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  1. Bummer about the preg.
    Check your form: http://anabolicminds.com/forum/exercise-science/190675-proper-techniques.html
    Log: http://anabolicminds.com/forum/workout-logs/235436-tossing-weight-torobestia.html

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Torobestia View Post
    Bummer about the preg.
    Yea I agree. But I only slept 4 hrs last night and took the low dose dhea and still feel very good today. So I may not even need the preg which is ok with me. Blood work will confirm later on.

  3. Thanks. All I needed. I'm still kicking it around in my head, but those are about the numbers I'd like also.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Sinister View Post
    Thanks. All I needed. I'm still kicking it around in my head, but those are about the numbers I'd like also.
    It just depends on where you sit now and how you feel. It made a world of.difference for me personally. No real side effects unless some values are off but I am still.better off then before going on it.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Sinister View Post
    Thanks. All I needed. I'm still kicking it around in my head, but those are about the numbers I'd like also.
    Digging threw past blood work here is a blue print for you also I miss quoted my test levels at 200mg btw.

    100mg per week 1 shot, 3 days after 800-900, 6 days after 300s
    125mg per week 1 shot, 3 days after 1000-1100
    200mg per week 1 shot, 7 days after 1500+, 14 days after 600-700

    So I have lowered my personal dosage too 80mg split for a total of 160mg per week.
    100mg had me feeling decent the first part of the week but low the rest. No real trt benefits. No AI.
    125mg had me feeling better the first 5 days of the week then low the last 2. Libido increase, better orgasms, and energy increase. Erase 25mg ed. Mild gyno issues. Blood work showed estrogen in range this way.
    200mg had me feeling good at first then worse quickly as I am dealing with now. Gyno issues to deal with somewhat. AI needed and still havent found a solution as 50mg erase wasnt enough here. I fell somewhere between 140-160mg would be perfect for me split. I will find out in time and with blood work. Idk if any of this helps you but I figured id share.

  6. 5/8/14-DE Bench
    DE Floor Press w/ quadrupled micro bands
    135 40% best raw floor press+bandsx9x3 switching close/med/comp each set. I will bump this to 50% and most likely 60% for chain as this is raw numbers and percents.
    Close Grip No Heavy Arch Feet Out Front 3 Board w/ Chains, 70% of best raw 1RM Bench with added chain till failure.
    245+40lbs chainx5
    245+80lbs chainx5
    Close Grip Neutral V Bar Pulldowns
    Pull-ups Overhand
    Side Raises/Rear Raises/DB Hammer Curls
    Notes: Preg kept me up all night and left me feeling drained today. Still managed a strong and productive day. I am feeling frustrated and like I chasing my tale with this TRT issue. I have felt this way for quite awhile even before I lost insurance. After reviewing past bloods and remembering back to how I felt during each one I have decided to start back at square one. 200mg a week had me over 1500+ and is where I am now. This cant be to much higher then the end of the range. I dont feel good on this dose. I have felt good on higher doses in the past 300-400mg and at lower doses. So this dose isnt for me. I have zero intention of "cycling" anything major anytime soon as I have been progressing great in my eyes. Most I will consider as of now is ostarine pre meet. Back to my current issues. I tend to have better energy and libido at lower total dosages regardless. I have consistent nipple pain/gyno issues since my dose was upped by my doctor forever ago. Trying to address it has left me either in pain or crashing my estrogen and feeling flat with joint pain. I feel myself going to low with asin as of now. Becoming flatter and joints starting to ache, knees/elbows/shoulders. To boot I still have puffy nipples with pain. I lowered my dosage and will leave there as my levels come down and address issues as I go. It is not fun to start back over at squat one with my trt dose but I feel this is the best place to start. AI dosage and type will depend on test dose, also dhea and preg can wait for now. I may keep using the low dose dhea regardless as it will most likely become a constant. Most of you may think this is silly and to just get bloods and stop changing everything. I agree however I dont have the funds for 50-60$ blood work out of pocket atm. Will update as things progress.

