workout notes

  1. workout notes

    I'm not expecting anyone to follow this, but I will just list my supplements I am using and my workouts. I am a full time student with quite a few outside activities going on so hitting the gym is not exactly a priority on my list.

    I combat this by doing bodyweight exercises, jump rope, sparring/grappling and bike riding.

    I usually try to do this every night in some way or another since it is not very much volume.
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  2. currently using:
    -Biomend: 2 caps/day
    -2nd gear 1 cap/day

    iron man gym
    - 3 sets neutral pull ups, 10 rep
    - 2 sets wide grip, 10 reps
    - 2 sets 20 push-ups, neutral stance.
    - 2 sets 15 push-ups with feet on 2 ft high desk chair (this allows an incline chest movement)
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  3. went to my apartment workout center just a bit ago and it is actually pretty nice. I think I will be using this as my new facility during the week and my college rec on weekends. Sadly, everything there is smith machine and zero DB's. DB is a huge part of my workout regiment, but oh well.

    I haven't hit the weights really hard consistently for a good while, plus I am on an extremely bad diet with high sodium (ramen noodles, etc).

    BB flat 10x135, 9x205, 5x215
    BB incline 10x135, 9x135, 6x155
    cable flyes 3x 40lbsx 10

    tricep extensions

    I also got in 10 lbs on nitrocore 24, so that is my protein source.
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