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  1. DE upper body- pecs were still kinda sore from mondays board press

    Standing Shoulder Press
    95 x 10
    115 x 5
    working sets
    145 x 5
    155 x 5
    155 x 5

    DB FLoor Press
    90s x 10
    100 x 3 clearly my was still sore from monday shouldnt have done these 2 x this week
    95s x 5

    Tricep Zig Zag Bar pulldowns
    215 x 3 x 12 reps 12 reps 10 reps... didnt get that great of a pump doing these....

    Kroc Rows
    100s x 35 PR

    Bent Bar Pulldowns
    80 x 12
    100 x 12
    120 x 12

    Monster Mini Pull apart 2 x 25,20

    Rotator cuff work and did some bicep cable curls just for the hell of it.... Max box squat tommorow

  2. Max Effort Lower body

    Parallel Box Squat
    warm ups
    135 x 5
    185 x 3
    225 x 3
    working sets
    275 x 1
    315 x 1
    345 x 1
    365 x 1 PR
    365 x 1 PR

    Repitition work
    2 x 5 on 315 PR

    45 degree Back Raise
    90 x 5
    90 x 5
    100 x 5 PR

    Leg Press (the ***** one it gives a better pump)
    240 x 30 reps
    340 x 25 reps

    abs and that was it damn good work out smashed PRs hopefully i do that on 3 board bench monday will post then

  3. Max effort bench press- Ate 3 actual food meals b4 lifitng... tons of carbs and cals and protien, watched the bball game lifted at midnight....

    Close Grip bench ( my close grip is completely on the smooth part of the bar)
    135 x 5
    170 x 3 ditched elbow sleeves cut of circulation arms felt numb
    195 x 1
    215 x 1
    235 x 1
    255 x 1 PR !!!!

    was pumped about the 255 the last full ROM max bench i did was 250, this was a damn good CG.. next week 3 board, then C.G. again. then 2 weeks of heavy singles.

    Repetition work Close grip bench
    190 x 5
    190 x 5
    190 x 5 feet on bench straight forward Killed em

    Doubled Monster Mini Pulldowns
    75 reps
    50 ish
    35 ish

    super setted these with dave tates triceps creepers. idk what the real definition is called , had a damn good pump going on...

    Monster Mini pull aparts
    40 reps
    30 reps both are PRs not that it mattters lol

    Rotator Cuff work against wall ill have to post this up it really helped my rear rotator/delt pain..

    notes- not doing a heavy single this week i was gonna do a single on 240 but i hit 255 on a C.G full range of motion so i know that my full ROM bench press is at least at 260 prolly 265-270 range.. i think i was a bit over trained last week as i did shoulder press both upper body days and DB Presses heavy and Kroc Rows both days so i deloaded back and shoulders completely no shoulder or lat work.. I also deloaded triceps by doing just mini band pull downs which are easy to recover from.

    Tommorow DE lower body
    Box Squats, Deadlift 440, Good Mornings, Leg Press for quads, Abs and Cardio

  4. DE lower body

    225 x 2 reps x 6 sets

    275 x 1
    315 x 1
    380 x 1
    440 missed was pisssed got it off the ground pretty but stalled out at the shins. Form wasnt good i need to stop maxing out on these on DE day not sure what ill do for this next week

    Good Morning
    135 x 5
    160 x 3
    175 x 1
    185 x 1 PR

    i was pissed so i went heavy on this

    Leg Press
    380 x 20
    430 x 20
    480 x 13

    not the 45 Degree one but the 90 degree one it hits the quads harder which are my weakness on the deadlift and squats..

    no idea what im going to do for ME lower body day, maybe platform deadlifts or rack pulls... not sure yet cardio tommorow

  5. DE upper body

    Shoulder Press
    45 x 10
    95 x 5
    warm ups ^
    working sets
    135 x 5
    145 x 5
    155 x 5
    shoulder already felt weird will switch to dumbells monday

    Dumbell Floor Press- wait for it...
    so they had a class going on in the room i usually steal a matt from to lie on the floor to do DB floor presses and ontop of that my shoulder was flaring up from the standing press so i decided to take it easy and did a chest press fly type machine that will come later.

