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  1. Cardio score for the last week: 2/7... Pretty pathetic. Will improve this week.

    "Bold" is a PR. "Red" is a set to failure. "*" is a new exercise or method.

    BW: 184.2
    AM: did a light BW routine just to help prevent DOMS and assess where I'm at with my functional strength. At the moment I'm at 10 reps with the wide pronated pull-ups, 10 chin-ups, 39 push-ups. I played with wide-grip chin-ups today which I haven't ever thought to do before, they were pretty fun and gave me a gnarly bicep pump.
    PM: Did a Back/Shoulder routine which I love.
    Wide-grip pronated pulldown: 105x12, 120x10, 195x7
    Close-grip seated cable rows: 180x6
    DB seated shoulder press: 40x10, 70x5
    DB shrug 5's down the rack: 80x7, 75x5, 70x5, 65x5, 60x5, 60x10
    (I really need to find a trap exercise that doesn't wreck the grip so I can go higher in weight, or just drop some cash on some hooks... We'll see, I'm going to substitute this for seated overhead BB shrugs next week and see if it makes a difference.)
    Rear delt flyes(machine): 90x10, 150x6
    DB Standing hammer curl: 40x7
    BB curl: 70x6
    PM: Decided I might be switching up the routine to a 1) Chest/tri with chest emphasis 2)Back/sho/bi with Back emphasis 3)rest 4) repeat with day 1 as tri emphasis and day 2 as bi emphasis. Today was Chest/tri tri emphasis.
    BB flat bench: 135x12, 205x6
    Seated dips: 140x10, 240x9
    Machine fly: 105x10, 180x9
    BW dips superset push-ups: 16/4, 6/3, 7/5

    So, all in all it's not been a bad week, definitely need to get on that cardio more often, but since my big bike ride I have been sleeping ~3 hours a night! I don't know what the h*ll is going on, this is very unusual, but I'm going to hit the melatonin tonight and finally get a good nights rest! I'm surprised to be making so many PR's in such a serious calorie deficit... I'm thinking that it might be the carb backloading characteristic of my current diet (which I haven't stuck to religiously, but every workout day is definitely a backloading day), whatever it is, hopefully the trend continues!

    I'll be flying to Cali to see some family for the first week of July, so I won't be able to update for a while, and will probably just go hard with the BW workouts (I have a portable pull-up bar, thing is a god-send). But I'll clue you all in when I get back.

    Happy summer everyone!

  2. Been on a vacation to visit some family in SoCal for the last week, man the sun is amazing down here, but it's averaging 104*F... Killing my pasty NW skin lol. I'm on vitamin D overload.

    Needless to say It's been an involuntary but truly needed break from the gym. I've been pumpin out the pushups here and there just for fun, and doing quite a bit of walking. Today I squeezed out 210 throughout the day, perfect form and full range of motion. Felt good but shoulders are dyin'.

    Well, I'm home bound tomorrow, so I'll update everything from lastweek once I have access to an actual computer, and spell out my new diet plan I've been cooking up.

    "Hang loose brah's"
    (^actually heard someone say that today LOL)
    My parents created my body, in which I create my mind. I will honor them, by developing both to their utmost potential.

  3. Cardio score: 6/13​ with 6 days on vacation, not bad at all!
    AM: Fasted HIIT 15 min stationary bike
    PM: Back/sho/bi
    noteworthy PR's: Wide lat pulldown 195x9

    AM: Fasted HIIT 15 min stationary bike

    AM: Fasted HIIT 15 min stationary bike
    PM: Chest/tri
    noteworthy PR's: DB flat bench 90'sx7,
    DB incline 80'sx6,
    Decline HS machine 125x7

    AM: Fasted HIIT 15 min stationary bike
    PM: BW workout

    Vacation begins


    lots of walking...

    100 push ups

    100 push ups, lots of walking

    210 push ups
    -Fly home!

    AM: Fasted HIIT 15 min stationary bike
    -feel bad about vacation food choices, start crazy cutting diet. I call it the CPG diet lol. Coffee from waking until ~12:00, then alternating green smoothies (spinach,kale,parsley,celery,a vocado,apple) and whey protein isolate/water shakes until 6-9:00pm. So, 6-9 hour feeding window of 90% calories from protein, making up to an 18 hr fast. It's a liquid diet, it's an intermittent fasting diet, it's a low carb diet... it's crazy I know. I plan to drop some serious water weight and fat, hopefully retaining a good amount of muscle, we'll see what happens. It's an experiment.

