D-Humps Training Journal.

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  1. Update;

    Felt great after that chest session, DOMs were a killer, but a nice pain!

    On Thursday I decided to do an hours Muay Thai followed by an hours MMA ground work (Jiu Jitsu), which I knows going to be counter productive to my bulk, but I've really gotten into it now. I felt absolutely battered after that.

    Rest on friday, as had a few personal things to attend to, then just done an hours Jiu Jitsu, going to eat my weight in chicken and rice, then I'll be hitting 'Week 1' - Shoulders later today. I plan to;

    3 x Clean and Press
    3 x Seated DB Press
    2 x Arnold Press
    3 x Upright Rows

    Going to see what I did last time, and compare with what I achieve tonight..... and will update with how it goes...

  2. Update;

    Hit 'Week 1' shoulders yesterday;

    Clean Press + 5kg from last 'Week 1' Session
    DB Press + 2kg each hand
    BB Upright rows + 2.5kg

    Nice heavy session, working in the 6-8 Rep range.

    Will be hitting legs later today, and I'm aiming for an extra 10kg on back squats, still keeping it ass to the grass. But will update later for the full details.

    Going to be doing a few MMA sessions this week too, not sure which days yet, but I'l be more than likely concentrating on Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu.

    Hope all is well for everyone else,



  3. Looking good in here Dave.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by Mickfootie View Post
    Looking good in here Dave.
    Cheers Mick! Feeling bad though! With having terrible flexibility I keep picking up little strains at MMA. Hopefully with time this will improve, but for now I'm going home from every session hurting!


    My shoulders were fried after that session! Didnt seem alot at the time, but I suffered with DOM's for the next couple of days!

    On Monday I hit legs, I had a slight set-back with Squats.... The plan was to increase from the last 'Week 1' but this never happened, I struggled! This might be down to the extra time off I took off with University, but not too sure, as I then moved on to Hack Squats and after the poor effort with squats I was more determined to shift that little bit extra, and managed an extra 10kg which took me too 130kg.... I then went on to staggered leg press, added an extra 10kg from last time, and I thought I was going to die! Managed to squeeze the reps out though, which I was pleased about. Finished off with 2 sets DB walking lunges.

    Good session overall, and Im still suffering 3 days later.....

    On the Tuesday I was going to rest, but I felt well and was motivated so I went to gym and did a small session Calfs and finsihed with Abs. Which included standing calf raises, seated calf raises, with a couple of variations of super-setted body weight calf raises. Abs was quite simply, Weighted crunches, Leg raises and some Lumberjacks.

    I also did an hours Jiu Jitsu in the evening.

    Wednesday was a much needed rest day in terms of weights, But I did an hours MMA session, mainly working on ground work (Jiu Jitsu) but still worked up quite a sweat.

    Today will be another rest day, and I may be doing another hour of MMA this evening all being well.

    I've started to struggle to keep to my original plan. Balancing MMA and weights is becoming tricky, which has left me no option but to revise the plan. I do enjoy Y3T but it really isn't feasible for me to do at the moment. I think I will opt for a 3-day split (Pull-Push-Legs), and will be finding the best way to structure this asap.

    Tomorrow is my 21st, but more importantly its the last day of my gym membership.... So I will be going down for my final session, and then see what the crack is with renewal. I dont really like my current gym, full of turnips and lacking abit of gear, but it is a 24hr gym, which is a great advantage. If not, I will pay weekly at a different gym untill I decide what to do.

    Just ordered some Vitargo, which should help recovery and aid replenishing glycogen levels whilst juggling both weights and MMA.

    Seeing some good GRANITE MASS gains, strength shooting up in alot of exercises, body fat dropped whilst weight steadily increasing. about 3 more weeks left, and hoping for more improvements!

    Thanks for reading.

  5. Quick Update;

    Just got back from my birthday weekend away, which included;

    Poor Diet + No training!

    Feel abit out of shape now, but it only comes round once a year so I treated myself, well infact my girlfriend treated me to it....

