5/3/1 and Grappling 4 fun Log

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  1. Saturday 12/10/11

    Gi drilling 1hr
    No Gi drilling 1 hr

    No live tonight. Wanted to get home to get to a wrestling tournament. Started a meal plan of sorts on Sunday. Higher protien, moderate carbs, lower/moderate fat, around 1900-2000 calories a day. Nothing very strenuous. I dropped 5 pounds this week. Saturdays is cheat day and I'm going to stick with this plan till it stops working. Planning on a tournament January 28th if the guy gives us a deal on price for taking so many people. If not may have to wait until February.

  2. Sunday 12/11/11

    Hip Circles, Swings, dislocates
    Squats 2x8x45 5x95 5x115 5x135 3x185 3x215 14x245.5
    Stiff Leg DL 8x135 3x9,10,13x176
    1) Reverse Hypers 3x10,10,10x74
    2) BB Shrugs 3x15,15,15x196
    3) Ab Wheel 3x15,15,18xBW

    Conditioning treadmill circuit 7.0mph
    1) Log Cleans 3x5,5,5x113
    2) Sprints [email protected] [email protected] mph

    Went and watched Penn State Wrestling smash West Virginia. Also went and saw the High School team win our season opening tournament that we host. Finally back on track after some tough years.

  3. Monday 12/12/11

    Shadow 1x3:00
    Coaches Drills 6x2:00
    Pad work 3x5:00

    Tuff. Little sick.

    Tuesday 12/13/11
    Shoulder Complex, Dislocates
    DE Bench 2x20x45 3x45+minis 3x65+minis 6x3x82+minis
    Military 8x45 5x85 3x105 3x120 10x133
    1) Croc Rows 8x40 4x13,15,15,15x66.75
    2) Log Press 5x105 3x8,9,9x120
    1) Pin Press 5x135 3x12,12,14x181 1.5" mats
    2) Fat Gripz BB Curls 4x7,7,9,10x92
    Treadmill Circuit @7.0mph
    1) Pushdowns 2x13,13x70
    2) Underhand Chins 2x6,7xBW
    3) Sprints [email protected] [email protected]

    Little tuff of a workout. The "diet" is I think the culprit. Weight is down a bit. I still feel pretty good. After tracking everything for over a week I seem to be right around 45% protein, 35% carbs, and 20% fat. Not too bad. I'm getting close to 200 grams of protein every day. I'd like to get closer to 50/30/20, but the weights coming off so I'm not changing anything until I hit a wall. I have got my new workout ready to go and am deciding on when to implement it. I am not sure whether to do it next cycle or wait one more. I'd like to do a little more, but until I have some mat space I'll have to make due with the current plan. Gi on Thursday and DL on Friday, Gi and No-Gi on Saturday.

  4. Thursday 12/15/11
    Bag work 3x4:00
    Gi Drilling 1 hr
    Live 3x2:00 real short tonight

    Friday 12/16/11
    Hip Circles, Dislocates
    DE Box Squats 2x8x45 2x45+light 2x85+light 6x2x107+light
    DL (2" Mats) 5x135 5x185 3x205 2x235 12x265.5
    Step-ups 3x9,9,9x46.25
    1) GHR 3x10,10,15x mini assist
    2) Fat Gripz Holds 3x30,31,32 seconds x 55's
    3) Ab Strap 3x12,12,17x74.5
    Treadmill Circuit @7.0mph
    1) Axle Cleans 3x4,4,4x107
    2) Sprints [email protected] mph

    Pretty good workout. Gi and No Gi tomorrow. I think I am going to try and Bench Sunday. I have a meeting after school and then I want to try and do a Thai workout after. That would free me up to go to wrestling practice at the HS and work with a few of our kids.
    Bodyweight was down to 191.6 last night after practice. Cheat day tomorrow.

