5/3/1 and Grappling 4 fun Log

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  1. Sunday 5/18/14

    No Gi live 8x4:00

    Tough day.

    Monday 5/19/14
    Hips, swings, TKE's
    SSB squats 2x8x65 8x135 5x185 5x225 2x275 2x305 14x313.5 7x330
    SSBGM's 5x105 3x14,14,15x126.5
    Treadmill [email protected]%
    1) reverse hypers 3x10x132.5
    Horizontal abs 3x12,1213x105
    2) bag flips 3x8,10,10x114
    Land mines 3x8x60
    3) lunges 3x8x20's
    4) 20/20's 5:[email protected]@5%

  2. Tuesday 5/20/14

    Drilling about 40 minutes
    Live 8x5:00

    Wednesday, off.

    Thursday 5/22/14
    BJJ live 7x5:00

    Making weight and weighing in tomorrow.

  3. Saturday

    BJJ competition
    Ended up having to stay in blue and not move up due to lack of higher belts. Went 2-0 got first. Then hammered Five Guys and a DQ Blizzard.

  4. Sunday 5/25/14

    DE bench 20x45 3x45+54 3x95+54 3x115+54
    OHP 8x45 5x95 5x115 2x135 1x145 11x155
    CS rows 8x245 3x15x292
    Treadmill [email protected]%
    1) log 3x4,4,5x145
    CS fatz 3x11x239
    2) 4-boards 3x12x183.5
    DB curls 3x8,9,9x50's
    3) push-ups 3x18,19,20x14
    Inverts 3x15x14
    GHR sit-ups 2x15x15
    4) 20/20's 4:[email protected]@5%

    No extra today. Shoulder is feeling like crap.

  5. Tuesday 5/26/14

    Hips, swings, band leg extensions.
    DE squats 8x65 Added lights and minis 2x65 2x115 12x2x156.5
    DL 5x135 5x185 5x235 2x285 1x315 bam tweaked my back. Being a dumb ass and not concentrating and pushing out against my belt. Stupidity. Feeling decent today. Benching tomorrow. Getting this next cycle started a day earlier. Shoulder has been ****ty but I just fired 5 units of TB-500 so I should be ready to go tomorrow. Starting to load on it this month.

  6. Saturday 5/31/14

    Cuff and neck
    Bench 20x45 8x95 5x135 5x155 3x175 1x185 17x193.5 8x216.5
    Pulldowns 8x140 4x15x176
    Treadmill [email protected]%
    1) DB bench 3x11,11,12x70's
    Strap rows 3x10x125.5
    2) laterals 3x14x40's
    Shrugs 3x8x135
    3) 10-counts 3x4x52.5's
    4) 20/20's 4:[email protected]@5%

    Extra triceps and face pulls.

    Pretty decent. Shoulder was feeling it but I got through. Limiting OHP a little bit. Hoping that helps. Also no more chins, sucks but I think it is contributing to the shoulder problems. We shall see. Squats Monday most likely.

    Going back on eating plan a few days early. I was planning on cheating through the weekend and starting on Monday, but I felt like crap at the end of this workout. In fact I almost threw up. So I'm starting now. I housed a whole bag of double stuffed Oreos last night and then again this morning with breakfast and it was overload. Haha. I never seem to learn my lesson post weight cut. Lol.

  7. Monday 6/2/14

    Hips, swings, leg extensions
    SSB squats 2x8x65 8x135 5x185 5x225 2x275 15x283.5 6x317 15x217
    SLDL 8x115 3x15x150
    Treadmill [email protected]%
    1) reverse hypers 3x10x133
    Horizontal abs 3x12,13,13x105
    2) log cleans 3x5x157.5
    Land mines 3x8x70.25
    3) step-ups 3x6,7,7x25's
    4) 20/20's 4:[email protected]@5%

    Calves, abs, wrist roller.

    Not bad. Taking it a little easier this cycle to let my knees heal up a little.

  8. Missed BJJ yesterday due to the road being closed because of an accident. Got about 10 miles then sat in traffic for 20 minutes before I turned around.

