My Journey to SUB 4 % BODYFAT

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  1. My Journey to SUB 4 % BODYFAT

    Hello Members. My name is Joe Rich. This is my journey to sub 4 % BodyFat. I will be updating this each and everyday with videos and what I have done in the gym. Right now I am running a Modified Westside Barbell with a lot more Volume. Thanks


  2. Quote Originally Posted by Dirty Dan View Post
    Watched these videos while I was bonding with my bathroom, very entertaining, great job on your physique. Subbed for your journey.
    dirtydan thanks buddy...all mental from this point forward

  3. Did i miss something in the meal vids? Your main source of protein is powders?
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  4. it sure is why?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by JoeRich View Post
    it sure is why?
    Just wondering....
    Nutraceutical Innovations
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by hvactech View Post
    Just wondering....
    Chicken gets old....and they whey I eat tastes so good its like a dessert..

  7. Love the video logs.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by EBF Inc View Post
    Love the video logs.
    thanks that means a lot


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