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  1. Great ideas guys. Yeah I just want steady progression really, I don't want to get ahead of myself. This year I was happy to just get on a good program and really learn proper form and technique, as you said country the weight will come over time. I always keep my rep records I got an ever growing excel file with all my amrap sets laid out. I'm gonna use 295/235/385 as my year end numbers and just try to progress from there.

    Cycle 6 week 2 day D

    Lax ball
    Banded shoulder work

    Over head press
    Warm-ups - barx8 95x6 115x3
    Work sets - 135x3 145x3 155x5 (PR) 135x3x3

    Close grip bench press

    Pull ups


    Avg band super set
    Push downs - 3x15
    Face pulls - 3x15

    Super set
    DB curls - 25x2x15
    Band pull a parts - 2x45 (15 reps 3 diff ways)

    Good workout to end the year on. Over heads felt heavy till I got 155 on the bar, rep pr today up to 5 reps from 3. Calc 1rm up to 180 lb! Felt pretty darn good today. One guy in the gym asked if I was a bodybuilder lol.. I guess I need to eat more haha.

  2. Doing good capo keep it up

  3. Thank you sir! You're doing great your self! Have a good new year!

  4. Capo is parallel and a little wider stance good on front squat?

  5. Good work on the squats capo

  6. Congrats on the PRs!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by capo180 View Post
    Just got done hammering the back and ribs with a lax ball, and doing some shoulder mobility work. see if that helps with my OHP tomorrow. Nice and simple.
    Good find, man.
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  8. Nice job man. Squats lookin good brother!

  9. Thanks everyone! I've been working on my mobility a lot, I think its beginning to help me with my squats. Will continue working on it though, especially the hips, and probably do a little shoulder mobility the day before benching/ OHP, just to see if that will help me get in better position.

    And for front squats, I'm not very wide at all, shoulder width or so, and I try to take em pretty deep therefore, i keep em pretty light most of the time. Everyone is different though.


    interesting concept.

    time to get to the gym and hit some deadlifts.

  11. Good vid, I haven't watched that one before. I'll keep it in I d today
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  12. Yeah i walk a lot of stairs at work, so sometimes my knees can get pretty cranky.

    cycle 6 week 2 day C

    lax ball
    hip mobility
    general stretching

    warm-ups - 135x8 225x5 275x3
    work sets - 300x3 315x3 335x7 (PR)

    front squats

    Not a very good lift today, basically got my PR and just about left. Said whatever and hit some light front squats.. deads were pure back, pretty ugly reps to hit my PR. New Years eve festivities probably didn't help my performace at all today, didn't eat much yesterday cause my stomach felt like sh!t. i don't really drink much or drink often (maybe once a month at most) but i sure went all out new years. back felt strange on my last set of fronts so i cut em short. taking tomorrow off for sure, maybe even a second day off before starting week 3 with bench. I'll probably drag this week out doing 1 day on 1 day off, until i leave for my trip. I'll be gone for 3 days, and ill bring some bands and stuff to work on mobility and just to keep active, as i wont have a car to go to a gym or anything. I'll jump right into cycle 7 when i get back.

  13. Seven reps on your 3's week is still an awesome day, bud. You're not gonna feel like a million bucks and a pair of titties every time out, that's just the way it goes.
    Training log:

  14. yeah i feel it.. the numbers were good, set a PR. i guess thats what matters at the end of the day. the quality of work just wasn't up to par.. I'll get em next time. probably throwing in some more pause work for 5/3/1 week on squat and bench, Probably try to pull something heavy off a plate too.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by capo180 View Post
    yeah i feel it.. the numbers were good, set a PR. i guess thats what matters at the end of the day. the quality of work just wasn't up to par.. I'll get em next time. probably throwing in some more pause work for 5/3/1 week on squat and bench, Probably try to pull something heavy off a plate too.
    I'm all for the block pulls! Like The Dude said, there's always gonna be days like that.

    You have Beyond 5/3/1 right?
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  16. Yeah i just recently got beyond 5/3/1 a few days ago.. haven't read through it completely though. I've had the original 5/3/1 for a while.

  17. Doing some shoulder mobility work and just getting a nice stretch in tonight.. starting 5/3/1 week with bench press tomorrow.

  18. Cycle 6 week 3 day B

    lax ball (ribs/glutes)
    v sit roll outs
    banded shoulder routine

    bench press
    warm-ups - barx8 95x8 135x5
    work sets - 170x5 190x3 215x5

    jokers - 225x2x2

    DB bench press
    60x4x12 60x15

    135x10 185x3x6 225x4

    super set of
    avg band Vogelphol row- 3x15
    avg band push down - 3x15
    Lilly shrug - 60x3x15

    Great lift today, pretty happy with my bench work. One thing, I wish I could get my shoulders back a bit more.. But when i try to do it with heavy weight i always get out of position when i unrack the bar. I'm getting stronger as-is, but that would help me shorten my range of motion greatly, I can do it in warm-ups but when I start unracking over 200 its pretty difficult. I think with a hand off I'd hit 245 or even better pretty easily, cause my bench stroke would be reduced by a decent amount.