    Wednesday 6/4/14
    DE bench 20x45 added mini's 3x45 3x85 3x105 10x3x120
    OHP 8x45 8x95 3x15x115
    Crocs 8x65 3x14,14,18x87.5 straps on last
    Treadmill [email protected]%
    1) log 3x4,5,6x145
    Fatz DB rows 3x10,11,11x50's
    2) close grip fatz 3x11,11,12x155.5
    BB curls 3x8,9,9x104
    3) push-ups 3x10,12,13x20
    Inverts 3x10x20
    GHR sit-ups 2x16x15
    4) 20/20's 4:[email protected]@5%

    Extra triceps and face pulls.

    Pretty decent. Had to dump heavy OHP for a while until the shoulder is 100%. Giving me. Fair bit of trouble right now.

  9. Friday 6/6/14

    Hips, swings, extensions
    DE box 2x8x65 2x65+54 2x115+54 10x2x158+54
    DL (1/2") 5x135 5x185 5x235 2x285 1x305 16x313.5 6x350
    GHR 4x10xSingle micro+5
    Treadmill [email protected]%
    1) SSB box squats 3x6,7,8x215
    Vertical ab strap 3x20x90
    2) DB cleans 3x4,5,5x70's
    Side bends 3x12x47.5's
    3) Glute bridge 3x6x146.5
    4) 20/20's 5:[email protected]@5%

    No extra tonight. Took me a long time to finish. Decent workout. Bench Sunday and back to jits starting Tuesday. Gotta find a tournament for before my beach trip.

  10. Sunday 6/8/14

    Cuff and neck
    Bench 2x20x45 8x95 8x135 5x155 3x175 2x195 15x205 8x222
    Pulldowns 8x140 4x15x177
    Treadmill [email protected]%
    1) fat bb bench 3x10,11,12x168.5
    Strap rows 3x10,10,11x126
    2) laterals 3x14,14,15x40's
    Shrugs 3x8x155
    3) 10-counts 3x4,4,5x52.5's
    4) 20/20's 5:[email protected]@5%

    Extra triceps and band pulls.

    Pretty decent. Shoulder was hurting but once it warms up its good. Squats tomorrow. Knees are feeling good for a change.

  11. Tuesday

    Hips, swings, extensions
    SSB squats 2x8x65 8x135 5x185 5x225 2x275 1x295 15x300 7x324 15x233
    SLDL 8x115 3x15x151.5
    Treadmill [email protected]%
    1) reverse hypers 3x10x133.5
    Horizontal abs 3x20x70
    2) bag flips 3x8x114
    Land mines 3x8x60.5
    3) step-ups 3x8x27.5
    4) 20/20's 5:[email protected]@5%

    BJJ drilling 1:15
    No live tonight.

  12. Wednesday 6/11/14

    DE bench 20x45 add mini's 3x45 :x85 3x105 5x3x122 close 5x3x122 pinky
    Military 15x45 8x95 3x15x116
    Crocs 8x70 3x15,15,19x88 last with straps
    Treadmill [email protected]%
    1) log 3x5,5,7x145
    Fatz DB rows 3x11x50's
    2) close grips 3x12x156
    Curls 3x9x105
    3) push-ups 3x12,13,15x20
    Inverts 3x10,10,11x20
    GHR sit-ups 2x16x15
    4) 20/20's 5:[email protected]@4%

    Extra triceps and face pulls.

    Shoulder still not great. Ordered bpc-157 today. See what happens.

  13. Thursday 6/12/14

    Live 7x5:00

    Saturday 6/14/14
    Hips, swings, extensions
    SSB box 2x8x65 2x65+80 2x115+80 10x2x160+80
    DL (1/2") 5x135 5x185 5x235 2x285 1x315 15x331 7x358
    GHR 4x10,10,10,11xSingle micro+5
    Treadmill [email protected]%
    1) sumo 3x8x195
    Vertical abs 3x20x90.5
    2) DB snatch 3x5x56
    Side bends 3x13x47.5
    3) Glute bridge 3x6,6,7x146
    4) 20/20's 5:[email protected]@5%

    Decent workout. Extra rep on 97.5%.

