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  1. Quote Originally Posted by PaulBlack View Post
    Thanks dude & same to you...! Wednesday 12/25 OHP's #80x8x4 #110 x5x4 Bhnd Back Shrugs #315 x20x3 CGBP's #135x12 #155 x10x3 Mac Rows #160 x10x4 Pressdwns #70x12x3 Merry Christmas to all
    Enjoy today, bud.

    BTW, what's a Mac Row? Google didn't produce anything for me when I searched it.
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  2. Xmas OHP! I like it!

    Merry christmas Paul!

  3. Thanx Sean and all the best holidays with the family...!
    Machine rows. Has a dictated up and down path and hits the center of my upper back (christmas tree) no pun intended, with some emphasis on my upper lats.

    Hey thanx Houseman and to you and your's a very Merry.........!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Friday 12/27

    Squats #135x8

    Bent Rows #230 x10x4

    A little pressed for time again today, but managed to get under the bar for a bit of leg hip work.

  5. Hey-O! Them's big skwats.
    Training log:

  6. Quote Originally Posted by herderdude View Post
    Hey-O! Them's big skwats.
    This! Awesome work PB!
    Training Log
    "Jackie Treehorn treats objects like woman man."

  7. Sunday 12/29

    CGBP's #135+#100 chns x3x10

    2" def Speed Pulls #225+1 Green x3x8

    Have to work 14 hours 2mrrw so I got some pressing in today.

  8. Friday 1/3 Deload

    2" Deficit Deads #405 x5x5
    #405 +#100 Chns x3x3

    2" Def RDL's #315 x12 (for some ham stretch)

    Squats #245 x12x2

    Low Cable Rows #165 x15x3

    Decided to take this W/O as a deload and regroup, as I was kinda feeling under the weather for the last 4 days anyway.

  9. Monday 1/6

    OHP's #115 x5x5

    CGBP's #175x5x4

    Pl Dwns #175x15x4

    Tri Extens #70 x12x4

    Grippers COC#2-#1 x10 singles @

    Felt good on the shoulders for a little pumpy stuff

  10. Keep chasing strong, Paul!

    Training log:

  11. Ahaha, oh yea, Bob's a beast for sure...!

    Wednesday 1/8

    13" Pin Pulls #500x3
    #500+#100 Chns x3x3

    1" Deficits #410+#100 chns x5x3

    1" Def St WT #460 x9 (Was pretty gassed and hips came up on 9 so I quit there.)

    Oly Squats med stance #275x6x2 10x1

    GM's #225 x15

    Bench Rows #180x12x3

    Bent Rows #200x12x2

    Well, I am still going to amp the reps up some and try to get the #500x10, (I know Xfit ;-) then try turning that into a single #625+.
    After the 6 sets, I was getting kinda gassed out, so the reps should help that some.

  12. Good lifts! 500x10 and 625 will be incredible man
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  13. Agreed with Sean. I wanna see you swing big with that deadlift
    Check your form:

  14. 500x10 is going to transfer to more like 660+ man. Get after it.

  15. Jebus, 500x10?

    Time to find a meet Paul, great work.

  16. Thanks for the pos feeds guys. Gotta see what the New Year may bring.

    As far as a transfer #500x10 to #660, my q ratio is not that high. I might guess, as I said #625-#635 hopefully.

    Friday 1/10

    CGBP's #165 x5x5

    Strict OHP's #70x15x4

    Strict Bent Rows #180 x12x4

    Laying Tris Extns #100x7x5

    BBing stuff. Makes the shoulders feel good. Oh well
    Erectors are still stiff from Wed. so I may do a few higher reps/speeds 2mrrow for the deads.

  17. Sat. 1/11 Extra W/O

    2" Def Speed Pulls #275 + 1 green x3x6 (30-60 secs btwn)

    Squats #225x5x2

    Hypers x15x4

    Had time from work so wanted to sneak in a little extra low back and hip reps.

  18. Monday 1/13

    Squats #135x5
    #325x5 (paused last 3)

    Arch Back GM's #275x8
    Rnd Back GM's #275x8

    Pull Dwns #180 x10x4

    Really did not feel like lifting this AM, but as the day went on, I grabbed some sparks and when I got in there, I just ramped up my squat volume. I think this will help with my pulling rep sets. Did not feel as whipped today at all, with all that knee/hip bending shtuff so maybe my fitness level is coming up some. I will need it for spring yard work anyway. Yee hooooo...!

  19. no chain?! I kid.

    Good work, dude.
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  20. Quote Originally Posted by Sean1332 View Post
    no chain?! I kid.

    Good work, dude.
    Ya know this ^^^ is phuckin hilarious, but I was actually gonna write: Attn Sean... All straight weight 2day

  21. Those pauses must of been brutal! Good work PB
    Training Log
    "Jackie Treehorn treats objects like woman man."

  22. I know I can still feel some of the soreness today for sure.

    Wednesday 1/15

    OHP's #95x5
    #125 x3x3

    Incline Presses #145 x8x5

    BB Rows #145 x15x3 (cardio)

    Tri Prss dwns #80 x12x4

    Coc #2 x1x3 then 4 fails each hand
    I used to rep this prik...!

    Jesus did my shoulders ache today and were slow and weak. Felt like it was 25% more than I usually do!?!?
    Got a little momentum going but this was a dumpster fire really.

  23. Friday 1/17

    Floor Pulls #225+2 greens x3
    #315x2 " "
    #405x1 " "
    #455x1 " "
    1" Deficit #455x1 " "
    Same #425x1 " "

    1" Def St Wt #425x12 (wooooo)

    Clse Stanc GM's #225x15x2

    Pull Dwns #160 x12x4
    Lat Shrugs #225x15x2

    I believe the top of the #455 was about #655 and towards the end up over the knees was pretty slow and near grinder but felt good.
    The #425x12 felt pretty strong and snappy and it seems a little of my repping ability is coming back some.

    I have got a few PM's asking me what I take before a W/O.
    Here is what I have been using lately...
    Evening: 2 Pumps Formeron (not sure if I get much from this as it has not shown much in my pressing strength at all)
    AM 1 Erase Pro (this month)
    2 Mugs 8 O' Clock Coffee (so is that like 4 actual cups?)
    1 Hr B4 W/O 2 Anebeta (this month)
    1 Scoop Life Exten Protein/Creapure/Glutamn

    Post W/O 2 Anebeta
    1 Scoop Life Exten Pro/Crea/Gltm

    I have not tried Epi or any other PH as some have asked, although some people tell me Formeron is a mild PH at a 2 pumps.
    About 2 months ago I tried a friends TRT cream script for a month and although I did get a rise in my libido, I did not see much if any strength increase, again going by my pressing and grip strength. I may be a candidate for TRT, but I have not yet gone thru the bs tests you have to get to get a pass.

    That is pretty much my regimen.
    5 days per week with breakfast I take a few DIM caps, ALA, NAC, Liver Cleanse, Vit D, Mag, B Comp, St John Wrt, Vit C, Zinc, 80mg Aspirin (2-3 days wk)
    I have cut back on my egg consumption to 0 thru the week. I think I lost about 4 pounds in the last 2 weeks.

  24. Strong **** as always!
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    CONTROLLED LABS products are produced in a GMP for Sport certified facility.

  25. Strong pulls man. I'm seriously jelly.

    What're you weighing these days?


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