Recomp + Strength With 5/3/1 and PES, EBF and Finaflex

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  1. Recomp + Strength With 5/3/1 and PES, EBF and Finaflex

    I am starting this log to help keep track of my progress with my (lack of) strength gains and body composition. I am hoping for a bit of a recomp and strength increase. I will be using the wendler 5/3/1 program, but will have to modify it for my lower back injury that I have, and is taking a long time to recover. With the injury I will not be doing squats or Dead lifts. I know this is pretty much half the program but I will try and compensate it with other moves. I will be using the 5/3/1 BBB (big but boring) template, and will look a bit like this. If anyone reads this, please feel free to recommend and suggest ideas or improvements that can be made to this bastardized 5/3/1 template I am doing.

    BB Bench - 5/3/1
    Incline DB - 5 sets x 10 Reps
    Dips - 5 Sets x 10 Reps
    Flies - 2 sets x 10 - 20 Reps
    Tri push Downs 2 sets x 10 - 20 Reps

    Lunges - 5/3/1
    Lunges - 5 x 10
    Glute Ham Raise - 5 x 10
    Leg Extension - 2 x 10-20
    Leg Curls - 2 x 10-20
    Calf Raises - 3 x 10 - 20


    Back / Biceps
    T Bar Row - 5/3/1
    DB Row - 5 x 10
    Lat Pulldown - 5 x 10
    Bicep Curls - 2 x 10 - 20
    Straight Arm Pulldown - 2 x 10 - 20

    OHP 5/3/1
    DB Shoulder Press - 5 x 10
    Lat Rais - 5 x 10
    Face pulls - 2 x 10 - 20
    Shrugs - 3 x 10 - 20

    Along with time in the gym, I am putting in extra effort to keep my diet on track. I will be aiming for about 2400 Cals a day with 40% Protein, 30% Carbs, 30% Fat. So far have been getting close to the macros, although I do find it hard to get all my cals in. Currently weighing in at about 85kg at 182cm tall. For the next 8 weeks I will be using a few supps, some i have used before and liked the results I got and others have heard good things about and decided to try.

    PES Erase and Anabeta
    EBF Recompadrol
    Finaflex DAA
    Modern BCAA

    I will try a get a pic up for a before and after comparison and see if any progress was made with composition.


  2. Started it all this morning, and so far it looks like this.

    Wake up (4:50am) and take pwo, 2 Anabeta, 1 erase, and 3 pure test (DAA), 2 fish oil caps.
    Hit the weights for 5/3/1 chest and tri's
    Post workout (6:30am) - 2 Anabeta, protein shake with oats and 2 hard boiled eggs.

    First real meal 9am 250g of mince Turkey with cherry tomatoes with taco seasoning.

    Lunch will be 200g sliced chicken breast and a couple of carrots.

    Hope to put some before pics up tonight.

  3. Not a bad day, didn't make my calories, but come close. I had 1 cap of recompadrol before dinner. I only had the 1 cap as I have not used recompadrol before and just wanted to see if it would have any effect. I will up the dose to 2 caps tomorrow night. I have decided to only have recompadrol with dinner. Dinner was steak, red capsicum and asparagus...and some greek yogurt to finish it off.

    I have a question with Anabeta...should i have it with my post workout protein shake with oats, or wait untill I have my first real meal? Will take a look in the PES area and se if it has been answered before.

    Below a couple of before pics taken this morning...i have a lot of work to do.

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  4. Day 2 and this morning was legs, and man can I feel it in my quads from lunges and hams and glutes from glute ham raises. Almost ran out of time but managed to fit in calves in before I had to leave for work.

    Chest was a little sore from yesterday, but nothing bad, just a light reminder that it got a good working.

    I had 2 recompadrol before dinner and I will assess how it goes.... So far so good. And have been having my modern bcaa and creatine during training and protein, oats, blueberries, creatine and 2 hard boiled eggs post workout with 2 Anabeta. Erase morning, noon and before bed. Finaflex pure test 3 in the morning and 3 before bed.

