Tossing Weight With Torobestia: Powerlifting Log

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  1. Tossing Weight With Torobestia: Powerlifting Log

    It's been a while since I've kept a log here at AM. I hope my friends from other logs and anyone else will join me here while I kick some ass.

    In the time since I last logged here, I made a switch from DC training to powerlifting. During the last log I kept, I had injured my hip from continually squatting with a tilted hip posture that cause an impingement. I began westside training and maintained/gained some strength in the bench and deadlift while rehabbing my hips. I moved to some Juggernaut style training in March, and I competed in my first meet in the 242lb class, hitting 470/315/585 for a 1370 total:

    Unfortunately missed 350 bench due to a violation (butt came off bench), so I'll have to concentrate on working on resolving this issue.

    Beginning next week, I will be following a 5/3/1 protocol for my training. You will see me employing some newer methods described in "Beyond 5/3/1" training manual including joker sets and first set last in order to handle heavier loads and implement more volume in the main lifts. Right now I'm in a strength and mass building mode where the focus is on building my base. I think this is a limiting factor for my squat, while my bench and deadlift will surely benefit from this in the longer run.

    This week is a deload week for me. More to come later.
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  2. As I mentioned, this week is a deload week because I just did a meet about 4 days ago. I actually feel pretty good considering - after my meet, upon encouragement from my gf I did some stretching and foam rolling to relieve tension and stress I may have developed in my hips.

    The following day, about 24h later, after driving back 9h I went to the gym to foam roll my back for 30-60s as well as do several bodyweight hyperextensions. So yesterday, after my normal warmup, I actually felt pretty good.

    Yesterday benched for sets of 5 from 125 up to 185, did 3x10 barbell rows superset with 3x20 band pullaparts, and then I did some arms and facepulls. Today will be some squatting up to maybe 275 for sets of 5, then some OHP and some deadlifts later on. Real **** will begin Sunday.

    On to my plan, what I'm playing around with right now looks a lot like this:

    Sunday - Bench
    Bench 5/3/1
    Joker Sets
    Bench FSL AMRAP
    Press Variant
    **) Barbell Rows
    A2) Band Pullaparts
    B1) Extension Variation
    B2) Curl Variation
    B3) Facepull/Cable Rows

    Monday - Squat
    Squat 5/3/1
    Joker Sets
    Squat FSL 3x8
    Speed Pulls
    Hanging V-Ups

    Wednesday - OHP
    DE Press Variant
    OHP 5/3/1*
    **) Pullup Variant
    A2) Band Facepulls
    B1) Delt Raise Variant
    B2) EZ Curls
    B3) Band Pushdowns
    B4) DB/Cable Flies

    Friday - Deadlift
    Deadlift 5/3/1
    Joker Sets alternating 2" block pull, 2" deficit, and from the floor to a 95%+ lift
    Deadlift FSL 4x5
    Speed Squats
    Front Squats/SSB Narrow Squats
    Rope Ab Crunches

    I have the details written out on how I will load each exercise and vary the volume throughout the week, but it's too much of a pain to post here so you'll just have to bear with me.

    Press variants and pullups will be done with a fixed load per cycle, and I'll increase reps week to week. Press variants will be to work weak points in the bench for me. FSL = first set last.

    I'm experimenting with OHP in my training. I eliminated OHPs completely the last 24 weeks leading to my competition, and while I didn't do well in the bench event this was because of a technical violation, not because I couldn't handle the weight. I actually got significantly stronger in the bench not doing any overhead pressing, so I'm wary of including it. On the 1s week I might find that doing OHP in addition to speed work is too much and may either increase from doing 5/3/1 on OHPs to 8/5/3 or something, or I may drop OHPs on the heavy weeks, or eliminate OHPs altogether. We'll have to see.

    Lastly, I may consider for the squat, bench, and OHP switching my 5s and 3s week and not doing joker sets on the 5s week, kind of like 5/3/1 powerlifting or SVR training.

