5/3/1 and Grappling 4 fun Log

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  1. [QUOTE="Mr.Sinister;4408109"]Wednesday 3/19/14

    Rotator cuff
    DE Bench 20x45 added Mini's 3x45 3x65 3x85 3x105 4x3x110 mid 4x3x110 pinky
    Military 8x45 5x95 5x115 2x135 1x145 9x151.5 13x135.5
    CS Rows 8x245 3x13x289
    Treadmill 8mph@5%
    1) log 3x8x128.5
    CS rows Fatz 3x8,8,10x236
    2) 4-board 3x8,8,10x182
    BB Curls 3x8,8,9x97.5
    3) push-ups 3x11,12,14x14
    Inverts 3x10,11,12,14
    GHR 2x15x10
    4) run 4:50@9mph

    Extra shoulders.

    Pretty good workout. Had to wrap my thigh up with a neoprene waist wrap. I got unbelievable pip again. I could barely walk yesterday and only got in a few rounds of rolling. It was worse than the first time. Var is starting to kick. Feels like it anyways.

  2. Thursday 3/20/14


    BJJ drilling 1 hour.

  3. [QUOTE=Mr.Sinister;4408113]
    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Sinister View Post
    Wednesday 3/19/14

    Rotator cuff
    DE Bench 20x45 added Mini's 3x45 3x65 3x85 3x105 4x3x110 mid 4x3x110 pinky
    Military 8x45 5x95 5x115 2x135 1x145 9x151.5 13x135.5
    CS Rows 8x245 3x13x289
    Treadmill 8mph@5%
    1) log 3x8x128.5
    CS rows Fatz 3x8,8,10x236
    2) 4-board 3x8,8,10x182
    BB Curls 3x8,8,9x97.5
    3) push-ups 3x11,12,14x14
    Inverts 3x10,11,12,14
    GHR 2x15x10
    4) run 4:50@9mph

    Extra shoulders.

    Pretty good workout. Had to wrap my thigh up with a neoprene waist wrap. I got unbelievable pip again. I could barely walk yesterday and only got in a few rounds of rolling. It was worse than the first time. Var is starting to kick. Feels like it anyways.
    If I were you I'd do a google search for "ventro glute"

  4. Friday 3/21/14

    Hips and swings
    DE Box Squats 8x65 2x65+114 2x95+114 8x2x145+114
    DL (1") 5x135 5x185 5x235 2x285 1x325 11x332.5 3x350
    GHR 4c12xSingle micro
    Treadmill 8mph@5%
    1) 3" DL 3x6x217
    Vertical abs 3x15x101
    2) DB Snatch 3x5x53
    Rotations 3x8xMonster
    3) Glute Bridge 3x8x140
    4) 20/20's 5:00@9.0mph@5%

    Pretty decent. Friday workouts are always a bear. I never seem to get started on time.

  5. Saturday 3/22/14


    Then went and watched Penn State go 4 in a row. We Are.......?

  6. Sunday 3/23/14

    Cuff and neck
    Bench 20x45 8x95 8x115 5x135 5x155 2x175 16x186 4x208 16x164
    Pulldowns 8x120 4x15x164
    Treadmill 8.1mph@5%
    1) Bench 3x6,8,11x163
    Strap rows 3x9,10,10x116.5
    2) laterals 3x13x36 1/4's
    DB Press 3x6,7,8x47 1/2's
    3) 10-counts 3x7x50's
    4) 20/20's 5:05@9.2mph@5%

    Extra triceps.

    Pretty decent. Wrist is hurting still??? Extra rep on bench so that was nice. Hoping for this var to kick pretty hard end of the week. Next shot tomorrow and I'm not looking forward to it. Supplier says its just virgin muscle and it will subside, but I'm not sure. Haven't decided whether to pin glutes, which are fresh, or my left thigh which is the place I hit first. Probably going to be a game time decision. Squats tomorrow.

  7. Monday 3/24/14

    Hips and swings
    SSB squats 2x8x65 8x135 5x185 5x235 2x255 19x263.5 5x295 13x201.5
    SSBGM's 4x15x117
    Treadmill 8.1mph@5%
    1) reverse hypers 3x10x127.5
    Horizontal abs 3x15x93.5
    2) bag flips 3x6,8,8x114
    Landlines 3x8x56
    3) step-ups 3x6,7,7x20's
    4) 20/20's 5:10@9.3mph@5%

    Calves and wrist roller.

    Pretty decent workout. Forgot to take my taurine today and paid the price a little bit. Nothing I couldn't get through, just not real pleasant.

    Pinned 250mg's again today. Hit right Glute. Kicked around my left thigh and Ventro-Glute shot, but a guy has been telling me to do glutes so I did. I'm either gonna be a happy camper tomorrow, or I'm really in for a world of hurt. If this one goes bad I'm going to look for different gear. Has to be the gear. I did switch to another vial from the same supplier so we will see.

