D-Humps Training Journal.

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  1. Right then! Officially started Anabolic Designs Shredabull today and running it for 8 weeks upto my holiday. I will also be running BullK and Taurotest alongside it. This is mainly to retain the muscle I have acquired over the last few months of bulking, and to keep my strength up. I don't expect any muscular gains due to the calorie strict diet I will be on, but If i do, this will be an added bonus.
    Diet has been good, low carbs, high protein, and higher fats than normal. The fats are from nuts, eggs, oils, seeds and other foods such as salmon and fatty meat. I did have to have another cheat yesterday, but it wasnt that bad, I had a sunday roast, which I couldnt really turn down as It was the misses mum who cooked! Saying that, it wasnt that bad, she gave me double the amount of beef, and also about 100g of chicken, plenty of veg and a couple of roast potatoes, so i managed to dodge the rest.
    Training today has already seen me do 20 minutes on the bike this morning - fasted, and also a 20 minute walk with the dog, which was very slow and didnt get far as she likes to just sniff everything at the moment so it didnt make me break a sweat!
    I will be going for a run later to my MMA gym, to do a load of circuits and maybe some light weights, but il log back on and record what I do later on.
    Au Re'voir

  2. Update;
    After yesterdays morning bike session and walk, I had a nice large chicken breast with some sweet potato wedges, and re-fuelled myself up for a midday session.
    Il try and list the circuits I do, but Il be honest and say for some of the exercises I do not know the proper name, so I will do my best to explain them.
    Here's how it went;
    - 3 x 2 minute rounds skipping
    - 3 rounds of the same circuit which was devised by the boxing coach. Circuit was; Star Jumps, Press up position and knees to chest (sort of a half burpee), push ups, crunches, leg raises, ab cycle (bring elbow to opposite knee), similar thing to a burpee but no jump, burpees and then squat jumps. Each exercise is done 10 times, e.g. 10 star jumps then 10 knees to chest etc... No rest in between exercises, then 1 minute rest between each circuit.
    - Then did some tyre flipping (Flip the tyre, then two footed jump into the tyre and jump out the front, then run backwards back round the tyre and repeat). Flipped the tyre around 20 meters and then sprinted back to starting point. And repeated this a couple of times.
    - Then another 15 minute jog back home.
    Then today I did a similar thing when I got back from work.
    - Ran to the gym
    - Did the same circuit as before but performed each exersize 20 times and did this once.
    - Then another small circuit which was - single leg squat jumps, weighted squat jumps, walking lunges, toe jumps, and another jump exercise which you place one foot in front of the other and then jump and swap leg positions, whilst moving sideways. As confusing as it sounds, it is very simple!
    - Then did some medicine ball work - Started off opposite my training parter sat down, throwing it to each other, when you catch it, you hold it straight out above your head, go down and do a sit up, and as you come up you throw it back... Then placed to markers about 5 meters apart, with the ball in the middle, you go down in the squat position and explode up and throw the ball up. Whilst the ball is in the air you have to touch the markers before the ball stops bouncing. When you go back to the ball you have to do explosive push ups on the ball - One hand on the ball and one hand on the ground, doing a push up and then swapping hands, if you understand.

    Its all relatively new to me, I let my training partner sort most of it out whilst I input some ideas. As hes training for an MMA fight, I am just shadowing him and training with him to help myself improve.
    MMA session tonight, which I will log when I come back from it.

  3. MMA last night was good. Started off with a load of different circuits. Then moved on to abit of stand up, and eventually had a light sparring session (with 4oz gloves on) whilst working techniques and takedowns etc... Then moved it onto the floor and worked on some jiu jitsu techniques. I looked a right pretty picture after the session! Blood soaked t-shirt, which was drenched in sweat!
    Well deserved rest today, still took the dog out for 20minutes and broke into a slight jog for 5 minutes, will also be doing the same a little bit later on.
    Thinking about waking up early doors to do 20 mins SSCV on my exercise bike.... But started work at Half 6 means il have to get up about half 5 to have enough time for a session and shower before work. Will let you know tomorrow what I decided to do. Il also be doing MMA tomorrow so I have that to look forward to aswell.
    Diets still strict. I have kept carbs to immediately upon waking and post-workout ONLY, and have increased fats (from good sources I might add). But I am now constantly starving! I think my body needs to re-adjust to my new intake. And switch over to burning fat for fuel instead of using carbs..... I have just started adding extra BCAA's, L-Glut, HMB, and ZMA. Its too early to comment on them just yet, but the things I have noticed right away are;
    - BCAA's taste awful!
    - I have crazy dreams whilst on ZMA!
    I will also be getting a weights session in on friday or saturday, as I dont want to neglect doing weights seeing as though its been a massive part of my life the last couple of years.
    Will update tomorrow with my fasted cardio session, and MMA session. I also have a couple of pieces of equipment I will be making at home again, which Il turn into an article like I did with the single arm ab rollers! So stay tuned!

  4. Righeo, I think wednesday was my last update, so Il start from there.
    On thursday I did MMA on the evening, which was a grueling session. Hard work like normal and got put through my paces.
    On friday me and the training partner did 3 x 2 minutes skipping and then 10 minute run, about 15 minutes of different variations of sprints and then a 10 minute run back. Did a quick Pull-up Push up superset circuit, starting at 8 of each and carrying on going till you reach 1 and 1 with little or no rest between each exercise.
    Today I woke up and did 20mins fasted SSCV on the exercise bike, had some food and then went to MMA. Started off with various circuits and then did 12 x 2 minutes rounds, with 30 seconds between each round. There was 4 of us, so it was 4 rounds with each person. The first 6 rounds were more Muay Thai and stand up (with the option for take downs, but wearing 14oz gloves, its a little difficult!) and the last 6 were with 4oz gloves, starting for standing and mainly working in the clinch, up against the cage and take downs... with the option of bodyshots, kicks, knees etc... Toughest session so far, and I could of easily dropped out after the first 6 rounds! But I powered through and managed to do it all.
    Will take the dog out later for another couple 30minutes fast paced walks, and thats it for the day.
    Diets been spot on, being strict and keeping carbs to a minimum and increasing fats. I did walk past the biscuit aisle in the supermarket today and nearly picked up a packet! But im going to save myself another week before I have a cheat / refeed.... But il be refeeding on lowfat things like ice cream etc...
    Off to the gym later to sign back up, so Il be getting more weights sessions in from now to keep strength up and hold on to that muscle.
    Will be making a home made bulgarian training bag later this week so stay around for that!
    Bye for now!

