Yet another 5-3-1 by Dmax

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  1. Ill see if I can fix it

  2. Should be good

  3. Not terrible dude. Keep your back tight. It started rounding. Also make sure you're driving your hips through and locking your lats back/down to finish the lift. Good stuff dude
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  4. squeeze the back\ shoulders together? and push hip into the bar not really sure what u mean.


    This is the upside down one sorry how your on a phone lol

  6. Not a bad deadlift, try dropping your ass lower and feel like your trying to hold a pole between your shoulder blades, if you watch your video watch how your ass does little movement and then when you are at the top of the deadlift you almost shrug it idk if its the camera but to me it looks like you lift your arms up instead of flexing your lower back. Hope I make sense to you bud

  7. it looks as if you need to get your hips a little lower.. that might also help you with rounding. the weight looked easy for you. just need to tighten up the upper back and maybe lower the hips a bit.

  8. Hard to tell being upside on the phone haha

    But I agree with getting the ass lower and pulling into the bar with the hips at the top half can also help some with the rounding. I've been doing Eric Lillibridge(spelling?) style of set up. Helps get low and tight.

    Oh, in
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  9. Your lockout seems good actually. Just hard to tell without seeing your hips

    Definetly work on that rounded back though. I grab the bar, butt high in the air, then shoot my hips down and in to load my hamstrings, then pull backwards to create a natural arch and tight back.
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  10. Thank you for all the replys going really focus on the rounded back and dropping my butt a bit seems to be the concensus from everyone going to check out some more vids for setups

    Sean do u have any special exercise to loosen the neck\traps?

  11. Buy a lacrosse ball. Baseball will work, tennis ball maybe to begin with. Lay on your back with it, cross your arms to spread your back. Position the ball lateral of your spine. Apply pressure to the tender spots and mash. Avoid the kidney and spine. Foam roller does a good job too, just rock side to side on it on various spots on your back.
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    Here is a good video to watch two good dead lifters in this video

  13. 9-14 cycle 1

    Curret weight was 231

    3's OHP

    Preworkout 1 scoop ignite 2, 1 scoop condense

    Intra bcaa\saa

    5 mins elliptical
    Stretching and rotator exercises

    Military press
    Warmup Barx10 65x5 85x5 95x3
    Working sets 115x3 135x3 145x7 135x3 115x10

    Assisted dips 60 lbs off my weight 10x5

    Close grip bench press
    135x8x2 145x8x3

    Easy bar curls between all sets of bench

    100x10 120x10 130x8x3

    Arc trainer 20 mins hiit cardio 30on 30 off

    Stretching again

    Cut my calories to 2850 today we'll see how this goes
    Shoulders were a bit tight but stretched them good
    Felt really strong today, not at first thou somewhat built up to it always seems that way to me
    Stretching has really helped my lifts didnt really regard it as important but now I do

    Want to thank everyone for there great advice ill be sure to follow it ill have some squat vids mon for u to pick apart

    Still waiting for my PL lifting belt its been 4 weeks now but not to worried

    Thats it guys ty for reading

  14. If you ordered from inner and it's not black that's expected man

    Edit: inzer
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  15. Ordered it from bobs belts army green with black stitching somehow got my order through even thou bob has been sick, just cant wait to get it

  16. Quote Originally Posted by Duramaxhd View Post
    Ordered it from bobs belts army green with black stitching somehow got my order through even thou bob has been sick, just cant wait to get it
    Ahhh the mean time getting in some core strength action
    Training Log
    "Jackie Treehorn treats objects like woman man."

  17. Yep I only plan on using it on 90 and 95% lifts I dont want it to be a crutch

  18. No gym today

    Going to watch more videos and do some more stretching ,foam rolling and do some research on my next stack, think I may do something with xgels everything ive read sounds promising don't know if I should mix it with a fat burner or go solo?

