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  1. Day 17
    September 1, 2010:

    Workout: Back

    Weighted pullups
    BW + 45 x 8 rp 2 rp 2
    WG pulldowns
    235 x 10 rp 5
    V-bar pulldowns
    250 x 7 rp 4
    T-bar row
    6 plates + 25 x 5
    1-arm DB row
    155 x 22
    Seated WG row
    Stack x 15 rp 10
    Cable pullover
    85 x 10 rp 4
    45 x 9 drop 25 x 6 drop BW x 7

    I started the AM "Bent over DB rows friendly competition" challenge tonight. My starting entry was 155s x 22. I am going to have to come up with an alternative method for my rows since my gym only has up to 155 lb dumbells. Where there's a will, there's a way. I felt pretty good about this workout as a whole. My pulldowns are increasing nicely, and my rows are getting stronger as well.

    Today is going to be a good day. I am going lower on the carbs today, around 150 grams, but I am having a nice sirloin and a tenderloin steak for two of my meals!

    Tonight I'll be hitting Shoulders, triceps, and abs!


  2. Day 18
    September 2, 2010:

    Workout: Shoulders, triceps

    DB shoulder press
    115 x 5 drop 100 x 6
    Behind the neck BB press
    260 x 6 rp 3
    DB rear delt row
    60 x 8 rp 6 rp 4
    DB front raises
    55 x 8 rp 5 rp 3
    Cable side laterals
    70 x 6
    Up the rack DB side laterals
    50 x 10 55 x 9 65 x6
    BB shrugs
    495 x 6 drop 315 x 10 drop 225 x 15
    CG bench press
    315 x 4 (failed on 5th rep) drop 275 x 6 rp 3 drop 225 x 8
    135 x 11 drop 100 x 9 drop 70 x 8
    1-arm DB extension
    65 x 9 rp 4
    Cable kickbacks
    70 x 9

    I did not feel as strong during this workout as I have most days. My shoulders felt overly tight, and I couldn't seem to get them properly loosened up. My pressing strength increased, but I would have liked to hit the 115s for 6 or more reps. I'm looking forward to getting to the gym to blast my legs tonight. I am going to stick with several unilateral movements again as I believe this will help me bring up my lagging leg. Tonight's workout will be LEGS and calves !


  3. I will deff be stopping by and seeing how this goes for you, I am very interested in HIT training

  4. Day 20
    September 4, 2010:

    Workout: Legs, calves

    Leg curl
    200 x 7 (failed on 8) drop 110 x 10
    1-Leg curl
    110 x 8 drop 80 x 10 drop 60 x 10
    365 x 8
    Leg extensions
    250 x 7 (failed on 8)
    1-Leg press
    545 x 8 rp 4 rp 2 drop 2-legs x 12
    Hack squat
    495 x 7
    1-Leg smith machine lunges
    135 x 10 rp 6 rp 4 rp 3
    1-Leg extension
    100 x 11 drop 70 x 8 drop 50 x 6 drop 30 x 8
    HS calf raise
    405 x failure
    Leg press calf raise
    405 x failure rp failure

    I took Friday and Sunday OFF over the weekend.


  5. Day 22
    September 6, 2010:

    Workout: Chest, biceps

    BB incline press
    315 x 6 rp 3
    BB flat press
    330 x 5
    Machine flat press
    stack + 45 x 22, 6 slow negatives
    Pec dec fly
    150 x 8 rp 4 rp 2
    Cable Crossovers
    110 x 7 drop 90 x 7 drop 60 x 7
    1-arm cable curl
    85 x 6 rp 3 rp 2
    Alt DB curl
    60 x 6 rp 3 rp 1
    DB preacher curl
    60 x 10
    DB hammer curl
    70 x 8 drop 45 x 11

    I was happy that my pressing strength went up a small amount. I only added about a rep to my BB incline press from last workout, but I went up to a higher weight on my flat presses than I have used since I injured my shoulder! I feel that flat pressing is too hard on my shoulders, so I plan on only doing it once a month, if that. Tonight I'll be blasting some BACK! I still have to figure out exactly what I'm going to do for the bent over DB row challenge since I maxed out the weights on my gym's DBs. I might try a bent over 1-arm t-bar row. I'll let you guys know how it went and what method I came up with.