    Sunday 6/15/14
    Cuff and neck
    Bench 2x20x45 8x95 5x135 5x155 5x175 2x195 1x205 12x216.5 8x227.5
    Pulldowns 8x140 4x15x178
    Treadmill [email protected]%
    1) DB bench 3x11,12,14x70's
    Strap rows 3x10,11,11x126.5
    2) laterals 3x14,15,15x40's
    BB shrugs 3x8x175
    3) 10-counts 3x4,5,5x52.5's
    4) 20/20's 5:[email protected]@5%

    Extra triceps and band pulls. Decent session. Shoulder still hurting.

  14. Tuesday 6/17/14

    Hips, swings, extensions
    SSB squats 2x8x65 8x135 5x185 5x235 2x275 1x305 11x316
    SLDL 8x115 3x15x153
    Treadmill [email protected]%
    1) reverse hypers 3x10x134
    Horizontal abs 3x20x70 1/4
    2) log cleans 3x5x158
    Land mines 3x8x60.75
    3) step ups 3x6x30's
    4) 20/20's 5:[email protected]@5%

    Mediocre workout. Pretty tired. First day of manual labor today. Stripped shingles off a roof. Wore me out. It'll take a week or so to get used to it. Knees where also feeling it. Need to figure something out.

    Contemplating a change in programming after I get back from the beach. Thinking about westside template for a while to bring up my max strength and take a little pressure off my knees.

  15. Thursday 6/19/14

    DE bench 2x20x45 added minis 3x45 3x85 3x105 5x3x123.5 close 5x3x123.5 pinky
    Military 15x45 8x95 3x15,15,17x117
    Crocs 8x70 3x16,16,20x88.5
    Treadmill [email protected]%
    1) log 3x5,6,7x145
    DB fatz rows 3x11,11,12x50's
    2) close grips 3x12,12,13x156
    BB curls 3x6,7,8x95
    3) push-ups 3x12,14,16x20
    Inverts 3x10,11,13x20
    GHR sit-ups 2x16,17x15
    4) 20/20's 5:[email protected]@5%

    Extra triceps and face pulls.

    Drilling 15 minutes
    Live 7x5:00

  16. Saturday 6/21/14

    Hips, swings, extensions
    SSB DE box 2x8x65 2x65+87 2x115+87 2x155+87 10x2x162.5+87
    DL (1/2" deficit) 5x135 5x185 5x235 2x285 1x335 13x350
    GHR 4x10,10,11,11x Single micro+5

    Called it there. Back was fried from working on a roof most of the week. Decent DL considering how my back felt. Need to get back onto normal days but its not gonna happen next week either. Hopefully I can wrap up this roof next week and get back on schedule.

  17. Monday 6/23/14

    Cuff and neck
    Bench 2x20x45 8x95 8x135 5x155 3x175 1x185 18x195.5 9x218.5
    Pulldowns 8x140 4x15x180
    Treadmill [email protected]%
    1) fat grips bench 3x11x169
    Strap rows 3x11,11,12x121.5
    2) laterals 3x15x40's
    Shrugs 3x8x185
    3) 10-counts 3x5x52.5's
    4) 20/20's 5:[email protected]@5%

    Extra triceps and band work.

    Pretty good workout. Shoulder making very slight progress, but progress none the less. I'll take it. Have bpc-157 on its way.

  18. Wednesday 6/25/14

    Hips, swings, extensions
    SSB squats 2x8x65 8x135 5x185 5x235 2x275 20x285 7x318 18x218
    SSBGM's 8x105 3x14,15,15x127
    Treadmill [email protected]%
    1) reverse hypers 3x10x135
    Horizontal abs 3x21x70.5
    2) bag flips 3x8x114
    Land mines 3x8x61
    3) split squats 3x8x11.5
    4) 20/20's 5:[email protected]@5%

    Very good workout. Knees felt good. Had one bad rep on 318 because I actually sat back too far.

