LizKing's 5/3/1 Log - reps & supps

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  1. Solid work man. Nice bench numbers.

  2. Getting back in the swing of logging my meals – fell off the wagon for a minute. Left my log sheet at home, so I’ll update specs later. Had a slow start to this mornings OHP session, but managed a decent workout. I feel like I’ve been leaving a few reps on the table here & there, but I’ve also had a lot of random stuff going on – just something to else work on, the mental edge might just be a little dull recently…

    Macros –
    Cal: 2159 P: 187 F: 88 C:120

    Cal: 2828 P: 272 F: 98 C:119

  3. 3's week
    Bench 170x3, 195x3, 215x5 (+2)

    Superset 5x10
    Kroc rows 75lbs
    Bench 120lbs

    Squat 185x3, 210x3, 235x6 (+3)

    Superset 5x10
    Leg curl 80lbs
    Squat 135lbs

  4. Kicking off 5-3-1 week

    OHP (seated) 110x5, 125x3, 140x3 (+2) ...still had some gas in the tank I felt

    Superset 5x10
    Chins 20lbs
    OHP 75lbs

  5. Strong training bro, keep it up.
    Purus Labs Rep

  6. Thanks bro! - much appreciated

    Wednesday's grub:
    Cals: 2804 P: 201 F: 70 C: 215

    I'll post numbers later - Deadlifts were the name of the game this morning. Didn't get the best nights sleep last night, but managed to pull a triple on my 1-set today - felt I should've had more, at least one more... My grip failed, but I also felt like I "let" it fail?... I dunno - giving myself a hard time. This cycle has been a little more testing than the previous ones - I'm blaming the week off I took, combined with summertime diet fails.

    I'm upping my conditioning for the next 8-10 weeks (have a really big performance opportunity coming up in mid-Sept...details later...) - adding in HIIT, along with some ab work & yoga, 2-a-days if necessary or if I'm just feeling it. Also adding in more structured prop-specific practice, leading to more cardio all around.

  7. Wednesday:
    Cal: 2804 P: 201 F: 70 C:215

    Cal: 3419 P: 306 F: 78 C:370

    Cal: 3563 P: 263 F: 59 C:342

    5/3/1 Week -

    OHP – 110x5, 125x3, 140x3 (+2)

    Chins – 20lbs – 5x10
    OHP – 75lbs (50%) – 5x10


    DL – 270x5, 305x3, 340x3 (+2)

    Hanging Leg Raises – 5x10
    DL – 175 (50%) – 5x10


    Bench – 180x5, 205x3, 230x4 (+3)

    Kroc Rows – 75bs – 5x10
    Bench – 120lbs – 5x10


    Squat – 200x5, 225x3, 250x4 (+3)

    Lying Leg Curls – 80lbs – 5x10
    Squat A2G – 135lbs – 5x10

  8. Had a great 5/3/1 week – it started feeling a little off, but by the end I felt myself undoing some of the mental roadblocks of the previous weeks. Now it’s time for a deload… Last deload ended up being a straight up vacation away, this time I’m keeping with the program. Lately I’ve been adding a 2nd short session of conditioning, abs, &/or yoga. I’ll be focusing a bit more on mobility/flexibility & conditioning over the next few weeks, as it looks like I may be doing a little traveling for a few performances in September - waiting for a couple more details to come thru before I spill the beans though…

  9. Alright, back from a deload with a new update for y’all. Kicking off a fresh cycle – 5’s week – Max OHP bumps up to 165, training 1RM at 148.5 (once again, these are seated, no backrest – ceiling height won’t allow for standing)

    OHP working sets: 100x5, 115x5, 130x8*
    Superset 5 sets of 10
    Chins 25lbs
    OHP 75lbs

    My last 5’s set, had a bit of grip trouble. Hands kept sliding outward on the bar, forcing me to do a quick touch & go rerack to catch a grip adjustment after my 5th rep.

    On a related note sweating like a beast lately from that HyperT2. D-Test seems ok, only a week or so left, just bulk DAA it would seem (D-pol is way nicer on the ol’ belly). Nolvadren XT is definitely showing a bit of drying out – keeping it at half dose (1 cap), 2 caps can be a bit much & 1 seems a-ok & will cover me for the DAA I have left.

    I’ve been bumping up the conditioning, ab training, & yoga recently. Conditioning is a mix of HIIT & LISS as I have time & patience for. Abs have been weighted sit-ups on a slant board, roll-outs, standing cable crunches, & DB side bends. Some days I’ll add on to the end of my weight training, drop a second session later in the day, or both.

    Recovery is staying up to pace. Keeping cals in the 3k range, protein around 200g, fats on average have been around 100 most days, with carbs @300. Weight is consistently in the 179-182 range. I’m most likely getting a few too many cals from alcohol, but the wife’s a schoolteacher, so for summer break is the time she’s relaxed & wanting to go out & do things, so when in Rome…. She’s back to work now, luckily, so my sleep patterns can get more regular.

    I’ve basically been keeping a slow but steady recomp going for some time now. I have yet to knock the last bits of ab fat out, but I have continued to trim up along with put on a little muscle here & there, especially my back – weighted chins one day & deadlifts the next put the hurt on me like nothing else….

  10. Nice bro. I had to cut out a bit of OHP work because of my back but I am feeling better and have been slowly working back into it. Your doing well.

  11. Whew! Big week – lots of stuff at work & home… Sorry for my lack of updates! The biggest week for the company I work for is coming up next week, so my desk has been flooded with work… I did manage to get some lifting in. Last night’s OHP session for 3’s week was awesome! I think this was the first time I’ve more than doubled to reps for my last set – hitting 7 @135 – Everything felt good .

    DL – 240x5, 275x5, 310x8 (+3)

    Superset 5 sets of 10
    Hanging Leg Raises – 5x10
    DL – 185 (50%) – 5x10


    Bench – 160x5, 185x5, 210x7 (+2)

    Superset 5 sets of 10
    Kroc Rows – 80bs – 5x10
    Bench – 120lbs – 5x10


    Squat – 180x5, 205x5, 230x8 (+3)

    Superset 5 sets of 10
    Lying Leg Curls – 90lbs – 5x10
    Squat A2G – 135lbs – 5x10


    OHP working sets: 105x3, 120x3, 135x7 (+4!)

    Superset 5 sets of 10
    Chins 25lbs
    OHP 75lbs

    I’ll be jumping off this log for a minute to run a FinaFlex sponsored log of G8 & BCAA/SAA – Please join me!

    Recovery - the FinalFlex way

  12. Nice work man. Glad to see you're keeping up. Ill check your other log out as well

  13. Thanks man!!! I'll pick back up in here once the other log runs out -


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