Getting more Evil clean bulk

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  1. Getting more Evil clean bulk

    I previously had a user name of EvilOne on another forum. Hence the log title. I will be attempting a clean bulk. Stats as follows. 38 yo male. Workouts consist of a mix of BB, power, and bodyweight workouts. Cardio is present but limited. 5'9 weight fluctuates between 185 and 190.
    Just finished a 43 day cycle of finaflex 1 andro. I used this for a recomp. I started at 192 and finished as described above. I gained vascularity , pants fit better, arms did not grow, but chest grew 3/4 of an inch. I am currently 1 week into an OTC pct. which honestly I don't believe is necessary for this product but I will be befit from the test boost/estrogen block and cortisol control so I will roll with it.
    I know I am gonna get slapped for this but I generally do not work legs. My legs respond like nothing else in my body. I can squat over 300 lbs any given day without any leg training. Due to that fact and a prior significant back injury I am slightly gum shy of heavy squats and even more of deadlifts. Although I never experience any sciatic pain when performing stiff leg dead lifts. I have I'm the past with back squats and conventional deads.
    Current goals are to maintain or drop b/f which I estimate at 12-13%. And gains muscle with. Minimum amount of sloppy weight.
    Here are some of my p/r's
    Bench [email protected]
    Back squat [email protected]
    Dead lift [email protected]
    Push press [email protected]
    Seated military ( bar to nose) [email protected]
    Pull-ups 20
    Straight bar skull crushers [email protected]
    Straight bar curls [email protected]
    Bent over rows [email protected]

  2. 10/21 chest
    Flat bench warmups then [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected],8,8
    Decline bench and dips .135 [email protected] +10 dips 4 sets
    Cable crossover 4 sets of [email protected]
    Hamerstrength chest press light weight 4 sets x 12 for a burn.
    A few hours later 4 mile jog

  3. 10-22 back
    Wide 3x10
    Shoulder width 3x10
    Close 3x10
    Bent over barbell rows 195,215,225 all for 6 reps
    Horizontal rows 3x12
    Oa rows 75 3x10

  4. dude 225x30 is fukin crazy on squats. how do you rate your form? id imagine that type of rep scheme would take its toll on your back way more than a 325 deadlift

  5. Well I usually do 90 degree box squats. So I always goto parallel some days I go atg but not very often ( ACL reconstruction many years ago). And a set like that. Makes me sweat, get outta breath and takes almost 3 minutes

  6. Arms
    First and foremost I hate the smith machine with a few exceptions. Reverse grip bench press. Bench press when the normal benches are " unfamiliar " and seated military press when I am at the gym
    The nice thing about it for reverse grip bench press is the only thing I have to concentrate on is pushing the weight
    Reverse grip ss bench press
    [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
    Straight bar skull crushers 95 4x10
    Rope push downs 50x10
    2 arm db overhead tricep press [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
    Curl bar preacher curls [email protected] 4 sets
    Chin-ups [email protected] sets
    Easing into squats so as not to get too sore to run
    225,[email protected] ea
    1 mile jog

  7. Shoulders
    Ss seated military 185&8/[email protected]/[email protected],2,2/[email protected]
    Push press singles 185/205/185
    70lb kettle bell c&p 2x3
    Lateral & and front raises 20 lbs 3 sets 8 reps ea movement

  8. 10/28
    Triceps and conditioning
    I intended on arms not just tris but a buddy wanted to do some conditioning.
    SS reverse grip bench 5 reps superset with 10 dips. 5 sets. Weight per set 225/225/235/245/255
    Descending set 10 to 5 the. 1 set of 10. Ten exercises.
    Standing military press
    Preacher curls
    OH KB swings
    Reverse crunches
    Weighted push-ups
    Hands on med ball feet on bosu ball push-ups
    Low rows
    Tricep push downs
    Pull or chin ups
    Side vee crunches
    55 reps each exercise 30 minutes total time

  9. 10/29
    Flat bench warmups then [email protected],8,6
    Db flat bench and dips 3 sets of 12&8
    Kettle bell flat bench and dips 2 sets of 12&8
    Cable cross over 3 sets of 10
    An wheel standing roll outs 2 sets of 3

  10. Man I hope life doesn't get in the way as. Bad this week. Last week was rough. I should be well recovered though as a positive note

  11. 11/4
    Flat bench. I like to warm up then drop back to 225 for my working sets
    185/205/225/240 x 5
    250 x 3
    225 x 8,8,88
    Decline 185 3x6
    Incline db 55x 12,8,8,8
    Suspended push-ups. 15,15,12 superset with incline cable flies 35lb. 3x12