  5. Update;
    After saturday, I was hurting all day sunday! I took it easy, and kept the diet fairly strict! But with it being a sunday, normally a cheat day for me, I had a little treat, but nothing to extravagent.
    I say fairly strict, I had a fish from the fish shop, but I didnt eat the batter... And I also had 6 milka biscuits (3 before cardio, and 3 after). These were the only treat of the day, and I timed the carbs around a run.
    Went on a small run with the dog, ended up running for 10 minutes and walking about 10 minutes. Didnt do anything to demanding as I've been pushing hard over the last week so it was supposed to be a rest day.
    Boxing tonight, Which should help towards getting a better stand up game for MMA. The boxing coach also encorporates plenty of circuits so itl be a hard session.
    Woke up late for work today, so diet wasnt great. Took a shake (2 scoops whey + about 30g Linwoods Milled seeds, which is a great source of healthy fats), a couple of handfuls of almonds, and a BCAA drink which I luckily made up the night before, which was a litre of water, 1 Vit C effervescent and 20g BCAA.
    Just got back and had another shake whist my chicken is cooking, I also have some lean mince defrosted for tonights meal.
    Morning CV will start tomorrow, 20mins SSCV and will be done 3 days a week at first, and then depending on how I get on, I may up it a little bit, but this will be decided as I go along....
    Will post back later on how the boxing session goes, and what circuits were done etc.....

  6. Looks good so far Dave. What BCAA drink are you using?
    Diet and Nutrition Advisor

  7. Boxing tonight then, was more of a conditioning session, doing alot of shadow boxing, then numerous circuits, and unfortunately I had to leave early and miss the technique aspects of it tonight, but im back there on wednesday.
    Up bright and early for morning cardio tomorrow, as I kind of slept in today..... No more lapses like that! Im back on it and going to give the rest of the comp all I have.
    MMA on the night, I still feel battered from saturdays session. Took a good few hits and knees from one of the instructors who left me in pieces! Need to work alot more on my stand up and hopefully bring my technique and confidence up.
    Thats all for now, Good night, God bless.

  8. Hi Mick, I've simply got a bulk bag (from MP) of unflavoured BCAA's, they taste foul! But then again you don't take them for the taste.

    20mins SSCV done on the exercise bike (Fasted).

    Wasn't that bad getting up at half 5 actually, the worst bit is initially getting out, but once I'm up I'm fine!

    I will be alternating between the exercise bike, and taking the dog out for 20 mins, which will be split into - 5 mins walking - 10 mins running - 5 mins walking or something similar.

  9. Tonight was MMA, and was a tough session. Heres how it went;
    - Warmed up with a couple 2 minute rounds shadow boxing, then moved onto a 10 minute bag circuit. 1 minute on a bag, then straight onto a different bag 10 times.... There was also 2 of the bags on the floor, one purely for ground and pound and the other to pick up, slam and then ground and pound.
    - After 10 mintues of this I wanted to die! Then moved onto some ground and pound on the mat, starting with one guy on his back and the other in his guard going for ground and pound, whilst the person on his back defends, ties the other guy up and works submissions if he can. Did 5 x 2 minute rounds of this (the 2 minute rounds were split into one of the people on their back for the first minute, then swap for the second).
    - Then moved onto some stand up and clinch work. Working against the cage, pummeling, fighting for underhooks, dirty boxing and take downs. Did 6 x 1 minute rounds with this (No rest in between, just switch partner and away you go).
    - Moved onto abit of grecko roman wrestling, and a couple of throws for another 10 minutes of so. First drilling it through, then having a 3 x 2 minute rounds against each other fighting for the take down.
    - Finally moved onto the floor, working a couple of submissions, namely the kamura from side control and then did 3 x 2 minute rounds of rolling (starting from the floor and just working submissions, sweeps etc...).
    - Got home and went for a run with the dog for 10 minutes, and that was me done!

    Up early in morning for a run/walk with the dog, hopefully it will be good weather for it! Boxing tomorrow night, plenty of circuits and conditioning work and maybe a bit of sparring.
    Bed now, and no doubt have some crazy ZMA dreams! I love it! I must be getting some quality REM sleep, which therefore should mean better recovery, so the ZMA is working....
    Going to have a weigh in on the weekend before my cheat meal. And we'll see how much I've dropped after the first week of AD's SHREDABULL, looking leaner, and feeling lighter, we'll see what the scales say.
    Drop back in tomorrow. Bye for now!

  10. Tonight was boxing, and was a grueling session. Heres how it went;
    - Prior to the boxing, I did a 10 minute run
    - 3 x 2 minute rounds shadow boxing to warm up.
    - Then it was circuit time! Did 5 exercises - Push ups, body rolls, knees to chest, squat jumps and then burpees. It was performed like this - 5 of each exercise, then 4 of each exercise with no rest, down to 1 of each exercise.
    - Then we did some plank variations, for example two people opposite each other holding plank, having to tap each others hands away. Not hard or anything, it is an exercise mainly to drill speed in being able to dodge taps, and also trying to tap them whilst holding plank. Did 6 x 30 seconds of that, which was horrible!
    - Back to the circuit above
    - Then did some pad work, with a round of sparring in with the bag circuit. So we all had a bag, and after 2 minutes we would all move to a different bag, with one person going into the ring and sparring with the instructor. it was 2 minutes on, 30 seconds off, and this was for 10 rounds (So it was 8 with the bags and 2 sparring rounds).
    -Then finished off with a little weights circuit, nothing special, just 70kg bench press SS with Deadhang pull-ups which was 4 sets of 8,7,6,6.
    - After that it was a long stretch off and then BATH TIME!
    I was sweating from places I never have before! It was a very hard session fitness-wise, especially for me who gets tired going up the stairs!
    Morning CV tomorrow, will be 20mins SSCV on the bike. I've been getting a few pains in the front of my legs whilst running. I dont want to say the dreaded double S's, hopefully its nothing major and will be alright. I have taken a rest from running for long periods, but was hoping to do some hill running on the weekend. We'll see how it goes.....


