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  1. Some of you may have stumbled across Chaos and Pain in the supplements section.

    However CnP started as a training style, helping Jamie Lewis become pretty freaking strong (world record on raw Squat I believe, even though he only trained for powerlifting about a year and it was his, I believe, 3rd meet).

    The basics are to lift heavy and often, barbells mostly and just give it your all with 85-95% of 1RMfor sets of 5 tripples and singles.

    I only restarted lifting about 6 months ago, did some bb split and then a little starting strength, some 4 months ago I started CnP style training, so I will still be figuring stuff out along the way.

    So this is my adoption of CnP training.

    Right now I go for:
    Mon: Squat + assistance + OHP
    Tue: bench + assistance
    Wed: pull + assistance + OHP
    Thur: Squat + assistance + OHP
    Fri: Bench + assistance
    Sat: Pull + assistance + OHP

    Bench will be closed grip and paused at top and bottom.
    Squat and pull for now will be simply back Squat and Deadlift. Maybe Shrugs every other week.
    Assistance will be whatever I want/think works

    25years old 73kg 1,72m

    Yesterday I benched
    10x3 80kg close grip and paused
    db inclined 20/15/10 18kg
    Hammer curls 6x5 14kg

    Felt pretty s.hitty at the beginning but ended up being a fun session and I am totally in love with paused benching!

  2. Dl maxed at 140kg which came as a surprise. Did not expect that I would be able to pull double bw within 6 months of training.

    1x5 70
    1x 120
    1x 130
    1x 135
    1x 140
    6x5 120kg last set I could only do 3 reps

    Strict Military 4x6 45kg last set was 5 reps
    1sec pause at the top, at least 3 for last rep

    9 pullups wide grip
    6 with neutral grip
    5 chinups
    Paused at the bottom and high at the top

    Felt awesome after the DL PR and felt less awesome after failing the last set.

    Just wondering if Squatting twice is too little. Will try to wirk in light Squats on saturday as last excercise.

  3. Not very chaotic given how you have a set routine, but certainly looks painful lol. Cool stuff, subbed.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by ShutUpNdSkwat View Post
    Not very chaotic given how you have a set routine, but certainly looks painful lol. Cool stuff, subbed.
    Well the set routine is about as vague as it gets and I think for a newb you need a rough guideline. Or I do since after 4
    months I injured my left leg and had pain in my left shoulder for weeks...

    I have no basis to speak of so I will not go crazy for a couple more months but the key is that I "developed" that guideline and that I will change it when I feel like it is no fun or doesn't work.

    Also one should try not to use same rep scheme for the same excercise twice in a row except for overhead press (too weak to go singles or triples)

    And thanks for the sub

  5. Lil stretching them legs.
    1x5 50
    1x5 70
    6x5 80
    I think my current 1RM is at least 110 so this was really light but I had a minor injury 2 weeks ago so I thought it would be a good time to go light but pause in the hole. Holy $hit that is much harder than I thought..
    Random "trainer" complemented me on depth and weight.... really? It is slightly above bw, german standards for strength are fuked up..

    Klokov press
    1x10 20
    1x5 40
    7x3 45
    3x2 45

    Leg press
    3x10 100

    Leg curls
    3x8 35

    Shoulders and back were still really sore from yesterdays workout but it did not affect the Squats.

  6. Shorter workout today cuz 2 friends celebrate bday and I had little time.
    30min paused benching
    1x5 50
    1x4 <- last rep was a close call with no spotter..

    Rows to the chest
    6x5 70

    Trainer told me if I want to keep training there I should set the weights down controlled and not so fast (they got an extra area with bumper mats that I used and I really did not drop them so fast). Guess I don't want to keep training there.

    Benching was fun rowing was nice up until that dude pissed me off..

  7. Took yesterday off due to little sleep and massive amounts of Alcohol.

    Going to hit the gym now, Deadlifts

    Since I still felt weak and really hate to DL I decided to do it as much as posdible.