    Kroc Rows
    120 x 29 PR
    95 x 45 PR

    Double Handle lat pulldown
    it was like 110 ? x 2 sets of 15 then 12

    Monster Mini Pullaparts rear delt
    2 x F it was like 30 and 25 reps

    85 x alot
    110 x alot
    110 x alot
    100 x alot

    kept tension on the pecs because im hating the looks of flat pecs so if i took db press work off i figured i could work pecs

    Barbell Curls
    95 x 10
    105 x 10
    115 x 8
    stirict form

    Rotator Cuff Work and alot of abs

    Notes- Skipped 3 sets of DB work and 1 set of lats which i figured 5-6 of lats arent needed if ur doing Kroc Rows.. and the DB work no speed bench etc was kind of a chest deload so im ready to kill a 285 board press monday. Dont wanna mess up the barbell bench for some DBs and also deloaded Back and shoulders Monday so im feeling good. tommorow idk if i need to do Defict pulls or shin pulls for ME lower body

  6. Max effort lower body

    Bottom Pin Deadlifts
    135 x 5
    185 x 5
    225 x 1
    315 x 1
    365 x 1
    405 x 1
    455 x 1 PR

    These feel harder than any other spot on the rack because the angle you start at wore elbows sleves on the last two sets because biceps were sore also wore belt on every set because back was a little stiff.

    Box Squat
    135 x 5
    working sets
    275 x 5
    315 x 5
    345 x 3

    Leg Press 90 Degree with emphsias on quads
    320 x 20
    420 x 20
    480 x 15

    DONE no abs no cardio.. I feel like cardio will overtrain me short and simple diet is clean and i cut down amount i eat weights arent effected so im good. Monday will be max effort upper still debating on weather to do close Grip or 3 board press

  7. Max Effort Bench Day-

    Close Grip (both hands completely on smooth part)
    135 x 3
    135 x 3
    170 x 3
    195 x 1
    225 x 1
    245 x 1
    260 x 1 PR
    270 x 1 PR by 15lbs **** YES!!!!

    Repitition Work
    225 x 3 sets of 3... was suppose to do 80% at 4 x 3 but didnt feel like unloading the plates.

    DB shoulder Press
    70 x 10
    75 x 8
    75 x 5 wore elbow sleeve on the left it ****ed me up somehow

    Barbell Tricep Pullovers
    95 x 12
    115 x 10
    135 x 3 might be PR? but i went i was burned out from the heavy benching

    One Arm Rows (barbell loaded on one end)
    135 x 10
    160 x 5 once again to burned out from bench to go heavy

    PullDowns bent bar for upper lats
    120 x 3 sets x 12 reps

    Mini Band Pull aparts
    25 reps
    15 reps once again burned out from bench

    Rotator Cuff work... no bicep work because i prolly have tendionitis in the left one.. blue heat and the sleve is working to keep it to a minmum now

    Cardio Low intensity- 20 minute bike ride heart rate at 150 it was like 10 miles lol but it was on the bike machine..... will post tommorow DE lower

  8. ME lower body- worst day in the last 2 months of lifting, was suppose to be dynamic effort i was running on 4 hrs of sleep had a 8 hour meeting and 3 hour class. On top of that my back was sore because of barbell one arm rows yesterday, had zero explosiveness on squats. Left Bicep/Elbow killed so deffintely couldnt deadlift.. that left hack squats and good mornings (both stressful on lower back) so i just said **** it and made a ME box Squat since ive only done one of these in this cycle.. I need to make adjustments to my lowerbody set up becuase i feel like i got one too many heavy movements. and i pushed it the last couple weeks. So im shutting myself down for the weak no DE for upper or lower body.. Heres today #s

    Box Squat
    45 x 5
    135 x 2
    185 x 2
    185 x 2
    225 x 2
    275 x 1
    315 x 1
    370 x 1 PR still hit a pr prolly have 380 if i was fresh on a friday ME... ill post up the general template im lookin to do the next couple days.. same concept will just go a bit lighter..

