New journey powerlifting

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  1. New journey powerlifting

    Ok so I haven't ever done a me in powerlifting. Ive signed up and weighed in first one tomorrow morning. Hopefully I get a lift in all 3, main goal don't bomb out. Will be in San Antonio tx competing raw classic 242's wish me luck cause after this we h e a starting point and nothing but room to grow.

  2. Well powerlifting meet #1 done pretty good beat my goal and went 7/9 on lifts missing my final bench and deadlift. The bench was no good but think I got robbed on the deadlift. As soon as I figure out how I will put video on. Results were


    Took 1st out of lol. But better than that was my total does qualify me for worlds which is in Vegas and any reason to go o Vegas is a good reason.

    I will start updating with my workout as I go and if anyone knows how to upload video from my iPhone to the app let me know.


  3. Chest day

    Wanted to hit a decent chest day rest of week will be very much Deload. Started carb backload today and usually do awful without carbs not so bad today but only day one 9 to go. Anyways only decent day this week today starting with a new program Monday first time I've gone with someone else to set my trainjng up but I am excited about him doing it. Here's today:

    185x12 paused 1st five on chest
    225x10 paused 1st five on chest
    255x8 paused 1st five on chest
    275x5 all paused on chest
    295x3 all paused on chest
    205 3x8

    Tricep push down / calf press / shrug superset x 3

    Decent day I will say after doing the first meet I am hungry to get another in. But have to slow myself down and make some good gains. Also still waiting to see how carb back loading goes.

  4. Deload squat day

    Bar x bunch
    135 x 8
    225 3x8

    Leg press
    400 3x8
    Superset leg curls and decline sit ups
    Superset pull downs and dumbbell curls

    Well day 2 of my carb back loading and day one wasn't bad day two very much starting to feel very lethargic and like crap. I am lucky that i decide to do this during Deload cause it kills my energy only 8 days to go woooooo.

  5. Deload overhead

    Mil press
    45 x lots
    65 x 12
    95 x 8
    115 3x5

    Superset laterals an front raise
    Superset tri ext and shrugs and calves

    Easy 3 of carb back loading and definitely ready for some carbs feeling very tired and run down buy only 7 days to go.........

  6. Off day

    Man no carbs is really sucking as normal sign off with 6 days to go sigh.......


    This was my third deadlift from meet think I got robbed 2 reds.

  8. Well off days were nice just some light sloooooowwwww jogging and my return to carbs yummmmyyyy. Excited about getting back to the weights tomorrow.

  9. Bench day

    135 x 20 something
    185 x 12 paused 1st 5
    225 x 10 paused 1st 5
    275 x 5 all paused
    295 x 3 all paused
    315 x 2 all paused
    325 3x1 all paused

    225. 3x5

    Tri press down 4 x 12

    Well had a short day in the gym kind of winged it de to the person who was suppose to set up the program beer got back to me as of yet. Not too worried he might still think he is a late worker so we will see. Otherwise guess ill get my own going next contest will be sep 15. Always excited to get it going.

  10. Deadlift reps

    135 x 5
    185 x 5
    225 x 5
    275 x 5
    315 x 3
    335 x 8
    4" block pull
    355 x 5
    Olympic stance pause squat
    275 2 x 5
    One leg curl rest pause
    Planks 2 x 1minute

    Well day one of my new program and was humbled by some of the movements. First time ever doing block pulls had to rig it up and just pull off a couple plates will try to make some blocks now. As much as it sucked enjoyed pause squats. My new program has been written out by Corey Hayes I'm very excited to be working with him and hopefully it takes me to new levels.

  11. laterals ss with front raise
    Db curls as with tri shrugs
    Reverse curl ss with calf press

    Ok so after day one of the new program my abs were super sore probably been two years since I had done a plank. So after day one I had to take it easy an realize def need to work my core some. Loving it though.

  12. Bench Max day

    Bar x bunch
    135 x 5
    185 x 5
    225 x 5
    275 x 5
    300 x 5

    Close grip 3 board bench press rest pause
    315 x 5, 3, 3
    Seated overhead press rest pause
    135 x 13, 7, 6
    Pull ups 3x5
    Db rows 100 2x8

    Still adjusting to new program still sore from other days but loving it an hopefully only seeing more and more weight going up In future

  13. Squat speed days

    Bar x warm
    135 x 8
    185 x 6
    225 x 5
    275 7x2
    325 x 2

    Romanian deadlift
    225 2x 12, 10

    Extra wide squat

    275 2x5

    Ab work

    Getting a lot more volume in of actual lift which is very good cause that is my goal right now. I am loving this workout though I am only done with week 1. Also did an work and got a bad ab cramp that it took forever to go away. Grinding away.

