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  1. 1/23/2013 - Upper Body A - Round 2
    Incline Bench
    135x10, 135x5, *190x18
    Barbell Upright Rows
    45x10, 95x10, *120x11
    Close Grip Incline Bench
    Xtreme Stretch: Dumbbell Pullover Hold
    *100x50 count

    This morning I skipped the auxiliary exercises because time was of the essence. Had to drop off my car at the shop with my wife and 11 month old and then go pick up a rental car all before 7:15am so my wife can get the kid to daycare and herself to work on time. Luckily our daughter went to bed on time last night so momma and daddy were able to get the chores done and lunches made before hitting the hay last night. So all I had to do this morning was get dressed, make breakfast, and help get our daughter ready for the day. It felt really good being able to get all that accomplished and still get the training in. I wish every disaster filled evening ended so smoothly. Oh well, it's been another tough week, but this time it's not so much work as it's been dealing with getting this car fixed. We'll soon have a second car down here though, which will make things much easier. Hopefully in a few months when our lease is up, we'll be able to move down south closer to her job too. We REALLY need to have another hour and a half to two of our life back! We just don't have enough time to get done what we need to/want to right now.

    Bitching aside, it was a great workout! I've got a great comparison as to just how heavy that Smith Machine at our gym is too. First round, I did my inclines on the Smith and I was able to do 185x12. Today I did them free weight and rocked out 190x18! And that's not total rest pause reps, that's a straight set. I couldn't believe it! I definitely need to be upping the weight next round! My right rear delt only gave me guff on the pullups, but I went as wide as the grips would allow this time and a couple reps in it started feeling pretty good. It got sore again towards the end of the set, but I didn't let it hold me back. I'm not quite sure what's up with it, but it's continuing to heal and not giving me any issues otherwise. I'm thinking it may just be pip that hasn't cleared up fully yet, but I'm going to keep an eye out. I'm not sure progress pics will happen tomorrow like I said in my last post, but at the very least they will be put up on Saturday. I think the wifey will appreciate it if I bring the posing trunks along on our ski trip!

    I'm going to be ending the clen soon to let my receptors clear up. I like clen at 4 week increments, and it's coming to an end. I'm beginning to see diminished returns with it, so it's time. May get myself some yohimbine to run in the meantime, but I'm not sure yet. I'm also considering ECA, but since Ephedra effects the beta receptors as well I've always thought it to be a hindrance to receptor recovery. May have to try adding some evening cardio, but I'm not sure how feasible that's going to be. At the very least, the diet is staying locked down tight!

    Tomorrow is Lower Body C - Round 1. Bring on the deads!!!

  2. 190x18 holy crap!
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  3. I know right?! I told the spotter, I'm going for 15. It just started feeling a little hard at 15! Lol! Then metabolic fatigue showed up like a bitch on the rag and I was only able to squeeze out another 3. Definitely time to increase the load.

  4. Here's the last month's progress and today's pics.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by supermanjow View Post

    Here's the last month's progress and today's pics.
    Big progress....shredding up for sure!

  6. Thanks man! Four more months to go!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by supermanjow View Post
    Here's the last month's progress and today's pics.
    Holy shyt dude! You are leaning up nice

  8. Definitely made some good progress! The tips I've been learning from the Mountain Dog Diet site have certainly been helping!

  9. Got a great upper body day in yesterday. And today was legs. I'm on the road, so I gave them a little more of a thrashing.

    Standing Barbell Curls
    45*10, 65*10, rp 100*10,1,1, 45*12
    Standing Calf Raise Machine
    100*10, 150*10, 185*10, rp 210*10,5,4, 105*14
    Good Mornings
    135*10, 185*8, 185*12, 95*12
    Cybex Squat Press
    270*15, 450*15, 630*15, 810*15

    Curl strength is coming up. This was one of the heaviest standing calf raise machines I've ever used. I could tell that I hadn't lifted legs in over 2 weeks with how weak I felt doing good mornings. My back was so pumped after that last set that my first couple sets of squat presses really sucked! I absolutely love the Squat Press machine. I prefer them to a normal leg press anyday.

    Here's a progress pic with some seriously pumped quads.

  10. Another great albeit extended session today. I did upper body today and since I was able to have a longer workout I kept the volume on a bit more of a moderate level. It felt good to push a few more sets for a change. Got a really nice pump and put up some nice numbers as well. Here's my numbers and some pumped pics!

  11. Lookin stacked!
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  12. Thanks bud! Making progress!

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Sean1332 View Post
    Lookin stacked!
    Did you see my numbers for incline bench this time?!

  14. I was dragging butt a bit today. So I didn't get out of bed very quickly nor did I move very quickly in the gym. By the time I was able to get to Squats, I needed to head home. It was still a decent session though. Here's what went down:

  15. New warmup.

    Squatting with zero lower back pain is a beautiful thing! No hyperextending the lower back at the beginning and JD Limber 11 as my warm-up. Got a couple good hip pops on the cosack squats again.

