Country Gets HUGE with 5-3-1, Erase and DAA.

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  1. I love when some jackwagon who is a personal training at some ***** gym tries to crique something I say on facebook. I said something about how abs are made in the kitchen, but men are made in the gym from hard work etc.... Basically just saying you can eat perfectly clean and be a skinny ***** and think you have abs, but real men eat clean AND work hard at the gym, educate themselves, and train hard/smart.

    This guy thinks it's his job to play "dad" and tell me about how important diet is. Then I told him he shouldn't assume I don't think diet isn't important, that it is just as important as training and you can't have one without the other. I understand x y and z and go to school for health science so I know this stuff. Okay that should be all said and done right?

    No he comes back with "I hope your training isn't from mens health and is from a peered reviewed journals from the worlds leading organizations...

    He also tried to tell me earlier about how bodybuildiers have to keep their macros to a T and are only so big through good diet. Which is obvious... I told him I wish I could eat like brandon lilly and train like him too, and that I know a bodybuilders diet is much more complex than a PL'ers...

    People are stupid.

    Going to the gym, will kill it and report back later. Maybe I will actually log my full workout instead of being lazy like usual.

    End rant.

  2. Nice workout. I need to avoid people who workout and want to talk... did my extra bench work too. Back pain flared up though... not looking good to squat tomorrow.

    Day 3 OHP BW - 192.5.... holy crap I am gaining weight.

    OHP- barx7,7 100x5, 115x5, 130x11

    Bench - 225x5, 250x5, 265x3

    Floor bench - 135x10, 225x8,9,10

    Cable Fly - bent over - 3x10, 5x10,10

    DB high incline press - 70x8,7

    Pull ups - 10,10,10,10,7


    Not bad. like I said 3 guys about my age in there, like to talk a lot, typical young guy bull crap, one kid is kinda gay and kept bugging me and making comments to me about stupid stuff, which was annoying. He then told my buddy he could beat him at reps if the guy did reps @ his own BW, and he would do them at the other guys BW+100.

    So one guy does 170x13 Other kid gets down to do his 270x13+... only 2 reps were to lockout, all chest bouncing. Decent form and he is strong. He still only got 12. I gave him a hard time about it. Realistically he was gona get like 7-8 I think. Stronger than me but he is bigger and thicker. Hard to tell though. Not slow reps like you see in a comp, although he says he PLs. He's alright I guess. I just need to not train w/ him. He trains at my gym cause he got kicked out of his old one.

  3. tweaked something w/ my trap/rhomboid for sure yesterday. Hasn't hurt this bad in a while. Still at work for 5 more hours then I'll see how it feels. probably get some leg work in today then figure out what I need to do to heal up.

  4. Worked since five, then worked outside for two hours at my other job (weed wacking) and grew some balls and came to the gym AND squated. Yesterday I was contemplating taking 3 weeks off lifting completely. F that. Pretty successful squat day. More details later but I hit a competition depth or deeper squat at 365 which was close my Max I believe. Not bad for my few weeks off. Form was so much better. Less pain too somehow... I rolled my back between sets lol.

    More details later. Time to murder house the leg press. I have been doing sets as deep as my legs can go to my chest. So almost like ATG kinda thing. I feel like it has had great carry over to squat.

  5. Leg angle at the "bottom" of the rep on the LP. Good?
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by CountryLiftin View Post
    Go for it. The slight incline was killin me. I have steeper parts I can work up to. I will check out your vids when you put em up of course and we will all critique if you ask for it.
    Once I figure out some way to setup my phone in the gym at a good angle, I'll definitely be putting some vids up and linking them on my main log.

    I'm serious about using my Z71, that joker would be a great workout, hahaha. Thanks for offering to critique the vids, whenever they get posted.

    Looks like you've got the Jeep pull pretty much on point, I can tell when you start building that forward momentum, it looks like you're not having to work AS hard. Awesome stuff though!
    I'm just trying to bring sexy back.

  7. Yeah, well there is a TON of weight pulling from the hill. If I park there in neutral it rolls downhill pretty well. Without the front rope I can't even pull it... it pulls me backwards. So it's definitely hard getting it moving and keeping it moving is not easier either. Try it on a slight incline if you can and you will be blown away. The amount of force required to start it moving forward is a lot more...

    basic physics. Pulling flat you only have to break the friction coefficient of the normal force times the friction between tires and road, basically. You add even a 2* incline, you are increasing how much force required is added from the friction. I haven't had physics in a little over the year, but from a physics point of view you aren't even doing "work" unless you are moving up or down. The amount of force required to start the movement is not only higher, but also to keep the object moving.

    So if you want to impress people, pull flat. If you want a workout, pull up a slight incline.

    Go for it man.

