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  1. 10/24/13-Se squat
    Squat in ace briefs w/ chains
    420+40lbs chainsx3
    420+160lbs chainsx3
    420+200lbs chainsx3
    Bulgarian split squats w/ added rom
    Abs wheel
    Walking with the sled
    45Lbs on sled for 1 lap
    90lbs on sled for 1 lap
    45Lbs on sled for 1 lap
    Notes: good day. I gained the weight I needed so my briefs and fitting much better again. I was only hoping for 420+120lbs chain for a triple today But once I warmed up I felt great. So I pushed it. This was not me work But had I added another set or 2 of chains is would have been. Feeling beat up so I pulled back on the assistance work.

  2. That's a ****load of chains.
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  3. What's SE method again? I forgot
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by Rodja View Post
    That's a ****load of chains.
    Yea we have quite a bit here at obb so I figured if just pick a bar weight and keep adding chains.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Sean1332 View Post
    What's SE method again? I forgot
    Submax effort, I try to stay around 80%-85% when I do this for a few sets. I am doing a variation of Brian's routine where when I me on pulls Monday I don't quite me on Fridays squats then I do de pulls the following week and me squats. It's to help me recover.

  6. 10/25/13-Me bench
    Medium grip pulldowns warm up
    2 board press in Jack shirt
    545X1 50lb pr
    Flat db press
    Medium grip pull-ups
    Bwx10, 8
    Medium grip pulldowns
    150x10, 8
    Football bar jm press
    95x12 for 5 Sets
    Scarcrows+Db curls
    5X12/25x12 for 3 Sets
    Notes: My Jack shirt was loose. The first 495 was brutally hard. So we took the shirt and put it on inside out to fold the sleeves in to tighten them on my arm. Worked great and smoked a 50lb pr to a 2 board after that.

  7. Good stuff man! Is it meet legal to bench with your shirt inside out? If not, what's the next step?

    So tell me, what's it feel like to have five hundred forty-five pounds in your hands on the bench?
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  8. Holy **** that is one hell of a PR
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by herderdude View Post
    Good stuff man! Is it meet legal to bench with your shirt inside out? If not, what's the next step?

    So tell me, what's it feel like to have five hundred forty-five pounds in your hands on the bench?
    No you put it on inside out then when it goes on the sleeves get folded in half. Joey Smith has a video explaining how to do it. It is usually used for sleeves that are to big or to long.

    It felt good and easy, I had imagined it would feel heavy but it didn't feel any heavier then 495 and moved even faster in this shirt.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by rob112 View Post
    Holy **** that is one hell of a PR
    Thanks man! It shows that gear selection does make a difference in this sport.

  11. 10/27/13-Deadlift
    Sumo deadlift off 2 inch block in ace briefs
    225X5 for 3 Sets
    Hip adductors/abductors
    40x10 for 2 Sets each
    Oblique crunches/leg raises
    90x10/bwx10 for 2 Sets
    Leg press
    90x15 for 2 Sets
    Notes: I have given up doing my own programing. I got ambitious for a few weeks but I am not experienced enough to program for gear so I have gone back to Brian's programming. I have read his e book and realized I was maxing each session when that is not what you are suppose to do. So I will program correctly this time. There were mistakes made but I will address them. I'd like to compete in February so this would lead me right into that meet. I will never pull in my briefs again. They are just to loose at the moment and I didn't bloat up for this session So I didn't get to much out of them as I would my suit. The gms were done as jl holdsworth suggested in one of his videos and with a neutral spine which killed my lower back and abs.

  12. 10/28/13-me bench
    Pull ups
    Bench in slingshot
    Chest supported machine row
    Rope pushdowns+hammer curls
    45X15/25x12 2 sets
    Chain side raises+mini band Pullaparts
    20x15/25 3 sets

  13. You may have already posted it, but what size of Jack shirt? I've been wanting to try it out.
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  14. Quote Originally Posted by Rodja View Post
    You may have already posted it, but what size of Jack shirt? I've been wanting to try it out.
    It is a size 54 Jack.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by SweetLou321 View Post
    It is a size 54 Jack.
    Compare/contrast with the Ace shirt.
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  16. Quote Originally Posted by Rodja View Post

    Compare/contrast with the Ace shirt.
    Well I have a 52 ace with 54 sleeves and a 54 Jack with 56 sleeves. The chest plate is bigger on the Jack and it is easier to use in my opinion. The collar has a nice cut and carries over thru lockout really well. Also I find it easier to take weights down in the Jack. The aces chest plate is just so small that it is hard for me to use. I have to really belly bench with the ace and it locks very hard. The Jack is more like hitting a wall but has great rebound. The ace doesn't have as much pop. Overall I find the Jack easier to use with a more natural groove. The shirt is bigger but I enjoy it much more then my ace.

  17. Also the chest plate on the Jack is nuts. Super thick with a lot of grid stitching.

  18. Looks like I know what I want for Christmas now.
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  19. Quote Originally Posted by Rodja View Post
    Looks like I know what I want for Christmas now.
    I am very happy with it esp since I only payed in total 130 bucks for the shirt and it was only used twice before I got it.

  20. 10/30/13-squat
    Squat in ace briefs
    540x2 pr
    560X2 big pr
    580X1 even bigger pr
    Abs wheel
    Leg press with pause at bottom
    Notes: smashed a double pr of 540. Then smashed a bigger pr of 560x2 which is 5lbs and 1 plus rep better then my best single in these briefs with knee wrap and I just had knee sleeves on today. Then I felt so good I went for a 580 25lb pr over that same 555 with knee wraps in just the knee sleeves again and smashed it too! On top of the world this session!

  21. On my way to relentless to handle Brian Schwab and jo Jordan. Should be an Awsome weekend.

  22. Congrats on the sweet PR. Have fun over there.
    Check your form: http://anabolicminds.com/forum/exercise-science/190675-proper-techniques.html
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  23. 11/3/13-Deadlift
    Reverse Light Band Sumo Deadlift w/ Superior Briefs
    GHRs+Seated Calf Raises
    BWx10/45x8 for 3 sets
    Oblique Cable Crunches+Reverse Hypers
    Notes: I tried to use my Ace today. I found out why I have problems locking out in it today. The legs are to long and think and my fingers get caught on it. So I used my single ply briefs instead today and all was fine. Will use the metal king deadlifter with single ply briefs from now on to avoid this issue. The bands were set up to take off about 100 at the bottom and almost nothing at the top.

  24. 11/4/13-ME Bench
    Floor Press w/ Chains
    225+40lbs chainsx2
    245+40lbs chainsx2
    265+40lbs chainsx2
    275+40lbs chainsx2 PR
    205 (no chains)x8
    DB Complex w/ Dips
    Medium Neutral Grip Pulldowns
    JM Press+DB Hammer Curls
    155x8/25x12, 2 sets
    Rope Facepulls
    60x12, 12
    Notes: Feel a little under the weather right now. Went into this session not amped up at all. Hit a floor press pr, which rarely happens for me. Floor press is not my lift but if I make progress on it I know my raw bench has improved which makes for a better base for my geared bench. Did some good volume work on my assistance lifts and was happy with it. The db complex dave tate laid out is oh, flat, incline, decline; I just replaced decline with dips as they are easier on my shoulders and I suck at them. Good day.

  25. 11/6/13-Squat
    De squat in ace briefs
    420X2 for 7 sets
    Ssb squat with a pause at the bottom
    150X10 for 3 sets
    Abs wheel/light band pull through
    8/15 for 2 sets
    Notes: feeling good this day and very fast. My briefs are fitting better after gaining some weight.


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