Getting more Evil clean bulk

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  1. 3/26 back
    Wide 8,10,10
    V bar [email protected]
    Rdl [email protected]
    Bb rows [email protected]
    Pulldowns [email protected]
    OA cable rows [email protected]
    Standing cable pullovers [email protected]
    1.5 miles

  2. 3/27
    Close grip smith sling band bench
    [email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected]
    [email protected]
    Ss skull crushers 135 [email protected]
    Curl bar curls [email protected]
    Ss drag curls [email protected]
    Curl bar skull crushers [email protected]
    Chin-ups [email protected]
    Rope Pushdowns [email protected]
    OA Pushdowns [email protected]
    Hammer curls [email protected]
    Seated cable curls [email protected]
    100 band Pushdowns
    Standing bar cable curls [email protected]

  3. 4/9 chest
    Man I have been sick for the past ten days. Driving me nuts. Got 2 lifts in last week. Today wasn't terrible but not great either.
    Sling band bench
    [email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected]
    225 4x10
    Incline bench 135 [email protected]
    Decline bench [email protected]
    Low cable xover [email protected]
    High cable xover [email protected]

  4. 4/15
    Finally not sick anymore. But have been fn busy! Quick bench workout with band of course
    [email protected],5,5
    [email protected]

  5. 4/16
    Best freaking day in weeks
    Chest revisited
    Sling band bench
    [email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected]
    High flat bench bar lowered to
    Collar bones, watched a video it claimed that this hits the upper chest as good as incline does. It does
    Not hurt my shoulders either
    [email protected]
    Dips [email protected]
    Decline Hs bench [email protected]
    Db flat bench [email protected]
    Hs incline press drop set
    High and low cable x over [email protected] each

  6. 4/17 arms and back
    Close grip and reverse grip bench [email protected] ea
    Pull-ups [email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected]
    Ss skull crushers [email protected]
    T bar row [email protected]
    Curl bar skull crushers [email protected]
    100 band Pushdowns
    Double biceps pose cable curls [email protected]
    Standing double cable curls [email protected]
    OA cable curls [email protected]
    Bar cable curls [email protected]
    Rope hammer cable curls [email protected]
    Chins [email protected]

  7. 4/22. Chest at home
    I have a limited amount of equipment but enough to get the job done
    Flat sling band
    [email protected],[email protected],315,4,[email protected],8,10
    Heavy resistant cable high xover [email protected]
    Cable press (like db bench) [email protected]

  8. 4/30
    Getting back on track
    Sling band bench on the smith.
    Singles 325,350,365,375
    Ss skull crushers 135 4x10
    Close grip bench 135 4x10
    Rope Pushdowns [email protected]
    Bar Pushdowns [email protected]
    Overhead rope extensions [email protected]

  9. 5/5. Back
    Been a messed up few weeks and this one is looking any better
    Wide pull-ups [email protected]
    Pendlay rows [email protected]
    Lat pull downs [email protected]

  10. 5/6
    Quick bench workout
    Sling band singles
    305,335,365,385 ( new pr)
    That's it! It stinks. But crunch time is coming. Twins will be here soon. Then that's what all the workouts will look like. Just enought to maintain strength.

  11. 5/8
    Straight bar skull crushers 135 3x8
    Ss rev grip bench [email protected] [email protected] [email protected],2
    Sling band close grip bench [email protected],3 [email protected]
    V bar Pushdowns [email protected],12 [email protected]
    Curl bar curls 75 [email protected]
    Ss skull crushers 135 [email protected]
    Started sprints today. 8 at 50 yards 1 min rest each

  12. 5/13
    Sling band Flat bench
    350 3 sets of 4
    [email protected]
    [email protected],10,5. 39 sec rest each
    Hammer strength incline press [email protected]
    High cable xover [email protected]
    Low cable xover [email protected]
    **sprints [email protected] yards
    Tire flips 3 ascending in weight tires 5 flips each
    25 burpees,
    50 pushups
    100 pushups
    1/2 mile jog
    ** pulled a effen hamstring. Icing it down and gonna buy a compression sleeve for it.

