Road to Pro: Andrew Pardue's Journey to Becoming a Natural

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  1. Definitely!!! I loved the program and definitely plan on doing it again. The amount of times per week I was able to hit each muscle group and still feel recovered and ready to rock through the program was great. I think it's very important to use a variety of rep ranges consistently so this program really addresses that and is a great balance.
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  2. So I've been away from this forum for WAY too long To be honest, school and life just got hectic and I had to cut down on some of my social media for a while. Plus I've been doing some cool stuff with Top Supplements Online that's taken up some time as well.

    As for my progress, I FINALLYYYY got my MRI and results back and I don't have e tear in my hip labrum like we initially thought! I got lucky and just have to do some rehab and ease my way into squats again. It's so relieving to know I don't need surgery.

    As for rehabbing my hip, for now I have put box squats as my primary movement. These have been great to allow me to get back into squatting and get my motor development back. I plan to stick with these a little while and after each leg day, slowly easing into some light squats so I can keep tweaking my form and let my hips catch up in strength.

    I finally got to switch into a new program which I'm now doing the PHAT program made famous by Layne Norton. Only 1 day in but as it progresses I plan to keep you all updated on how it goes.

    Last but not least, I'm in the works of finalizing a huge discount code for Top Supplements Online! I'm doing my best to get the absolute best discount code possible so as soon as I can share that with you guys I'll definitely post it on here!I also plan on being a lot more consistent on here so I can finally interact more with all you!
    Top Supplements Online sponsored athlete/writer.
    ACE Personal Trainer
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