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  1. 7/17/13 food log

    5:30am: PB&J
    9am: 1 scoop whey
    12pm: chicken parm hero
    3pm: 1 scoop whey
    7pm: chobani greek yogurt, 1 scoop whey
    9pm: plate full of veggies and can of tuna

  2. 7/17/13 workout log

    Single arm DB flat bench 50x10 (followed by 10 double arm Db flat 50x10)
    65x10 (followed by 10 double arm Db flat 65x5)
    70x10 (followed by 10 double arm Db flat 70x5)

    DB flies 3 sets 30x15

    20 min on elliptical

    Tricep pushdowns 50x20, 95x15, 95x15

    Chest pushdowns (on fly machine) 50x15, 50x15, 50x10, 30x10

    Single arm seated shoulder press 50x15, 50x15, 50x15

    Incline DB bench press 70x10, 70x10, 50x10

  3. 7/19/13 workout log

    10min elliptical
    60lb wood chops 10x3
    kneeling cable crunches 70x10x3
    200lb farmer walks (from loaded free weights, around pulley machine and back... not sure the actual distance)
    10lb reverse cable flies 10x3
    190lb leg kick backs 10x3
    walking lunges 50lb DB each hand 10x4 (5 reps per set per leg)
    10min treadmill
    seated calf raises 180x15, 90x25, 90x25
    20min treadmill

  4. 7/23/13 workout log

    Bent over DB row 100x12, 100x10, 100x10, 100x10
    Upright row (EZ curl bar) 70x10 x3
    Lat pull down 85x10, 140x10, 200x7
    Seated cable row 220x8, 180x10, 180x10, 140x10
    Preacher curls (plate loaded machine) 70x10 x3
    Standing high row with twist 42.5x10, 50x10, 57.5x10, 60x10
    Body weight inverted row 3 sets of 10
    20min on treadmill, (1mile in 11min then cool down walk)

  5. 7/25/13 workout log

    Leg press 360x15, 540x10, 600x10, 600x10

    Calf raises (v-squat machine) 180x10x4

    ATG Squat 135x10, 225x8, 225x7, 225x5, 135x10

    Iso lateral shoulder press (machine) 90x20, 180x15, 180x10

    Seated lateral raises 12.5x10x4

    Front raises 30x5, 20x8, 20x10

    15min on elliptical

  6. 7/27/13 workout log

    20min elliptical

    Chest press machine 90x15, 180x10x3

    Chest flies (cable pulley machine) 30x10x3

    Ab machine 160x36 (12 left side, 12 right side, 12 middle)

    Tricep press down 210x20x3

    DB bench press 80x12, 80x9, 80x6, 50x15

    Ab crunch machine 80x36 (12 left, 12 right, 12 middle)

  7. 7/28/13 workout log

    30min Elliptical (HIIT)

    Seated calf raises 180x20x3

    20 push ups
    15 dips
    6 pull ups
    6 chin ups

  8. 7/29/13 workout log

    10min elliptical
    Dead lifts 225x12, 225x12, 245x7, 135x10

    Seated leg curls 200x10, 200x10, 180x10, 160x10

    Walking lunges (50lbs DB per hand) 10x4

    Lying leg curls 100x10, 100x10, 80x10

  9. Latest progress pics

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    Follow me on my log to life and lift:

  10. Took some measurements for S&G's the other day, not sure how accurate they are but I figure its a baseline.

    17" bicep
    17" calf
    17" neck
    46" chest
    27" thigh
    38" waist
    13" forearm

  11. 7/30/13 WORKOUT LOG

    15min Elliptical

    20 push ups
    15 dips
    6 pull ups
    6 chin ups

    2mile walk

  12. 8/01/13 workout log

    DB bent over row 100x12x4
    Iso Lateral Low row machine 250x10x4
    Lat pull down 140x20x4 (10 normal grip, 10 reverse grip)
    seated row (machine) 115x21x4 (alternating grip 7 reps each... Palms down, palms facing in, palms up)
    25min elliptical

  13. 8/03/13 workout log

    DB flies 25x15, 45x12, 45x12, 45x10
    BB flat bench 205x10, 205x10, 185x10, 185x10
    Seated DB Skull crushers 100x15x3
    Standing press (smith machine) 90x10x3
    Pulley front raise 10x10x3 per arm
    Face Pulls 25x10, 50x10, 50x10
    Reverse flies 130x10, 130x10, 70x10
    DB lateral raises 10x10x3

  14. 8/06/13 workout log

    ATG squat 225x10x4 (some reps were more ATG than others but still got done)
    Leg extensions 205x15x4
    Standing DB calf raises 200x15x2, 200x20x2 (100lb DB per arm)
    Leg press 450x10x2, 540x10x2 (each set followed by 15 calf presses)
    Seated calf raises 90x15, 140x15x3
    Overhead BB decline situp 40x13, 40x11, 40x10

