How tall are you & what is your target weight?

  4. Seems like you have all the tools, and just need some remotivation. In my opinion, it's all about setting goals and challenging yourself with things you didn't think you could to. Where do you see yourself in 5 months as far as fitness goes?

  5. Subbed.. What's goals as far as losing lbs compared to bf? What's your goal weight?

  6. Subbed!
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  7. 6 foot. I can easily carry 240 and not even look fat...but the last time i was this weight I was benching 385 and deadlifting 455 with a 225 clean and press......

    Haven't done measurements yet; waist I'm guessing around my umbilicus is in the 41 range; arms at 17.5 or so.

    It's not just re-motivation; it's about cultivating a system I can work with. In undergrad I biked about 10 miles a day back and forth to school and walked on campus. In the summers I was a golf caddy doing 36 holes a day. I could lose weight eating a lb of cookie dough a being in the hospital other than the walking I do on rounds there's little activity....
    So I think I need to cut down close to to 200. Usually around 220 I start looking and feeling way lets go for 195-200 this time and my waist at 35 at most....there's a goal.

    Also I tend to crash and burn on diets. I went to the store after doing an hour of rather intense cardio (ellipitcal level 15 on random setting, 950 calories total) and was just going to get some veggies and egg whites and explored the produce section a bit more...and just walked out with some new stuff to try and add to my diet so that maybe I can enjoy clean living again....

    As far as diet today..
    Late to work: VPX Zero impact bar; zero carb monster at work; salad with grilled chicken, minor cheese, some salsa and black beans at work and some sliced turkey. Also a cup of fruit. Protein shake with flax meal and fiber and 150 calories worth of gatorde at work...about 1200 kcals so far. Had 6 or so rice cakes on the way back from the gym (favorite treat of mine) now cooked up some split pea soup...and some sofu with cabbage and broccoli.... it for today... got some other new stuff to try tomorrow. Weights again tomorrow....and some cardio after....not going to do HIIT yet until I hit a wall/plateu and need to bust through it.

  8. In on the fun, Doc. Get lifting

  9. Great to have you!
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  10. 243.5 weight this morning. I'm off work for nine days after I finish up today... Can do some rather hardcore training.... Going low carb I'll lose up to fourteen lbs my first week (about ten of which is water) so I'll be aiming to be down around 230 by the end of this break and then losing 3 to four lbs a week from there on in. Ok good... Getting some goals on paper. Gonna hold off on fat burners until I'm further in. Will use my good old NOXplod before workouts. Protein is mostly using caseine. Might throw in whey post workout... I know the mantra of hitting yourself hard with whey post workout and I did that for years...I've become a bigger fan of caseine lately so you're always getting a sustained release of some sorts.

    I could show you all some old training pics maybe...

  11. What are your actual training plans?
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    CONTROLLED LABS products are produced in a GMP for Sport certified facility.

  12. For the last few years I've shifted gears. I don't follow set training schedule or routine. I more or less go in and do whatever and pretty much do a full body workout each time. I think that your routine us one of the smallest parts of your outcome; as long as you're lifting hard and somewhat heavy and getting a good workout in. Now if you plateau yeah the other stuff can help. But I'd like to get my lifting numbers back up eg doing dips with 150lbs attached again... Do eight mile runs in an hour on the treadmill. To be more or less honest I'm less worried about benching 300 lbs or 400lbs; I'd rather just look the way I want to look and be in great cardiovascular shape. So for now weights every other day sometimes only twice a week when I'm busy at work... Cardio almost daily min 30 minutes unless Im doing HIIT and I'll do 20.

  13. Sounds like you know your stuff.. Just gonna have to stick to your game plan and you will be well on your way! Keep us updated!

  14. We will see....
    Yesterday started off great; protein bar on the way to work. Some coffee.two cups of mixed fruit. Grilled Chicken Salad for lunch...then potluck at work. Oh no! Luckily someone made this high protein low carb snack that I stuck too...and yes I cheated and had five or so those peppermint candy things (maybe 100kcal total). Then home...7 rice cakes as treats...gym....8 egg whites or so after and some microwaved onions. No-Xplod prior to workout; full body workout and 15 min of higher intensity cardio afterwards.
    Plan for about an hour of cardio today; no weights. Still getting back into it so can't handle weights 6 or 7 days a week yet. I know some will disagree with that methodology...I used to do 5-6 full body workouts a week; granted my chest workout of the day would be 4 sets of bench and legs would be 4 sets of squats but I'd hit pretty much everything; just lower volumes spread out over more days.

    Oh 243 today...only down a half lb. Figure with cardio and low carbs I might drop to 240 today

  15. I lost about 5lbs every time I took NoXplode!! That stuff kills me! Good work Doc, keep working like that you'll be back in fighting shape before ya know it!