  8. Foam rolling quads two days after you get back to squat HURTS. Holy crap. Bench today now. I think 260 is my heavy set. I like.

  9. I'm going to post a list of my heavy set numbers from my 4/5 cycles of 5-3-1 as I got them. Then list starting # and PRs. Should be interesting.

    Decent bench day til my left shoulder got pissed at me for doing decline bench. I pounded out a nice set of 260x5 on the flat though. 265x5 is my PR I believe, and 260x6. So not bad. I had to do an AM workout today because of work, which is like automatic -10% strength for me... ah well.

  10. Funny, I only train in the morning.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by iparatroop View Post
    Funny, I only train in the morning.
    You must be super human. Everything always hurts in the morning, and I'm always tired no matter what. Could be because I lifted at the same time for years though.

  12. I won't be counting some of my early squats because they were not to full depth, and were just above parallel before I grew a set. Starting BW 183. Ending body weight 193. I did lose some pages out of the crappy note bad I was using... so some stuff will look off as far as cycles.

    Back as far as my current book goes(start of second cycle):

    Bench - 235x7, 250x5, 295x1, 240x6, 185x10(D), 250x6, 265x3, 185x10, 240x8, 255x6, 270x3, 245x9, 260x5

    Dead- 390x8,415x6, 525x1, 405x6, 315x3(D), 425x7, (page fell out), 225x7, 550x1, 430x7, 455x7, 420x9

    OHP- 120x7, 125x10, 150x1, 120x3(Deload), 125x7, 130x7,140x7, 95x7, 135x8, 120x10, 130x10, 130x11,

    Squat-320x8, 335x4, 360x2, 275x5(D), 330x5, 345x3, 325x3(started going deeper), Time off, 290x5, more time off, 365x1(new max, proper depth)

    What do these numbers tell me? My bench has gotten stronger, particularly my reps at medium weights. I would guess my max has gone up 10-15 pounds, mostly in the past month or two. I have finally gotten into a better bench groove. My deadlift has improved tremendously. Overhead press has improved, I added 20 pounds to my 7 rep PR in a little under 2 months. I have refocused my squat form and took some time off to let an upper back issue heal. Although it is not resolved I am starting to squat again with better form and an adjusted grip which causes less pain/irritation. I need to focus on my bench and squat numbers, keep hammering form, and put solid work in. I gained 10 pounds from my lightest weight the first week to my heaviest this week. As of 3 weeks ago I had only gained 4-5 pounds. I believe I am holding more water weight from increased creatine intake and adding in the natadrol, in addition to carrying more food and water weight from upping my diet. I can still see my abs although I do notice a slight increase in lower belly fat. It is nothing I am worried about. I believe once my upper back is completely healed I will be able to push myself more and make more progress in the bench and squat. I would like to see how my numbers increase on this stack over the next 2 months.

  13. Well... today was NOT a PR, killed it, awesome day. It was one of those tired, grueling, back breaking, test of will kind of days. Started out with something that hindered me starting my lifts on time and I ended up getting warm and then waiting 20+ minutes to even get into my working sets, about an hour after my PWO. not only did it mess me up physically, but also mentally. I wasn't feel top dog today anyways, but this didn't help. No excuses. Worked up to 440, and only got it for 5 reps. I was pissed so I did it for an extra set and got 5 again. I can pound 455x7, so 440x5 is garbage. Not a bad lift by any means but not my best. I worked in some solid strict form bi work, some lat pull downs, back extension, and killed my abs. I made up for it.

    Weight still holding at 193.

  14. Some days getting in and getting work done is the best you can do. I like to push my assistance harder when I don't stack up to my expectations.
    Training log:

  15. ^Good call

    some days judt going thru the motions leaves me feeling a sense of disappointment/already stoking the fire to up my game next time

  16. The weight just felt HEAVY. 225 felt heavy. I was pushing hard, just something was wrong. I did hit legs hard for the first time in almost a month, back squatting again, on friday. I think maybe I was just worn out from hitting a 1 RM on squat and some hard work sets and that might have had me weak/tired. I'm sure I will be back at it next week. Just a bummer having an off day. But I know I can't have PRs everyday, and that the solid work on off days still brings improvement. Thanks for the kind words guys. You're definitely right.

  17. Had some pain in where my delts/traps connect in the general shoulder area... Might need to back off the overhead work a tad bit. Had to back off a little on the over head assistance but made up for it with my back work and cable flys.

    BW down to 189.5 today... thank goodness. I thought I was gona turn into a balloon. I worked outside all day yesterday and didn't eat quite as much as usual. That probably has something to do with it. Next few weeks will be less food overall but more clean and quality meals.

