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  1. Cycle 5 week 1 Day D

    banded shoulder routine

    OH press
    Warm-ups - barx8 95x2x5
    work sets - 125x5 135x5 140x8 (PR)

    close grip bench press
    135x2x8 185x5,4 135x8

    seated DB OH press

    pull ups
    3x8, 6 (very wide grip)

    8,8 6 (narrow grip pull ups)

    face pulls with band

    EZ bar curl

    Good quick workout today.. accidentally skipped my cool down sets of OH press so i threw in some DB press. 185 felt heavy on close grips, hit a variety of pull ups and chin ups. My 3rd time hitting 140 since starting 5/3/1, max on that weight went from 5 to 7 and now to 8. Last rep was a struggle, weight got stuck about 3/4 of the way up, had to get a little lean back and push it up.

  2. Hey capo just want to thank you for the grip vid was very helpful to me

  3. You're welcome man! I'm happy that it helped you.

  4. today should of been 3s squat day.. but the rack was taken, and i had to get in and out so i benched.

    cycle 5 week 2 day B

    lax ball

    bench press
    warm-ups - barx8 95x5 135x5
    work sets - 175x3 190x3 210x7 (PR) 185x3x3

    db bench
    50x3x12 60x2x10

    pendlay row
    135x8 185x6 195x3x6

    banded face pulls and push downs 3x20 each

    band pull-a-parts 60 reps

    Good lift, kinda messed up the weight though. 210 was supposed to be next week, i was supposed to hit 200 this week.. figure I'll just switch those around and hit 200 next week. thats a calc 1rm pr, up to 258. used my EliteFTS 60 cm wrist wraps today.. those damn things are nice, keeps everything in place but no cut off your circulation tight lol. bands are good quality too used em for my band work.

  5. My Adidas should be at my house when I get home from work today. So ill end up trying em out tonight for squats.

  6. Cycle 5 week 2 day A

    Lax ball

    Warm-ups - barx8 135x5 185x3
    Work sets - 235x3 250x3 265x4

    135x6 185x3x6 205x5

    Leg press
    2pps x10 3pps x 2x10 4ppsx2x10

    Walking lunges & split squats

    Not a great workout today. Gonna take a while to get used to squating in shoes again. Walking out and getting my feet where they needed to be was difficult, probably shouldn't have went ahead so fast with the shoes. Ill get some more work on front squats in a few days.

  7. Not all squat days are great for a lot of us. Part of what is great about the program is you did another rep than what was called for on a bad day. Get used to the shoe a little and have one of them great days maybe it is 3 or 4 more. If you are iffy next time take a video and Maybe we can all help out.
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  8. Thanks a lot man. Yeah I'll get some video next week hopefully.. Gym was just kinda packed tonight so couldn't really find a decent place to set my phone.

    I did 3x3 at 205 after my work sets, which felt pretty good. Nice quick reps. I was more upright today, that's a positive.

  9. Definitely. Working on form is a constant for all of us. An improvement is a win IMO
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    "Jackie Treehorn treats objects like woman man."

  10. Cycle 5 week 2 day D

    lax ball
    foam roll
    band pull-a-parts

    OH press
    warm-ups - barx12 95x5 115x3
    work sets - 135x3 140x3 150x6 (PR) 135x3 115x2x3

    CGBP super set with Chin-ups (8 rep sets)
    135x8 155x8 175x8 195x6,5

    light band face pulls

    light band pushdowns

    band pull-a-parts
    40 reps

    Great workout today. been a pretty good cycle for my OH press so far, new rep pr on 150 old pr was 5 reps, new calc 1 rm of 179. 195 on close grips is probably an all time PR, I've never really went heavy with those before, just felt good in the gym today.. found my old iPhone 3gs the other day which has hardcore rock music (devil wears prada, august burns red, etc) on it lol, it makes a difference i swear. wore my adidas today, felt real good in em. Ill wear those during most of my workouts to just get used to the way the shoe feels, I don't think its gonna hurt me at all performance wise.

  11. Cycle 5 week 2 day C

    lax ball
    foam roll
    full cleans (5x135)

    warm-ups - 135x5 185x5 225x5
    work sets - 290x3 310x3 330x8 (pr) 275x3x3

    front squats
    135x8 155x8 175x8 195x6 205x4 (195x6) (205x4)

    standing band crunch - 2x50
    super set with
    DB curl - 30x2x10

    cable pull throughs

    Great workout today. Everything felt pretty solid. Oly shoes felt great on deads and front squats. walk out and set up on front squats was nice and smooth, hopefully that will carry over to competition squats next week. deadlift rep record on 330 up to 8 from previous 7 reps.. first time I've ever done pull throughs, something i may toss in here and there when i have the time..