  7. tried to put a video up of me using an overkill shirt but didnt work.

  8. Overkill shirt!? How did you like it?
    Training log:

  9. Quote Originally Posted by herderdude View Post
    Overkill shirt!? How did you like it?
    Yea I got to try one out not to long ago. It was brutal to be in and use. By far the most intense equipment I have ever used. It was a 2 ply chest and 3 ply arms. It was putting my arms to sleep just being in it and it took 30min just get on. I could barely get to a 2 board with 545. I have a video on FB of me doubling 545 off a 2 board and it is crazy fast. If i had money I would get one.

  10. 5/10/14-de lower
    De squat w/ parallel box w/ chains
    240+80lbs chainx10x2
    Bw+35x4 pr
    Bb shrugs
    Abs wheel
    Avg band crunches
    Notes: left peck was.bothering me doing.abs wheel so I cut it short ans just got some volume in. Took some video on my speed work and form.was great and speed was good.clocking my 2 reps in at about 3 seconds. Finally got a pr on.ghrs which was long over due.

  11. 5/12/14-me bench
    70% of best 1rm bench bar weight with chain added to 1rm
    245+40lbs chainx1
    245+60lbs chainx1
    245+80lbs chainx1
    245+100lbs chainx1
    245+120lbs chainx1, called it here. Was fairly easy but I strained my pec on Thursday so I didn't want to push it till it got worse. No pain.
    Chest supported cambered bar pendlay rows
    195x7 pr
    Vbar pushdowns
    Mini band pull apart complex
    2 sets 10 reps each way
    Notes: great day all things considered with my pec. Focused on lower the bar with my speed but in control. It went great. Came down great paused and reversed with my more power and speed then normal. Very happy about that. Also hit 175X4 on sohp which isn't to far off from my all time best of 185x5. Hope to match that or beat by then end of this 3 week wave.

  12. 5/14/14-ME LowerSquat w/ Buffalo Bar w/ Chains, 80% of best 1RM and add chains to failure w/ Wraps


    400+40lbs chainx1

    400+80lbs chainx1

    400+120lbs chainx1

    400+160lbs chainx1

    400+200lbs chainx3, got tired of adding chains and doing sets. So I decided to just do a decently hard triple. My best in briefs only with this is 420+200lbs chainx3. So to near match this with just wraps is great to me. Being in gear for a year really helped my cns effect and top end. It didnt feel to heavy to hold. My back just didnt quite hold up like I wanted so I need to address this by continuing to overload with this and really focus on my back and bar positioning. This was not 100% but decently hard.

    Step Ups



    40x10 PR

    Banded Pullthrough

    Light Bandx3x10

    Side Bends




    Notes: Most of what I needed to list is up top. Was squatting much faster into the hole today and made everything much easier as well and getting to depth. Will continue to move faster down with my squat and bench.

  13. 5/16/14-De bench
    Bench w/ chains
    185+80Lbs chainx8x3 medium/comp grip
    Comp grip rack lock outs w/ slingshot
    475X3 pr, 20lb
    225 no slingshotx12/8
    Wide grip pulldowns
    Side raises/scarecrows/bb curls
    Notes: had a good day. Managed a brutal rack lockout pr. Very happy about that.

  14. Sub can't believe I missed this jem

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Duramaxhd View Post
    Sub can't believe I missed this jem
    It's just not as active as some of the other lifters logs. I will start getting videos to make it more interesting

  16. I've been following. Just don't have much to say, besides strong **** lol
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  17. Quote Originally Posted by Sean1332 View Post
    I've been following. Just don't have much to say, besides strong **** lol

    "Need more characters blah blah"
    Training Log
    "Jackie Treehorn treats objects like woman man."