    My gym membership has now ran out, found out the hard way on friday, as I turned up to gym, tried swiping my membership card and it wouldnt let me through the barrier! Ended up having to pay 5 for one session! Which was a disgrace, But I made the most of it, and ended up doing Chest and Back - Arnie style (Supersetting) seeing as though it was my last session for a few days, and my last session at that gym. Im now in the dilemma of having no gym, but I will be looking around untill I find a decent one. Until thent he MMA gym has some weights and a barbell, so I may be doing some simple routines revolving around the barbell, taking it back to basics.

    Don't want to step onto the scales at the moment due to the poor diet the last 4 days, so I'l try and get plenty of decent food, and hopefully a good amount of training, and will update on that at the end of this week.

    Au Revoir

  6. Update;

    Afternoon gentlemen!

    Just a quick one tonight.... After last nights training session, I found myself a tooth down. Which lead to a nice sit and wait in dentists this morning. 3 hours later, I got seen by the dental nurse, and Im not sure if she gets her kicks out of hurting people, but she did a good job on me.

    This then meant I've had to rely on liquid meals all day! This has left me feeling like I've been hit by a bus, the lack of food is killing me.

    I've had a lot to complain about lately, I feel like a grumpy old man! Im now toothless and gymless.... I will be going to a gym to look around at the weekend, and hopefully join asap. Untill then its just a Barbell routine at the MMA gym...


  7. Update;

    Diets picked up, and Ive got back on track food-wise. Running low though, so a much needed trip to Macro is in order, 5kg chicken, 3kg lean beef, 5 dozen eggs.... Should last me a couple more weeks!

    Weight trainings pretty much grinded to a halt. I don't want to neglect the weight training, I've come so far and don't want to just stop now. It's just finding the fine balance between weight training, MMA, aswell as more functional training and circuits to help me with the MMA. I'm still looking for another gym, but in the mean time I have just been using the MMA gyms barbell. Did a quick upper body workout before a session today which involved; Bench press S/S with Bent over row, Push ups, Wide grip dead hang pull ups, Clean Press, lateral raises and bent over lateral raises. I will be looking today for a better routine, and probably opt for a 3 day split of Push/Pull/Legs or something similar.

    MMA's going great. 1 tooth down but I'm still loving it! Stand ups coming along nicely, but I'm excelling in the Jiu Jitsu side to it. I've picked it up quite quick, and the trainers are impressed. So much infact they want me to participate in an inter-club grappling tournement. Which I'm tempted to do..... The main thing I have to improve on is fitness and more particular, breathing.... I need to control breathing more, and may invest in a power breath or something to help in both of these prediciments. Another thing I need to sort out before the tournement is my nose! Got a knock on it from muay thai, and its all swollen, bruised and kills. I dont mind the pain but I just need to make sure I dont knock it again because it runs like a tap and bruises more. As long as its healed, I should be fine...

    So although my gain before I started MMA was to bulk, Im still getting in the calories but the weight gain has stalled at the moment...

    Thats it for now, will check in after the weekend, with news of joining a new gym hopefully...

  8. Update

    Its gone from bad to worse. Ive damaged my foot (My extensor hallicus longus, I believe). Which has put me out for the next two weeks.

    This means no MMA, and no standing weights (which would put weight on my foot). I may try and get a few sessions done encorporating seated and lying exercises so I dont have to take too much time off. But this means NO squatting! My favourite exercise, gone for two weeks! Its not fair. I may do a few ground MMA sessions, working on my BJJ within a week if it heals quick sharpish, but I dont want to risk making it worse.

    Anyway, did back on monday;

    Deads - 140kg +20kg since the beginning of GRANITE MASS
    Hammer grip single arm machine rows 60kg + 10kg since before the cycle
    Lat pull down (Would of been pull ups but someone was hogging the smith machine, which is the only place available for pull ups). 70kg
    Straight arm cable pull down 25kg

    Then I did a couple of Bi exercises;
    Barbell curls and DB Preacher curls.

    Didnt go too well, with so much time between each sessions due to not being a full member of a gym, and trying to balance MMA sessions in there too. But strength has increased dramatically from the beginning and has kept high even though the length of time in between sessions is high.

    Will update at a later date regarding the health of my foot, and hopefully a return to my proper routine...


  9. I have a couple questions. What % of your max are you doing for your warm ups? 12-15 reps I'm assuming? Also, when you say back and bis chest and tris are you classifying bis and tris in your compound movements bc I don't see any direct work. And last but not least how are you selecting your weights for week 3 (high volume)?