    This is the plan so far. I know, not a lot of unilateral bench or leg work, but tough ****. We'll see how this goes. I'm sure over time certain lifts will get swapped out for others and I can vary barbell lifts with more DB or unilateral work. My aversion to unilateral work is only because lunges are often a go-to for people and I can't do lunges due to a toe injury, so I do step-ups and bulgarian split squats.
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  3. Another Toro log! I learned a ton from your Westside log, looking forward to this one. Congrats on the meet, that's a nice total. That 315 bench looked fast and smooth, no doubt you could hit 350 without any technical errors. I'm super jealous of your deadlift.
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  4. Thanks, herder. Glad to have you here. Yeah, I actually was fearful I was going to bomb out because of the bench, which I actually felt strong for for once in my life. I'll be working on my form to see what can be done.
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  5. Lookin forward to your continuous droppage of knowledge.

    I like the idea of 3/5/1 (like you mentioned), AMRAP sets on 5's week (but shut deadlift down early....bleh), singles up to training max on 3's week, then work into doubles and triples at training max in later cycles, and 5's week working singles beyond training max, or add bands/chains or blocks. That's just my opinion, another variation I thought about doing. Maybe you could vary cycle to cycle.

    I did the pyramid with my OHP, then rest-pause at 65%. Whole lotta reps and whole lotta blood flowing. Just another idea.

    Kick some ass, sea bass
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  6. I am going to have to follow this. Your stuff always seems pretty legit...and you are in VA so ya.
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by Sean1332 View Post
    I like the idea of 3/5/1 (like you mentioned), AMRAP sets on 5's week (but shut deadlift down early....bleh), singles up to training max on 3's week, then work into doubles and triples at training max in later cycles, and 5's week working singles beyond training max, or add bands/chains or blocks. That's just my opinion, another variation I thought about doing. Maybe you could vary cycle to cycle.
    Yeah, that's something I had thought about way in advance and somehow forgot about when designing this cycle - actually doing AMRAP deadlift sets. So, in the past I've done this and it's made my deadlift go up, but this was when I would do 2 working sets of deadlift total, one a high intensity/heavy set and the other an AMRAP set. So, I might look towards doing my deadlifts more like the advanced 5/3/1, not worry about the submaximal work until after I do the joker sets, or something else. Still have till I guess next Friday to decide!

    Quote Originally Posted by bolt10 View Post
    I am going to have to follow this. Your stuff always seems pretty legit...and you are in VA so ya.
    Thanks, bolt. Whats your last statement about, are you in VA, too?
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  8. Ya fellow VA resident here.

    I am going to try and not even think about AMRAP Deadlift sets. Workout called for sets of 5 on Tuesday and it was the most horrendous experience I have had in awhile.
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  9. Yeah, AMRAP sets for me were supposed to be around 12 but gradually settled at about 6-7.

    Now, rack pulls, those I can do for sets of 15+. I miss rack pulls.
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  10. I think I'll be approaching my deadlift in a non-5/3/1 manner now. It's settled.

    It'll be like my Juggernaut programming, and will be done somewhat in a 3/2/1 manner. First cycle will be 3s for 2" block, 2" deficit, and from the floor, for as many reps as possible. Second cycle will be those same lifts but for 2s as many reps as possible. Last cycle will be 1s, except the floor deadlift will be worked up to a new training max. The rest of my workouts will be based around the training max I hit, not a theoretical training max that I raise 10lbs every so often. I will raise my speed work weights from cycle to cycle in some manner as well; not sure exactly what yet.
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  11. I had a blast last night after the gym. Met up with some buddies after our workout for a nice dinner at a new Italian joint that opened up in town, then hit up the town and checked out some bars. It was fairly casual, but we all had a great time.

    Related to the gym, I was feeling pretty shut down, CNS and otherwise, because it was difficult for me to work up above a 225 deadlift (bear in mind I had just deadlifted 585 at the meet 6 days earlier). I've also eaten loads of food and haven't gained any significant weight to reflect this. So I was cautious and kept the training intensity low and didn't push anything hard. I had a good time working in with this intern, though. He would do squats with the cambered bar then I would jump in and do good mornings with the same weight (lol). I had forgotten how awesome cambered bar goodmornings can be. I just am not still 100% with setting the SSB on my back quite yet. For suspended goodmornings, SSB is the way to go but for free goodmornings cambered or straightbar is better for me.
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  12. I feel you on the post-meet hangover, man. My knees were hurting so much I had to switch from free to box squats, and then deadlifts were a flat out no-go. I'm enjoying my break from high intensity.
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  13. Hey look, a toro log!