    BTW- cardio was 15 mins heart rate at 135. WIll do cardio THursday Friday with abs but no lifting till mondday so prolly wont post much till then

  9. Damn dude you've made some serious progress went from a 265 bench max to 270 CGBP max aafter like 6 sets or somethinlike that way to go!

  10. Quote Originally Posted by permanabol View Post
    Damn dude you've made some serious progress went from a 265 bench max to 270 CGBP max aafter like 6 sets or somethinlike that way to go!
    thanks bro! yea that 265 was last year around this time bodybuilder style. Now i close gripped 270. Its my first westside cycle ive understood... I think westside helps the mental side, like it hurts alot more to miss a full ROM bench press rather than a board press or db rep max etc.. but thanks again bro!

  11. Speaking of board presses what gym do you go to that has boards lying around lol and someone to stand there holding that ****!

  12. Quote Originally Posted by permanabol View Post
    Speaking of board presses what gym do you go to that has boards lying around lol and someone to stand there holding that ****!
    ok this is straight ghetto but.. On bench days ill warm up at home and bench in the garage. i got boards and 390lbs free weight but its not a power rack, its just a thing u stick the j hooks in and bench out of. I have my brother hold the board and dad spot. Once i finish bench work i make sure i have the heat on my car on and a hoodie ready ( to keep muscles warm) take a 10-15 minute drive to the gym do a quick warm up set and finish the rest of my workout..15 minute break is nice as i eat a carb bar and get ready to finish the workout strong as well

  13. that's badass lol I kinda still wish I had my dad's ****ty bench press rig like yours it had j hooks and a place to lie lol

  14. Quote Originally Posted by permanabol View Post
    that's badass lol I kinda still wish I had my dad's ****ty bench press rig like yours it had j hooks and a place to lie lol
    yea basically its a smith machine and it has the 1 inch whole spacings along the front and i use jhooks adjust the bench and can press. Im going away to college my plan is to add some more free weights buy a box squat and get a power rack and rent a one car garage to lift out of and use the universitys gym to do DB work when needed..

  15. ahh so i figured to give the DE day a go and suck it up threw the 3 remaning weeks of my bench cycle... Was smart with it tho.

    hammer Strength Shoulder Press (assuming the machine alone weighs 45lbs)
    135 x 15
    185 x 10
    ^warm up ^
    225 x 10
    275 x 5
    275 x 6

    elbow sleeves with every set felt very good pain free

    DB palms in floor press
    85 x 12
    90 x 10
    95 x 4 fizzled out... i need to keep these to high reps because there is no momentum when ur started from a pause of the ground. and these are ment for high reps anyways ive been pushing the weights too much.. Also this killed my elbow, will knock these out.

    Hammer Strength Upper back Row (assuming sled weighs 45)
    275 x 12
    315 x 10
    315 x 10
    295 x 12

    One arm cable pulldown reverse grip
    3 x 12 30lbs

    Monster Mini Band Pull aparts
    2 x 30

    Rotator Cuff extentions
    10lbs 2 x 12 reps

    40 lb premade barbell
    5 x 10 curls

    ^REHAB^ for aching elbow recommended by tate and wendler

    Like you can see i went easy, shoulder press and back work from a machine but not a easy machine at all. Did rotator and rear delt work to keep bench press ability optimal and tried to get blood flowing into the elbow area with the light weight curls...