  11. Right then, Thought I'd share my latest homemade gym contraption....! Nothing special, just a dipping station, which I could also use for leg raises too.

    Very simple to do, and took around 20 mins at work to do. Its quick and cheap (everything sourced from work so it was free for me, But I'm guessing to actually make for yourself it won't cost alot). The hardest part for me was sourcing all the connecting bits.

    Here's how I did it;

    - Firstly designed it, drew it out, and did abit of planning, so I knew how big it would be, size of lengths, how it would be connected etc....

    - Sourced the materials. I used Galvanised steel tubes and connections, which are actually designed for making hand railings.

    - Cut the tube into the right sizes (7 small lengths, 4 large)

    - And assemble!

    Heres a couple of pictures;

    Very easy to do! It will take pride of place in my gym area at work, which Im steadily building up - I currently have; a matted floor (so its comfortable to do crunches etc...), punch bag, sit-up bench, ab rollers, various shackles and chains which I use and encorporate for weight sessions, and now I have the dipping station. I have a couple things on my list to do which is; pull-up bar, medicine ball (homemade) and also a bulgarian training bag, which I will be doing tomorrow if I get enough spare time at work.

    I will be doing weighted dips and will be using chains to do so. I may get a few pictures of it in use, if your lucky!!

    Now onto the program;
    I did 20mins SSCV (Walking) earlier on. And I will be doing MMA 7-9, which I will log when I come online later on.

    Diets been spot on, don't think I could possibly be any stricter on myself than I am. Im getting urges all the time, but they are getting quashed when I think of what I want to achieve! I just can't wait for the weekend, when I will have a very nice cheat meal. Im thinking a full tub of mint choc chip ice cream.... That should do the trick.

    Il be weighing myself on saturday, that will be my weekly weigh in to see my losses.

    Is it wrong that I now enjoy drinking unflavoured l-glutamine just mixed in water? For some reason I enjoy the bitter taste, and find myself waiting to have the next one!

    I've been taking my BCAA's with sugar free squash and its fine, bit of a weird after taste, but apart from that I am pretty much used to it. I have found one drink that masks the taste, and thats a protein shake with blended frozen broccoli in it. Mix some BCAA's in with that and you can't taste them at all! You just enjoy the lovely taste of the broccoli!

    Thats all for now, will update again later.

  12. Little update from last night then;
    The MMA session went as follows;
    - Warm up
    - Circuit which consisted of Burpees, Squat Jumps, and Plank position and knees to chest, one knee at a time (Not sure the correct name, but you get the idea) each exercise was done for 10 'reps' and performed 3 times in a row. And then a small ab circuit, crunches, leg raises and toe taps. Again 3 times over and for 10 'reps'
    - Then we did some stand up sparring, 8 x 2 minute rounds with 30 seconds off. Then we encorporated take downs in the sparring, but with 14oz glove on, so it was more about the technique of the takedown and trying to dominate the top position whilst including abit of ground and pound.....
    - Then we had 4 x 2 minute rounds of working off the cage, dirty boxing, clinch work etc...
    - Then we drilled a couple of sweeps from the bottom position. And then rolled them...
    Im sure Im missing something from the session, but I cant think what. Just got back from work, so its exercise bike time then a walk with the dog. No training tonight, and will be going to MMA tomorrow at 11 for another grueling session like last saturday.

  13. Right then, after my last update earlier I did 20mins SSCV in the form of a fast walk.
    I also made an unexpected appearance at my local gym. My brother was going, and had his mates pass who was on holiday, so he asked me to go. I mainly went to help him, although he is 5 years older than me, he has only been going 6 weeks and still needs abit of guidance.
    I still managed to get a quick shoulder and arms workout in though, which went like;
    Clean and Press 4 sets of 8
    Arnold Press - DB lateral raise - DB bent over lateral raise (Tri-set) 3 sets of 10-10-10
    Rear delt flyes 2 sets of 10
    Barbell curl 4 sets of 8
    Seated incline curl 3 sets of 10
    Preacher curls 2 sets of 10
    Barbell overhead extension 4 sets of 10
    Single arm pull down 3 sets of 10 each arm
    And that was it, short and sweet. Felt good to lift some proper weights for a change!
    I have also made a bulgarian training bag today, and will be making an article like I did when I made the single arm ab rollers, so make sure you pop by and check it out!

  14. Today I had a lie in for a change, and got up at 9.... Had some oats, a shake and some blueberries, and I was ready for an early morning MMA session.
    Saturdays is pretty much a sparring day, with both boxeing and MMA running together.
    Started off with a few stretches, then a couple of circuits. 10 exercises x 10 reps as quick as possible, then a minute rest and complete the circuit again.
    Then went into the sparring, 2 minute rounds with 30 seconds off. You could only throw kicks if both of the people had shinguards, if not it was just a boxing round.
    So it was 6 x 2 minute rounds (2 of them were punches only).
    Then we did 4 x 2 minute rounds of purely boxing, followed by 4 x 2 minute rounds of wrestling (starting from standing working takedowns) and finished off with 3 x 2 minute rounds of jiu jitsu.
    Safe to say I was absolutely shattered after this! And Im aching like hell. Just gulped down a nice refreshing glass of unflavoured L-Glutamine! And Im about to do around 30-40mins SSCV in the form of a paced walk with the dog.
    Hill running tomorrow hopefully, up bright and early for about 10km run. Il be taking it fairly easy, as my CV fitness is poor and my shins have been playing up.
    Think I will be leaving my cheat till tomorrow, and I cant wait! Whole tub of mint choc chip ice cream is how its going to go down!