    Treadmill and BJJ tomorrow, hopefully.

  8. Tuesday 3/25/14

    BJJ. Drilling about and hour. Half guard lockdown and lockdown passes as well.
    Live Gi 4x3:00
    No Gi 4x3:00

    Wednesday 3/26/14

    Rotator cuff
    DE bench 20x45 x45+87 3x65+87 3x85+87 3x105+87 4x3x124+87 mid 4x3x124+87
    Military 8x45 5x95 5x115 2x125 16x136 16x120
    Crocs 8x60 3x15,15,20x85 last with straps
    Treadmill 8.2 mph@5%
    1) log 3x6,6,7x133
    Fatz DB rows 3x9,9,10x50's
    2) close grip fats 3x9,10,11x146.5
    DB curls 3x8,9,9x47.5's
    3) push-ups 3x12,13,14x14
    Inverts 3x11,12,12x14
    GHR sit-ups 2x10x12.5
    4) 20/20's 5:15@9.4mph@5%

    Extra shoulders laterals supersetted with DB press. Drop set style.

    Pretty decent. Seems like its starting to kick a bit more. Gained a rep on OHP but assistance was up a tad more than usual. Not a lot, but I'll take it. The Monday shot feels fine. I must not be made for quad shots. Looks like its glutes all the way for me.

    Had a fluid pocket on my leg drained today. Easy and painless. Took 3 appointments, 2 ultrasounds, and an x-ray though. I could have done it myself. It looked easier than when I did my ear. At least I could have seen my leg without a mirror.

    Treadmill and BJJ tomorrow DL Friday.

  9. Thursday 3/27/14


    Pretty easy

    BJJ Gi
    Live 8x5:00

    Decent. Tweaked my hip, but it should be fine.

  10. Friday 3/28/14

    Hips and swings
    DE box 8x65 added light+mini 2x65 2x115 8x2x145
    DL (1.5") 5x135 5x185 5x235 2x285 15x300 5x335
    GHR 4x13,12,12,13xSingle micro
    Treadmill 8.2mph@5%
    1) SSB box 3x6,6,7x195
    Vertical abs 3x16x101.25
    2) DB cleans 3x6,7,8x65
    Rotations 3c8xMonster
    3) Glute bridge 3x8x140.5
    4) 20/20's 5:00@9.5mph@5%

    Calves and wrist roller.

    Pretty decent workout. Had more on DL but I tweaked my hip flexor/groin last night at practice and I was babying it a little. All seems good on the cycle front. Did have some back pump, but I survived. Only thing not clicking right now is the weight loss. I seem stuck. Hopefully it starts peeling off a bit soon. I really don't want to cut calories any further. I'm right at 2000Kcals a day now.

  11. Saturday 3/29/14


    drilling about 50 minutes
    Live 4x5:00

  12. Sunday 3/30/14

    Cuff and neck
    Bench 20x45 8x95 8x115 5x135 5x155 2x175 1x187 13x197 6x213 14x175
    Pulldowns 8x140 4x15x170
    Treadmill 8.4mph@5%
    1) DB Bench 3x10,10,12x65's
    Strap rows 3x10,10,12x116
    2) laterals 3x10x40's
    DB press 3x8,10,10x47.5's
    3) 10-counts 3x7,7,8x50's
    4) 20/20's 5:25@9.6mph@5%

    Extra triceps and wrist roller.

    Really good workout. Bench up 3 reps on 90%, 2 reps on 97.5%. Other stuff also up. Var has definitely kicked.

  13. Monday 3/31/14

    Hips and swings
    SSB squats 2x8x65 8x135 5x185 5x225 2x265 16x279 6x302 13x217
    SSBGM's 4x15x117.5
    Treadmill 8.4mph@5%
    1) reverse hypers 3x10x128
    Horizontal abs 3x16,18,20x95
    2) log cleans 3x5x153
    Land mines 3x8x56.5
    3) step ups 3x8x20 5/8's
    4) 20/20's 5:20@5:20

    Good workout. Up 2 reps on 90% and 2 reps on 97.5%. Everything else up accordingly.



  14. Tuesday 4/1/14

    BJJ drilling 1:30 minutes

    Wednesday 4/2/14
    DE bench 20x45 3x45+94 3x65+94 3x85+94 3x105+94 4x3x125+94 mid 4x3x125+94 pinky
    Military 8x45 5x95 5x115 2x135 13x144 14x128
    Crocs 8x60 3x15,16,21x86 (straps on last)
    Treadmill 8.5mph@5%
    1) log 3x6,7,7x133.5
    DB fatz rows 3x9,10,10x50's
    2) close grip fatz 3x8,10,12x150
    DB curls 3x9x47.5's
    3) push-ups 3x13,14,15x14
    Inverts 3x12x14
    GHR sit-ups 2x11x12.5
    4) 20/20's 5:20@9.8mph@5%

    Extra shoulders. Laterals and behind neck drop sets.

