My Journey to SUB 4 % BODYFAT

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  1. My Journey to SUB 4 % BODYFAT

    Hello Members. My name is Joe Rich. This is my journey to sub 4 % BodyFat. I will be updating this each and everyday with videos and what I have done in the gym. Right now I am running a Modified Westside Barbell with a lot more Volume. Thanks


  2. Quote Originally Posted by Dirty Dan View Post
    Watched these videos while I was bonding with my bathroom, very entertaining, great job on your physique. Subbed for your journey.
    dirtydan thanks buddy...all mental from this point forward

  3. Did i miss something in the meal vids? Your main source of protein is powders?

  4. it sure is why?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by JoeRich View Post
    it sure is why?
    Just wondering....

  6. Quote Originally Posted by hvactech View Post
    Just wondering....
    Chicken gets old....and they whey I eat tastes so good its like a dessert..

  7. Love the video logs.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by EBF Inc View Post
    Love the video logs.
    thanks that means a lot

  9. I find it interesting that Spiderman is wearing a Superman shirt for deadlifts!


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