    Since i ended up doing Max effort tuesday ill skip dynamic effort tommorow since my 2 lower body max efforts were 3 days apart not 7... Also i want to save my elbows from aching on squats... ALso to finish up this cycle i think ill take a try at 275 bench press monday. Board press the week later and then Bench another heavy one 275 or 280

  16. Bench Press (looking for right Grip) max effort

    135 x 5 could tell it was a bad choice to do Full ROM today
    165 x 3
    195 x 1
    225 x 1
    250 x 1 Litter closer grip then normal paused on chest
    275 missed first time 4/5 of the way up with a close grip (both on smooth) however my bicep stops the bar from touching my chest so i gotta widen the grip a bit.
    275 tried with the normal bench grip i used for ever got stuck half below half way. Im thinking i should have used this grip first i just had it in my head i was stronger with close grip..
    265, 250 tried both with my usual grip was toast from trying 275 was ****ING PISSED

    Shoulder Press
    135 x 5
    145 x 5
    175 x 3 + 2 reps i did push press

    FLoor Reverse Grip bench
    185 x 10
    205 x 5
    205 x 5 felt ok with elbow sleves

    Kroc Rows
    100 x 45 each arm no straps

    Double fist barbell rows with one end loaded with plats (idk wtf u call this but it hits lats good)
    180 x 12
    225 x 12
    250 x 8

    Monster Mini Pull aparts
    2 x 25,20

    Rear delt work

    Preacher Curl machine
    70 x 50 reps
    50 x 25 reps

    thats all for today im thinking maybe a mini cycle of bench maybe next week board press then floor press then go for a true max? or start a 4 week mini cycle idk... yet nor do i know what im doin tommorow will post back sometime after noon tommorow

  17. im replacing DE and Max effort with a squat day and deadlift day.. not to different because i use to do heavy deads on DE day after squats.. and had a max effort Squat. I thought it might be overTraning but i read brian schawbs log and he suggested it. So well see how it goes. also im im trying to cut back to 180 and maintain there and gain strength, i feel like the extra 7 pounds i gained arent worth **** because strength didnt go up.. heres todays workout

    135 x 5
    185 x 3
    225 x 1
    275 x 1
    315 x 1
    365 x 1
    all the singles up to here were sumo just to get a feel.
    405 x 1
    440 missed 3/4 way up.

    Bottom Pin Pull
    405 x 1
    365 x 3
    315 x 5

    thats it will do some cardio tonight, using oxylite cleaning junk outta the diet eating more often and less quantity... as far as deadlifts go, the 440 i felt like my back rounded on the way up ill have to concentrate more on form. I need some back work to become more explosive so next week ill do max band pull and assistance work in the rack bottom pin.. This not being able to pull 440 is pissing me off i might pull a couple reps next week to figure my form back out.

  18. upper body assistance

    DB shoulder press
    60 x 12
    70 x 9
    70 x 10
    left db feels like its falling back so i lowered the weights i use and tried to get a better ROM

    Tricep stiff arm pulldowns with lat bar
    65 x 12
    75 x 12
    85 x 11
    these hit tris and lats idk if it will havy much carry over for bench but it was really easy on the elbows

    Hammer strength upper lat pulldown
    250 x 12
    250 x 12
    230 x 15
    i feel like these help with keeping the bar under control when lowering it on bench idc if its a machine. it works

    pullups palms in
    2 x F 15 reps 10 reps

    Mini band pullaparts
    2 x F 25 reps 15 reps

    Rotator Cuff work- 2x 15 wall extentions

    Flyes 4 sets and biceps 3 sets- this was just so my pecs dont loose to much size just wanted to **** with some.

    will do 15 minute jump ropes tonight b4 bed

  19. Nice work mate switching to sumo really helps give your back a break and has a good carryover into conventional locking out! Another wise idea trying to find a grip that isn't on the smooth part lol wouldn't get **** out of that with a shirt.... if you had a shirt and much stronger off chest with none close grip reps for you

  20. You must spread some reputation around before giving it to brownstone89 again!

  21. Quote Originally Posted by permanabol View Post
    Nice work mate switching to sumo really helps give your back a break and has a good carryover into conventional locking out! Another wise idea trying to find a grip that isn't on the smooth part lol wouldn't get **** out of that with a shirt.... if you had a shirt and much stronger off chest with none close grip reps for you
    wait i dont understand what your syaing about the wise idea finidng a grip that isnt the smooth part? lol