  6. Day 23
    September 7, 2010:

    Workout: Back

    Pullups (warmup)
    2 x 10
    WG pulldowns
    240 x 10 rp 6
    1-arm pulldowns
    130 x 8
    Rack deadlift
    450 x 6
    1-arm t-bar row
    180 x 18
    1-arm seated row
    130 x 15
    Cable pullover
    90 x 9 rp 5

    I continueded the AM "Bent over DB rows friendly competition" challenge tonight. My second entry was 180 x 18. I felt that the workout as a whole went very well. My pulling strength is increasing nicely. Tonight I'll be hitting Shoulders, triceps, and abs!


  7. Day 24
    September 8, 2010:

    Workout: Shoulders, triceps

    DB press
    115 x 7
    BB push press
    215 x 6
    Nautilus press
    315 x 3 , SLOW Negatives to failure (6 reps)
    Up the rack DB side laterals
    55 x 10 60 x 8 65 x 6
    DB midpoint side laterals
    80 x 8 rp 6 rp 3
    DB front raises
    60 x 8 rp 6 rp 3
    Machine rear delt fly
    170 x 7 rp 3 drop 130 x 7 drop 110 x 8 drop 80 x 8
    BB skull crushers
    155 x 6 drop 95 x 10
    1-arm DB extensions
    65 x 9 rp 4
    Rope french press
    180 x 8
    1-arm pushdowns
    60 x 11 drop 50 x 8 drop 40 x 6

    I thought this was a pretty good workout. Today, Thurs 9/9, I am pretty sore in the medial head of the deltoids, which is an area I have been trying to emphasize working on. The shoulder exercises went much better this workout that the previous workout. My shoulders were much less tight, but I did spend an almost excessive amount of time warming up each deltoid head and my rotator cuffs prior to the workout along with stretching prior to the workout and in between most sets. Tonight I am again blasting the LEGS! I am still focusing this workout on unilateral movements. The next workout I'll probably go back to mostly bilateral movements for a workout and then back to unilaterals the next.


  8. Day 25
    September 9, 2010:

    Workout: Legs, calves

    Lying leg curls
    220 x 5 (failed on 6th) drop 130 x 10
    Standing 1-leg curls
    120 x 7 drop 90 x 10 drop 50 x 15
    275 x 8
    Leg extensions
    260 x 8
    1-Leg press
    565 x 6 rp 3 drop 2 legs x 15
    1-Leg machine squat
    225 x 6
    1-Leg smith machine lunges
    165 x 6 rp 4 rp 2
    1-Leg extensions
    120 x 8 drop 90 x 6 drop 70 x 6 drop 50 x7 drop 30 x 8
    Seated calf raises
    3 plates X failure drop 2 plates x failure drop 1 plate x failure

    This workout went pretty well overall. My quads are definetly getting stronger. I was pleased with my leg extension strength increases in the single and two leg versions. I was not as pleased overall with my hamstring strength. My leg curl strength went up on single leg curls, but my form was too sloppy for my liking on my two leg curls. Next workout I'll have to drop the weights on the two leg curls to ensure proper technique. I am really liking the smith machine lunges. I use a platform for my rear leg so that I can go deeper into the lunge than if my opposite foot was flat on the floor. Tonight I'm going to hit some chest, biceps, and abs. I am going to stick with some incline barbells for my main exercise this week and go back to dbs next week. I may do some flat dbs. We'll see how I'm feeling. My workouts have been very productive so far. I am about halfway through this trial period for my new training style. I am very pleased with the results so far.


  9. UPDATE:

    I have slacked a bit on posting my workouts lately. They have been going pretty well. A few updates to my lifts are:

    BB military press: 285 x 6 rp 3
    DB 1-arm row: 200 x 14
    BB incline press: 325 x 4 rp 3
    T-bar row: 7 plates x 5 + 3 forced reps
    BB close grip bench: 295 x 6 rp 3 + 1 forced rep

    Weight gain has seemed to stall out over the last few weeks at right about 219-220. I'll reaccess my caloric levels at the end of this week. I may increase calories next week to try to increase accrual of LBM. Here is a video of my 1-arm DB rows for anyone who hasn't seen it in the 1-arm DB row challenge thread:

    YouTube - AM wilderbeast bent over 1-arm DB row 200 lb. x 14

    More updates to come!



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