    I know it's a lot to answer but I'm interested bc I think I'm going to follow your log. It looks solid! Keep up the work!

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Euch View Post
    I have a couple questions. What % of your max are you doing for your warm ups? 12-15 reps I'm assuming? Also, when you say back and bis chest and tris are you classifying bis and tris in your compound movements bc I don't see any direct work. And last but not least how are you selecting your weights for week 3 (high volume)?

    I know it's a lot to answer but I'm interested bc I think I'm going to follow your log. It looks solid! Keep up the work!
    Thanks for the questions,

    Warm up sets are usually around 70% of my working sets, and for 16 reps.

    Depending on the week, 'Week 1 Chest and Tri's' and again for 'Week 1 Back and Bi's' only involves compound exercises. Hence not seeing direct work for thoses weeks. But I usually pick exercises which do work the smaller muscle groups alot, e.g. Dips for Tri's and Reverse grip Bent over row for Bi's.

    It is not untill 'Week 2' that isolation exercises are implemented, which is where you will see the introduction of exercises specifically for Tri's and Bi's, e.g. Extensions and Curls.

    Week 3 was a tricky one to work out, for working sets I picked around 80% of my 'Week 2' weights. But for some exercises, finding the perfect weight for the rep ranges was trial and error.

    Thanks for questions, happy to help.

    Right then;

    Its been a while since I've been able to train. My foot's still playing up, but is getting noticeably better. I should be back to training in the next few days. Hopefully I'll get enough MMA training done for a grappling/submission competition I am hoping to enter.

    I'll be back to the weights again too, but still only barbell exercises, as I haven't found a replacement gym yet.

    My GRANITE MASS CYCLE has just about come to an end, And I will be putting finishing stats up to show progress.



  11. Update;

    First session back with weights, although it was a quick one.

    Did a quick, simple and effective legs session. Finally able to put weight back onto the foot. The session went like so;

    Back Squats A2T - 2x WU - 4 x 10 x 100kg
    Front Squats S/S with Sissy Squats 4 x 10 70kg + 4 x 10
    Lunges 4 x 10 (Each leg) x 40kg

    Good session seeing as though I only had a barbell available.

    Then did an hours light MMA, mainly working on submissions etc... Not too hard work, but worked up quite a sweat.

    Alls looking good for saturday, where I will be taking part in a Grappling/Submission competition. Il be entering in the 6 months and under section, as I've actually only been training for about 6 weeks. Hoping to do well, but won't be disappointed if I get beat as long as I've put my all into it. I'm still new to the sport so I'm happy with all the experience I can get.

    Hope all is well with everyone else. Take care.

  12. Update;

    Spent the last few days drillling over my Jiu Jitsu technique for the competition... This was an inter-club competition, where around 4 or 5 clubs came down, and everyone would have one fight with everyone in there weightdivision.

    Weighed in this morning at 83kg and got matched up in the middleweight division. Having only a month of experience I wasnt expecting anything spectacular, especially when I was going against people with nearly a years experience. I was nervous to say the least!

    Despite the lack of experience, and the nerves I managed to WIN my weight division and UNDEFEATED! Very pleased with how it went and thoroughly enjoyed it. Gonna stick at it, and hopefully build on this.

    I've now completed my 'bulking' stage, and will upload stats asap. And monday will be the start of a new diet, and hopefully get back into the weights room as I don't want to neglect them.

    New diet and training will be up as soon as I figure it all out.

  13. Update;

    Right then, Firstly I’d like to apologise for my lack of activity!
    Had a lot on at home and at work, But without going too much into it, I haven't had the time or right mentality to get online.
    On to the important stuff;
    I recently finished Anabolic Designs Pro-Test cycle, And I am more than happy with the results. Here’s the breakdown of how it went.


    Start Weight - 83kg
    End Weight - 84.8kg

    This is a total weight gain of 1.8kg or 4lb’s,

    Starting Bodyfat % - 16.8
    Ending Bodyfat % - 14.1

    So although I had a Weight gain of 4lbs. I actually had an larger increase in muscle mass, therefore my lean muscle acquisition is over 4lb’s.

    BUT I should note the scales I used to measure this will obviously not be 100% accurate and there will be tolerances in this.