  22. Max effort Squats
    45 x 10
    135 x 5
    185 x 1
    225 x 1
    275 x 1
    295 x 1
    315 x 1 tied PR
    325 x 1 PR

    didnt get to eat b4 going to lift went empty stomach, on only 5 hrs sleep. Left side of the back was still kinda feeling weird from deadlifts and my calfs are really sore from jump ropes. Considering all that it wasnt bad at all, next week ill make sure my back is fresh have a good meal or 2 in me b4 I squat and be on 8 hours sleep and hit 330. Also im pretty sure im going way past parallel pretty much squatting exactly how wendler advises. Realatively close stance ALSO doing the elbows tucking it behind the bar and thats not hurting my elbows at all so damn good squat day, i might hit double bodyweight squat before i hit a 455 deadlift.

    assistance Squats
    275 x 3 great depth will be doing 2-4 sets of assitance squats but my lower back was still sore so no pushing it.

    Sumo Stance Good Mornings
    75 x 12
    95 x 10
    115 x 10

    went so damn low my body was 90 degrees really hit the hamstrings and lower back hard.

    Leg Extentions
    150 x 15
    190 x 12
    230 x 10

    wanted to do some quad work but i couldnt leg press with my calfs so sore so just did these..GF started being a bit too bad in texts so i had to cancel cardio...

  23. Max Effort upper

    Fat bar Floor press
    135 x 5
    185 x 3
    205 x 1
    235 x 1
    255 x 1 PR
    260 missed

    Repitition work
    205 x 5
    205 x 5
    225 x 2
    according to perplins chart i was suppose to use 205 for 4 sets of 3 but i went matt rhodes style and just smashed ****ing weight. Felt a lil uneven tho on the floor press its a pretty hard movement with a fat bar

    Wide Grip 3 second pause bench
    135 x 5
    185 x 3
    just needed to get the feel of this starting to do them, felt good didnt push it. ALso wide grip for me is pink on the ring on the bar.

    Hammer Shoulder Press
    225 x 10
    275 x 5
    275 x 5

    Decline football bar extentions
    65 x 15
    75 x 12
    85 x 8

    Stiff arm lat bar pulldown
    65 x 12
    75 x 20
    75 x 20

    Crooked bar lat pulldown
    120 x 12
    140 x 12
    140 x 12

    Hammer Strength upper Lat pulldown
    225 x 20
    295 x 10
    295 x 10
    these were easy as **** since i didnt do kroc rows b4.

    Short Bar Curl
    25s x 12
    35s x 12
    45s x 6

    short bar 90 degree preacher curl
    2 x F with 15 and 25 each side each set.

    Rotator Cuff work and forgot to do my mini band pullaparts

    looks like alot of work but the only thing i added to the orginal program was the 1 set of wide grip instead of doing 4 sets of repition work i did 3.. and i actually did all 5 bicep sets and i did 3 sets of pulldowns for triceps extra.. feeling pretty good. need to eat tho. will prolly deadlift and do cardio tommorow.

  24. Had to lift this morning because finals.. short and simple deadlift day today

    185 x 5
    260 x 3
    315 x 2
    365 x 1
    410 x 1
    375 x 3

    this is the last 5 weeks of the FINNISH routine, seems like i might need this to add the reps im use to doing. hopefully it works

    did ab work decline crunches x 50 and overhead hammer crunches 100 reps 2 sets

    200 cals burnt 11.5 incline 4.0 speed 15 mins heart rate was in the 150-160 range damn good workout for a short day next lift will be thurs upper body assistance

  25. empty stomach abs and cardio. did decline crunches 100 reps and 25 overhead cruches with 35 lbs... 15 minute cardio with incline at 12.5 and speed 4. Burned over 200 cals. weighed myself afterwards at 185.6... seems like im flucating between 185.6-188


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