  5. Saturday 12/17/11
    Pad work 3x3:00
    Gi Drilling 30 minutes
    Gi Live 3x3:00
    No Gi Drilling 45 minutes
    No Gi live 4x4:00

  6. Sunday 12/18/11
    Rotator Cuff, Dislocates
    1) Bench 2x20x45 2x5x95 5x115 5x135 3x150 2x170 6x190
    2) Pulldowns 8x70 4x15,16,17,19x143
    Treadmill Circuit :40 seconds @6.0mph
    1) Bench 3x12,12,13x125
    Fatz Low pully wide 3x15,15,15x90
    2) Seated Laterals 3x12,12,15x25's
    DB Shrugs 3x10,10,10x60's
    3) 10-Counts Man Makers 3x6,5,5x32.5's
    4) Sprints :40/:20 [email protected]

    After Practice yesterday I decided to switch my workout around a little earlier than I had planned. That's what accounted for the drop off in poundages on the accessory stuff. This is a pretty different workout than people are used to. I got it from Martin Rooney's work on lactic acid training, he calls it a hurricane workout. I modified it to adapt to my needs. For me it is my primary form of conditioning, at least for grappling. It gives me the most bang for the buck in terms of time spent vs results. I am still going to run the 5-3-1 movement to start and one assistance movement every workout, but all the accessory stuff will be in this form. It has served me well in the past so I think it will also now.

    Here are a few of his examples:



    Maybe if anybody is interested I'll tape one of mine and put it up in a few weeks. (I have to get back in some shape first!!!)

  7. Tuesday 12/20/11
    Treadmill rounds
    3:00 warmup
    4:[email protected]
    4:[email protected]
    4:[email protected]

    I'll start ramping up a tenth or two mph every workout and add in 15 seconds until I get to 6:00 rounds, about the length of a match. I m way out of shape. Squats and a light Thai workout tomorrow, jits Thursday, and military on Friday.

  8. Wednesday 12/21/11
    Hip Circles, Swings, Dislocates
    Squats 2x8x45 5x95 5x115 5x135 5x185 3x205 2x235 10x260
    Stiff Leg DL 8x135 3x9,11,14x176.5
    Treadmill conditioning Circuit @6.1mph
    1) Reverse Hypers 3x10,10,10x75
    Ab Wheel 3x15,15,15xBW
    2) Log Cleans 3x5,5,5,x114
    Sit and Twist 3x20,20,20x10
    3) Side Hurdle Jumps 3x6,6,6
    4) Sprints :40/:20 [email protected]

    Thai Workout
    Shadow 1x3:00
    Coaches Drills 5x2:00
    Pad Work 3x3:00

    Weight workout slipping a tad bit. Might have been an off day, but I think it is the weight loss. I'm going to see where the bodyweight is this weekend and decide what to do from there. I think I can keep making progress once I get it where I want and I up the conditioning a bit and get in better shape.

  9. Thursday 12/22/11
    Rotator cuff, dislocates
    DE Bench 2x20x45. 3x45+minis. 3x65+minis. 6x3x83+minis
    Military 8x45 5x85 5x110 3x125 7x140.5
    Croc Rows 8x40 4x8,9,10,10x70
    Treadmill Circuit @6.2mph
    1) log Press 3x8,9,8x105
    Fatz DB rows 3x12,12,12x30's
    2) Floor press 3x8,8,8x135
    Fatz BB curls 3x8,8,8x75
    3) man maker rows 3x6,6,6x30's
    4) sprints 3@:40/:[email protected]

    Gi drilling 45 minutes
    Gi live 4x3:00

  10. Friday 12/23/11
    Treadmill workout
    3:00 warmup
    4:[email protected]
    4:[email protected]
    5:[email protected]

    Saturday 12/24/11
    Bag work 3x3:00
    Gi drilling :30 minutes
    Gi Live 4x4:00
    No Gi drilling :45 minutes
    No Gi live 2x4:00

    Not bad for having a small hangover to start. Bodyweight 191.0 after practice. Getting used to the Gi and actually using it some. I still can't get the chokes to work perfectly, but I can get them tight enough to use them to set up my sweeps.