  15. Up bright and early today, did 40mins fasted SSCV (20mins on the bike and 20mins walking). Will be doing a couple of circuits later with the new training bag. Which I will be writing up today for you all to see.
    Will update later on how it goes.


  17. Tested out the new bag earlier, and did a couple of little circuits, nothing special, just getting to grips with it.

    Heres how it went;

    -10 Around the head rotations to the right
    -10 to the left
    -10 Push ups

    This was done 3 times with no rest, which was repeated 3 times.

    The next one was just a little experimentional one, to see the bags many uses. Heres what I did;

    -Underhand grip and move from waist to overhead x 10
    -Grab the middle of the bag with overhand grip and perform front raises x 10 (This helps grip aswell, as it is difficult to grip around the bag)
    -An Arnold press type movement with the bag x10
    -Tri Ext x10
    -Bi Curls x10
    -Followed by push ups x10

    This was repeated 5 times.

    I then did 3 cycles of sandbag loading, with a 25 kg(ish) bag, loading it to chest height
    10 from the right
    10 from the middle
    and 10 from the left.

    Nice little workout, going to research a little more and try and come up with some proper strength and conditioning circuits, and also Im looking for more equipment to make!

    Now on to the important stuff. Sunday can only mean one thing..... CHEAT DAY!

    Nothing too fancy just;
    1 bag of milk bottles
    1 bag of dolly mixture
    1 bag of jelly beans
    200g of fudge
    And around 500ml of Ice cream


  18. Update time;

    Yesterday -

    20mins fasted SSCV on the exercise bike this morning, 20 mins SSCV walking around 3ish, and boxing at 7. Will post later with details.

    Currently getting a strength and conditioning plan sorted now, and will start better workouts asap.

    Got a 5ft dumper truck tyre at work, for flipping, only problem is, I can only manage 1!!! It is huge! 5ft tall, 23.5 inches wide and about 4inches thick! Its huge. I will keep going for that tyre and should gradually get better and better. In the mean time, I will try and source a tractor tyre, which tend to be thinner, so will be easier.

    At boxing last night, it was pretty much the same session as before. (Shadowbox warm-up, followed by stretches). Hard work, but steadily improving....

    Today -

    Today I got up and did 20mins SSCV in the form of a paced walk (I am alternating between cycle and fast walk). And I will be doing MMA shortly, which I will post as I get back.

    For all those interested, I have two new pieces of equipment in the making, one more complicated than the other. I am making 'farmers bars' and a sled. The 'farmers bars' is being made out of steel, and will be fabricated at work (lucky I have alot of machinery at work at my disposal!). The sled will simply be a car tyre with a piece of ply wood in the bottom, so it can be loaded with extra weight. I will be posting articles as usual, which I will give greater detail on.

    I will also be starting 'A lift a day' program. Although I am focusing on strength and conditioning circuits, I will be also be doing 1 big compound lift per day, which I will expand on as the days go on.

    Will update later on the session

    SHREDABULL is going well, Im loving it at the moment. The official weigh in will be tomorrow morning (I would do it tonight, but after training I will have taken an extra 2kg in of water etc... So results will not be comparible. I will weight in the morning, unclothed, as I did when I started the cut).

  19. Right, Not updated since tuesday, so here's how the last few days went;

    Wednesday - Did fasted SSCV (20mins) on the exercise bike at 5:30AM and Rested in the evening rather than going boxing.

    Yesterday - Got back from work at 11AM as I was on a training course, So I went to the MMA gym and did an hours S&C session, doing various circuits, including the use of the Bulgarian training bag, medicine ball, ab rollers and barbell. I did MMA on the evening, and started with a few warm up circuits, moved onto sparring, then some take down techniques, then moved onto a submission and then 'rolled' for the last part of the session.

    Today - Started building some farmers bars and a squat rack at work, which should be completed on monday, got all the pieces, just need to weld it all together!

    I then did a small workout, using a HUGE dumper truck tyre (This thing is massive) and a sledgehammer. Just a quick one, and il rest for the rest of the day in preperation for a hard morning session at MMA, which is normally 12 x 2 minute rounds of sparring, with only 30 seconds inbetween. Brutal work, and half the time Im up against an experienced trainer, which more times than not, ends up with me getting battered. But Im slowly getting more confident, just need to work on technique, agility, and most importantly - fitness.

    Weekends nearly here, which can only mean one thing! Cheat meal!!! Diets been solid so far, made some protein flapjacks the other day, which I will take a picture of and post up how I made them later on. BEAUtiful. Also been surviving by having some sugar free jelly, thats been a savour over the last couple of days dieting! Still loving the taste of unflavoured L-Glutamine too, its gorgeous.

    The moment youve been waiting for! Its weigh in time!

    Starting weight (Before Shredabull) - 84.8kg
    Weight after 4 weeks - 80kg

    TOTAL LOSS OF 4.8kg

    Im looking ALOT leaner, but I don't feel small like I did when I previously cut. Obviously I was holding a far bit of fat and water. Admittably I did indulge in a few luxuries after I finished my Granite Mass stack, and enjoyed myself, after all it was around my birthday, and it would of been rude not to eat my bodyweight in cake.....

  20. Nice loss of weight after 4 weeks buddy.
    Diet and Nutrition Advisor

  21. MMA this morning, started off similar with some shadow boxing warm ups, followed by some circuits. Then moved on to some pad work, then finished off with several rounds wrestling/takedowns/jiu jitsu....

    Then went for an hours long walk a couple of hours after that, Nice long walk with the dog....

    May be going out tonight, but not sure how Im going to keep the diet in tact. Possibly diet drinks with white spirits! And probably stuff a few protein bars in my pocket! Sad I know, but I dont want to let the diet crash, or get hunger pains and resort to takeaway....

    Start my proper strength and conditioning training on monday, which I will expand on later. Im eager to get started.

