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  1. Target Group: LEGS A
    Performed in: ~?? minutes

    Sets x Reps (Weight, if listed)

    45 Degree Leg Press: 3x50 lie 50 was ****ing tough. It was a battle each set but I got through it. This was like a form of cardio in and of itself.

    BB Squats: 2x20 ...I was breathing heavy with these for sure.

    Leg Ext: 3x20 ...legs were beyond pumped by now.

    Lying Leg Curls: 3x12 ...hammies definitely felt these...

    Standing Alt Leg Curls: 2x12-15 ...used a leg ext machine and really focused on these.. my legs were fried.

    -Day 2. No cardio as it's a leg day. The workout felt like cardio in and of itself though... I was worn out, breathing heavy, and exhausted. Wow. I sat in the sauna for like 5 min if that afterwards... I was done.
    -Studying all day for my last final tomorrow... I'll be waking up, knocking out cardio, and then heading to school tomorrow.
    -A much needed nap will be in the mix some time today. I've got all my food cooked and got things rolling. I'll be heading out of town this weekend so things will be interesting and I'm wanting to be as prepared as possible (i.e. packing a cooler).
    -My chest is sore as **** from those neck presses... I highly recommend throwing those in for a mix up in your usual chest workout.

  2. Target Group: BACK TRAPS REAR DELTS A
    Performed in: ~?? minutes ... I've stopped keeping track.

    Sets x Reps (Weight, if listed)

    BO BB Rows: 2 warmups; 3x15

    CG Pullups: 3xFailure

    Straight Arm Pulldowns: 2x15

    DB Shrugs: 3x50

    Cable Rear Flys: 3x15

    -Day 4 in the books. I knocked out 45 min of cardio early this AM while sipping aminos... Just got through with the gym session... the DB Shrugs were hell... didn't do that many on the CG Pullups but still did enough to feel it... these should improve as time goes on. I have 2 big bags of food to cook, i.e. Tilapia and Chicken... gotta pack a big cooler for the weekend. I'll be hitting the cardio early in the AM from here on out unless I feel like adding it post workout if I'm crunched for time...
    -Taking some more naps today after battling the crowds out Christmas shopping...
    -For those wondering the break down of macros is ~ 2500 cals, ~ 110 g fat, ~155 g carbs, ~300 g protein

  3. Target Group: DELTS TRICEPS ABS A
    Performed in: ~?? minutes

    Sets x Reps (Weight, if listed)

    Seated DB Shoulder Press: 3x15

    Standing Alt DB Front Raises: 2x15

    Seated DB Side Raises: 3x15

    CGBP: 3x8

    DB Kickbacks: 2x15

    Cable Pressdowns: 1xFailure


    -I had a tremendous pump in my delts and tris... felt great... did some ab work at the end nothing major just did around 100 or so reps. Did my cardio afterwards and then got outta there. Very good session to end the week on...
    -My gym was pretty damn empty due to the snow storm that's predicted to go on... Actually as of posting this, it's a bad storm that's hit with snow, sleet, ice.
    -Busy weekend and heading out of town... hope everyone has a great weekend. I'll be out of town for a family Christmas party, my brother's graduation, and the Panthers/Vikings game.


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