  11. 12/25/11
    Treadmill workout
    3:00 warmup
    4:[email protected]
    5:[email protected]
    6:[email protected]

    Short and sweet.

  12. Tuesday 12/27/11
    Hip circles, swings, dislocates
    DE squats 2x8x45 2x45+lights 2x85+lights 6x2x108+lights
    DL 2" mats 5x135 5x185 3x205 3x235 2x255 10x280.5
    Step-ups 3x10,10,11x46.25's
    Treadmill circuit @6.3mph
    1) GHR 3x8,8,10x mini assist
    Ab Pulldowns 3x10,10,10x75
    2) DB Cleans 3x6x50
    Twists 3x22,22,22x10
    3) box jumps 3x6,6,6xBW
    4) sprints [email protected]

    Gi drilling 1:00
    Gi live 3x3:00

    Got to go with a Renzo Gracie purple belt in from Chicago. Guy was tuff. I passed his guard with a butterfly pass, but he got my lapel from side and I had to address that and he put me back in half guard and eventually swept with it. Wish I had guys like that on a regular basis to roll with. I still need to get used to thinking about the Gi. I get moving and forget and the next thing I know they've got my lapel and I have to defend it. No Gi is so much easier. Haha.

  13. Thursday 12/29/11
    Rotator cuff, Dislocates
    Bench 2x20x45 2x5x95 5x115 5x135 3x155 12x170.5
    Pulldowns 8x70 4x15,16,18,20x144
    Treadmill circuit @6.4mph
    1) bench 3x12,13,15x125.5
    Chins 3x4,4,4xBW
    2) cable laterals 3x10,11,11x10
    DB Shrugs 3x11,11,11x60's
    3) fatz 10-counts 3x6,6,6x30's
    4) sprints [email protected]@0%

    Not bad considering I'm sick as ****. Hopefully it won't last long.

  14. Saturday 12/31/11
    Treadmill workout
    3-4-5mph warmup
    6:[email protected]
    6:[email protected]
    6:[email protected]
    2:[email protected]

    Not bad. Still sick unfortunately. Hopefully a regular squat workout Monday and the dieting and preparation for that tournament starts then as well. Looking forward to this tournament.

  15. Monday 1/2/12
    Hip circles, swings, dislocates
    Squats 2x8x45 5x95 5x115 5x135 5x185 3x205 15x235
    45 degree hyper 3x25,25,25x10.5
    Treadmill Circuit @[email protected]%
    1) reverse Hypers 3x10,10,10x76
    Ab Wheel 3x6,6,8x7 in chains
    2) log cleans 3x5,5,6x115
    Twists 3x24,24,24x10
    3) front hurdles 3x8,8,8x 2 hurdles
    4) sprints [email protected]@0%

    Okay workout. Still sick. I have to get this out of my system.

  16. Tuesday 1/3/12
    Treadmill workout 3:00 warmup
    6:[email protected]
    6:[email protected]
    6:[email protected]
    3:[email protected]

    Pretty routine. Still sick as ****. Upper tomorrow, Gi on Thursday. Diet is back on track as of yesterday. Back to tracking it on the phone.

  17. Wednesday 1/4/12
    Dislocates, rotator cuff
    DE Bench 2x20x45 3x45+mini 3x65+mini 6x3x85+mini
    Military 8x45 5x75 5x95 3x115 12x126
    CS Rows 10x225 4x13,13,10,10x256
    Treadmill Circuit @6.8mph
    1) Log Press 3x8,9,9x105.5
    CS Rows 3x8,9,9x185
    2) Reverse Band Press 3x12,12,12x155
    Fatz DB Curls 3x8,8,8x35's
    3) Man maker rows 3x6,6,8x30's
    4) Sprints [email protected]@0%

    Not bad. Still sick.

