13 Weeks to RPS Rawdawg Nats: Herder's PUUUGHE Comeback

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by aceroni View Post
    Awesome work herder.

    as far as leg curls, I like to do them before I squat. You should try it, it feels amazing
    The hell man, you some sorta demon-lifter?
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by CountryLiftin View Post

    The hell man, you some sorta demon-lifter?
    It sounds crazy but I feel much more stable while I'm squatting after some hamstring curls. nothing crazy, just a few (3-4) sets to get blood flowing, pump the hamstrings, and warmup the knees.

    Try it. you'll like it.

  3. As a warm up I totally see it. haha.
    Log: http://anabolicminds.com/forum/workout-logs/226478-country-gets-huge.html#post3905023

  4. I'll be giving those a try, ace.
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  5. Brainstorm Alert:
    So as we all know, my goal is 1485 @ 220 on June 7th.

    First off, I need to weigh less than 238 by June 1 if I want to have a squat that's going to give me a 1485 total. Unless I find someone that can give me an IV and I do a better job of replenishing in my 24hrs. Training at 240 and competing at 230 es no bueno. I plan on getting IVs and doing a better job of replenishing and resting no matter how much I have to cut. So that means I will be dieting as soon as I'm finished with PCT. Somewhat dieting. Mostly cleaning up my diet and not eating like a fcking pig.

    Secondly, I'd like to have some new PRs going into my Cube cycle that will begin the week of March 31. I feel 100% certain I can hit a 550 wrapped squat pretty much any day my legs don't feel like ballz, so expect to see me gun for a 545 and then whatever else I feel I can grab up on Sunday. As for the other two, I feel I've milked my bench for all it has in terms of PRs, getting 340x3, 350x2, and 365x1 in the past month and a half. It's time to reset and get back to building that. Deadlifts, if I'm not on a competition bar, there's no way I'm pulling 550. Hell, the stars aligned for 550 on a comp bar to begin with. That will also get a reset.

    March 30 is the big push/pull in Da Burgh that has nice competition equipment. I'll be recycling everything so as to peak for March 30 and set some bench (with sleeves) and deadlift PRs. Squats I'll train without wraps for as much as possible, then go out and hit a biggun in wraps the Friday before the meet. Then I will have exactly ten weeks to run another Cube cycle and bring everything together for a big 1485 day out in Columbus on the 7th.

    I will copy and paste this post and make it the first post of my new log, be on the lookout for it, and join me over there.
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  6. Looking forward to it buddy
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