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  1. If you feel a specific lift is helping improve a weakness and to provide a carry over to your Big 4 lifts, than I would continue using a variation of that. Or just switch it up. It's your plan.
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  2. 9-9
    3's week cycle 1

    Squat day

    Preworkout ignite 2
    Intra bcaa-saa

    5 min treadmill
    Agile 8
    Foam rolling


    Warmup 135x5 155x5 185x3
    Working sets 215x3 245x3 275x2 275x1 245x3 215x5

    Zercher squat 115x10 125x10x3 135x10

    Back extension machine 150x10x5

    Ab machine 130x10x5

    10mins treadmill 6% at 3 mph

    First day back to work since my daughter was born working tens, long days and draining

    Felt really strong today not sure what happened with last set. Are you allowed singles? I think the stretching and rolling is helping me with my depth seemed to really go deep may have had something to do with it
    Loved the zercher squat may keep it for a few cycles or until I can get the front squat down

    That's about it bench press tomorrow hope ot goes well

  3. 9-10 cycle 1
    3's bench press

    Preworkout ignite 2
    Intra bcaa-saa
    Stretching, rotator cuff exercises

    5mins on treadmill

    Bench press
    Warmup 75x5 95x5 115x3
    Working sets 135x3 155x3 175x8 155x3 135x10

    Incline DB press 55x10x4 55x8

    Pendlay rows 135x10x3 145x10 155x10

    Overhead cable tricep extensions with rope 60x10 70x10x4

    Pull aparts 40, 20 overhand 20 underhand

    20 mins hiit on row machine

    Work was hot 95 here, was tig welding and climbing around in the pipe rack good times

    Watching the ceiling and not the bar really seemed to help thanks for that tip

    Pendlays went well last set form broke down a bit other than that felt good

    Think i have to move some more good carbs Preworkout I think today I just had a banana 30g protein shake and coconut milk for dinner\Preworkout

    Foam rolling mor stretching tonight
    No gym tomorrow just going to relax

  4. good work on bench man. keeping focused on one spot in the ceiling helped me a lot too.

    if you cant hit the work sets consistently on squats you might want to back the weight off a bit. that would help in future cycles.

  5. Thanks a while back I couldnt get all my 5's on the last set. so I cut it back but a always got the others now this, ive been doing the rolling and stretching and it seems im getting a little more depth mite have something to do with it. Its my first cycle back since I had a week off so ill go another cycle and if I fail again ill set it back.
    Could have just been a bad day we'll see

  6. This is also the first cycle since sean set me straight on my routine

  7. Deadlift day!!!
    Going to see if I can make a vid and post it

  8. 9-12 cycle 1

    Deadlift 3's

    5 mins on treadmill

    Foam rolling legs and agile 8

    Deadlift 3's
    Warmup from 3 inch deficit 135x5 155x5 185x3
    Working sets 215x3 245x3 275x5 245x3 215x8

    Good mornings 95x10x5 superseted with stepups with 20lbs db's

    Standing banded crunchs 20x4

    Stair stepper 10 mins

    Good workout tried good mornings for the first time seemed ok.
    Had a real good Preworkout\dinner 2 Greek yogurts, banana, cup of almond milk, 2 tbsp of cashew butter and a 30g protein shake

    Here is some good news have vids of working sets.
    One is upside down somehow but still good. I will post them when they finish uploading so u can start tearing me up lol

  9. The vid says that it's set to private.

  10. Ill see if I can fix it

  11. Should be good

  12. Not terrible dude. Keep your back tight. It started rounding. Also make sure you're driving your hips through and locking your lats back/down to finish the lift. Good stuff dude
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  13. squeeze the back\ shoulders together? and push hip into the bar not really sure what u mean.


    This is the upside down one sorry how your on a phone lol

  15. Not a bad deadlift, try dropping your ass lower and feel like your trying to hold a pole between your shoulder blades, if you watch your video watch how your ass does little movement and then when you are at the top of the deadlift you almost shrug it idk if its the camera but to me it looks like you lift your arms up instead of flexing your lower back. Hope I make sense to you bud

  16. it looks as if you need to get your hips a little lower.. that might also help you with rounding. the weight looked easy for you. just need to tighten up the upper back and maybe lower the hips a bit.

  17. Hard to tell being upside on the phone haha

    But I agree with getting the ass lower and pulling into the bar with the hips at the top half can also help some with the rounding. I've been doing Eric Lillibridge(spelling?) style of set up. Helps get low and tight.

    Oh, in
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  18. Your lockout seems good actually. Just hard to tell without seeing your hips

    Definetly work on that rounded back though. I grab the bar, butt high in the air, then shoot my hips down and in to load my hamstrings, then pull backwards to create a natural arch and tight back.
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    CONTROLLED LABS products are produced in a GMP for Sport certified facility.

  19. Thank you for all the replys going really focus on the rounded back and dropping my butt a bit seems to be the concensus from everyone going to check out some more vids for setups

    Sean do u have any special exercise to loosen the neck\traps?

  20. Buy a lacrosse ball. Baseball will work, tennis ball maybe to begin with. Lay on your back with it, cross your arms to spread your back. Position the ball lateral of your spine. Apply pressure to the tender spots and mash. Avoid the kidney and spine. Foam roller does a good job too, just rock side to side on it on various spots on your back.
    Controlled Labs Board Rep
    [email protected]
    CONTROLLED LABS products are produced in a GMP for Sport certified facility.


    Here is a good video to watch two good dead lifters in this video

  22. 9-14 cycle 1

    Curret weight was 231

    3's OHP

    Preworkout 1 scoop ignite 2, 1 scoop condense

    Intra bcaa\saa

    5 mins elliptical
    Stretching and rotator exercises

    Military press
    Warmup Barx10 65x5 85x5 95x3
    Working sets 115x3 135x3 145x7 135x3 115x10

    Assisted dips 60 lbs off my weight 10x5

    Close grip bench press
    135x8x2 145x8x3

    Easy bar curls between all sets of bench

    100x10 120x10 130x8x3

    Arc trainer 20 mins hiit cardio 30on 30 off

    Stretching again

    Cut my calories to 2850 today we'll see how this goes
    Shoulders were a bit tight but stretched them good
    Felt really strong today, not at first thou somewhat built up to it always seems that way to me
    Stretching has really helped my lifts didnt really regard it as important but now I do

    Want to thank everyone for there great advice ill be sure to follow it ill have some squat vids mon for u to pick apart

    Still waiting for my PL lifting belt its been 4 weeks now but not to worried

    Thats it guys ty for reading

  23. If you ordered from inner and it's not black that's expected man

    Edit: inzer
    Training Log
    "Jackie Treehorn treats objects like woman man."

  24. Ordered it from bobs belts army green with black stitching somehow got my order through even thou bob has been sick, just cant wait to get it


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