  16. Ok another day down....
    Hour of cardio --> elliptical life fitness; level 15. ~950 kcals burned (those estimates are way off usually).
    Diet --> About 15 egg whites throughout the day.
    Thing of gatorade while lifting.
    No-Xplode 2 scoops
    Bag of rice cakes
    Acually yeah that's about it....

    I tend to go really low calorie/less bulk for the first few days of a diet just to kill my appetite...
    So need less carbs; more fat. More Protein. Will start honing it tomorrow but my appetite's kind of kill for now atleast thankfully.
    Will head to the store tomorrow and load up on veggies etc; more caseine protein. More Flax Meal. More Fish Oil. Weights tomorrow.

    Felt kind of flat/lower-endurance doing cardio today like I'm in a low carb/keto state....

    Drinking hot lemon water with splenda to keep my appetite at bay when I'm hungry. No Fat burners yet....waiting til I need them..

  17. As expected; 240 this am....
    So 8-9lbs lost so far; mostly water but getting on track here....
    Hopefully hit 230 by next week and taper down to 4lbs a week from there.

  18. Two days later...did weights and 30 min of cardio one day; 35 min of cardio only the next...and have re-vamped my diet. Basically all "healthy." Not low carb but tons of veggies, stir fry with cooking spray, egg whites, beans beans good for your heart....even ate that evil soy tofu stuff and soy nuts (I was vegetarian at one point in my life and there is a place for soy in the lifting culture). For treats instead of running for candy I eat either sugar free jello rice pudding or rice cakes. But again that's a lot of carbs and more sodium in the I'm up 4lbs to 244. Here are some actualy measurements and I'm really feeling fat now...ASIS 40", Umbilicus fattest part 42", Arms 17.5"....this is going to be a long journey.....

  19. What are you doing for "weights and cardio"?

  20. Cardio at this point is the elliptical only on random setting at level 15. Comes out to about 900 calories for an hour. It's the life fitness one....too fat to run at this point.
    Pretty much full body workouts. Not as intense as my former but still easing back into it. I try and hit each body part for at least 3 sets. I think people go overboard on the specifics of their workout programs. Main thing is just getting in the gym and having a workout you enjoy; especially when you're cutting since you don't have enough fuel in your body to support anabolic growth anyway.

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  22. Well had lets say a carboload day on shamefully did not weigh in this morning. Also took my first day off from the gym; figured my body might need a rest from the pounding.
    Did an hour of cardio today.....same thing; random setting on the elliptical level 15..heart rate sustained 160s-170s. That's my normal doing cardio.....that's also one of my goals....when I was in awesome shape my resting heart was down in the 50s; now I'm in the 80s to 90s. Part is stress secondary to life factors (switched fields from surgery to anesthesia and am seeking a new position and have no idea where I'll be living come July and spent a fortune interviewing and traveling to almost 20 programs).
    Anyway did an intra-day weigh in since it was my intra-day weight that really started me on this "journey..." I was up to 249.5....Prior to this I had never been over 241. That freaked me of today down to 239.5.
    Going Keto now to get my numbers down further and "reset," my appetite. Wish me luck laying off the cookies @ work.....
    I'll start posting some workout logs soon. I might turn to shorter power-lifting weights session just to maintain muscle mass and strength.

  23. First update in awhile....sticking with best for me. Only getting about 1+ on ketone strips....but hit the 20lb weight loss mark today

  24. Quote Originally Posted by Proteinpowda View Post
    First update in awhile....sticking with best for me. Only getting about 1+ on ketone strips....but hit the 20lb weight loss mark today
    20lb! Good job!

  25. Still sticking with it... Still having ketones in the urine... Lower protein intake than usual... Down 28lbs now. Haven't taken measurements yet...
    Let me give you all an idea... I have worked 14 or 15 hours a day on medicine wards. I personally round on 9 or so patients a day but our team rounds on 40. I often hold the pager for all those 40 people and do admits as well. Many are ICU critically Ill patients. Many are going to hospice. Some really don't need to be in the hospital. And almost all are social nightmares. Overworked... Underpaid... And I had an out of state interview... Free food and fancy dinner with open bar... So yeah I had a glass or two of red wine but no deserts and just the chicken breast and roast broccoli. I haven't had a desert like food or piece of fruit since I started this. I made adjustments in the cafeteria. They keep the egg beaters stocked for omelettes now because I eat them and got other people hooked.
    Here's the reality on going keto... I've done a lot of crazy diets before .. I've even done the velocity diet with protein shakes only twice. I've lost just as much weight doing this and I don't count calories or carbs. Also NO fat burners. Its the easiest. If I need a snack I grab of peanuts instead of cookies. So for everyone saying life interrupts your diet...well work around it. THINK. Get creative. Just do it. Never thought I'd be eating bacon and sausage for breakfast. You can make the excuse there is hardly any time for exercise but you can work around the diet at a min.


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