  13. 5/14
    [email protected] close grip
    [email protected] reverse grip
    100 band Pushdowns
    [email protected] skull crushes
    Drag curls [email protected]
    Bar cable curls [email protected]
    Band curls [email protected]
    [email protected] tri-burpees

  14. 5/17
    Close grip parallel pull-ups & handstand pushups [email protected]
    Kb clean and press & standing shoulder press [email protected]
    Week 2 of ostabol was on Thursday 5/15. Feeling fuller, tighter muscles. Pulled a hamstring the other day, that seems to have gotten better I am on a calories deficit. I have dropped weight, yet strength is on the rise.

  15. 5/20
    Flat bench sling band
    355 3x5
    Hs decline 3x12
    High cable xover and pushups [email protected]
    Low cable xover and pushups [email protected]
    25 burpees
    10 5 pushup burpees
    10 10 pushup burpees
    1 mile jog

  16. 5/22 arms
    Close grip bench and Pushdowns [email protected]
    Tricep dip machine [email protected]
    Band Pushdowns 75 reps
    Ss drag curls [email protected]
    Double biceps pose cable curls [email protected]
    Single cable curls [email protected]
    Curl bar curls [email protected]
    Hammer curls 3&8

  17. Chest
    Ss sling band flat bench
    Checking 1 rm
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    3 weeks ago needed a little help with 385
    Flat bench sling band
    225,275,315 all for 5
    Low cable xover 4@10
    High cable xover 4@10
    Hs incline press 4@10
    Hs decline press 4@10
    Db flat bench 100@5 ,80@4x8
    Flat bench slow 135 5@5
    Pushups 6@8
    Db bench and janda sit-ups 5&12&10

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  18. 5/28 back
    Pendlay rows 135@6,185@6,6,6
    Wide 3@6
    Reg 3@6
    Close 3@6
    Parallel 3@6
    Kettle bell conditioning circuit 50lb kb
    5 ea clean and press
    5 ea snatches
    10 pushups
    5 an wheel
    From knees
    5 rounds

  19. 5/29
    Reverse grip ss bench
    3 reps. 225,255,265,275
    5 rounds 5 reps each. Kb cleans, and snatches

  20. 5/31
    5x10. Pushup on a bar, on the floor, grab bar underhand grip dead lift. Finish with curl

  21. 6/1
    4 rounds
    5 pull-ups
    10 curls 75 lbs
    10 skull crushers 75 lbs
    15 shrugs 135
    10 Hamerstrength incline press
    8 roll outs from knees

    Quick bench day
    Slingshot flat bench
    325 3x5

  22. 6/3
    Quick pull-up session
    +40 lbs

  23. 6/5
    Push press
    Hspu 20,10
    Slingshot ss bench 365@5,5
    5 rounds 50 lb kb
    5 ea swings, clean and press, snatch

  24. This entire week is gonna be a wash. Conflict in work schedule, and it is about time for a break or a deload week soon anyway. Life as I know it is about to change very drastically. Babies on the way very soon.

  25. Sling shot bench. 315&6, 225@20
    Handstand pushups 20
    Hammer curls 2@10
    Db curls 2@10

  26. 6/18 chest
    Sling shot bench
    300,315,335 x3ea
    Incline bench and flat db superset 4x10
    High & low x overs 4x10 each

  27. 6/19 Arms
    Reverse grip bench 5x3
    Close grip 5x12
    100 band Pushdowns
    Db skull crushers 4x10
    Close pushups and close bench 3x10ea
    Weighted chins 4x3
    Light barbell curls 4x10
    Hammer curls and curl bar curls 4x10 ea

  28. 6/24
    Slingshot bench. 315 3x6
    Flat db press and low cable xover 5x12 ea
    Incline cable press 4x12

  29. 6/25 arms
    Close grip bench 4/12
    Pushdowns drop set 7 sets
    Skull crushers 4/10
    Rope Pushdowns 4/10
    Db skull crushers and close db press 4/10

    Chin-ups 5/5
    Straight bar 3/10
    Curl bar and hammer curls 4/10
    Double biceps cable curls 3/10

  30. 6:27. Back and such
    Pulldowns 4x10
    OA pulldowns 4x8
    Pullups 4x5
    BB rows 3x12


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