    Tomorrow morning will be cardio...might do a bit of LISS or maybe a little HIIT and then some LISS. See how I feel.

  5. You can play around with your AnaBeta doses to see which you like best. I usually save mine for the post-workout meal.

    Either way I am in this for the duration. Let me know if you need any help.
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by bolt10
    You can play around with your AnaBeta doses to see which you like best. I usually save mine for the post-workout meal.

    Either way I am in this for the duration. Let me know if you need any help.
    Cheers bolt, will play around with the doses and see if I notice anything.

  7. Did a bit of light cardio and ab work this morning, and could feel some light DOMS, especially in my calves. Diet is on check so far today, and getting plenty of protein.

  8. Back this morning.

    Tbar row
    27.5kg x 5, 32.5 x 5, 36.25 x 7

    DB row
    30kg x 10, 30 x 10, 30 x 8, 27.5 x 10, 27.5 x 8

    Wide lat pulldown
    5.3 x 10 x 2, 5.3 x 8, 5 x 10 x 2

    DB curls
    10 x 15, 10 x 12

    Straight arm pulldown
    16 x 17, 16 x 15

    Not to bad a day, diet is starting to take effect and can notice some leaning out.

  9. The last couple of days diet has been off a little bit, but overall not to bad. Weekdays are good because I have set routine. Come the weekend the diet can lose track a little, I am aware of this and will keep things in check this weekend.

    This morning was shoulders and calves.

    BB OHP
    35 x 3, 40 x 3, 45 x 6

    DB press
    40 x 10, 10, 8, 8, 8

    Smith Shrugs
    80 x 10, 10, 10, 10, 10

    Lat raises
    7.5 x 17, 7.5 x 15

    Face pulls
    13.5 x 15, 13.5 x 15

    Calve raises
    40 x 20, 80 x 15, 120 x 10, 120 x 10, 80 x 15, 40 x 20
    Super set 20kg OHP
    10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10

    Then some light ab work. I can notice a little leaner and a bit more definition. Good first week with the supps.
    Do have one question, if I eat a lot of carbs with recompadrol what effect does it have? Will it make me have to take a sh!t or does it assist the body in using the carbs? If anyone can answer this it would be good.

  10. It'll assist the body in dispersing the carbs.
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  11. Yeah buddy. 5-3-1. Tear it up.

  12. Chest and Tri's
    BB Bench press
    60 x 5, 70 x 3, 77.5 x 7

    Incline DB press
    30 x 9, 30 x 7, 30 x 7, 27.5 x 8, 27.5 x 6

    BW + 5 x 10 x 2, BW + 5 x 8, BW + 5 x 7, BW x 8

    Pec Dec
    54 x 13, 49.5 x 13

    Tri pushdown
    10 x 15. 10 x 13

    Machine chest press
    35 x 13 x 2

    I will be bumping the weight up for BB bench next week and I started a bit light with my initial 1rm...oh well will learn from it.

    Still taking 2 Anabeta pre training and 2 with my first real meal post workout. Erase is 3 a day and recompadrol with my dinner. Been taking 6 pure test before bed but may go back to splitting the dose.

    Weight seems to be steady but a little leaner...well that's what I think I guess pics next week will tell.

  13. Legs this mornings

    Lunges 5/3/1
    45kg x 5, 55 x 3, 60 x 5

    45 x 10 x 3, 45 x 8, 40 x 10

    35 x 10 x 5

    Leg extension
    54 x 17, 54 x 15

    Leg curls
    4 x 18, 4 x 16

    Missed out on calves as I ran out of time. Wednesday was meant to be a rest day, but might hit back and bi's, and throw is some calve work to.

    Could feel slight soreness from chest workout, and I know I will feel soreness in my legs tomorrow.