  18. Look, a full update today. I want you guys to check my depth on my squats. The last set was definitely my most shallow set. Keep in mind that The camera is at head height looking down. Looking at myself I am pretty sure these were the deepest squats over 300 I have ever done, and the pain in my quads agrees. I love it. Less weight but I am doing it right and I can feel it. I played with a wider stance today. I need new shoes, mine have too much height at the heel.

    D4W2C5 Squat BW 192.5

    Squat - barx 7 atg, 135x5 atg, 225x2 250x3 (DEEP) 275x3, 320x3, 225x 3(test),7(work) both barefoot

    Leg press (accelerate through reps aka sam byrd squat tech on squats and LP) - 310x7,7,7 400x7,7

    Leg curl- 110x8,8,10,8,8

    Arms Supersets - DB skullcrushers and seated DB curls - 25x7+5"Js"w 35x7, 25x13 w/ 35x10
    OH cable pushdowns and preacher curls - 12x12,55x12, 12x20, 55x19

    Abs - weighted situps on decline bench - 25x20, 45x12

    My squats blow. First rep was pretty good I'd say then I started to half goodmorning it because my legs are weak little ***** twigs. I think new shoes should help. I did a few barefoot sets and felt MUCH more stable.

  19. Yup kick those shoes off. You need a stable sole (chucks, addidas sambas, whatever chuck knockoff, pending stance-oly shoes)

    Your knees are the first part to move. Try sitting back with your hips, opening them and your knees up.

    As for depth, was kinda hard to tell. Could possibly pass in comp. Might be a tad shy.
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  20. Hello.
    Don't worry, man, someday I'ma be nobody too.

  21. I know looked shallow as heck in the vid, I wish the person would have held the camera level. I think it was just borderline for passing, surely not too deep. Thanks sean. I did try to sit back more but I feel like my ankles lock up and I think that is partly because of the shoe I am wearing tilting my whole body forward, I run out of flexibility. I am gona work on stretching my ankles too to increase mobility.

    I did work on opening my knees and with a wider stance today and trying to sit back. Felt really good til I hit that heavy set and the weight just felt too far forward. I also didn't focus on opening my hips and knees when pushing on the way back up. I hate when my hips rise by themselves at the bottom of the rep when I try to come up. Obviously weak quads and just bad form/mechanics on my part.

    I am gona try to open up more and start doing light squats just for form work on my DL days. max of 225 for weight on those days. Today the cues I focused on were sitting back, neutral head/packed neck, drive through the heels and push with the quads. I needed to keep my chest a little bigger. This is only the second time I have squated in the past 5 weeks so I feel like form and weight will come back with time as I focus on the movement more.

    I'll be taking squat notes from you and some of the other guys this week and watching some good vids to focus. I changed my hand and elbow placement and it has helped my back pain and stability a ton up top. I just need to get the right shoes and get comfy down low and get used to sitting back and my hips/knees opening.

    I actually almost fell back warming up w/ 225 I was exaggerating the "sit back" so much. had to step back and catch myself.

    How vertical should my shins stay? I feel like I get a ton of angle there. Also I know low bar is gona get my more angle and bend at my back, would I be better off trying high bar or stick with low and just keep practicing form with a little less weight while I get the hang of getting in the hole and getting to full depth.

    Thanks again for the tips man.

    Hi swan!

  22. Quote Originally Posted by Sean1332 View Post
    Yup kick those shoes off. You need a stable sole (chucks, addidas sambas, whatever chuck knockoff, pending stance-oly shoes)

    Your knees are the first part to move. Try sitting back with your hips, opening them and your knees up.

    As for depth, was kinda hard to tell. Could possibly pass in comp. Might be a tad shy.
    I was going to say something about the shoes too, I wear a pair of Adidas that are essentially chuck taylors, but leather. Definitely help me with deadlift and squat compared to my running shoes.

    I thought the form looked great though, lol
    I'm just trying to bring sexy back.

  23. If new shoes help my dead I will be pulling insane numbers, lol.

    I will be looking for shoes.

  24. Honestly thought your form would be much worse based on how much you wrote about it.

    Depth wasn't too bad, especially considering you are working on it. Like mentioned arch that lower back, push the hips back, then shove your knees out as you go down. It is hard to tell from the side, but pointing the toes out slightly could help with the knee tracking when you push them out on the descent.

    Definitely get some stable shoes. Idc if they are flat soled or Oly shoes, but I will never be able to go back to anything that isn't super stable anymore on squats. I love how "secure" my feet feel when in some better shoes and it radiates up and makes locking in form easier when you aren't worried about your feet.
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  25. Thanks for the critique man. Yeah I like to go hard on myself haha. I do have trouble getting my back arched. I can keep it flat forever but aching is hard because of the crap I injured a few years ago it doesn't like to cooperate. I really need to work on mobility and just get healthy so I can do it though instead of just letting it go. Definitely something to address. Toes were out a little but I am still playing with the stance.


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