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  1. 12/2 chest
    Flat bench 225 4 sets of 7
    Low cable crossover (like a scoop ) 5 sets 8-12 reps varying weight
    High cable crossover 4 sets 10-12 reps varying weight
    Dips 4 sets of 10
    Finished with light incline db press and push-ups. I was so smoked I was only getting 3 push-ups

  2. 12/4 Back
    Pull-ups wide 5x10
    Close 6,8,10,8,10
    Barbell rows slow perfect form
    Horizontal rows
    Finished with a ten minute bodyweight GPP circuit

  3. 12/5 Arms , kinda
    Reverse grip ss bench
    [email protected] then short rest singles 225,255,375,285
    Straight bar skull crusher
    [email protected] [email protected] [email protected],6
    Rope push down 4x10
    Bar push down 3x10
    Then here is where the kinda part comes in. A few months ago I had a slight tear
    In my right bicep. Basically took it easy, no direct work for a
    Month or so. Well I had the same type of pain again today
    Straight bar curls 45,65,75,85 all for 8. Stetted with chins. 5 reps 7 sets total
    Run 1 mile ten push-ups every minute
    Run 1 mile ( faster) 5 reps random exercise with 35 lb kettlebell
    I did 10 and 10 regardless of the differences I'm run times

  4. 12/6 shoulders
    Started running at 7 mph. Finished At 8.5 mph. Ran for 1
    Minute. Then 3 reps clean and press 135. Did this for 10 rounds
    135 lb shrugs and 135 ss kneeling behind head shoulder press Shrugs 3x15. Presses 8,6,6
    Upright cable rows and upright kb rows.
    Various core exercises.
    3 sets of hammer strength incline press and car crossovers.

  5. 12-09 Chest
    I didnt have alot of time today, this was done inside of 30 minutes
    Flat bench
    Circuit 3 rounds
    Hammer strength incline chest press 10 ea
    Dips 10 ea
    High Cable crossover 10 ea
    2 rounds circuit
    10 pushups
    Low Cable crossover 10 ea

  6. 12/10 Shoulders
    Ss seated shoulder press
    [email protected] then 3 reps each of: 195,205,210,215,220. [email protected]
    Conditioning ten rounds. 1 minute run. 3 clean and press at 135. Started at 7.5 mph. Ended at 7.5 top speed was 8.0
    This is very challenging.

  7. Close grip ss bench press
    [email protected],6
    [email protected],5
    Close grip bench [email protected],12,12
    Muscle up style Push downs 12,10,10,7
    Pushdowns 10,8,8
    Skull crushers [email protected]
    Oh db press [email protected]
    Close grip push-ups [email protected]
    Hamerstrength seated dip machine [email protected]
    Straight bar Pushdowns [email protected]
    Rope Pushdowns [email protected]
    Cable crossover curls [email protected]
    Rope curls [email protected]
    Preacher bar curls [email protected]
    Curl bar curls 10,10,10
    Chins 8,8,8,6

  8. Hoping to get back to the grind this week. Had a long dr apt last week. Had a Xmas party too. Want to get back to 5 days a week of training. I am sure the next two weeks will be jacked up as well.
    I just finished a bottle of
    Lecheek T-x3. Click link for review. I am skeptical about all the recent hype about daa. I will say this is a solid product. I started noticing the joint soreness within a week. It progressively got worse throughout the cycle. It has started to subside. To me it was just a nucense, yet a sign that it was legit. I started at 183-4 and finished at 188. Strength has slightly increased. Strength endurance is where this product shined for me. I feel the gain in weight was mostly clean

  9. 12/17 back
    Rack pulls [email protected] 275,[email protected]
    Bb rows 185&[email protected]
    Horizontal rows [email protected]
    Lat pull downs [email protected]
    1 arm lat pull downs [email protected]
    Pull-ups [email protected] each grip. Wide. Shoulder. Close.
    Straight arm Pushdowns [email protected]
    Hyper extensions [email protected]

  10. 12/18 triceps
    Messed around made a slingshot out of an old back brace. It works rather well. Bu I still have a few tweeks to make yet
    Light weight low rest high reps
    Close grip bench
    135 6 sets of 10
    Skull crushers
    75 5 sets of 12
    Cable Pushdowns and wall push-ups 3 sets of 10 & 15
    Arms feel like they want to explode

  11. 12/20
    Shoulders and
    Both body parts were mixed together for the workout. But listed seperatly
    Biceps. Not really sure what to call this exercise. Partial bent over row position, elbows back, then curl. It is supposed to work the long head of the bicep. 5 sets of 10
    Incline db curls 3 sets of 8
    Cable curls 2 sets of 10
    +15 lb weighted chins. 5,6,7,8,7,4
    Seated shoulder press
    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] [email protected], [email protected]
    Face pulls [email protected]
    Snatch grip high pulls [email protected]
    Light high rep behind the neck pulldowns [email protected]
    Run 1 minute at 7mph, 3 reps 225 bench press, 3 reps
    135 push press. 10 rounds

    Around with my homemade slingshot. Holy crap does it work. [email protected]
    On a good day I can hit 12-13 reps. I am not too confident in my sewing job. I think I will have it professionally sewed, or
    Just buy a real one

    305x FAIL


    Circuit 3 rounds
    High cable crossover 50x10
    DIPS 10

    Circuit 3 Rounds
    Low cable crossover 50x10
    Dips 10
    Hyperextensions 15

    Starting to add squats. Looking for ideas. I want to keep growth to a minimum. Did 1 set atg 135x20

  13. 12/24 back
    Pull-ups 8x8
    Bb rows 3x10
    Kb rows 3x6
    Pull downs 3x8
    Bb shrugs 3x6
    Conditioning : run with cleans.