  14. I'm in.
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  15. Welcome, guys.

    So I have some slightly disappointing news - I set some of my 531 maxes too high, at least for my bench. I only hit my 5s set for 5. Ill be shaving off another 10% from my maxes. After my top set I corrected the rest of my workout to base it on my new training max so only one set was really messed up. I want to do this right.
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  16. 09/08/13

    BENCH 5s

    PVC upper and lower back, lats. Band dislocations, band pushdowns 2x15, facepulls 1x20. ***forgot to LXC upper body***

    265-5 <-- need to lower TM%
    Lowered TM after this to adjust rest of workout and other workouts



    red bands-5x20

    95-14,14,11+ drop to 90x6 (weight too high, also gonna switch back to using football bar)
    red bands-20,20,20

    Well, this workout went alright. Real disappointing to use the wrong training max for this all. Didn't even bother touching joker sets because of this, also because I'm concerned I'm still just a pinch burnt out a little bit. Second thing is I forgot to use a lacross ball to mash my pecs, pec minor, and delts, so I was tighter on the bench than I should have been (in a bad way). Third, my hip flexors were so tight I couldn't get my feet under me so my leg drive sucked. All really sloppy mistakes. After my bench work I slugged down a mix of 10g BCAA and 1 scoop glycomyx. That plus bent over rows = nausea, lol. Didn't have my head right - will do better next time.
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  17. Haven't been absent, nor have I forgotten about the log. I just haven't worked out in a couple of days. Shoulder was sore from benching, so I skipped squatting on Monday (don't like to squat with sore shoulders - asking for bicep tendonitis), and yesterday I had 3 doctors appointments, 2 of which required blood draws. So here I am today!


    SQUAT 5s

    Super squat hip mobility pre, PVC ITB and adductors, upper and lower back, lats. LXC upper body. Hip flexor stretch

    245-8,8,8 <-- very deep, ass to ankles, etc

    310-15x1 <-- 20 sec rest between singles



    Spent. Haven't squatted like this in an extremely long time, and it was taxing. I'm happy with the session, except I am wary of the need to incorporate some single leg stuff. I will think of a way next cycle, maybe do it on my squat day (today) once I've built up some work capacity.
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  18. Late, but in..,

  19. Quote Originally Posted by napalm View Post
    Late, but in..,
    Welcome, napalm!

    In other news, while today is a scheduled (well, a day late, actually) upper body day, I think I'm going to go ahead and do some split squats or something, either as a warmup or at the end of my workout, just so that my legs dont feel like death tomorrow. It's been hard to walk today and I can't even stand up without my legs shaking, and it can only be worse tomorrow without intervention.
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  20. In to learn how monsters are made!
    Current Log:

  21. Quote Originally Posted by TheMovement View Post
    In to learn how monsters are made!
    Welcome in!


    Friends, I have some utterly embarrassing news to report. Worst case scenario is reality. See today's log for details


    OHP 5s

    PVC upper and lower back, lats, LXC upper body, band dislocations, band pushdowns 2x15, facepulls 1x20

    185-6x3 <-- 45 seconds between sets

    135-5 <-- felt like a 6RM LOL

    red bands-5x20

    high choked average band-15,20,20,20

    So yeah, my OHP is pretty weak despite a 350 bench. I'll be setting my adjusted 5RM to be 135 and calculate out the rest of my workouts from there. Phew, humbling!
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  22. Just saw this. In it.
    Don't worry, man, someday I'ma be nobody too.

  23. On the bright side, imagine what your bench will be when you push that up!
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  24. Quote Originally Posted by herderdude View Post
    On the bright side, imagine what your bench will be when you push that up!
    Ha, true that. I can't help but think that this just exposes some weaknesses that have developed over time. I mean if it weren't the case, wouldn't my stronger bench have translated into a stronger OHP?
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  25. 09/14/13


    Super hip squat mobility, PVC ITB, adductors, quads, hamstrings, upper and lower back, lats, LXC upper body.


    345-4x4 2 min rest between sets

    235-8x2 <-- 30 seconds between sets



    Block pulls and last set of deadlifts filmed here

    Form kind of looks junky on the last 2 reps of deadlifts but seemed fine on the block pulls and the first 2 reps of the last deadift set.
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