Joe's comeback training log

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  1. Speed Bench

    Comp Grip 235 8x3
    CGBP 255 2x5
    Bench paused 1" off chest 195 2x8

    Tbar rows 3x12
    band pushdowns 3x20
    lat pulldowns 3x12
    band pullaparts 3x12

    Starting to feel better and getting through everything is getting easier.

  2. squats heavy

    Squats 285 5x2

    SS bar GMS very strict to hit hamstrings 95 3x10

    Band pullaparts 3x15

    face pulls into Y presses 3x8

    was going to do Reverse Hypers but my back has been so pumped as of late I decided against it. I also was trying to set up my chains for suspended GM's and could not get it right. Spent too much time screwing around I had to finish up and get back to work.

  3. Sundays workout

    standing strict military 3x8 135
    Hip abductor 4x15
    lat pulldown 3x15
    seated rows 3x12
    side laterals 3x15

    Have some bicep tendonitis, trying not to do anything that bothers it.

    45 minute walk on treadmill

  4. Deadlift heavy

    425 3x2 no belt

    455 4" block 2x1 put the belt on

    band pullaparts 4x15
    hamstringer seated with mini band 3x12 each leg
    band face pulls 3x12

    Wanted to do reverse hypers but my lower back was just screaming.

  5. Bench reps

    Comp bench 290 2x6
    CGBP 305 2x3

    Skipped pauses as they bothered my pec last week and I had to warm up forever to bench today. Also benching the day after you dead is not good.

    T bar rows 3x12
    band pushdowns 3x25
    band flys 3x15
    band pullaparts 3x15

    Bicep tendonitis is getting better since I have been laying off everything that bothers it. Hopefully can start doing chins again in a week or two.

  6. How are you liking it?
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  7. I like the way it rotates everything. I think it will be very effective once I get used to a little more volume and get a little stronger and can tweak the percentages to my strengths and weaknesses.

  8. Have been busy and not on the computer that much.

    Friday did Speed squats 6x2 235 and than a bunch of accessory work I do not remember. May start adding in pause squats before this cycle ends as I am feeling pretty good.

    No Sunday training, had to get some stuff done pre bowl.

    Monday Speed deads

    Comp deads 365 6x2
    4" block pulls 385 2x5
    chins 5x5 first time doing these a while. Bicep tendon is feeling better.
    hamstringer light band 3x12 each leg
    reverse hypers 3x10
    badn pullaparts 5x15

  9. Bench Comp grip 315 3x2
    CGBP 325 2 singles

    Chins 5x5
    band pullaparts 4x15
    band pushdowns 4x25

    Was working on bending the bar and activating the lats. Seemed to take pressure off my shoulders and pecs. Felt real good, never did it before. Trained without a spotter or would have doubled the close grips.

  10. I want your damn 315!
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    CONTROLLED LABS products are produced in a GMP for Sport certified facility.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Sean1332 View Post
    I want your damn 315!
    Sean, if you saw me you would no think I was a good bencher. I have very long arms and am relatively wirely for a lifter. My best in the gym is 445 with a pause and 405x5 touch and go. All drug free. That was going back and fourth with a shirts so I never really trained my raw bench. I am just lucky god blessed me with some pressing ability because a lot of guys either have to put on a ton of weight to get their press up or have to resort to drugs.

  12. Friday rep squats

    squats 265 3x6
    hamstringer 3x15
    band pullaparts 4x15
    band face pulls 3x15

    Sunday accessory

    Strict standing shoulder press 185x8 135 2x8 with a pauses at lockout
    hip adductor 4x15
    incline dumbbell press 3x15
    lat pulldown 3x12
    standing dumbbell rear delts 3x15

    40 min on treadmill.

  13. Awesome standing press, man
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    CONTROLLED LABS products are produced in a GMP for Sport certified facility.

  14. back was tired and in knots on Monday. I think a lot of deads without belts and shoveling has taken its toll on me. I stopped Monday after warmups. I felt good today. A missed dead workout should not stop my progress. I did not feel like pulling something because I was off my game.

    Speed Bench

    Comp grip 255 6x2
    CGBP 275 2x5
    Chins 5x5
    pulldowns 3x15
    band face pulls 3x15
    band pushdowns 3x30

    Felt good today.


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