  19. Made it look easy imo nice job surprised u made it to the gym with the snow or are u getting rain?

  20. Thanks man, everything felt light today. But we are getting rain here. It's supposed to freeze over night though, Tuesday the high is forecasted to be 0.

  21. Cycle 6 week 3 day A

    lax ball
    hip mobility

    warm-ups - barx2x5 135x8 185x5
    work sets - 225x5 255x3 285x4 315x1(PR) 225x8 (285x4) (315x1)

    135x10 185x2x10 205x8 225x8

    leg press
    2pps x2x15 3pps x3x12

    super set of
    lunges - bar x3x10
    curls - bar x3x10

    Great workout today. Hit the 4 reps i planned for on 285 pretty easily so I figured I'd get back over 3 plates on squats today. 315 felt pretty heavy on the walkout, but it wasn't too bad really. Depth looked and felt alright to me. RDLs destroy my forearms, my grip kinda limited me there. from there just light easy accessory work. The extra days off after deadlift day helped out today, also I felt like i was sitting a little bit better on my squats.

  22. Nice work brother! 315 was to depth IMO no doubt. Hit that one spot, back PC activated, and killed it. Very nice on the 4 reps too. You had more there. Good work
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  23. SKWAAAT! Nice job.
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  24. 3 wheels!! good job!
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  25. Thanks guys! It was a great workout today, it showed me what a little bit of rest does.. Some former powerlifter/bodybuilder bought the gym i workout at. which is great, hes putting in some new equipment, including a new half rack and some new bars!

  26. Nice work on the 315!

  27. Congrats on the 315!
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  28. Thanks guys! Back in the 300s where i like to be. Now just to keep progressing!

    Cycle 6 week 3 day D

    lax ball
    shoulder mobility
    banded warm up

    Overhead press
    warm-ups - barx2x8 95x8 115x5
    work sets - 130x5 145x3 165x3(PR) 135x6 115x8

    close grip bench press
    135x8,10 155x10 165x10 175x8

    pull ups

    super set of
    chins - 3x8
    band pull a parts - 3x24 (12 over, 12 under)

    face pulls

    DB curl

    Great workout today, hit 3 reps on 165, which was my max when starting 5/3/1. Probably had 1 more in the tank. a pretty good amount of pull ups and chins today, I'm beginning to get better at em. BW this morning was 195.6, fasted.

  29. Yesterday was a rest day.

    Today I'm gonna do hip mobility and set the shoulders.

    Might just hit the treadmill for a little bit.. Haven't done any conditioning in a while.

  30. Cycle 6 week 3 day C

    Lax ball
    Foam roll

    Warm-ups - 135x6 185x5 225x5
    Work sets - 280x5 315x3 355x5
    Deficit deads (standing on a plate) - 315x1 335x1 355x1

    Front squats
    135x5 155x5 185x5 205x5 215x5

    Super set of
    High pulls
    Standing band crunch

    DB farmers carry
    120x2x50 ft

    Good workout today. Pretty much got everything accomplished that I planned too. 355 felt heavy as sh!t, surprised I got 5 reps lol.. 215 is probably about a 5rm for me on front squats. 2 sets of high pulls were clean grip and 2 sets snatch grip, felt good throughout the upper back.

  31. Damn it capo everytime I think I'm catching u, I read your log and fall behind again lol

    Great job today bet them deficits were fun

  32. Thanks man! I've been having good lifts as of late haha. Deficits sure aren't too much fun haha, they force me to get my hips a little lower, which over time could help me off the floor. Just makes something heavy feel a little bit more heavy lol.

  33. Yep that why I started doing them in my warm up that way the big pulls seem less helps get stretched out

  34. interesting point there dura.

    my legs are dead right now. especially the quads.

  35. The DOMs in the upper back are pretty insane this morning.

  36. Went in the gym just stretched out the lower and upper body real good. Hit the area above the knee with the lax ball trying to loosen up the knee a bit. After that just a little walk/jog mixture for about 10 mins on the treadmill.

  37. Out on business for a couple days won't be in a gym till Friday.. Brought some bands with me to stay mobile and semi active haha.

  38. Cycle 7 week 1 day B

    Lax ball (glutes and ribs)
    Foam rolling
    Banded shoulder warm up

    Bench press
    Warm-ups - barx12 95x8 135x5
    Work sets - 175x5 185x5 195x10 (PR) 175x2x8

    Inverted row - 5x10
    Super settled with
    DB bench press 55x10, 4x12

    Vogelphol row - 3x12
    Super set with
    Band push down - 3x12
    Super set with
    Band pull-a-parts - 3x24 (12 over 12 under)

    Band face pull - 2x15
    Super set with
    DB curl - 25x2x12

    Great workout for my first day back. Didn't want to kill my self with weight today so I did a lot of medium weight volume work. Did invert rows instead of pendlays just for something different and not to destroy myself the first day. Nice to be back in the gym, probably will hit my squats tomorrow! 195 rep record from prev 8 to 10!

  39. Awesome session buddy!
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  40. Nice work man. Good session.


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