  18. Thursday 1/5/12
    Gi live 20 minutes
    Gi drilling 40 minutes
    Gi live again 3x5:00

  19. Friday 1/6/12
    Hip circles, swings, dislocates
    DE Squats 2x8x45 2x45+light bands 2x85+light 6x2x109+light
    DL 2.5" deficit 5x135 5x185 3x225 15x253
    One leg squats 3x8,10,10x25
    Treadmill circuit @[email protected]%
    1) GHR 3x8,8,12xmini assist
    Ab Strap 3x10,11,12x75
    2) axle cleans 3x4,4,5x107.5
    Twists 3x26,26,26x10
    3) box Jumps 3x6,6,7xBW
    4) sprints [email protected]@0% incline

    Not bad, particularly on the DL's. I also worked on better cleans with the axle. I had planned on broad jumps for this day, but there simply isn't enough room in the new gym for them. Went to coach wrestling afterwards. Won our home meet pretty convincingly. Still had a lot of mistakes to work on. Gi and no Gi today.
    Weight is going down again after the holidays, 190.4 Thursday after rolling.

  20. Saturday 1/7/12
    Gi drilling 1 hr
    No Gi drilling 1 hr
    Live [email protected]:00 no Gi [email protected]:00 Gi.

    Weighed out today at 188.4. Today was a cheat day and had BBQ chicken and ribs with fries and iced tea. Feeling good and actually moving well. Found out that our instructor at the home gym basically said I'm testing for blue in may. I don't know? I still don't have all this gi stuff down and I don't think he knows I only have one stripe. We shall see. I feel like I'm only one good bump in the head away from wearing a helmet and riding the short bus to school when I'm wearing the Gi.

  21. Sunday 1/8/12
    Shoulder complex, dislocates
    Bench 2x20x45 2x5x95 5x115 3x140 3x160 10x180.5
    Pulldowns 10x75 4x15,17,20,20x145
    Treadmill circuit @7.0mph
    1) bench 3x12,14,15x126
    Chins 3x4,4,5xBW
    2) cable laterals 3x11,12,14x10.25
    DB Shrugs 3x11,12,12x60's
    3) 10 counts fatz 3x6,6,7x30's
    4) sprints [email protected]

    Average workout, but conditioning is improving a good bit. Benched today so I could go to wrestling practice tomorrow, also to take advantage of a bit of a re-feed yesterday.

  22. Tuesday 1/10/12
    Treadmill Workout 3:00 warmup
    6:[email protected] 6:[email protected] 6:[email protected] 3:[email protected] @0%
    Thai workout
    Shadow Boxing 3:00
    Coaches drills 4x2:00
    Thai Pads 3x3:00

    Wednesday 1/11/12
    Hip Circles, Swings, Dislocates
    Squats 2x8x45 5x95 5x115 5x135 3x185 3x225 13x247.5
    45 Degree Hypers 3x12,13,15x20
    Treadmill Circuit @[email protected]%
    1) reverse Hypers 3x10,10,10x77
    Ab Wheel 3x7,7,11x7chains
    2) Log Cleans 3x5,5,8x116
    Twists 3x28,28,28x10
    3) Side jumps 3x6,6,8x2 Hurdles
    4) Sprints [email protected]@1% incline

    Not bad at all. Squats and DL's still climbing well even though the bodyweight is coming down. Had a home match tonight and beat a local ri-val tonight on criterion, and we did it with two starters out with Ringworm. Gi tomorrow and Friday I'm going to try and get to wrestling practice and actually workout instead of just coach. I may try and hit upper body tomorrow also so i am off Friday to get to practice.

  23. Thursday 1/12/12
    Shoulder complex, dislocates
    Bench 2x20x45 3x45+minis 3x65+minis 6x3x86+minis
    Military 8x45 5x85 3x105 3x120 9x133.5
    CS Rows palms facing 8x225 4x12,13,14,15x235
    Treadmill circuit @7.2mph
    1) log press 3x9,9,9x106
    CS rows fat Gripz 3x9,9,11x186
    2) reverse band press 3x12,12,13x155.5
    Fatz DB Curls 3x8,8,9x35's
    3) man maker rows 3x6,7,10x30's
    4) sprints [email protected]@1%incline

    Little off on the OHP. Everything else good.