    AM: Fasted HIIT 15 min stationary bike
    PM: Back/sho/bi
    noteworthy PR's: Wide lat pulldown 210x5
    Close-grip cable row 180x9
    HS machine shoulder press 80'sx5

    nada, except several hours of helping a friend paint the inside of an office building. I never realized the kinda sweat you could work up doing that. The CPG diet is getting to be quite killer, already feeling leaner though, probably excess water and fecal matter that's dropping off at this point. Got a couple compliments on the physique today, always feels good. Might do it 1 week on 1 week off and see how that treats me, been thinking about mexican food all day lol.
    My parents created my body, in which I create my mind. I will honor them, by developing both to their utmost potential.

  4. 07.10
    BW: 182.6 this morning
    PM: 1hr Panantukan and more painting tonight
    My parents created my body, in which I create my mind. I will honor them, by developing both to their utmost potential.

  5. 07.10 - 07.24

    Cardio Score: 7/15

    Not bad, a lot of what I've recorded as cardio hasn't necessarily been a strict cardio activity, but something where I ended up getting a good cardiovascular challenge without that being the point of the activity. I should probably start doing stationary bike again, but I'm going on vacation with the fam again to see the grandparents for two weeks in Turkey. I'll get lots of swimming and walking in, but probably no access to a gym, meaning it will be nothing but push-ups and pull-ups on the portable pull-up bar. Because of this I haven't been strictly sticking to workout days like a usually do, just having fun with it while I can, like doing chest twice in a row... I know, it's bad.

    BW: 182.6 (-4.4 lbs since start of CPG, Day 4)
    PM:1hr Panantukan class, more painting.

    BW:181 (-6 lbs since start of CPG, Day 5)
    PM: 1hr Boxing class

    PM: Back/Shoulders

    Broke down, end CPG diet.

    Start IF diet, window of 12:00-6:00 or 9:00pm

    1.5 hr walk (LISS)

    PM: Back/Shoulders

    PM: Help a friend move, lots of picking up heavy stuff and carefully walking it up and down stairs etc. (cardio? I was sweating lol)

    PM:1hr Panantukan class

    BW: 183.4
    PM: Chest/Tri

    Nada, sick

    Nada, sick

    PM: Chest/Tri
    Late PM:Clubbing (not my usual steez) with a buddy and this girl I met... pretty intense cardio for 2+hrs. No wonder all those 'guidos' stay so lean lol.

    Nada, recover from night before.

    AM: ridiculous 1.5 hr session of ping pong with my old roommate from college. We get pretty competitive with it, lots of yelling and smashing things, it's some of the more intense cardio I've had in a while lol, was lightheaded and drenched in sweat by the end.

    PM: Back/Shoulders/Bi's

    Recent Noteworthy PR's:

    DB flat bench: 95'sx4 (could have done at least 1-2 more if I'd had a spotter)
    DB incline bench: 80'sx9
    Decline HS machine press: 270x4
    Wide lat pulldown: 210x6
    Close grip cable row: 195x6
    DB overhead press: 80'sx7
    Machine chest press: 225x7 (I'm not doing this on the BB because I currently have no spotter and I don't want to push this weight without a safety net)


    As of now I am doing a basic IF model type diet, just trying to stay under/at maintenance calories, hit my goal protein of ~200g's, and eat within a window of noon - 6 or 9pm depending on that days schedule.

    So, the CPG diet (Coffee, Protein, and Greens) lasted a total of 5.5 days, I developed this blinding headache the last 36 hours. No matter what I did it wouldn't go away, no amount of water or tylenol or blood pressure supplements would do anything so I convinced myself I needed to eat some real food and broke down and made some beans/cheese nachos. In retrospect that was probably the worst food to break an extended protein-sparing fast like that, but, live and learn. I felt terribly bloated and lethargic the rest of the day, in contrast to the manic energy I had before from the excessive amounts of coffee and calorie deficit. On the up side I lost 6 lbs in 6 days and have kept most of it off. By day six I had become noticeably leaner, to the point that a lot of people were commenting on it, and I didn't lose any strength. This is perplexing to me, because I've always read that it is impossible to burn more than 2 lbs of adipose a week... Oh well, the end result was positive. When I'm done with all my traveling for the summer I'm going to play with this again. I've been thinking about doing a similar routine on a rotating schedule where every 6th and 7th day I have heavy amounts of carbs strictly from fruit, so as to replenish glycogen and stay sane. We'll see how that goes this September.