    Stretch with a few SLDL

    1x5 70
    1x5 90

    The sets of 5 went Ok, sets of 4 were tough and the sets of 3 were the hardest thing I ever did in a gym.
    Took pretty much exactly one hour.

  8. Mon: Squat + assistance + OHP Tue: bench + assistance Wed: pull + assistance + OHP Thur: Squat + assistance + OHP Fri: Bench + assistance Sat: Pull + assistance + OHP
    How long have you lifted with this most recent adaption? Your shoulders being worked 6 days in a row between bench and OHP seems like a bit much, no? And just to understand your program better, your working around the ~90% range 6 days a week with only one rest day? Or does anything vary?
    Controlled Labs Board Rep
    [email protected]
    CONTROLLED LABS products are produced in a GMP for Sport certified facility.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Sean1332 View Post

    How long have you lifted with this most recent adaption? Your shoulders being worked 6 days in a row between bench and OHP seems like a bit much, no? And just to understand your program better, your working around the ~90% range 6 days a week with only one rest day? Or does anything vary?

    I have only been doing this for little over 2 weeks but before that I would OHP every day which lead to my left shoulder hurting for weeks so I reduced that a little. Since I OHP so much I think benching does not tax the shoulders and thus they get rest.

    85% is the minimum on the big lifts but small assistance like hammer curls are done for 8 to 10 reps with lower weight of course. But yeah, high weights 6 times a week 1 rest day.

  10. Stretching
    1x5 50
    1x3 70
    1x1 100
    1x1 105
    10x3 95 (pretty sure I did 11)

    OHP 1 sec Pause at the end of each reps 3 on kast rep if a set.

    Some good girl and bad girl machine work since my knees wobbled a little. But in the long run I guess I have to fix this via stance changes..

    My back is still hurting bad from yesterday haha

  11. You understand that Jamie Lewis has been training for upwards of 20 years, and that he started doing a lot of volume for the OHP about 15 years in? His volume for shoulder pressing was increased over time, and he definitely wasn't doing 85% when he first started his OHP training. This is a lot of anterior shoulder work, and doing such heavy training so much with out even really letting your shoulders rest is probably going to end in a lot of pain. All I can say is I hope you're eating and sleeping enough lol.

    Good luck, man.

  12. I am not OHPing that heavy. I can press the weight I use for at least 6 controlled reps and pause at the top for at least one second..
    I did OHP for tripples a few times but that rnded in condtant pain so I stopped doing that and came up with my current training.

    Yeah sleep is incredibly important. I realize that after every long night out.

    Since I have no gym available for a few days I only did bw szuff today:

    Couple of sets of 15 of:
    Pushups Squats and abweehl

  13. Stretching
    2x5 50
    1x5 70
    6x5 90

    1x5 20
    2x5 45
    3x4 45

    Grip strength

    Felt really weak today, I guess lots of alcohol and little sleep are not great for performance.
    Was still a decent session I think.

  14. Pretty inactive for a few more days as I am on vacation with friends.
    I try to do some bwe every day and use the abwheel often. Diet is bad and lots of alcohol with little training will probably negate my last two week's progress.

  15. Ok I'm back and feel terrible.

    1x5 50
    6x5 75

    Hammer curls
    5x5 15

    Incline bench

    I never felt so weak.. no sleep bad food mass alcohol, thank god the holidays are over.

  16. Felt like throwing up even before I enteref the gym and still do, no idea why.

    SLDL 70 1x5
    DL 110 5x5 incredibly easy did not expect this.

    Strict military 40 3x7

    Grip work

    Decent session, feel like s.hit for some reason, possibly because I ate meat enogh for 2.5 ppl for dinner yesterday and 2 servings of chilly 2hours later.