  14. 12/25 biceps
    Drag curls 15,12,12,12
    Chins 6,8,8,8
    Bar curls and alternating hammer curls. 3 sets 8 reps each

  15. 12/26
    Seated press
    175,5 195,5 205,5,5
    Standing press. This was hard. Turn on stopwatch. Unrack bar at 15 seconds do 3 reps, repeat at 45 seconds for 5 minutes. 135 lbs. push press came into play at 2:15 mark.
    Reverse grip bench press as per today's article 135. I have always used this a a tri exercise. It can be easily switched to a chest exercise by lowering the bar above the nipples and squeezing the pecs.
    95 lb hang cleans. 3 reps every 30 sec for 5 min.

  16. 12/27 arms
    Close and reverse grip ss bench press.
    225 3&6. 275 4 @1
    Skull crush. 4x10
    Pushdowns [email protected]
    Rope Pushdowns [email protected]
    Kickback and oh db extension [email protected] each
    Seated bb curls [email protected] & hammer curls [email protected]
    Cable curls [email protected] & chin-ups 4&5

  17. 12:30 chest
    Bought some heavy bands from dicks the other day. So far I absolutely love them. They claim to be light. 25-50 lbs. played around at the house with assisted bench press. I was reading this is similar to using a shirt. I hooked the bands to the top of my adjustable rack, then placed the bands around the bar and lowered the rack until they were loose when the bar was racked. I also learned how to wrap the band around my arms to simulate a shirt. Just messed around nothing to constitute a workout.
    Band resisted speed bench
    135 on the bar. Both bands hooked together and secured under the bench 3x3 and5x5.
    I then double looped each band of the end of the bar and used a kettlebell to anchor the bands. They picked the 70 lb kb up from the floor to my surprise. I had to anchor it with a 100. I still had 135 on the bar. I untracked it and did 1 ugly rep.

    Flat db bench press 5 sets of 12

    Low scooping cable crossovers 5x10

    Run with cleans. I was smoked today and could not maintain the same pace. I had to slow down the last 3 rounds.

  18. Deads 225 2x3 275 3x3
    BB Rows 5x10 and pull downs 5x8
    Cable rows 3x10 and shrugs 135 3 sets of 20
    Close pull downs 4x10
    Band Tricep Pushdowns 100 reps, each set until failure, 15 sec rest
    various curls reps, and sets
    5 rounds: 10 leg raises, 10 hyper extensions, 10 cable crunches

  19. 1/2 triceps
    Reverse and close grip bench 3 x 10 each
    Dip machine 3x12
    V bar Pushdowns 3x10
    Band Pushdowns amrap per sets to 100 reps total.
    Standing French press 3x10
    Light db and bb curls amrap per set to 100 reps total
    Light core


    135X6, 155X3, SINGLES= 185, 200, 205, 210
    135 3X6

    225X3, 275X3, 295X1,1
    135 3X6

  21. 1/6 Chest
    Flat bench Band slingshot singles
    Flat bench
    225 x 15,10,10
    Bb front squats 3x6 135,155,155
    Incline bench 3x10 135
    Low cable x over and push-ups 4x10
    High cable x over and dips 3x10
    Pec deck 3x12 ( this and every other one hurts my shoulders)

  22. Quote Originally Posted by Bengal View Post
    1/6 Chest
    Flat bench Band slingshot singles
    Flat bench
    225 x 15,10,10
    Bb front squats 3x6 135,155,155
    Incline bench 3x10 135
    Low cable x over and push-ups 4x10
    High cable x over and dips 3x10
    Pec deck 3x12 ( this and every other one hurts my shoulders)
    Those are some strong presses man!

  23. 1/7 Back
    Pull-ups 5x10
    Deads 5 ea 225,245,265,285
    Pendlay rows 135 8,8,8,8
    Dead start db rows [email protected] and heavy cable lat pull down 4x12

  24. 1/8 biceps
    Curl bar [email protected]
    Straight bar [email protected]
    Alt db [email protected]
    Cable curl [email protected]
    Concentration 6,8,8
    Chin ups [email protected]

  25. seated military 3 reps each

    front squats 3 each

    sling shot close grip bench 3 each
    275,295,305,315 335x2

    225x10, 275x10

    straight bar skull crushers
    10 ea 95, 115, 135
    100 band push downs


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