    My strength also went through the roof; Here are the exercises I specifically recorded.

    Deadlifts went from 4 sets of 8 at 110kg to 140kg for the same reps. Although I should add, I did have the addition of lifting hooks, which dramatically helped me as my grip seems to be very poor which is something I will be attending too.

    Squats went from 4 sets of 10 at 100kg to 110kg for the same reps. This is a good increase in my eyes, as in the past I always neglected my legs, which I know now I shouldn't have!

    Flat DB Chest press went from 40kg (per arm) 4 sets of 8 to 44kg at 4 sets of 10, so not only did I increase the weight I shifted, I also increased it by 2 reps.

    And finally, Military Press went from 52.5kg to 60kg for the same amount of reps.

    I could go on with other exercises like for example another 2kg per arm on lateral raises etc… but I’d be here all night! So I thought I’d just list the 4 big compound exercises so you can see my progress.

    I do think my final stats could have been a lot more impressive if my last 2 weeks wasn’t plagued with injury. For those who have kept an eye on my log will see that I had a trip to the dentists which seriously dented a few days of diet. And then I damaged a ligament in my foot (I can’t remember the name of it now, but its listed somewhere in my log!). Which resulted in no training for just over a week!

    The Next Step

    I will now be looking at trimming down, and will be altering my diet and training. My aim is to be sub 8% bodyfat, for my holiday in September.

    Along with the change of diet, I will also be using AD’s Shredabull to get to where I want to be. Also alongside this I will be looking at adding Tauro-Test to make sure I retain the muscle I’ve gained.

    My diet will be something similar to what is below;

    Meal 1 (Immediately Upon Waking) - 1 1/2 Scoop Whey + 2-3 Raw Eggs
    Meal 2 - 40g Oats + Cup of Blueberries
    Meal 3 - 200g Sweet Potato + around 200g
    Meat (This will vary between White Fish, Salmon, Swordfish, Chicken, Ostrich, Steak and Extra Lean Steak Mince)
    Meal 4 - 1 Scoop Whey + Cup of Almonds
    Meal 5 - Same as Meal 3
    Pre-Workout Meal - 1 Scoop + 1 Scoop Vitargo + 1 tbsp EVOO
    Intra-Workout - BCAA drink or something similar
    Post Workout - 1 Scoop Whey + 1 Scoop Vitargo
    Meal 6 - Same as Meal 3 minus the Sweet Potato
    Bedtime shake - Casien or Protein Blend shake + Blended Frozen Brocolli

    NOTE: Salad/Veg to be applied to Solid meals....

    Training will also be jigged about, Including some functional circuits and a lot more MMA training. My good friend is training for a fight in September and I will be working closely alongside him which I believe will aid in my personal goals.
    I will also be making some home made gym equipment so watch this space!!

  14. Update;
    Diets coming along nicely, but with only around 9 weeks to my holiday, I may drop carbs completely. Not 100% yet though so just have to think it through.
    Trained legs earlier on and here's how it went;
    Front Squats SS with Bodyweight Sissy Squats
    Walking Lunges
    Romanian Deads.
    Finished off with a couple of little circuits including, Squat jumps etc...
    And then 5 x 2 minute rounds on the bags.
    And then I was completely done in!!
    Time for lots of food, plenty of rest and back at MMA tomorrow for a 2 hour session.

  15. Update;
    My legs have been in pieces since my legs session (see above), It wasnt even a very big session but I've been struggling to walk for the last few days!
    Did MMA on thursday night, focusing on abit of stand up and bag work, then taking it to the mat and drilling a few submissions. Went today also, and did a small upperbody routine (Chest Press 5x5 90kg and Deadhang Pull-ups 4 sets of 12,10,8,7), then a couple of little circuits, with burpees, squat jumps, push-ups etc... And finished off with about 10x2 minute rounds on the bags, and a 10 minute run to finish. Had a much needed pro and vitargo shake, to help recover and replenish glycogen.
    All being well Il be training shoulders and arms tomorrow. I've not trained arms properly in a good month or two so Im not looking forward to it! Plus with only a barbell, I will have to plan a routine around this.
    Diets going alright, apart from having a big cheat last night! I had Steak-Ribs-Chicken Wings and Chips at a restaurant and it was beautiful! I struggled to finish it!
    I will be starting Anabolic Designs Shredabull very soon, so keep posted to see how it helps me get in shape for my holiday.