  12. Cycle 5 week 3 day B

    banded shoulder routine
    standing cleans
    band pull-a-parts

    bench press
    warm-ups - barx8 95x8 135x5
    work sets - 165x5 185x3 200x3
    225x1 -
    235x1 -

    db bench press

    pendlay rows
    135x8 185x8,8,6,8 (3rd set)

    band face pulls ss with band pushdowns
    4x15 (60 total reps each)

    band pull-a-parts
    50 total reps

    great work out today. 225 was pretty easy on bench, my set up at first was way in front of the bar and i couldn't unrack it, so i moved back on the bench and hit it pretty easy. 235 wasn't bad either, kinda difficult to unrack, took a second to set it, got a good tuck and it went pretty quick back up. pendlays went good, on my video I'm not in great position, my butt needed to be a bit lower, the rest of the sets i got there though. pretty fun workout really, it always feels good to surpass your goals..

    weight this morning 194.6.

  13. Nice lifting bud. Yea I saw that 235 unrack .. But u pushed it up pretty smooth tho good job man. Making great progress

  14. Awesome work, sucks going heavy without a handoff but you nailed it man
    Training Log
    "Jackie Treehorn treats objects like woman man."

  15. Yeah it sucked.. No unrack for me is better then a bad one though. I got more weight in me, I'll jus need some help getting it off the uprights. Probably have one of my buddies come next time I do singles.

  16. Nice progress!

  17. Nice work man. OHP is looking strong.

  18. Thanks guys! I want to hit a body wright overhead press at some point.. It's moving up nicely. I'm getting nice strength gains, feels good. ArA seems to be working, I'm about half way through my 50 day cycle at this point.

  19. That's awesome, I've been tempted to try it but I am inflammation prone and have problems already I don't want to exacerbate. I might have been able to BW press a while back, but since I quit doing them IDK. I am weak at them now, but my bench has increased.

  20. Yeah the past couple months have been my first actually working the OHP heavy at all.. I feel if the standing press increases the bench press should as well. ArA definitely bugs the joints a little bit.. Not horrible but I could see it being a problem for someone with pre existing issues.

  21. Cycle 5 week 3 day A

    foam rolling
    lax ball

    warm-ups - barx10 135x6 185x5
    work sets - 220x5, 250x3 275x3
    joker 295x1

    135x8 185x6 205x3x6 (last set)

    leg press
    wide base - 2ppsx12 3ppsx10 4ppsx8
    narrow base - 3ppsx2x12

    2 sets of bw walking lunges

    Good workout today, after a couple bad squat days I guess I was due for a good one haha. Hit 295, pretty happy with that after hitting 275x3, feel like I'm back to being able to squat in the low 3s, probably go for 3 plates in a few weeks.. For whatever reason my 275 vid won't upload. probably need a bit more knee bend on those RDLs I was pretty tired by that last set though.. first couple sets felt and probably looked better. shoes felt real good today on squats.

  22. Cycle 5 week 3 day D

    Banded shoulder routine
    Hang cleans/ hang snatches (95lb)

    Warm-ups - 95x2x5
    Work sets - 120x5 140x3 160x3

    Close grip BP superset with chins
    135x2x12 185x2x6 135x10 / 5x8

    Band push downs superset with pull ups
    3x12 / 3x6

    L raises 10x2x12

    Great workout today. Felt real strong in the gym. Week 6 of ArA and it's definitely kicked in! Hit 3 real strict reps on 160.. Probably could of hit one or two more. A good volume of pressing and vertical pulling! Gonna deadlift Saturday, then do a short deload week.

  23. Cycle 5 week 3 day C

    lax ball
    foam roll

    warm-ups - 135x5 225x5
    work sets - 275x5 305x3 345x3
    jokers - 385x1 405x0 (385x1)

    front squats
    135x2x6 185x2x6 185x3 (4 sec pauses)

    avg band pull throughs

    KB swings

    Today didn't go as planned.. Got stuck at home laying around for too long waiting for the street to be plowed.. Finallly got moving about 2 pm, felt pretty damn stiff but whatever.. 345 was slow, 385 slower, and 405 got stuck 2 inches off the ground. I'm gonna just take this one in stride and say it wasn't my day. 385 is a pr since I've started back up. Really wanted 4 plates though.. Front squats felt extra heavy.. finished with some light work for the hams and just did KB swings for a little conditioning i guess... pretty useless but whatever. hit 295/235/385 this week for a total of 915lbs.. my goal is 1000 lbs the best way for me to get there is probably 335/250/425. going to do this deload week, hopefully come back refreshed and ready to lift some real weight.

  24. Nice work guy. Congrats on the pr. But 405 will come man. ur making great progress

  25. I bet u get it next cycle man mite have just been an off day u sau everything felt heavy, maybe the 6" of snow depressed u lol

  26. Thanks guys! Yeah I plan to pull it here soon, hopefully next cycle. Yeah I hate the snow, would love to move south and not deal with it..

  27. So everyone else is doing a meet when is going to be yours

  28. Good question haha. Sometime next year.. Theres a yearly meet that's pretty close to me that I think is in April. Think it's a USAPL meet. If not that ill find something else. Seems like Ohio constantly has meets I just want something close to Cleveland.


    For the both of ya. Sorry if you already knew about it. They display meet schedules per state
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  30. If u find one I mite head up there and check it out probably never do one thou very self-conscious (spelling) would be cool to see how its done irl


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