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    lol thanks! The pr was great because I've been stuck on that one for over a year. The dentist, well, it's the expense associated that kills me.I know I'm slacking on updates. I'm still hitting the gym but I'm also packing up and getting ready to move out of state and get all my school things in order.

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  2. Sorry for the lack of updates. Life went to hell after moving here but things are finally getting better now. Grad school is pretty intense and time consuming, at least I still have that! The gyms here really suck. Their best one is worse then the Springs crap hole gym. The one that's closest to me is part of the school so I get in for free but it doesn't have a bench press, power rack, squat rack, shoulder press, or even a single olympic bar. Very frustrating. I'm only hitting the gym a couple times a week right now because of other more pressing issues but I'm maintaining at least. I got a 95% on my skills practical exam today and I'm looking forward to a fun 4th of July holiday coming up so bright things are in store yet!
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