  22. Today was a total rest day apart from a couple of long walks, but nothing to heart racing.

    Diet has been spot on, APART from my cheat meal. And what a lovely cheat meal it was! I didnt know whether to opt for the low fat, high sugery cheat, or the all out junk food cheat.....

    Here's what I finally decided on;

    20 NUGGETS

    It was absolutely gorgeous!! Now no more crap till next week. But next time, I think I will opt for the refeed aproach, and stock up with low GI carbs, wholegrain food stuff, oats and sweet potato....

    Just thought Id share my flapjacks I made the other day;

    Ingredients list was (If I remember correctly);

    - Cup of Oats
    - 4 Scoops Belg Choc Pharma Blend
    - Ground Almonds
    - 2 Tbsp Almond Butter
    - 1 Tbsp Light & Mild Honey (For binding)
    - Around 100ml Low Fat Milk or water for a bit of moisture! (Add more if too dry)

    I started off by placing the Almond butter and honey in the microwave for a minute to melt it, and make it a little more runny... Then basically chucked in all the dry ingredients. I then realised it was a little too dry, thats why I added a touch of milk. This could easily be changed to water to give the same effect...

    I then put on a baking try (lined with cling film so it didnt stick) and left to set in the fridge.

    Very nice flapjacks! And a nice little treat after morning CV, and quite healthy too!

    Well on my way to making my Farmers bars, a sled and a squat rack. So I will have them to show this week. So stick around!

    Thats it for today, sleep time!

  23. Quick update before I pop off to bed then....

    Proper start of my Strength and conditioning training today. Here's how it went;

    - Push Press
    - Back Squats
    - Snatch Grip Behind Head Push Press
    - Weighted Push Ups

    This was followed by Abs (Rollouts and Hanging Leg raises) and Grip work (Plate Pinches)

    Then later on I did a 20 minute stint on the exercise bike. And that was me done!

    I will elaborate on this further, with weights, sets and rep ranges at a later date. In a rush at the moment!

  24. Today I was supposed to get up at half 5 and do 30 mins SSCV. But instead, I slept through my alarm and got up at 6.10 and ended up being late for work! God knows how my alarm was going off for 40 minutes and I never woke up.....

    I more than made up for it at work, I was up and down a jetty all day, in full gear, life jacket and all. Shifting gear and equipment in the roasting heat! I was knackered and sweating like a tw*t.

    Went and did some strength work straight after work, it was a grueling session, but I loved it. Went like this;

    Muscle Snatch 3x5
    Snatch Grip Deadlift 3 x 10
    Rom Deadlift 3 x 10
    Snatch Grip Shrugs 3 x 10
    Bent Over Rows 3 x10
    Wide Grip Pull ups 3 x 10

    All with 1 or 2 warm up sets.

    MMA later on, will come back later and log the session...

    Farmers bars are made, and will upload pics etc... when I can. They look quite professional actually ha!

  25. Il start where I left off....

    Tuesday MMA session was a lot of sparring and rolling... with a little bit of technique here and there.

    Wendesday was;
    5:30am - 20mins SSCV on the exercise bike
    8.30pm - 9.30pm Repeat of mondays session. Aim is to get used to the exercises and the movements to get ready for the upcoming weeks. Felt strong, with hardly any DOMS from the last two sessions. L-glut and BCAA's are working a treat!

    Today was;
    5:30am - 20mins SSCV on the exercise bike
    2pm - 3pm Repeat of tuesdays session
    And will be doing a light MMA session later....

    Today seems like alot to do, but I feel good and strong.

    Tomorrow will be a rest day, apart from 20mins fasted SSCV and Abs later on in the day. But no weights or MMA session.

    Il keep it short and sweet and update later after the MMA session.

  26. MMA last night was;

    - 10 minutes continuous bag circuit
    - Bit of conditioning with some take down work, and slams.
    - Then drilled the kimura over and over, from side control and then north to south.
    - Then rolled (rounds of Jiu Jitsu) for several rounds

    That was me done!

    Today is my scheduled rest day from weights. Although I have done some light cardio and some pad work;

    - Morning fasted SSCV at 5.30am for 20mins
    - Managed to find a nice secluded building near the workshops on the dock with plenty of floor space, so hooked a punch bag up from one of the girders and my work mate brought some thai kick pads, and some focus mitts. So between 2pm and 3pm we did various drills and techniques with the equipment.

    Hoping to buy some mats for this building and turn it into a functional work gym! Just got to make sure the managers dont find out...

    Tomorrows plan is;

    - MMA 11am -12.30pm. This will be more than likely ALOT of sparring, like most saturday sessions.
    - Strength work at around 5pm which will inlcude Power Snatch and also Power Clean & Jerk, With maybe a little bit of ab work if I have time.

    Going out saturday night, so that will be my 'cheat meal' but I wont be completely going for it, Il get a steak at the restaurant, with rice... Then have white spirits all night with diet coke... Or something along those lines.

    Sunday will be a complete day of rest, just like how God would want!

    I'l have a weigh in before my cheat day, and have a little update and summary of the comp so far!

  27. This mornings session was gruelling! Normal saturday session of sparring, but I pushed it alot harder.

    It went as follows;

    - 3 x 2 minute rounds of shadow boxing to warm up
    - 3 x 100 rep (10 reps of 10 exercises) circuit with 30 seconds inbetween each circuit
    - 6 x 2 minute rounds of sparring (stand up) with 30 seconds inbetween each round
    - 6 x 3 minutes of wrestling and submission work (Start from standing, looking for the take down, then working on BJJ) and again only 30 seconds inbetween each round

    That was it done, finished off with some stretches and a cool down.

    Was going to do some weights later on, but I dont want to do too much. Going to se ehow I feel, and if Im not 100%, Il just switch it to tomorrow as I have no training scheduled for tomorrow anyway.

    Looking fairly decent, I only have 6 weeks left (As im on holiday from the 16th so submitting mine early!) Still a long way to go though, just got to push it harder and harder now.

    Diets doing well, temptations have been there, but I havnt given in yet. Partially thanks to my strong will, partially to do with sugar free jelly!!!

