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  1. Friday 11/22

    2" Deficit deads #500x5 (all paused)

    2" Def #500+#100 chains x2

    Same #530+#100 chns x1 (this is actually a PR)

    Same 2" #500x5 T&G

    Speedish Pulls 2" Def #420+#100 chns x3x3

    2" Def RDL's #365x6

    Squats #225 x5
    #275 x5,8

    CG Pull Dwns #220 x8x4

    Well, I wanted to get a gauge for some percentages to start a better structured program, since I have been doing some seat o pants flying.
    The #500 came off the floor pretty quick, maybe it was the Starbucks Dark French!? Who carfs.
    Will chalk this up as a keeper and got some good motivation from Toro's #605 pull and Herds #435 deep squat. No better motivation than chasing somebody.
    Got most on vids, so I have them but have not heard from my nephew so one of these days I hope to get this gym lift stuff verified.
    Took today off work too, so maybe that helped with energy...!

  2. Killer session man! Holy crap haha
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    "Jackie Treehorn treats objects like woman man."

  3. Hell ya ol man! Good work
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  4. Damn.
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by Sean1332 View Post
    Hell ya ol man! Good work
    Haha, you got it kiddo and thanks for stopping by guys.
    Gotta put my dentures back in AHAHA, since people don't like to see me gulping my water with them floatin' at the bottom of the glass after a set.
    It tends to clear all the pretty girls off the dyna riders.....!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by rob112 View Post
    Killer session man! Holy crap haha
    Yeah, this is my reaction as well
    Check your form:

  7. Damn, Paul. Take it easy on those poor weights! I don't think the ladies mind your dentures. Everyone knows that the ladies love an impressive deadlift.
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  8. Monday 11/25

    CGBP's #155x10x4

    OHP's #80 x12x4

    Press dwns #80 x10x4

    Light Squats #135 x15x2

  9. 11/27 Wednesday

    Squats #225x5

    2" Deficit Speeds #385+#100 Chns x3x3 (70%)

    Bent Rows #185x12x4

    Another fast one, but the whacky weather, at least let me get this in. Holiday stuff gets in the way of training sometimes HAHAHA

  10. 24 reps at 315 is looking good brother!
    Training Log
    "Jackie Treehorn treats objects like woman man."

  11. Hey thanks guy.

    Monday 12/2

    OHP's #95x10x3

    CGBP's #135 x10x4 (shoulders kinda ached today)

    Tri Extens #90 x8x4
    Press dwns #70 x10x3

    Hanging leg raises x15x2

    Was out of town for holiday, so have to back track a bit a I missed a session or so.
    Lots of work in the next few weeks too, so will have to gauge gym stuff.

  12. Wednesday 12/4 Clawing back some...

    Block Pulls 12" #425+#100 Chains x3x3 (tried to move these sets close for some cardio and Xfit)

    2" Deficits #425 x5x3

    2" Def RDL's #335 x10x2

    Clse Stance Squats #225+#100 Chains x5x4

    Wd Grip Pull Dwns #200 x10x5

    Some grip phuckery with 6" concrete blocks between sets

    We have been pretty busy at work, so my stress levels are kinda ****ty.
    Pulling felt pretty good today, but felt like I have been away longer than 5 days. Holidays always seem to **** with my training some.

  13. Going light today? That is just 525 at the tip :P just joking. Awesome work as usual.
    Training Log
    "Jackie Treehorn treats objects like woman man."

  14. Doing cardio with heavy pulls. I like it.
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  15. Yeah, I forget what PL'er said it but, the walk to the gym involves a few stairs, so I get my cardio in then.

    Friday 12/6

    CGBP's #165x5x6
    OHP's #95x8x5

    Zerchers #225x10x2

    Tri Press dwns #85x10x4

    EZ curls #150 x6

    Leg Raises x35

    Did my years end bi's work, so got that out of the way.
    Going to be very busy for another 2 weeks at work, so will have to adjust the intensity a tad I guess.

  16. Monday 12/9

    13" Pin Pulls #455+#100 Chains x3x3

    15" " " #475+#100 Chns x3x2

    2" Deficits #455 x5x3

    Oly HB Squats #275 x8x3

    Low Cable Parallel rows #200 x10x4

    Had some extra time coming from work, so I blew out early since I will be working most of the weekend.

  17. Wednesday 12/11

    OHP's #95x5

    CGBP's #165x5x5
    Superset Pll Dwns #150x15x4

    Cable Tri extens #60x20x3

    Leg Raises x40

    Grip fockery

    Cruising some and BB rep shtuff

  18. 12/13 Friday

    2" Deficit Pulls #315+2 greens (About #500 @ top) x7x3 (Did these with about 2 mins rest between ooof)

    RDL's #315 x15 (oooof 2nded and huffing a little)

    Oly HB Squats #225 x7x3

    Pull Dwns #210 x10x4

    Pushed for time, have to get to work.

    Wanted to get in some repping volume for the deads. Like I got from the Smolovesque work a year back.
    I never get the same feel from heavier low reps in the pulls, that I do hitting higher rep 5's-7's-9's for multis in the hams, glutes and low back.
    It is a very achy pump like when you do the abs, that I do not seem to get with my strength work. Pretty shakey too, so I know my GPP is lower.
    Trying some Life Extension Protein/Creapure and Glutamine mix. Not bad and the price was right. Buddy of mine bought it a few months ago and does not like it so he gave it to me for some work I did on his car.

  19. Strong stuff as usual, Paul. Lovin it
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    CONTROLLED LABS products are produced in a GMP for Sport certified facility.

  20. Those RDLs! My... God...

  21. Great deadlift session, but what stands out to me even more was the upper body session before that. Looks like you bumped up your numbers significantly there. What's that about? Have you been holding back before?
    Check your form:

  22. Vomit a lil bit there lol

    Awesome work PB
    Training Log
    "Jackie Treehorn treats objects like woman man."

  23. Good catch Toro.

    The onus is on you, Paul! What's up with 135x10 OHP? You sandbaggin before?
    Training log:

  24. I think it's time someone whose name begins w P and ends w aul Black to step on the platform.

    Unleash the beast!

  25. Quote Originally Posted by herderdude View Post
    Good catch Toro.

    The onus is on you, Paul! What's up with 135x10 OHP? You sandbaggin before?
    I think that's 10 singles. Not a set of 10. Could be wrong.


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