  18. Thanks guys! I think videos would make it more interesting. Wouldn't hurt me to have them either.

  19. Always good help to spot weakness and technical breakdown

  20. 5/18/14-De lower
    De squat w/ ssb w/ parallel box w/ chains
    55% of best 1Rm, 240+80lbs chainx10x2
    De deadlift conv/sumo w/ quadrupled mini bands
    50% best 1Rm, 275+bandsx8x1 60lbs band tension at the bottom and 200lbs at the top.
    Ssb gms
    Roman chair
    50x10 pr
    Notes: very good and.tiring day. The squats went great. Set the chains up a new way that was much more efficient. The banded pulls were brutal. I didn't measure the tension until.half way thru our sets. We should have made it double for 100lbs at the top.and 30lbs at the bottom. Was still impressed to maintain speed with such a heavy top weight. Went easier on the gms bc we were fried by this point.

  21. Couple notes: considering trying out trest soon to see how it treats me and see if I want to run it into a meet. Same with ostarine. Also my box squats are more like squating to a box with a pause and not actually sitting on to the box. This is for depth reasons and to help build my comfort in the hole even in a fatigued state.

  22. 5/19/14-me bench
    Wide grip bench, 2 fingers wider then raw comp grip
    155x5/5. Was focusing on using my shoulders more this week then last week as I have an imbalance. Working the muscle more and less of the movement.
    Db floor press
    60x10/10, subd dips since they have been bothering my ac joints.
    One arm db chest supported pendlay row
    100X8/8/8, team mate has an imbalance we are going to try to correct with some unilateral work. It won't hurt me either to do it.
    Doubled mini rope pushdowns
    100 total reps
    Mini band pullapart complex w/ 1 extra overhand and underhand set at the end
    10 reps each way.
    Notes: did some wider grip benching today for some bottem end work. Like illegal wide but wide for me. Stayed in the higher rep range 5-6 to avoid injuries. Was very impressed to get 5 at 295. These were tough but not brutal. I might need to widen my grip in general. We will see when test day comes. My team mate noticed when I bench wide/medium/close the bar tracts to my left side. The pec I keep hurting no less. That is also the side with the weaker shoulder and triceps. So I benched the bar in the opposite way going to the right and I felt only my left shoulder and triceps work and my right pec. My right pec is my weaker pec also. Not sure how I want to address this. I am very conscious now to make sure the bar touches evenly and I have been trying to fix these imbalances for some time. Maybe do some volume work going to the right to even it out? Not sure.

  23. 5/21/14-me lower
    Conv deadlift off floor
    Sumo pull off floor test
    495x1 pr
    525x1 75lb all time pr
    Step ups
    Banded pull throughs
    Light bandx10
    Average bandx8/8
    Side bends
    Notes: didn't hit any prs on my test day for conventional today. My main goal the last 12 weeks was to push my raw conv pull up as much as possible as doing that helps my sumo pull. Decided to test my sumo pull after and not go 100% but see how it felt. Did a pretty smooth 525 that I was impressed with. Will be making my sumo pull a priority again after this cycle. Need to make some program adjustments also to allow better assistance work and effort as well as recovery so I will do that tonight.

  24. Nice pullin, you RAW fiend!
    Training log:

  25. Where can you buy chains to put on a bench anyone?

  26. Quote Originally Posted by herderdude View Post
    Nice pullin, you RAW fiend!
    Hardly lol. I dont like raw work all that much. Ready for some gear! But I think another 6 weeks will do me some good and give me time to get all my gear adjusted. Thanks man. Things seem to be moving well. Better then I expected haha.

  27. Quote Originally Posted by zconners View Post
    Where can you buy chains to put on a bench anyone?
    Either online or at a marina are your best bets.

  28. Quote Originally Posted by SweetLou321 View Post
    Either online or at a marina are your best bets.
    how much?

  29. Quote Originally Posted by zconners View Post
    how much?
    I have never bought them so I have no idea sorry man.

  30. Looking back I made my biggest jumps in progress using doubles and triples. I have gotten caught up I'm.singles lately. Testing myself weekly instead of building myself. Will still plan some singles work but will also plan some doubles and triples on me days with the option for a single if feeling amazing and mentally ready to break a pr.


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