  28. Right then, little update.

    Monday was;
    20 mins Fasted SSCV - AM
    And PM Session is as follows
    - Push Press 4 x 6
    - Back Squats 4 x 6
    - Snatch Grip Behind Head Push Press 4 x 6
    - Weighted Push Ups 4 x 15

    Today was;
    30 mins Fasted SSCV - AM
    And PM Session is as follows
    Muscle Snatch 4 x 5
    Snatch Grip Deadlift 4 x 6
    Rom Deadlift 4 x 10
    Bent Over Rows 3 x 10
    Wide Grip Pull ups 3 x 10

    Tonight is MMA, which I will update on later.

    Invested in some liquid chalk, which has without a doubt helped me with my lifts.

    May increase morning CV, aslong as I can get to sleep earlier on a night. Otherwise I fear I won't have enough quality sleep each night. Thats the only problem, I feel good and not tired at all during the day, leaving enough time for my muscles to recover, so Im not worried about overtraining.

    Diets going good. Just have to tweak the calories, and try and shift that stubborn fat thats still left.

    Still need to sort out the 'Farmers Bars' article. They are made, I just need to take a picture of them finished, but there at work, and Im not back in till Thursday. So hopefully Il get it done by weekend for those interested.

    Will be going on shifts soon, which will affect my weekly training sessions, missing out on evening MMA sessions, but the person Im training with who is training for an upcoming fight does morning sessions aswell, so Il just have to adapt my plan to suit. Il expand on this as it happens.

  29. Got a couple of days to update for;

    Wednesday was a light session with kettlebells and dumbells where appropriate;

    1a. 1 arm snatch 2 x 10/10
    1b. hindu pushups 2x10-20

    2a. 1 arm clean and press 2 x 10/10
    2b. pistols or reverse lunges 2 x 5-10 each leg

    3a. 2 arm snatch 2x10
    3b. pull ups 2 x 10

    4a. 2 arm clean and press 2 x 10
    4b. jump squats 2x10-20

    (the 'a' exercise is done, then the 'b' x2, with rests inbetween)

    Yesterday was a rest day, and Im going to do weights a little later on. And the session will look like;

    1. snatch push press behind neck 4x6
    2. front squat 4x6
    3. incline bench press 4x6
    4a. weighted pushups 3-4x10-15
    4b. abs and grip work
    -rollouts, L-sits and plate pinches, roll ups for example
    5. a few sled sprints or hill sprints if possible, maybe 5-10 sprints
    -sub 50 burpees if needed

    Then its MMA sparring 11-12.30 in the morning.

    Have all my farmers bars complete, which will be uploaded later on today.

    Thats it for now, update shortly!

  30. Had sunday off as a complete rest day, and needed it aswell! Had a few cheats throughout the day, but they werent really cheats, just a fair few carbs, most of which were low GI, so it was technically a refeed more or less.

    Yesterday was;
    - Muscle Snatch 4 x 5
    - Power Clean + Squat (Front) + Hang Clean 6 x 1
    - Clean and Jerk working up for a few sets up to a heavy 1 rep
    - Pendlay Row 3 x 10
    - Pull Ups submax SS with Hollow rocks x 30 seconds - 3 sets

    Today was;
    - Jerks 5 x 3
    - Push Press 4 x 4
    - Back Squat 6 x 3
    - Bench Press 6 x 3

    - MMA session (Bag Work, Pads, Sparring then Rolling)

    Still getting in at least 20mins SSCV every morning. Which I am looking to increase.... I thought with this many sessions I would start to feel slugish and tired, but Im feeling really good. So its all going well.....

    Diets good, I was thinking of decreasing cals, but Ive opted for increasing morning CV as mentioned above, SO diet will stay the same.

    Tomorrow will be;
    - Rest day as far as a 'Weights' session is concerned
    - May do some pad and bag work straight after work or will do a light 'recovery' session which will include - Farmers walks 300-600 meters, stopping for a set of 10 burpees every 50 meters. With plenty of mobility exercise before and after

    This light session will be to get ready from the day afters big session.....

  31. Struggling to get on the last couple of days due to a University test which I have on tuesday. This is a resit, and its bloody hard so I've been putting the hours in trying to revise. So if anyones good with Engineering Mathematics, I could do with your help! Ha!

    Update from the last couple of days;
    Wednesday was a light session as stated above.... Farmers walks sounded simple enough, but they were horrible! I thought it would be a walk in the park, but it was hard, and the burpee's every 50 meters really did me in!

    Yesterday was;
    5:30AM Run to work (This was from the missus' house. She lives a little closer to my work than I do, so i left my car at hers and ran. Nice and steady pace, and took around 25 minutes which was alot quicker than I thought).

    - Muscle Snatch 3 x 5
    - Clean and Front Squat 4 x 4
    - 10kg KB Power jump from dead stop 4 x 6
    - Walking RDL 8/8 SS with Recline rows x 15 - 3 sets

    Then it was MMA in the evening, which revolved around pad work, then sparring and rolling....

    Today was a rest from morning CV, and I had a nice lie in and went to a different MMA gym at 10AM.
    - Started with warm up (Dynamic stretching, light shadow boxing etc...)
    - 3 x 2 minutes (30 seconds off) rounds with focus mitts
    - 3 x 2 minutes (30 seconds off) rounds with kick pads
    - Some strength work which inlcuded the use of ropes, sledge hammers, tyre work etc...
    - Finished off with abs - Rollouts, Hanging leg raises, Ab cycles...

    Depending on how Im feeling, I will either rest later, or get a strength session in. I'l just eat and rest for several hours and see how I feel.

    Sparring in the morning at 11AM, this is normally around 12 x 2 minute rounds with 30 seconds off. This centres around 6 rounds of Kick/Thai Boxing followed by 6 rounds of wrestling and rolling.....

  32. Last few days have been hectic.... Today I had a resit for one of the exams I did in June, so I have been revising till my eyes bled for the last few days! Oh the joys of University!