    All in all, I'm feeling ok about the progress, I think my recent pics show significant evidence of recomp, I'll try to post those before I head out to Turkey tomorrow.
    My parents created my body, in which I create my mind. I will honor them, by developing both to their utmost potential.

  6. Dont take this the wrong way, but you seem too smart to be a vegetarian. The only thing stopping meat consumption is simply just because you were raised vegetarian?
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  7. Haha, I didn't know anyone was following this, I was kinda starting to feel like that weird kid who sits in the corner and talks to himself.

    Well, thanks for the complement . Truth be told, I have experimented with adding meat to my diet for prolonged amounts of time and have felt no benefit. In fact, I had quite a number of negative effects from adding the meat, and none of the benefits I had hoped for. Maybe it is simply that my body deals with it differently than most because of how I was raised. To clarify, a naturopath I had some respect for at the time told me that my testosterone levels might benefit from adding meat to my diet, so I gave it a try for two months. I quickly worked up to eating meat at least every other day for the two months and saw no hormonal improvements, and developed excessively oily skin, became overwhelmingly lethargic, experienced some constipation and significant fat gain (not muscle gain). The oily skin, lethargy, and constipation all normalized about two weeks after cutting the meat out again. I'm not saying that's how you would react, of course it is possible, but I think it is safe to say that the addition of meat was not positive for me.

    I've considered playing with it again, simply as a means for easily attaining a better protein:carb ratio, maybe some day in the future.

    Thanks for asking the question rather than just stating that you think vegetarianism is stupid, those kinds of comments are annoying, pointless, and far too abundant.
    My parents created my body, in which I create my mind. I will honor them, by developing both to their utmost potential.

  8. Name:  IMAG1391small.JPG
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    Summer Synopsis:

    So, Summer was rough on the road towards maximum human potential, mostly because of all the sick family I had to visit, I ended up being out of town for an accumulative 5 weeks between July and August. This month has been mostly about getting my strength back, which has rebounded nicely, my dumbbell bench press is up to 95'sx7, thats 3 more reps than I PR'ed with before I started the month of traveling in August. My back however, is quite weak. I'm not sure what that's about, my pulldown and row form is impecable, but I dropped from 200+ lbs on the wide lat pulldown to 150x8 and have in the last month recovered to 175x7. It's coming back, just frustrating to think of where I could be had I not had the familial obligations.

    The above pic was taken in late July, in the middle of a recomp that was going wonderfully. Since then I've gained about 10 lbs, 185 -> 195, and the only additional strength is on the bench press and a 500 lb x 16 reps leg press I pulled today as part of a fun full body routine with a friend. Looking quite soft and ready to get back in the groove. This will be the year of recomp, no bulking this winter (sigh), gotta get that bf% and knock that sucker out!

    Long term goals:

    Moved up from 32-34" waist to 36 over summer, will drop that back down to 32.

    Condition for a mud race this Spring.

    Hit 275 lbs. on BB bench for reps before the end of Spring.

    Reach 16.5+" on arms.

    Let's get it!
    My parents created my body, in which I create my mind. I will honor them, by developing both to their utmost potential.

  9. I'll be updating here for the next month or so due to FRL sponsoring a 5-Alpha Test run.

    Maximizing TRT w/ 5-ALPHA TEST. (SPONSORED)
    My parents created my body, in which I create my mind. I will honor them, by developing both to their utmost potential.

  10. Ephedrine stacking experiment


    1.) Define personal safety limits via blood pressure and pulse for ephedrine dosing and escalation, as well as safety and efficacy in stackability with relevant compounds in it’s use as a fat loss aid.

    2.) Significant drop in adipose tissue while sparing muscle. Current body weight: 193 lbs.

    Stack to work up to, single dose:
    Ephedrine 25 mg
    Alphamine 1-2 sc
    Slintensity 1-3 cap
    DopaBean 1-2 cap
    Vanillean 1-2 cap
    Versa-1 1 cap
    HB/CS 2 cap, if needed
    ^Hawthorne Berry and Celery Seed combo (Blood Pressure Health by NOW Foods)
    -The above are things I have in my stash from the recent sales etc. that I think will be fun to include, none have been bought for this purpose.