  16. Right then! Officially started Anabolic Designs Shredabull today and running it for 8 weeks upto my holiday. I will also be running BullK and Taurotest alongside it. This is mainly to retain the muscle I have acquired over the last few months of bulking, and to keep my strength up. I don't expect any muscular gains due to the calorie strict diet I will be on, but If i do, this will be an added bonus.
    Diet has been good, low carbs, high protein, and higher fats than normal. The fats are from nuts, eggs, oils, seeds and other foods such as salmon and fatty meat. I did have to have another cheat yesterday, but it wasnt that bad, I had a sunday roast, which I couldnt really turn down as It was the misses mum who cooked! Saying that, it wasnt that bad, she gave me double the amount of beef, and also about 100g of chicken, plenty of veg and a couple of roast potatoes, so i managed to dodge the rest.
    Training today has already seen me do 20 minutes on the bike this morning - fasted, and also a 20 minute walk with the dog, which was very slow and didnt get far as she likes to just sniff everything at the moment so it didnt make me break a sweat!
    I will be going for a run later to my MMA gym, to do a load of circuits and maybe some light weights, but il log back on and record what I do later on.
    Au Re'voir

  17. Update;
    After yesterdays morning bike session and walk, I had a nice large chicken breast with some sweet potato wedges, and re-fuelled myself up for a midday session.
    Il try and list the circuits I do, but Il be honest and say for some of the exercises I do not know the proper name, so I will do my best to explain them.
    Here's how it went;
    - 3 x 2 minute rounds skipping
    - 3 rounds of the same circuit which was devised by the boxing coach. Circuit was; Star Jumps, Press up position and knees to chest (sort of a half burpee), push ups, crunches, leg raises, ab cycle (bring elbow to opposite knee), similar thing to a burpee but no jump, burpees and then squat jumps. Each exercise is done 10 times, e.g. 10 star jumps then 10 knees to chest etc... No rest in between exercises, then 1 minute rest between each circuit.
    - Then did some tyre flipping (Flip the tyre, then two footed jump into the tyre and jump out the front, then run backwards back round the tyre and repeat). Flipped the tyre around 20 meters and then sprinted back to starting point. And repeated this a couple of times.
    - Then another 15 minute jog back home.
    Then today I did a similar thing when I got back from work.
    - Ran to the gym
    - Did the same circuit as before but performed each exersize 20 times and did this once.
    - Then another small circuit which was - single leg squat jumps, weighted squat jumps, walking lunges, toe jumps, and another jump exercise which you place one foot in front of the other and then jump and swap leg positions, whilst moving sideways. As confusing as it sounds, it is very simple!
    - Then did some medicine ball work - Started off opposite my training parter sat down, throwing it to each other, when you catch it, you hold it straight out above your head, go down and do a sit up, and as you come up you throw it back... Then placed to markers about 5 meters apart, with the ball in the middle, you go down in the squat position and explode up and throw the ball up. Whilst the ball is in the air you have to touch the markers before the ball stops bouncing. When you go back to the ball you have to do explosive push ups on the ball - One hand on the ball and one hand on the ground, doing a push up and then swapping hands, if you understand.

    Its all relatively new to me, I let my training partner sort most of it out whilst I input some ideas. As hes training for an MMA fight, I am just shadowing him and training with him to help myself improve.
    MMA session tonight, which I will log when I come back from it.

  18. MMA last night was good. Started off with a load of different circuits. Then moved on to abit of stand up, and eventually had a light sparring session (with 4oz gloves on) whilst working techniques and takedowns etc... Then moved it onto the floor and worked on some jiu jitsu techniques. I looked a right pretty picture after the session! Blood soaked t-shirt, which was drenched in sweat!
    Well deserved rest today, still took the dog out for 20minutes and broke into a slight jog for 5 minutes, will also be doing the same a little bit later on.
    Thinking about waking up early doors to do 20 mins SSCV on my exercise bike.... But started work at Half 6 means il have to get up about half 5 to have enough time for a session and shower before work. Will let you know tomorrow what I decided to do. Il also be doing MMA tomorrow so I have that to look forward to aswell.
    Diets still strict. I have kept carbs to immediately upon waking and post-workout ONLY, and have increased fats (from good sources I might add). But I am now constantly starving! I think my body needs to re-adjust to my new intake. And switch over to burning fat for fuel instead of using carbs..... I have just started adding extra BCAA's, L-Glut, HMB, and ZMA. Its too early to comment on them just yet, but the things I have noticed right away are;
    - BCAA's taste awful!
    - I have crazy dreams whilst on ZMA!
    I will also be getting a weights session in on friday or saturday, as I dont want to neglect doing weights seeing as though its been a massive part of my life the last couple of years.
    Will update tomorrow with my fasted cardio session, and MMA session. I also have a couple of pieces of equipment I will be making at home again, which Il turn into an article like I did with the single arm ab rollers! So stay tuned!

