DD's return from shin splints and a broken hand!

  1. DD's return from shin splints and a broken hand!

    I think I had a lot of potential as a sprinter and potential to lift respectable weights, but poor nutrition, laziness and bad luck have meant I know I'm nowhere near where I could/should be.
    I'll probably just give brief updates in general.

    I'll hopefully have my first sprint session in a long time tomorrow and I've done a few upper and lower body workouts (roughly 2 workouts on each body part at the beginning of december) but then snow, illness and going away have delayed me yet again!

    Major (long-term) lower-body injuries that have slowed me down (literally, haha):
    • Shin splints (may return - had it for years)
    • Osgood-Schlatter's disease (old, but had it for ages)

    Main medium-term upper-body injuries:
    • Broken hand (was allowed to do sport with it again in early December 2010)
    • Possible fractured shoulder
    • Fractured wrist (only hairline)
    • Tennis elbow (lasted a while)
    • Forearm splints (splints love me! recurring)

  2. First 2011 chest-workout (and first one in a couple of weeks):


    Bench press
    [WARMUP of bar, then 60kg, then 80kg]
    4 x 90kg
    4 x 90kg
    4 x 92.5kg
    4 x 95kg (210lbs)

    Incline DB Bench
    8 x 27.5kg
    7 x 27.5kg

    Leg raises etc

    Bearing in mind I very recently broke my hand and have barely trained, I'm pretty happy with that! Let's hope I'll continue making progress...

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