    I did manage to cram in some weight training, whilst I took a break from the work. Still kept up the morning SSCV too.....

    After having a break from weights on the Saturday, Sunday looked like this;
    - Incline Bench Press 6 x 3
    - 5 sets of Handstand Push Ups (submax) SS with Squat x 5 Reps
    - Dips 5 x Submax
    - Burpees SS KB Swings 4 sets of 14 - 12 -10 - 8
    -Abs (Rollouts, Hanging Leg Raises, Crunches and some Oblique Work)

    Yesterday was;
    - 2 x Muscle Snatch + 2 Hang Power Cleans x 4 sets
    - Muscle Clean + Hang Power Clean + Front Squat + Hang Clean + Jerk x 5 sets
    - Good Mornings 3 x 10
    - Seesaw Bent over rows SS with Ab rollouts 3x12/12
    - 3 sets of Row 250meters SS with Kettlebell Topside Half Moons x 12 reps

    Today was the day of my test, so I did 15 mins HIIT this morning, then I had to revise so no weights today. MMA in half an hour, so will still be a physical day.

  33. Its been a week since I last updated...?! Where has the time gone? I thought it had only been just over the bank holiday, oh how time flies when your working hard!!

    So il begin with where I left off;

    After the heavy sessions on Monday and Tuesday, the rest of the week was a 'Deload' week. Full of light weights and plenty of mobility exercises and stretching, avoiding the barbell which my sessions normally revolve around!

    Cardio was as normal - 20mins fasted SSCV 5:30am (subbed with a 20minute steady run if Im staying at my partners, in this case it is a fasted run at 6am and also a steady 20mins run at 2pm) and 20mins in the evening on NON-MMA days.

    Wednesday was;
    - 1 arm alternating KB swings 4 x 10/10 SS with Pullups 4 x 10
    - Light bulgarian training bag work SS with Hindu Pushups 3 x 15
    - Get ups 1 x 12/12

    Thursday was a mixed bag of small conditioning circuits and supersets, inlcuding things like;
    - Burpees SS KB swings
    - Seesaw Bent rows SS Ab rollouts
    - Walking RDL SS Recline Rows
    and various other light exercises + MMA on the evening.

    Friday was similar, with different exercises. Nice light work with plenty of mobillity exercises and stretching.

    Saturday was Boxing/MMA in the morning, 11-1 and then I spent the rest of the day getting some much needed rest! I felt drained after a heavy bag and pad session run by a pro-boxer.

    Sunday was Cheat day! I was in two minds whether or not to cheat coming this close to the end, but after feeling slightly worn out on saturday, I decided I needed to replenish glycogen stores etc.. I still kept my protein intake the same, but got down plenty of carbs (alot of simple sugars), with minimal fat. I've been taking RAVENOUS also to keep my digestive system running smoothly.

    Sunday PM was a brief session. I took my partner to my gym and put her through her paces. The session was mainly about her, but I joined in with a few of the drills. Mainly kettlebell work, some bulgarian training bag work, use of the medicine ball and bodyweight exercises.

    Im guessing Monday was a right off for many people, with it being bank holiday (is it a bank holiday over there in the states??) Im guessing a few people was abit fragile in the morning???!!! Not me! First days overtime saw me at work for 6:30AM, finishing at 12, whilst getting paid till 2! Happy days! This meant I could structure my meals alot better, rather than resorting to shakes and bars. In the gym for 3pm, session went as follows;

    - Hang Cleans to warm up; sets of 12 to start, gradually getting heavier to sets of 3
    - Finished cleans with some heavy power cleans up to 1 rep
    - This was followed by 4 x 6 of snatch grip dead lift
    - Burpees 12/10/8 SS Pullups x submax (No rest)
    - 1 arm alternating KB swing SS seesaw bent rows
    - Finished off with recline rows + bicep work + grip work

    Then 30mins SSCV on the bike around 10pm

    Today is the start of new shift pattern (which will see me work 2pm-10pm and 6am-2pm alternating weeks). I start at 2pm today, so I could of had the first lie in for ages! But no! up at 6:30 for 50mins SSCV!

    All morning CV is now doubled or greater (from 20mins to 40 or 50mins), for the final push of the challenge! Determination is now at its highest!

    With me missing the evening MMA sessions, I will be doing a morning conditioning session before work, followed by weights in the PM after work. One of the MMA guys has a fight in 3 weeks, so he is doing a morning session and the evening classes, so I will be doing the morning sessions alongside him, which will benefit both of us. With it being his fight prep, I'l let him decide on most of the work, so he can target what he needs to work on.

    This morning will be spent manipulating my diet and meal times to suit my new shift pattern. Which I will post up once done!

    Thought Id share my weight loss with you today also, so far its been....;
    Weightloss has been; 10kg in 10 weeks

    5kg after 4 weeks
    7kg after 6weeks
    9kg after 8weeks
    10kg after10weeks

    Obviously, there will be some muscle loss due to the nature of the new training, but I dont feel any smaller. I feel alot harder, plenty of striations in my delts. Feel tip top!

    I feel my progress so far has been MASSIVELY helped by AD's Transform Stack of Taurotest and Shredabull, aswell as a number of PhD products (protein etc...) and hoping for some more gains within the final weeks.

    Stay tuned for the FULL update in 2 weeks time, with pictures and stats.

    Thats all from me for now! Au'revoir!

  34. So today has been fun to say the least!


    Up at 6:30am for 50mins SSCV - Fasted
    Light Jog + 5 minutes of sprints (Totalling 20 minutes) at Noon
    Weights (Strength) after work at 10pm

    Following a new diet, (Thanks to AD's CEO, Joe who tweaked it), which is as follows;

    Post morning CV - 2 Scoops Whey + 50g Oats
    9:30 - Lean Steak Mince +50g Wholegrain Rice
    11.30 Diet Whey bar
    Pre-workout meal Whey isolate + 25g Oats
    Post-workout ^ Same as above
    Meals after are Chicken and broccolli (2 meals, evenly spaced for the rest of the day)
    Pre-bed 2 scoops Casein

    The above diet was based around me doing the morning shift (with weights at 2), which will be slightly different for the times Im on the afternoon shift, but very similar.