    Pretty good workout. Everything is going well. 2nd day under 50 carbs. Sucks but it is definitely working. Getting bigger and leaning out at the same time. I've been avoiding the scale but I have to suck it up and see where I am.

  15. Thursday 4/3/14


    Drilling 15 minutes
    Live 45 minutes. Different positions.

    60 carbs today. Feeling decent.

  16. Friday 4/4/14

    Hips and swings
    SSB DE squats 2x8x65 added light+mini 2x65 2x115 8x2x146.5
    DL (1 1/2") 5x135 5x185 5x235 2x285 1x315 13x317.5 6x344
    GHR 4x8,9,10,11xSingle micro+2.5
    Treadmill 8.5mph@5%
    1) 3" DL 3x6x218
    Vertical abs 3x15x102.5
    2) DB Snatch 3x6x53.5
    Rotations 3x8xMonster
    3) Glute bridge 3x8x141
    4) 20/20's 6:25@9.9mph@5%

    Calves and wrist roller

    Pretty good workout. Keeping pace on 90% weeks but adding a rep here and there on the 97.5% sets.

    Little back pump, but no other sides to report. Leaning out considerably. Under 60 carbs again today. Same tomorrow and then I'm gonna have a high meal tomorrow night and then back down again for next week.


    Got a tad out of wack on 1-2 reps but nothing too serious.

  17. Sunday 4/6/14

    Cuff and neck
    Bench 20x45 8x95 8x115 5x135 5x175 3x195 9x208 5x218.5 12x186
    Pulldowns 8x140 4x15x172.5
    Treadmill 8.6mph@5%
    1) bench 3x8,10,12x163.5
    Strap rows 3x7x122.5
    2) laterals 3x10,11,11x40's
    DB press 3x8,10,10x48.75's
    3) 10-counts 3x7,8,8x50's
    4) 20/20's 6:30@10mph@5%

    Extra triceps and wrist roller.

    Pretty good workout. Up 2 reps on 95% set and 2 reps on 100% set. Everything else up accordingly. Had almost zero carbs yesterday until a high carb dinner and back to low carbs again for this week. Will adjust depending on progress next Sunday.

  18. Monday 4/7/14

    Hips and swings
    SSB squats 2x8x65 8x135 5x185 5x235 2x275 15x295 7x310 15x232.5
    SSBGM's 8x105 3x10,10x15x125
    Treadmill 8.7mph@5%
    1) reverse hypers 3x10x128.5
    Horizontal abs 3x16,18,18x96
    2) bag flips 3x8x114
    Land mines 3x8x56.75
    3) step-ups 3x8,9,10x22.5's
    4) 20/20's 6.35@10mph@5%

    Calves and some band pull aparts.

    Real good workout. Extra 4 reps on 95% and 2-3 (can't remember) on 100%. Got some EFS knee sleeves. Worked well. Wasn't what I expected. I thought I was getting neoprene sleeves. These are a little more.
    75 carbs today. A tad high but not too bad. I'm gonna stay under 50 tomorrow for sure. Upping test to 300mgs tonight's shot.



  19. Tuesday 4/8/14


    BJJ drilling 1 hour
    Live 4x5:00

    Wednesday 4/9/14
    DE bench 20x45 3x45+100 3x85+100 3x105+100 4x3x125.5+100 mid 4x3x125.5+100 pinky
    OHP 8x45 5x95 5x115 2x135 2x145 11x152 14x136
    Crocs 8x60 2x12,13x87.5 17x87.5 with straps
    Treadmill 8mph@5%
    1) log 3x7x134
    Fatz DB rows 3x10x50's
    2) fat close grips 3x8,10,12x155
    DB curls 3x6,6,8x50's
    3) push-ups 3x14,15,16x14
    Inverts 3x12,13,14x14
    GHR sit-ups 2x14x12.5
    4)20/20's 6.40@10mph@5%

    Bunch of extra shoulders and some band pull aparts.

    Good workout. Extra 2 reps on 95% sets. Things going real well.

  20. Thursday 4/10/14

    Live 8x5:00.
    Felt pretty good.