    Had 4 oz of chicken with 2 tbsp olive oil 2 egg whites some blue cheese crumbles and 2 tbsp of cashew butter.
    ive really been enjoying the protein and nut breakfast takes a long time for me to get hungry again

    Thanks for reading and have a great Sunday

  19. If you don't have any inflammation issues, then X-Gels/GMS/LCLT would be great
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  20. That's what ive read going to do that exact thing maybe add some at2 and a topical from evo muse to shrink my gut from when I weighted 391 still sticks out there quite a bit

  21. Squat day tomorrow 5-3-1 cant wait to get some vids up

    Slow cooking 5 lbs of chicken in meijer orginic garlic salsa for work this week and going to cook some sweet potato puffs for a preworkout carb

    Doing some rolling and mashing neck and legs they always seem to be tight mainly the inner back part of the thigh and my traps

    That's it just a quick update

  22. Today 9-16 5-3-1 week cycle1
    Weight 231

    Squat 5-3-1
    Preworkout gameday
    Intra bcaa-saa

    5 mins elliptical
    Foam rolling legs and a lot of stretching

    Squat 5-3-1
    Warmup barx5 135x5 155x5 185x3
    Working sets 225x5 255x3 285x1 joker set of 295x1
    no reverse sets down this week

    Video feel free to critique it

    Zercher squat
    135x10x2 155x8x2 175x8

    Hyper extension
    Body weight x15 35lbsx30 45lbs x 10

    Standing cable crunches 90x15x5

    Stair stepper 15 mins

    Foam rolling and stretching
    LaCrosse ball finally bought one

    Was up at 4 am had to take wife to the ER she is ok thou

    Today squats felt great real strong
    Wanted to hit the zerchers so bad I forgot to reverse my squat sets.
    im think i mite do that on all 531 weeks and hit jokers instead and do all accessories heavy too

    Diets been solid at 2850 a day 30% protein 20% carbs mainly pre and post lower on non training days 50% fats

    That's it, thanks for viewing and reading

  23. good work on squats man.

    try to get a bit more arch in your back, looks like your rounding a bit at the bottom.. breath into the balls and hold a nice arch. try to shorten up your walk out to two steps. taking 4-5 steps wastes a lot of energy. try to force the elbows under the bar as well, that will help with your overall back posture, and help you squat more efficiently.

    strong squating though man!

  24. Thanks for the advice thats why i started posting videos I will try to do that.
    normally do tuck my arms more not sure why I didnt this time ill make a mental note thou

  25. Tomorrow bench press!! looking forward to it hope I can keep the motivation I had today diet was perfect so im going to eat very close to what I did today

  26. Today 9-17 5-3-1 week cycle 1

    Current weight 228.7 so 229

    Pre- gameday
    Intra- bcaa\saa

    5 mins treadmill
    Form rolling
    Stretching and rotators

    Bench press
    Warmup barx10 5x75 5x95 3x35
    Working sets 145x5 165x3 185x5 jokers 195x1 205x1 215x1 225xfail

    Incline db press

    Pendlay row
    115x10x2 145x10x3 over and underhand

    Overhead cable extensions
    65x10 105x10 135x8 120x10x3

    80 overhand 80 underhand pullaparts

    Hiit cardio arc trainer 20 mins 30sec on 30 off

    Workout was great till I crushed myself on the 225 lol
    O well,
    diet is doing good seems to be working

    That all I got thanks for reading

  27. Hows the routine and accessory work looking to you guys? Pretty solid I hope,
    Ive always had trouble moving up in accessory weight cause I never really kept track this log should help with that.

  28. Squats look pretty good man. Nice form. Only thing I could even think of was try to keep your elbows a little more vertical. This helps power out of the hole and in the battle of staying upright.

    Accessory work looks pretty good.

    How'd the 225 feel to you? Was it a pancaked attempt? Was it moving until a sticking point?
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    "Jackie Treehorn treats objects like woman man."

  29. Stuck about halfway up think I could have got it but wasn't very explosive up and dont think I had any leg drive still trying to master that, not trying to make excuses just seemed that way to me

  30. Good bench work man. It's hard to say what's gonna stick you half way up. That's pretty much where I get stuck too. It's usually from me over tucking I think, but who knows.


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