    Gi rolling 10minutes
    Gi drilling 1:00
    Position rolling 10x1:00
    Gi live [email protected]:00

    Wrestling practice tomorrow hopefully. I have a feeling I'm going to be pretty sore. Bodyweight at 187.6. It's coming off nicely.

  24. Friday 1/13/12
    Wrestling practice
    Just drilled for about an hour. Nice and easy.

    Gi drilling 45 minutes
    Gi live 3x5:00
    No Gi drilling 45 minutes
    No Gi live 3x5:00

    Not bad. Weight at 186.0 after practice. I may try and hit a treadmill workout tonight. We will see how my hips feel later.

  25. Sunday 1/15/12
    Hip circles, swings, dislocates
    DE squats 2x8x45 2x45+light 2x85+light 6x2x110+light
    DL (2.5" mats) 5x135 5x185 3x215 2x245 13x268
    One leg squats 3x10,10,12x25
    Treadmill circuit @7.3mph @0%
    1) GHR 3x8,8,13xMini assist
    Ab strap .x10,11,13x75.25
    2) DB Cleans 3x8,8,8x50.5
    Twists 3x30,30,30x0
    3) box jumps 3x6,6,8xBW
    4) sprints [email protected]@1.5% incline

  26. Monday 1/16/12
    Treadmill workout
    3-4-5mph warmup
    6:[email protected]
    6:[email protected]
    6:[email protected]
    4:[email protected]
    1:[email protected]

    Not bad. Awfully cold in the garage tonight.

  27. Tuesday 1/17/12
    Rotator Cuff, Dislocates
    Bench 2x20x45 5x95 5x115 5x135 3x150 2x170 6x190.5 2x1,1x190.5+ 7 in chains
    Pulldowns 10x75 4x15,19,20,20x146
    Treadmill Circuit @7.4mph @0%
    1) Bench 3x13,15,15x126.5
    Chins 3x4,4,6xBW
    2) Cable Laterals 3x11,13,14x10.5
    DB Shrugs 3x11,13,14x60's
    3) 10-counts 3x6,6,9x31.25's
    4) Sprints [email protected]@2.5%

    Conditioning is going well. Finally hit a wall on bench. I got 12 full cycles in so I consider it a success to get that far. I think it is mostly due to the weight cut, so I'm pretty happy. I didn't seem to fall off too much just more a case of progress halting. I am resetting my maxes on both bench and OHP and starting over. Squat and DL are still going strong so I'm sticking with the current progressions. Gi tonight. Anxious to see what my weight is.

  28. Tuesday 1/17/12
    Gi drilling 1 hr
    Gi live 3x5:00

  29. Wednesday 1/18/12
    Treadmill workout 3-4-5-6 warmup
    6:[email protected]
    6:[email protected]
    6:[email protected]
    1:[email protected]

    Thursday 1/19/12
    Hip Circles, swings, dislocates
    Squats 2x8x45 5x95 5x115 5x135 5x185 3x205 2x235 10x261.5 2x1,1x275 pretty easy
    45 Hypers 3x14,14,17x20.25
    Treadmill circuit @7.5mph
    1) reverse Hypers 3x10,10,10x78
    Ab wheel 3x7,8,13x7 chains
    2) log cleans 3x5,6,8x117
    Twists 3x32,32,32x10
    3) front hurdles 3x8,8,10x2 hurdles
    4) sprints [email protected]@2.5% incline

    Going to miss grappling tonight because of snow. I wanted to go but the wife was complaining. Missing is gonna hurt. I was right on target to make weight, but now I'll have to adjust. Sucks. Roads aren't even that bad.

  30. Friday 1/20/12
    Treadmill conditioning
    3-4-5-6 warmup
    6:[email protected]
    6:[email protected]
    6:[email protected]
    2:[email protected]

    Not bad. Gi and no Gi tomorrow. OHP Monday, DL Tuesday and just a cardio workout Wednesday and Thursday. Maybe a wrestling practice. Feel pretty good about next weekend.


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