  14. Yesterday was back and bi's and it looked something like this.

    T bar row
    30kg x 5, 35 x 3, 37.5 x 7

    DB Row
    30kg x 10 x 3, 30 x 8 x 2

    Wide lat pulldown
    5.6 x 10 x 3, 5.6 x 8, 5.6 x 7 drop 4 x 5

    DB bicep curls
    10 x 16, 10 x 13, 10 x 10
    Super set
    Straight are pushdown
    16 x 20, 16 x 15, 16 x 12

    Today will be rest day ad I feel a little run down. Will be all good to go Friday morning for shoulders.

  15. good work man. how are you liking your modified program? How long have you been on it exactly now?

  16. Quote Originally Posted by CountryLiftin View Post
    good work man. how are you liking your modified program? How long have you been on it exactly now?
    Hey Country,

    Only my third week on this program. I realize some of my 1RM are a bit low, and will catch up with it over the next month or two. I will not do a deload week and bump up my weights and continue on.

  17. I thought you were just starting but didn't have time to check. It's alright to start low, Jim actually says it's better to start low rather than high. You will catch up in no time if you plan on running this any sort of long term. I am on my 6th cycle and love it. You will enjoy it. I didn't do my first deload week either. You will love them after a few cycles though

  18. Shoulders yesterday, I wasn't really feeling it and think I am starting to get a cold. Anyway this is how it went

    BB OHP
    37.5 x 5, 42.5 x 3, 47.5 x 5

    DB shoulder press
    22.5 x 10, 22.5 x 8, 22.5 x 8, 22.5 x 7, 20 x 8

    Smith machine shrugs
    75 x 10 x 5

    Lat raise
    7.5 x 20, 7.5 x 15

    Face pulls
    6 x 15, 6 x 13

    Seated calve raises
    20 x 20, 30 x 15, 40 x 15, 50 x 10 x 2

    I have dropped erase down to 2 a day. No issues with joints but was starting to notice a drop in libido. Two a day seems to be the sweet spot for now.

    No deload week, it will be straight onto the next round of 65%, 75%, 85%.

  19. I have a bloody cold and haven't trained for 3 days. Will try and get to the gym tomorrow morning. Will be hitting chest, and changing a little with the accessories.

  20. Felt like sh!t this morning, but got in to hit chest and tri's.

    BB Bench press
    55kg x 5, 62.5 x 5, 70 x 11

    BBB Bench press
    70 x 9, 70 x 7, 65 x 9, 65 x 7, 60 x 9

    BW + 5 x 10, 9, 7, 7, BW x 9

    Incline DB press
    20 x 10, 20 x 9 (Tri's were smoked)

    Over head tri extension cable
    6 x 16, 6 x 13

    Pec Dec drop set
    54 x 10, 40 x 10, 26 x 10

    Got bugger all sleep last night and could feel it when my alarm went off. See how I feel but legs tomorrow.

  21. Late to the party.....better late than never....

  22. Quote Originally Posted by edje007 View Post
    Late to the party.....better late than never....
    Good to have you here edje, welcome mate.

  23. Legs this morning.
    DB Lunges
    45 x 5, 50 x 5, 55 x 11

    DB Lunges
    50 x 10, 50 x 8, 50 x 8, 50 x 7, 45 x 8

    Glute Ham Bridge
    35 x 10 x 5

    Leg extension
    54 x 17, 54 x 14

    Seated leg curls
    4 x 20, 4 x 15

    Good session could feel it all day.

  24. I tried taking Anabeta before and straight after my training with my pwo shake with oats and blueberries and I think this works better than waiting a few hours to have it with my first meal.
    Erase is at 2 a day as I noticed a slight decrease in libido.
    I will start taking recompadrol with lunch and dinner.
    And still taking pure test at night, but will split it ti 3 am and 3 pm.

  25. Looks solid with that set up.

    I enjoy that feeling when you hammer legs and then are a little wobbly for some time after.
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