  17. Yesterday I felt like training so I did.
    Close grip bench
    1x5 50
    6x5 70
    Inclined flys 16kg dumbells
    Cable pull overs or whatever it is called when you simulate declined flys.
    15kg per side 3x8

  18. Today:
    1x5 50
    1x5 70
    1x3 90
    12x1 110
    Apperantly I am mentally retarded, I thought I was doing 100..
    OHP 1x5 20
    3x7 40 long hold at top as usual.

    Good girl/bad girl 3x10

  19. Did not post for a few days. No idea why that is haha.
    Anyway yesterday I went DL heavy.

    5 4 3 2 1 2 3 4 5 with the rest I got while my friend did the same.
    DL 132.5kg (~95% 1RM) for singles 45min I believe 16 reps

  20. Yesterday I did
    Squats 1x5 50
    1x5 70
    6x5 100

    OHP 1x5 20
    2x8 1x7 40

    Gym was full to the bersting, had to wait 25 minutes for a rack and barely enough space to walk around a little between sets.
    Workout took only 30 minutrs but it was late snd too full to do anything else. Fuc.king new year bros

  21. Stretching before and after every excercise from now on since a friend told me I was gonna get imjured a ton otherwise. She is a masseuse and physiothetapist so I trust her in that.

    Bench maxed out on 100kg today woohoo new pr I think. Could have done mote but without a spot it is not worth it. Then:
    12x1 95kg
    Curls 5x5 35
    Grip work

    Nice workout, felt weak going into it but could pump myself up enough.

  22. Wanted to BTNPP badly today so I did.

    BTNPP 1X5 40
    1X5 50
    1X3 60
    like 25 or more singles with 65kg stoped when I dropped it too highvon my neck.
    1 arm DL
    8x3 70

    7 6 5 4 3 2 1 with very little rest bezween sets

  23. Stretching
    1x5 60
    1x3 80
    3x10 105

    1x5 20
    1x8 40
    1x7 40
    1x8 40

    All reps were cleaned first

    8 7 7

  24. Had a friend spot me so I tried a new bench pr even thought I started cutting out carbs completely and felt weak.
    Did not manage to bemch 102.5 and 100 felt a lot harder than last time.
    5x5 85 afterwards
    Then rowed with 60 for 3x8

  25. Why am I always forgetting to enter the workouts...
    1x5 70
    1x5 100
    5x6 120

    10 / 8 / 7

  26. Stretch then Squats
    Wanted to go light (85% at sets of three) to test a wider stance.

    1x5 50
    1x5 70
    4x3 92.5
    Wide stance felt awesome after the third set so I went a little wider for the fourth.
    Pants ripped and I had to stop there.
    But at least me and the guy nect to me had a good laugh.

    So I had to take a pause of over 1h and then got back at it

    8x3 92.5
    5x2 92.5
    4x1 92.5

    OHP with really long pause at the top

  27. Bench
    1x5 50
    1x5 70
    1x3 80
    1x3 85
    10x3 90
    5x2 90
    3x1 90

    Kept the pause at the top over 3 seconds and at the bottom over 1.

    Hammer curls 18kg 8x3

    Grip work

  28. Long night out yesterday, felt like **** working out an hour after getting up..
    1x5 60
    1x5 90
    5x5 120 (incredibly hard)

    10 / 8 / 8

  29. Squat
    1x5 50
    1x5 70
    1x3 90
    10x3 100

    1x5 40
    1x5 50
    1x2 60
    Singles with 65 I guess 15ish

    Seated dumbell press

    Cruzifix hold
    6kg per side maybe 35 seconds

    I found out that I appereantly gained some weight. I currently weigh 80kg. Started with 72 5 months back and I defenitely did not gain fat. Pretty surprisisng to me but then again I hav er no clue how much I am supposed to gain.

  30. Bench
    85 5x6 for speed 4 reps at the last set

    Invline bench with 20kg dumbells, too easy

    Then hammer curls with 20kg 3x3 2x2 and a single donr with little rest and none before the single. One side at a time.


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