    It feels weird not hyperextending the lower back, but I literally sit into the squat now with zero effort. When I was doing that in the past, "sitting" into the squat would have meant instantly falling on my ass. I didn't video to see if my butt wink is gone, but it's gotta be less of one at least. It's been about 3 months now since I have done any squatting if memory serves, and my form has changed a bit. But I was still able to hit 455 for a single.

    I missed my Squats so much that I'm starting a 531 routine for my comp prep training. Wendler posted a new one on TNation recently. I'm not going to be able to follow all the cycles exactly because I'm pressed for time, but I modified the first round to fit my schedule. Check it out!

    I also maxed on standing presses this morning. Hit 205. Not bad considering that I haven't done a single press in almost 5 months.

  16. Love that warm up. Saw you post up in another log so I searched to find this I'll follow along now.
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  17. Woo! Get it
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  18. Thanks guys! I'm psyched! I'm gonna blow past my previous best of 575 now!

  19. I've got my training maxes figured out now. Pulled 495 for a single this morning. May have been able to go a bit higher, but it was close enough to a true max that I was satisfied. Here's the next five weeks program:

    And its that time of the week. Here's the progress pics:

    If you're thinking my ass looks a little off on the left side, its a little inflamed from yesterday's injection.

  20. Strong single!
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  21. Thanks bud! My legs finished a little before my back again, but it was close. I also went sans wraps and will continue to do so throughout this comp prep. I'd really like to do a PL show this year too, and it would be fun to be sub 200 and moving the kind of weight I'm capable of.

  22. Do it, ma! You've always been strong as ****.
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  23. I'd be lying if I didn't say I was a little surprised I was still at that level of strength already though especially on squats and deadlift. It's a great place to start this new routine at.

  24. Ok. So my refeed day turned into a refeed weekend. I really had fun with it too! Gained 6 pound from Friday to today. I was looking rather full and surprisingly dry though this morning. It's so much fun having my BF lower and then having a full on carb pump like that. This morning I had veins popping that I don't remember ever popping out before like the ones in my shoulders and upper chest. It was pretty easy to see too, because I was wearing a stringer tank.

    This new workout I'm doing is killer. I was so beat by the end of it! It took me 40 minutes to complete. I'm gonna work hard on trying to cut that down just a little. I'm so wiped though that I'm glad to say tomorrow is cardio and mobility only. Today was 531 Squats and 5x5 sub-failure Bench. I have always had an issue with keeping too much cranial pressure on squats so my face get super red. Well, today I also got a bloody nose. So, on my last set I had to work around it. I managed to keep from getting another one as well.

    Old habits are hard to break, especially those involving muscle memory. I had a hard time not sticking my butt out on squats today, and my lower back was starting to get sore on my earlier sets. But I found myself doing another bad habit during them too, not using my glutes to initiate out of the hole. I have a tendency to relax my butt and initiate with my back out of the hole. I realized I was doing this during my second to last set. When I corrected all my reps were pain free once again. So, even though my last set was the heaviest and it was to failure, it was actually the most pain free correct form set of my whole workout. Its gonna take some practice to correct these bad habits, but by golly I'm gonna make it happen!

    Here' s today's workout:

  25. Chris Duffin has a pretty good video on breathing you may check out. Might keep ya from burstin blood vessels.
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  26. Good ****! I'll look it up. One nice thing about practical lessons learned. I may have figured it out on my own. Lol!

  27. Mobility Round number one complete.

    Also, 5 10s stationary bike sprints.

  28. So, I've known for quite a while that periworkout nutrition was important, but I've been neglecting it. After reading up on it more on monday (Maximizing Protein Synthesis (Peri-workout Nutrition), I've decided to change up my diet. Here's what it looks like now:

    Upon Waking:
    25g Protein Shake
    30g Carbs (3/4cp Rice Crispies, 1/3cp Blueberries, 1/4cp milk)

    Lecheek Amino Fusion

    Post Workout
    50g Protein Shake

    Meal 1:
    6 cage free eggs
    1tbsp coconut oil
    1oz mixed nuts
    1/4cp Blueberries
    1 cup raw veggies

    Meal 2:
    6 cage free eggs
    1tbsp coconut oil
    1oz mixed nuts
    1/4cp Blueberries
    1 cup raw veggies

    Meal 3:
    8-10 oz meat
    2 cups cooked veggie

    I'm planning on dropping the carbs from my evening meal since I'm bringing others to the beginning of my day. I may introduce post workout carbs if I find it necessary.

    My workout today was killer! It felt so good doing some heavy deads again and my better form has really increased my speed. I'm also very happy with my grip strength endurance. I think that maxing without straps will be very good for my grip strength and increase my forearm development, which hasn't been bad but is definitely the weaker link in my arms. I was very satisfied with the number of reps I put up on the final set (400x9). That means I've got a long ways to go with this 531 scheme before I start to plateau. I can't wait for Friday. I'm planning to smash some bench and really focus on my squat form with the 75% sets. Here's what went down today:

  29. Great work buddy. I'll be giving those articles a read later on.
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  30. I surprised myself with those deads. I knew back was strong enough, but my grip wasn't even close to calling it quits.


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