    225X5,5,5 ;275X1 290X1; 225X5

    3X8, 3X5

    120X15, 150X10,10
    55LBS 3X15

    60 4X10

  13. Back
    Wide pull-ups [email protected]
    Reg width pull-ups [email protected]
    Close pull-ups [email protected]
    T bar row 2 hand [email protected]
    1 hand 45 [email protected] each
    Bb shrugs [email protected],30,30
    Setted with horizontal rows 10,10,6

  14. 11/09
    Handstand push-ups 5x10
    Seated military press 135 3x10
    Reverse rubber cable flies 70lb cable setted with cable face pulls 3x10 each
    Upright cable rows 3x12
    Curl bar curls (because I felt like it) 75 lbs 3x10

  15. Excited to get my leecheck t-x3 someday early next week. Current supps optimum nutrition creapure , protein blend ,insane pump pwo, unflavored bcaa used Intra workout that is the worst tasting junk I have ever tasted!

  16. Unfortunately more often than not workouts get placed secondary to life. Fortunatly I have been able to maintane. Unfortunately it's hard to gain that way
    11/13 chest
    Flat bench. [email protected] [email protected] [email protected],8,8
    Decline bench [email protected] [email protected],10
    Incline db press. 55x12,12,12
    Started lecheek t-x3 today. I took dpol in the past gained 4 lbs in a month. I didn't notice any strength or other obvious test boosting effects. I am hoping for better returns this time. Although reading the daa doesn't work article has me concerned

  17. 11/14 Shoulders. Shoulders after chest not the smartest idea but I am not genuis.
    Ss seated military [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] 225/[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]/15

    Ss Shrugs [email protected]/20. [email protected]/10. [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]/20

    Ss upright row 95 [email protected]

    Trap bar dead lifts ( first time I ever used one I like it and feel safer)
    [email protected]/3 [email protected] [email protected]/3/3

    A random mix of kettle bell: cleans, c&p, & snatches

  18. 11/16 back
    Wide pull-ups 8,14,12
    Regular pull-up 10,12,14
    Deadlifts 135 [email protected]
    One arm cable row 70 lbs & 2 db rows 3 sets of 12&10 reps each
    Curl bar rows [email protected] [email protected],20
    Suspension rows [email protected]
    Suspended ab reverse crunches [email protected]

  19. Quick arm workout
    Monster set
    Straight bar skull crusher+ curl bar curls+ diamond push-ups +chin ups
    5 rounds
    Rd 1 [email protected] [email protected] 15. 10
    Rd 2 [email protected] [email protected], 15, 10
    Rd 3 [email protected] [email protected],15,10
    Rd 4 [email protected] [email protected],15,5
    Rd 5 [email protected] [email protected],10,5
    Monster painfull pump from this workout ! I have a weight gain In the past 2 days as well without a change in eating habits. Could the T-x3 be magic

  20. 11/20
    135x30 bench warm up
    Db press 70x15 85x10,10,8 90x6
    Hammer strength incline weight each side
    45x15,15. 70x12,12. 95x8
    Dips 6x12
    Squats 225x5,5 275x3,3
    Push-ups 2x20

  21. Back
    Bb rows [email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected]
    Hanging leg raises [email protected]
    Pull-ups slow 5 widths from hands touching to as wide as possible 3 reps each 2 sets each width. 5 an wheel between each set
    Trap bar deads 3 reps 225,275,275
    Overhead squats with a 45lb plate [email protected]
    Ab wheel [email protected]
    A quick bang on the heavy bag
  22. Thumbs down

    11/25 biceps
    Straight bar curl 105 [email protected]
    Curl bar 75 [email protected]
    Suspension straps and rubber cable curls high reps for a nice pump

  23. 11/26 chest
    Flat bench 225 10 sets of 6
    Suspension flies [email protected]
    Setted with
    35 lb db flies [email protected]

  24. SS Reverse grip bp 185 x10 then 4x8 setted with
    ss close grip (triceps emphasis) overhead seated press 95x10, 135x3x5, 95x10
    dips 5x10 setted
    straight bar skull crushers 95 3x10
    close grip pushups 3x10
    kettle bell and dumbbell overhead extensions for a pump
    pushdowns for a pump
    reverse barbell curls 45x12, 55x12, 65x12
    chinups 5x6

  25. 11/29 back
    Pull-ups ten sets of ten. Varying widths
    Suspension rows 5x10
    Light 2 db rows 4x15


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