  19. Righeo, I think wednesday was my last update, so Il start from there.
    On thursday I did MMA on the evening, which was a grueling session. Hard work like normal and got put through my paces.
    On friday me and the training partner did 3 x 2 minutes skipping and then 10 minute run, about 15 minutes of different variations of sprints and then a 10 minute run back. Did a quick Pull-up Push up superset circuit, starting at 8 of each and carrying on going till you reach 1 and 1 with little or no rest between each exercise.
    Today I woke up and did 20mins fasted SSCV on the exercise bike, had some food and then went to MMA. Started off with various circuits and then did 12 x 2 minutes rounds, with 30 seconds between each round. There was 4 of us, so it was 4 rounds with each person. The first 6 rounds were more Muay Thai and stand up (with the option for take downs, but wearing 14oz gloves, its a little difficult!) and the last 6 were with 4oz gloves, starting for standing and mainly working in the clinch, up against the cage and take downs... with the option of bodyshots, kicks, knees etc... Toughest session so far, and I could of easily dropped out after the first 6 rounds! But I powered through and managed to do it all.
    Will take the dog out later for another couple 30minutes fast paced walks, and thats it for the day.
    Diets been spot on, being strict and keeping carbs to a minimum and increasing fats. I did walk past the biscuit aisle in the supermarket today and nearly picked up a packet! But im going to save myself another week before I have a cheat / refeed.... But il be refeeding on lowfat things like ice cream etc...
    Off to the gym later to sign back up, so Il be getting more weights sessions in from now to keep strength up and hold on to that muscle.
    Will be making a home made bulgarian training bag later this week so stay around for that!
    Bye for now!

  20. Update;
    After saturday, I was hurting all day sunday! I took it easy, and kept the diet fairly strict! But with it being a sunday, normally a cheat day for me, I had a little treat, but nothing to extravagent.
    I say fairly strict, I had a fish from the fish shop, but I didnt eat the batter... And I also had 6 milka biscuits (3 before cardio, and 3 after). These were the only treat of the day, and I timed the carbs around a run.
    Went on a small run with the dog, ended up running for 10 minutes and walking about 10 minutes. Didnt do anything to demanding as I've been pushing hard over the last week so it was supposed to be a rest day.
    Boxing tonight, Which should help towards getting a better stand up game for MMA. The boxing coach also encorporates plenty of circuits so itl be a hard session.
    Woke up late for work today, so diet wasnt great. Took a shake (2 scoops whey + about 30g Linwoods Milled seeds, which is a great source of healthy fats), a couple of handfuls of almonds, and a BCAA drink which I luckily made up the night before, which was a litre of water, 1 Vit C effervescent and 20g BCAA.
    Just got back and had another shake whist my chicken is cooking, I also have some lean mince defrosted for tonights meal.
    Morning CV will start tomorrow, 20mins SSCV and will be done 3 days a week at first, and then depending on how I get on, I may up it a little bit, but this will be decided as I go along....
    Will post back later on how the boxing session goes, and what circuits were done etc.....

  21. Looks good so far Dave. What BCAA drink are you using?
    Diet and Nutrition Advisor

  22. Boxing tonight then, was more of a conditioning session, doing alot of shadow boxing, then numerous circuits, and unfortunately I had to leave early and miss the technique aspects of it tonight, but im back there on wednesday.
    Up bright and early for morning cardio tomorrow, as I kind of slept in today..... No more lapses like that! Im back on it and going to give the rest of the comp all I have.
    MMA on the night, I still feel battered from saturdays session. Took a good few hits and knees from one of the instructors who left me in pieces! Need to work alot more on my stand up and hopefully bring my technique and confidence up.
    Thats all for now, Good night, God bless.