    -bought 1 pack walgreen’s primatene 12.5mg ephedrine 60 count
    -2:28pm 137/86 / 87

    -2:30pm dose: 12.5mg E, 1 scoop Alphamine
    sys: 131 / dia: 82 / BP: 87
    -3:16pm 156/83 / 80
    -4:00pm dose: 2 cap HB/CS
    -5:10pm 129/96 / 113

    As my first encounter with ephedrine, this was one of the most intense stimulatory experiences I've had. The addition of Alphamine was only because I could not find any pure caffeine pills at the walgreen's or super supplement store, but I think it was not wise for a first dose. I may try to work it in as the run progresses, as I think many of it's ingredients should work wonderfully with ephedrine, but for a first encounter this was just too much -more than a bit scary. Aside from that, the level of focus, energy, and reaction time was phenomenal, and if I hadn't been so paranoid about my health I would have had a great time.

    -3:30pm Blood pressure / pulse: 150/86 / 89
    -3:32pm 155/101 / 93
    -3:35 dose: 12.5mg E, 1 cap Vanillean, 2 cap HB/CS
    - about 1 hour after tortilla chips, guacamole, and peanut butter (bad, I know, not a regular.)
    -3:39pm 144/82 / 92
    -3:46pm 120/80 / 80
    -3:57pm 127/79 / 80
    -4:25pm 136/78 / 86
    -4:45pm 138/82 / 80
    -5:00pm dose: 1 scoop Alphamine, 1 cap slintensity, 1 cap DopaBean, 1 cap Versa-1
    -5:23pm 137/81 / 80

    It is interesting that my BP was so high before the initial dose, traditionally I have quite low readings. I am glad that the 2 caps of HB/CS are enough to control the BP effects of 12.5 mg. I will probably stay here for a couple days and then up to 12.5mg 2x/day, 3x/day, and so forth until I'm between 50-75mg/day + additions.

    I will go on a search for caffeine pills today or tomorrow, so that I can at least have the EC synergy.

    This entire thing should last about a month. I may end up subbing ephedrine for albuterol at some point, possibly cycling the two.
    My parents created my body, in which I create my mind. I will honor them, by developing both to their utmost potential.

  11. Great focus, energy and recovery time at the gym today. I especially noticed an improvement in recovery time, which was AWESOME, this is usually something I struggle with.

    Did a quick back session, pulled a PR on the BB upright row with 45* bend at waist and lower-trap emphasis, 135x10. A PR by one rep, but felt good.
    My parents created my body, in which I create my mind. I will honor them, by developing both to their utmost potential.

  12. 1.25.13

    -7:00am 137/80 / 82

    -7:05am dose:
    12.5mg ephedrine,
    1/2scp Alphamine,
    1cp Vanillean,
    1cp DopaBean,
    1cp Slintensity,
    2cp HB/CS

    -7:35am 141/85 / 89

    -1:50pm 142/75 / 91

    -1:51pm dose:
    12.5mg ephedrine,
    1scp Alphamine,
    1cp Vanillean,
    1cp DopaBean,
    1cp Slintensity,
    1cp HB/CS

    -2:15pm 119/80 / 80 <-??

    -4:12pm 141/79 / 87

    -4:17pm dose:
    12.5mg ephedrine,
    200mg caffeine, <--finally picked some up.
    1cp Vanillean,
    1cp DopaBean,
    1cp Slintensity,
    1cp HB/CS

    -4:45pm 119/80 / 80

    Did a morning deadlift workout that I was supposed to do wednesday night but missed for a buddy's birthday party. Always love deadlift days. Pulled a PR, I'm relatively new to dead-lifting so it's nothing special, 245x3 with at least 2-3 left to failure, just got scared lol.

    I got my little sister to lift with me today, she pulled 105 on the DL, not bad for her first time and weighing 120 lbs. Gotta make sure she gets strong before going to college, so she can knockout all the d-bags that will be trying to get at her.

    Back to topic, the HB/CS is doing a great job of controlling BP sides, I think I'm going to try dosing without it later today or tomorrow, and hopefully will get a 25mg dose in tomorrow or the day after.
    My parents created my body, in which I create my mind. I will honor them, by developing both to their utmost potential.

  13. 1.26.13

    total ephedrine @ 37.5


    total ephedrine @ 62.5

    tomorrow 75mg!

    The blood pressure sides have completely vanished, I'm hovering around low 130's/80, and have taken a few doses without the HB/CS.

    I have begun dosing 25mg at a time and have no problem with it, a couple days ago I would have been terrified of the idea.

    The incredibly intense buzzing/rushing/manic sensation has diminished to maybe 10% of what it was for the 1st dose, which kinda sucks lol.
    My parents created my body, in which I create my mind. I will honor them, by developing both to their utmost potential.


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