    Weights today was;
    Front Squat
    Romanian Deads + Shrug
    Push Press
    Hanging Leg raises

    Heavy weight, low reps.

    Now time to get some much needed sleep, 7 hours should see me have enough time to recover! Then its up again for a repeat of today!

  35. Good morning everyone! Nice bright and early start again.

    40mins Fasted SSCV - DONE! Managed to find my old iPod Video, and some tiny portable speakers so I could watch a movie whilst on the bike. Managed to see the first bit of Anchorman whilst pedalling away! "60% of the time, it works everytime"! It was hard trying to watch it on a 2 x 2 inch screen, but it did help pass the time away.

    Foood time now,
    2 scoops Pharma whey HT + 50g Oats

    Having tried the majority of the Pharma whey flavours, one flavour stands out for me, and thats Mint Chocolate, its B-E-A-Utiful! I'd probably go as far as nicest whey shake on the market!

    The rest of the day I have;
    -Sprints with (Very light jog)
    -Weights (PM - After work)

    Which I will update on later......

  36. Yesterday was switched about abit for convenience,

    Did Weights at 12 (Noon), which included;
    Power Clean and Jerk 4 x 5
    Back Squat 5 x 4
    RDL + Shrug (Heavier than previous) 3 x 5
    Snatch Grip Push Press 3 x 5
    Back Extension 3 x 10
    Reverse Crunch 3 x 10

    Then 20 mins cv at 9:30pm (10mins SSCV + 10mins HIIT)

    Changing the routine times made it easier to plan all my meals.

    Today is;
    40 mins fasted SSCV - DONE at 6am
    Light Jog at 10am
    Pad work at 1 - (I am training with a kickboxer who is training for a bout, so I will more than likely be taking charge of the pads, not doing many, if any rounds on them).
    Weights at 9pm

    With the change of diet, Im feeling less 'depleted' and feel alot better in myself, whilst still looking better and better....

  37. Thursdays weights was;
    Back Squat - 50% 2 x 3
    Cleans (3 Stage - Floor, Below kneww, Above knee) x 3
    Power Snatch - 65% 1 x 5
    Clean Pull 3 x 3
    Jack Knives 2 x 15

    Firday was;
    Front Squat 60% 2 x 3
    Snatch - Working up to a heavy 1
    Clean and Jerk - Working up to a heavy 1
    GHR 4 x 5
    Bar Hang (wide grip) 3 x Max

    Cardio is still 40mins AM SSCV, 20 mins SSCV PM (or noon if weights is PM).

    Saturday was sparring at 11am. Felt more confident, stepping up against two people who are fighting in two weeks, took a slight beating but I gave as good as I got, fitness is improving, all round stand-up is getting alot better.... Did round kick someones elbow, so my foot is in pieces and still can't walk properly on it. Hopefully its just a little tender and sore, with nothing majorly wrong with it. Its abit swollen, but doesnt affect going on the bike so can still do CV!

    Today will be a full body circuit, with plenty of abs... Going to set up my gymnastic rings up (effectively using them as a suspension trainer). Will update again later!

  38. Had a great full body workout on sunday evening, did plenty of circuits, and ab/core work with the suspension trainer.

    No cheat this weekend, kept it strict as I can be due to only having a week before I take the 'after' pictures for my 12 week transformation! Im feeling the full effects of dieting now, I have realised I am very, very moody! All will be okay when Im sat on my sun lounger with my ****tail!

    Monday was;
    Morning CV (like normal)
    Pad work - 1pm
    Evening CV - Bike

    Tuesday was;
    Morning CV
    Upperbody Workout - Supersets/Trisets/Quadsets/Circuits
    Evening - MMA (Mainly wrestling, and ground work)

    Today was,
    Morning CV
    2pm - Mobility work and Legs (High reps, high sets)
    I am due to go get on my bike shortly for another 40mins of action packed SSCV!

    Just dialing in now, picture day for my 12 week transformation is thursday so I have a little plan for the week ahead! It is my girlfriends birthday on the monday, during my last week of prep! Which isn't good at all. This means I have to be strict, even when at the restaurant.... No starter, No chips, No desert! Brilliant! It will all be worth it in the end though!

    I cannot wait to RAPE the all inclusive, I aim to put on a good 3 stone in the 2 weeks! Then back to the diet!

  39. Yesterday was;
    Morning CV - 40mins
    2pm session - Shoulder mobililty work
    Arms supersets
    4 minutes of hell circuit
    Ab and core work on the suspension trainer
    Evening CV - 40mins

    Dropped 50g carbs, feel like a zombie!

    Today was;
    Morning CV - 40 mins
    Evening CV - 45mins Swimming - First time I've properly swam in ages, it was brutal!

    Tomorrow will be;
    Morning CV - 40mins
    Circuits/Full Body Workout - 11pm - 12pm
    Plus another 20mins CV either Post workout or around 5pm (Would be later in the evening but Im off out for the evening)

    Thats all for now, just sipped down a glass of l-glutamine, bloody beautiful! Au re'voir!

  40. [center]*****TRANSFORMATION PICTURES*****

    Right then, not updated for a while. Been in the Dominican Republic for the last couple of weeks, so not being able to get online! I did finish my transformation (was a transformation competition for a UK forum) before I went away. The challenge for me was between July 3rd - Sept 15th (Had to cut it short due to my holiday). So the following progress is from 11 weeks of training and dieting.

    Throughout the transformation, I used Anabolic Designs Transform Stack - TauroTest stacked with Shredabull. This helped me immensely!

    Not 100% happy with the pictures, but I feel I did okay in 11 weeks. I did find it hard to do aesthetic-based transformation, using strength based training rather than conventional 'bodybuilding' routines.
    But I also feel I'm in one of the best shapes I've ever been in (Not just visibly, but fitness wise etc...)
    So here goes;



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