  14. Over head press

    Seated overhead press
    Bar x warm up
    95 x 15
    135 x 8
    165 x 8
    185 x 8
    205 x 8

    Db shoulder press
    60 x rest pause 22, 12, 4

    Body weight x rest pause 17, 12, 8

    Neutral grip pull downs
    150 x 22
    180 x 12

    T bar rows on incline
    200 x 3
    135 x 9

    Well I am a lot stronger on seated press than standing. I think that is normal though. Overhead day though a necessity my least borite day. Also sore as hell from squat day on Sunday was going to try and go through with another day tomorrow we will see how legs are suppose to be deads.

  15. Deadlift speed

    135 x 10
    185 x 5
    225 x 3
    275 x 3
    315 x 12x1
    Snatch grip 4" block pull
    225 2x10
    Olympic squats
    315 2x 10, 5
    Single leg curl 60 x rest pause 12, 8, 4
    Plank 3x 1minute

    Easy pull day hoping my pull goes up really think I'm. Capable of a lot more. Legs were still from squat day which is awesome but little work helped loosen them up. Hardest movement of day planks!!!!

  16. Bench reps

    Bar x warm ups
    135 x 12
    185 x 12
    225 x 12
    255 x 13

    225 x rest pause 8, 3, 2

    Db mil press
    75 x rest pause 12, 6, 3

    Close grip pull downs
    180 x 15
    240 x 8
    260 x 6

    Nice easy day on bench press I did throw 315 on afterwards and do a 3 second pause rep just I lift heavy again. This whole rest pause technique makes me realize how quick my stamina leaves me I am only doing a 15 second rest between each set and it ends up killing me.

  17. Squat day

    Bar x warm ups
    135 x 5
    185 x 5
    225 x 5
    275 x 5
    315 x 5
    365 x 5
    385 x 1
    415 x 1
    Arched good mornings
    185 x 15, 8
    Split squats
    225 x 3, 3

    Good squat day first time ever doing split squats and kicked my ass need o go lower weight next time. Day one of week 3 looking forward to seeing what the 3 next weeks are.

  18. Overhead

    Push press
    Bar x warm up
    135 x 5
    185 5x2
    205 5x3
    Db press rest pause
    60 x 21, 12, 7
    Body weight dips
    18, 12, 12
    Neutral grip pulls owns
    180 x 14, 12
    T bar incline rows
    120 x 12, 12

    Good overhead day but every time want to be back on the big 3 lol. t bar incline rows kill my breathing and always have to go lighter not sure if normal or not.

  19. Bench all reps paused on chest

    135 x warm up
    185 x 5
    225 x 3
    275 x 3
    295 x 3
    315 x 1
    325 x 1
    335 x 1
    Dead bench
    225 x 5
    275 x 5
    315 x 1

    Only bench work today felt weak not a good thing. But I know not smart to do right after overhead but sometimes only time to. Better next time ......hopefully.

  20. Deadlift
    135 x 5
    225 x 5
    275 x 5
    315 x 5
    365 x 5
    405 x 2
    455 x 1
    4" block pulls
    385 x 3
    Paused squats
    275 x rest pause 8, 5, 4

    Deadlift felt heavy today really hoping its cause did a lot of volume. This week everything felt heavy take my days off to try and recoup. Got the third week blahs hopefully turns in to improvement.

  21. Well today was kind of like a bodybuilding day.

    Laterals / front raise superset
    Db curls
    Reverse curl / press down superset

    Now a couple days off to refresh and can't wait to see the plan for the next 3 weeks.

  22. Overhead

    Seated mil press
    Bar x warm ups
    95 x 12
    135 x 8
    165 x 6
    185 x 6
    205 x 6

    Db press
    60 x rest pause 25, 13, 10

    Press down
    100 x 16, 16, 12

    Neutral grip pull downs
    180 x 15, 12

    Incline t bar rows
    120 x 15, 12

    Still perplexed by how much stronger my seated overhead is compared to standing. Anyways overhead day done keys get in to some powerlifting for the week woooooo excited.

  23. Deadlift reps

    Bar x warm ups
    135 x 12
    185 x 5
    225 x 5
    275 x 3
    315 x 5
    365 x 5

    4" block pulls
    415 x 4

    Olympic stance pause squats
    275 x 6, 8

    One leg curls
    50 x rest pause 16, 8, 8

    Another make me feel weak night you know that's awesome. Wondering when this program will have me doing heavy singles and doubles.

  24. Bench speed day

    Bar x warm ups
    135 x warm ups
    225 8 sets of 3

    Pause 1 inch off of chest
    225 x 8
    245 x 8
    255 x 8

    Quick day all I had time for but do think I got some quality benching in.


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