  19. Missed BJJ Thursday. Worked too late.

    Friday 6/27/14
    DE bench 2x20x45 3x45+60 3x95+60 3x115+60
    5x3x133+60 mid 5x3x133+60 pinky
    DB OHP 10x20's 10x40's 3x15,15,16x50's
    CS rows 8x245 3x15x278
    Treadmill [email protected]%
    1) log 3x6,6,7x145
    CS Fatz rows 3x8x236.5
    2) reverse green bench 3x12x201
    DB curls 3x9x50's
    3) push-ups 3x13,16,18x20
    Inverts 3x12,12,13x20
    GHR sit-ups 2x10x16.25
    4) 20/20's 5:[email protected]@5%

    Extra triceps and face pulls.

    Pretty decent except the log. Was fatigued from roofing all day.

    DL either Sunday or Monday. One more day on the roof and I should be done.

  20. Sunday 6/29/14

    Hips, swings, extensions
    SSB DE box 8x65 added lights and mini's 2x65 2x115 10x2x156
    DL (1") 5x135 5x185 5x235 2x285 1x305 17x315 7x351.5
    GHR 4x11,11,11,13xSingle micro+5
    Treadmill [email protected]%
    1) SSB box 3x5,5,6x225
    Vertical abs 3x21x90.75
    2) DB cleans 3x5x70
    Side bends 3x15x47.5
    3) Glute bridges 3x6,7,7x147.5
    4) 20/20's 5:[email protected]@5%

    Calves 5 sets.

    Pretty good workout. Hoping to bench Tuesday, Wednesday at the latest. I need to squat Thursday since I have a picnic Friday.

  21. Tuesday

    Cuff and neck
    Bench 2x20x45 8x95 8x135 5x155 3x175 1x195 16x207 9x225
    Pulldowns 8x140 4x15x180.5
    Treadmill [email protected]%
    1) DB bench 2x13,14,13x71.25's
    Strap rows 3x11,12,12x123
    2) laterals 3x15x35's
    Shrugs 3x9x186
    3) 10-counts 3x5x52.5's
    4) 20/20's 6:[email protected]@5%

    Extra triceps and band work. Good workout.

    Drilling 1 hour
    Live 6x2:00 from half guard positions.

  22. BJJ drilling 1 hour

    Live 6x2:00 back and forth from half guard.

  23. Thursday 7/3/14

    Hips, swings, extensions
    SSB squats 2x8x65 8x135 5x185 5x235 2x275 1x295 18x301.5 7x327
    SSBGM's 8x115 3x15x128
    Treadmill [email protected]%
    1) reverse hypers 3x11x135
    Horizontal abs 3x22x70.75
    2) log cleans 3x5x158.5
    Land mines 3x8x61
    3) split squats 3x8x12
    4) 20/20's 7:[email protected]@5%

    Calves 5 sets.

    Good squat workout again. Knees have been feeling good and so have hips.

  24. Sunday 7/6/14

    DE bench 2x20x45 3x45+67 3x95+67 3x115+67
    5x3x133.5+67 mid 5x3x133.5+67 pinky
    OHP DB 10x20's 8x40's 3x16,17,18x50's
    CS Rows palms facing 8x245 3x15,15,16x279
    Treadmill [email protected]%
    1) log 3x6,7,7x145
    CS Fatz 3x9x237
    2) reverse green bench 3x12x201.5
    DB curls 3x10,10,9x50's
    3) push-ups 3x17,17,20x20
    Inverts 3x13x20
    GHR sit-ups 2x10,11x16.25
    4) 20/20's 8:[email protected]@5%

    Extra band push downs and face pulls.

    Good workout. Shoulder feeling better. Been pinning 1/2 unit of bpc-157 each day into the delt. Gonna keep at it for another two weeks.

  25. Monday 7/7/14

    Hips, swings, extensions, foam roller
    SSB box 2x8x65 added lights and Mini's 2x65 2x115 10x2x157.5
    DL (1" deficit) 5x135 5x185 5x235 2x285 1x315 16x333 6x361
    GHR 4x11,11,12,14xSingle micro+5lbs
    Treadmill [email protected]%
    1) sumo 3x8,8,9x196.5
    Vertical abs 3x21,21,22x91
    2) DB snatch 3x5x56.25
    Side bends 3x15x47.5
    3) Glute bridge 3x7,7,8x138 (misload-supposed to be 148 )
    4) 20/20's 9:[email protected]@5%

    Calves and wrist roller.


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