  15. 8/8/13 workout log

    BB Bent over row 135x12, 155x10, 185x10, 185x10
    Standing single arm high row 70x10, 60x10x3 per arm
    Seated cable row 140x10x4
    Single arm seated lat pull down 70x10x4
    20min elliptical

  16. 8/10/13 workout log

    BB flat bench 135x15, 225x10, 225x8, 205x12
    Decline bench (smith machine) 90x12, 180x8, 160x10, 160x10
    Cable upright row 65x10x4
    Cable tricep push down 65x10x4
    Seated lateral raise (machine) 110x10x3, 100x15
    Shoulder press (machine) 110x12x4
    Cable chest fly 60x10x3, 70x10
    EZ curl bar standing curls 40x10x4 (40+ weight of the bar not sure what it weighs)

  17. 8/12/13 workout log

    Db walking lunges 70x16x4 (70 per arm, 140 total)
    Dead lifts 135x10, 185x8, 185x10
    Good mornings 75x10x4
    Lying leg curl 110x10x4
    Side bends 50x10x3 per side
    Behind the back forearm curls 135x10x4
    Close in push ups (done off of a standing DB) 10x3
    Seated leg curls 190x8, 150x10x3
    Seated calf extension 210x15x4

  18. 8/17/13 workout log

    No I didn't skip workout days but I didn't log them since it was just running, push ups, pull ups, etc... I did log this day though since I decided to mess around with an all body workout.

    DB bench press 70x20
    DB curls 30x10, 22.5x10 (per arm)
    DB bent over row 75x20 (per arm)
    Pulley tricep kick back 20x20 (per arm)
    V-squat 360x20
    V-squat calf raise 270x20
    Lateral raises (machine) 150x20
    Cable wood chop 42.5x20 (per side)
    Lying leg curl 95x20

  19. 8/18/13 workout log

    Seated cable row 140x20
    Overhead tricep extension 50x20
    Cable chest flies 70x20
    Cable curls 50x20
    Overhead shoulder press 140x20
    Ab crunch 80x20 (left, center and right)

  20. 8/20/13 workout log

    Iso high row (super set with tricep push down) 180x20, 270x10x2, 180x15
    Tricep push down 50x20x4

    Bent over BB row 155x10x4
    Upright row BB 70x12x4
    Seated cable row 60x10x4 (per arm)
    10min on treadmill

  21. 8/27/13 WORKOUT LOG

    BB Bench press 135x15, 225x10, 225x9, 225x6, 135x10 (superset with preacher curls)
    Preacher curl (machine) 45x15, 60x15, 70x12, 70x10

    DB Incline bench 60x12x3, 60x10 (60lb DB per hand)
    BB Front raises 40x10, 30x10x2
    Lateral raises (machine) 100x10x3
    DB Decline Bench 60x15x3 (60lb DB per hand)
    Overhead BB Decline sit-ups 50x10x3 (each set followed by 10 body weight reps)
    Reverse flies (machine) 100x15x3
    Follow me on my log to life and lift:

  22. 8/22/13 workout log

    V-squats 180x20, 270x20 (warm up to regular squats)
    ATG Squat 225x10, 275x10, 195x15
    Db flat bench 100x10x3
    Walking lunges 120x10x3, 120x8
    Chest fly (machine) 220x12x2, 190x10
    Deadlift 185x10x3
    Incline press (on pulley machine) 35x15, 42.5x12x2

  23. 8/27/13 Workout log

    Bench press 135x15, 225x10, 225x9, 225x6, 125x10
    Preacher curl (machine) 45x15, 60x15, 70x12, 70x10

    Incline bench 60x12x3, 60x10
    Front raises 40x10, 30x10x2
    Lateral raises (machine) 100x10x3
    Decline DB bench 60x15x3
    Overhead BB decline situps 50x10x3 each set followed by 10 body weight reps
    reverse flies (machine) 100x15x3

  24. 8/29/13 workout log

    Deads 225x10x4
    Seated leg curls 200x10, 170x10, 160x10
    Tricep press down machine 215x15x3
    Good mornings 95x10x3
    Lying leg curls 115x10x3

  25. 9/01/13 workout log

    Bent over row pulley 50x10x2, 65x10x2
    Tricep kick back 15x10x2, 20x10x2
    Upright row (smith machine) 60x10, 50x10x3
    Standing BB bent over row 135x10, 155x10x2
    ISO high row machine 180x12, 230x10x3
    Concentration curls 35x8, 30x8x2
    Wrist rolls 10lb 2 sets overhand and 2 sets underhand
    seated row machine 100x21x3 (7 overhand, 7 underhand, 7 palms facing in)


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