    Friday 4/11/14
    Hips and swings
    DE SSB squats 2x8x65 added lights and minis
    2x65 2x115 10x2x150
    DL (1 1/2" deficit) 5x135 5x185 5x235 2x285 1x315 12x335 6x352.5
    GHR 4x9,9,11,12xSingle mini+3
    Treadmill 8.9mph@5%
    1) SSB squats 3x7,7,10x200
    Vertical abs 3x17x103
    2) DB Cleans 3x6x66.5
    Rotations 3x8xMonster
    3) Glute Bridge 3x8x142
    4) 20/20's 6:45@10mph@5%

    Calves and wrist roller. Also did some band pull aparts and pushdown a for extra volume. Things seem to be going very well. Ordering some GW and albuterol to assist the cut.

  21. Sunday 4/13/14

    Cuff and neck
    Bench 20x45 8x95 8x115 5x135 5x155 3x180 16x190 7x212.5
    Chins 8x8xBW
    Treadmill 9mph@5%
    1) DB press 3x8,8,10x70's
    Strap rows 3x8x123
    2) laterals 3x11,11,12x40's
    Fatz band OHP 3x6,8,9x72.5
    3) 10-counts 3x8x51 1/4's (about killed me)
    4) 20/20's 6:50@10mph@5%

    Extra triceps and band pull aparts.

    Feeling great. Fat is coming off, lifts are going up, all is good.

  22. Monday 4/14/14

    Hips and swings
    SSB squats 2x8x65 8x135 5x185 5x225 2x265 20x272 7x304 16x208
    SLDL 8x115 3x15x145
    Treadmill 9mph@5%
    1) reverse hypers 3x10x129
    Horizontal abs 3x18,20,20x97.5
    2) log cleans 3x5x154.5
    Land mines 3x8x57
    3) one legged squats 3x8xBW
    4) 20/20's 6:55@10mph@5%

    Called it there. Getting late and back pump was hurting me a little. Otherwise feeling good.

  23. Tuesday 4/15/14

    Drilling 1:20
    Live 2x5:00

    Wednesday 4/16/14
    DE bench 20x45 added minis 3x45 3x85 5x3x115 mid grip 5x3x115 pinky
    OHP 8x45 5x95 5x115 2x127.5 18x137.5 17x121.5
    CS Rows palms facing 8x245 3x13,13,14x275
    Treadmill 9mph@5%
    1) log 3x7x135
    CS fats 3x9,10,10x227
    2) reverse green close 3x10,12,14x193.5
    BB curls 3x8x100
    3) push-ups 3x15x14
    Inverts 3x13x14
    GHR sit-ups 2x15x12.5
    4) 20/20's 7:00@10mph @5%

    Extra shoulders.

    Great workout. Extra 2 reps on 85% set. Everything else up a good bit more than normal. Had some pump issues again, but survived. 6 more days of var then I'm cruising on 300 test for 6 weeks, then 6 more weeks of var to finish. Gonna try and solidify the gains I've made so far.

  24. Saturday 4/19/14

    Been off since Wednesday.
    Did a small tournament today. Went okay, not great though. Weighed in at 198.0 and I was it for expert so I got put up to what I thought was 220 but turned out to be unlimited. Had a D-1 wrestler first match. Went back and forth but I eventually got him in an inverted heel hook for the tap. It was 4-2 at the time, but I'm not sure who was winning, I think he was. He had wrestling shoes on and that made the difference. Ended up pulling my right groin pretty good. Had a guy around 285 for the semis. Ended up winning by sloppy arm bar. I just couldn't move effectively with my groin hurting so bad. I had a hard time walking for probably an hour. Went 2-0 and got second. I had to pull out of the finals and Gi, which is what I was really there for anyways. Figures. I'm gonna take tomorrow to heal and then this week will be a little different, MTRF and no practice Tuesday. I'll get back to rolling Thursday. This groin is going to be an issue I need to start addressing this week. I can't have this happening at tournaments.
    Had some pizza, a hamburger, and 2 packs of Fudge Stripes as a reward. Back to the eating plan tomorrow.

  25. Monday 4/21/14

    Cuff and neck
    Bench 20x45 8x95 5x135 5x155 3x175 2x195 13x201.5 6x218
    Chins 8 sets 67 reps
    Treadmill 9mph@5%
    1) fatz bench 3x6,7,10x166.5
    Strap rows 3x8,8,9x124
    2) laterals 3x12x40's
    OHP minis 3x9,10,12x73.5
    3) 10-counts 3x8x51 1/4's
    4) 20-20's 3:05@10mph@5%

    Extra triceps and pull aparts.

    Pretty good workout. Pump monster got me pretty good though. Tomorrow is the last day of var then it's 6 weeks test. I ordered GW, Osta, and albuterol today along with some more aromisin. Think I need it. I believe I let my Estro climb too high and I'm holding some water. I'll know for sure when the var starts to clear, but in the meantime I'm doing 12.5 ed for the next week.
    Squat tomorrow and I'll pin tomorrow as well. Don't want any pip for squats tomorrow. Felt good to eat clean today.


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