  23. Hi Mick, I've simply got a bulk bag (from MP) of unflavoured BCAA's, they taste foul! But then again you don't take them for the taste.

    20mins SSCV done on the exercise bike (Fasted).

    Wasn't that bad getting up at half 5 actually, the worst bit is initially getting out, but once I'm up I'm fine!

    I will be alternating between the exercise bike, and taking the dog out for 20 mins, which will be split into - 5 mins walking - 10 mins running - 5 mins walking or something similar.

  24. Tonight was MMA, and was a tough session. Heres how it went;
    - Warmed up with a couple 2 minute rounds shadow boxing, then moved onto a 10 minute bag circuit. 1 minute on a bag, then straight onto a different bag 10 times.... There was also 2 of the bags on the floor, one purely for ground and pound and the other to pick up, slam and then ground and pound.
    - After 10 mintues of this I wanted to die! Then moved onto some ground and pound on the mat, starting with one guy on his back and the other in his guard going for ground and pound, whilst the person on his back defends, ties the other guy up and works submissions if he can. Did 5 x 2 minute rounds of this (the 2 minute rounds were split into one of the people on their back for the first minute, then swap for the second).
    - Then moved onto some stand up and clinch work. Working against the cage, pummeling, fighting for underhooks, dirty boxing and take downs. Did 6 x 1 minute rounds with this (No rest in between, just switch partner and away you go).
    - Moved onto abit of grecko roman wrestling, and a couple of throws for another 10 minutes of so. First drilling it through, then having a 3 x 2 minute rounds against each other fighting for the take down.
    - Finally moved onto the floor, working a couple of submissions, namely the kamura from side control and then did 3 x 2 minute rounds of rolling (starting from the floor and just working submissions, sweeps etc...).
    - Got home and went for a run with the dog for 10 minutes, and that was me done!

    Up early in morning for a run/walk with the dog, hopefully it will be good weather for it! Boxing tomorrow night, plenty of circuits and conditioning work and maybe a bit of sparring.
    Bed now, and no doubt have some crazy ZMA dreams! I love it! I must be getting some quality REM sleep, which therefore should mean better recovery, so the ZMA is working....
    Going to have a weigh in on the weekend before my cheat meal. And we'll see how much I've dropped after the first week of AD's SHREDABULL, looking leaner, and feeling lighter, we'll see what the scales say.
    Drop back in tomorrow. Bye for now!

  25. Tonight was boxing, and was a grueling session. Heres how it went;
    - Prior to the boxing, I did a 10 minute run
    - 3 x 2 minute rounds shadow boxing to warm up.
    - Then it was circuit time! Did 5 exercises - Push ups, body rolls, knees to chest, squat jumps and then burpees. It was performed like this - 5 of each exercise, then 4 of each exercise with no rest, down to 1 of each exercise.
    - Then we did some plank variations, for example two people opposite each other holding plank, having to tap each others hands away. Not hard or anything, it is an exercise mainly to drill speed in being able to dodge taps, and also trying to tap them whilst holding plank. Did 6 x 30 seconds of that, which was horrible!
    - Back to the circuit above
    - Then did some pad work, with a round of sparring in with the bag circuit. So we all had a bag, and after 2 minutes we would all move to a different bag, with one person going into the ring and sparring with the instructor. it was 2 minutes on, 30 seconds off, and this was for 10 rounds (So it was 8 with the bags and 2 sparring rounds).
    -Then finished off with a little weights circuit, nothing special, just 70kg bench press SS with Deadhang pull-ups which was 4 sets of 8,7,6,6.
    - After that it was a long stretch off and then BATH TIME!
    I was sweating from places I never have before! It was a very hard session fitness-wise, especially for me who gets tired going up the stairs!
    Morning CV tomorrow, will be 20mins SSCV on the bike. I've been getting a few pains in the front of my legs whilst running. I dont want to say the dreaded double S's, hopefully its nothing major and will be alright. I have taken a rest from running for long periods, but was hoping to do some hill running on the weekend. We'll see how it goes.....



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