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  1. Max Effort BenchWide grip Pinky on rings45 x 10135 x 5135 x 5185 x 3225 x 1255 x 1 275 x 1 300 x 1 PR for any type of flat bench 25 pound PR on wide grips felt great even paused itmissed 305 biceps felt horrible paintricep pulldowns 3 x F Spoon Presses 2 x 20+ with 60shammer strength shoulder press 3 sets last one had 225 for 18purple band tricep pulldowns to failure decline and rope crunchessprinted half a mile in 5 mins NO numbers for the above stuff wasnt really important will prolly hit legs twice this week will see how i feel friday to see if i do any more pressing this week.. will prolly do DB benches next week for ME and then try another Wide grip max 2 mondays from now

  2. Deadlift day deload of squat
    135 x5
    500 misssed again

    Speed pulls against grey bands

    Leg press
    5,6,7,8 plates per side 10-15 reps

    Upper lat pulldown
    3x15 with 225,225,255

    Seated iso rows
    2x 15 with 315
    2x12 365

    Inverted rows
    3x12 bw

    Neutral bar rear delt pulls

    No cardio or abs was exhausted

  3. DB Bench55 x 1275 x 1095 x 5110 x 3125 x 6 PR OHP175 x 5Barbell Curl135 x 4115 x 895 x 20Ez bar upright row 5 x 12 up to 120Rear Delt Rope Face Pull5 x 12 up to 100? Cardio20 mins 8 incline and 3.5 speed...Hour of cardio low incline and abs tommorow..

  4. Bench from friday

    Close grip incline
    45 x 10
    135 x 5
    165 x 3
    195 x 3
    225 x 1
    275 missed 2 times hit it 3rd time
    Drop set 225 x 5

    Reverse band flat
    315 x 3
    315 x 5
    355 x 3

    Incline tates
    3x15 40s
    Orangw strong band 3xf pulldowns

    Rear delt flyes
    3 x 12 25 lbs

    Bike 2 miles 10 mins resistance 2-3

  5. Wednesday

    Squats and deads
    45 x 10
    Working sets
    290x 2
    340x 2
    Rack was uneven these were a bit draining needa deload soon but gotta push threw it till mdrols done

    Block deads
    365,405,435,450 all for 4

    Iso lat pulls
    4x12 with 315 and 365

    Rope ab pulldowns
    3x 25 with 130-150

    Tried power squats hips hurt tried glute and ham it was broke..was drained stopped here since the campus bench comp is soon cant over train

  6. Assistance day Overhead Press45 x 2095 x 5135 x 3165 x 1185 x 1205 x 1 PR will not max on these for a while only did it because i could push myself while on mdrolDipsBw x 1245 x 1270 x 1290 x 10Incline Tates 3 x 12 with 50sKroc Row110 x 20 each sideRear Delt Face Pulls with tricep rope4 x 15 100-130 lbs22 lb dumbells 3 x 12 curls25 min incline walk on tredmill will do 55 mins cardio tommorow with abs and Max effort floor press monday

  7. Max Effort UpperFLoor Press135 x 10185 x 5225 x 1260 x 1290 x 1 PR smoked it was easyFlat Bench with chains (heavy ass chains i think 50 per chain not sure)135 x 3160 x 3185 x 2 chains were uneven every set felt hard so just stoppedSpoon Press Incline80 x 1080 x 6Kroc Row 115 x 15 Rear Delt Face Pulls4 x 15 Purple Band DB press2 x 20,25 with 55 dumbellstricep pulldown easy bar 120 x F x 2 sets each grip about 100 rep totalThats it for the day Deadlift/Squat on wednesday and then 120 mins of cardio and abs the rest of the way bench compeition next tuesday trying to knockout 315!

  8. went to do cardio but NOTHING was open so i did 100 knee raises cable side bends and tricep rope kneeling pulldowns for abs... also did 100 db curls, 100 rep incline smith machine neck presses 100 tricep rope pulldowns and 100 Dizenzo rows.... hopefully that got the blood flow going and had the heart rate up to burn 300-400 calories

  9. ME lower body i guess you could call itSquats45 x 10135 x 5185 x 3225 x 1255 x 1working sets 290 x 4320 x 3345 x 2 needed help with the 2nd both were deep woulda been a PR for a doubleI used the thin bar which was a mistake as coming out of the hole is way harder should have used the other bar.. wont make this mistake again...Deadlifts of blocks405 x 3455 x 3475 x 3 hitched the last one but did every set and rep from a dead stop..No abs since i did em yesterday... prolly shouldnt have done rear delts since they got sore from the recovery workout yesterday.. Will try to do leg extentions, leg curls and good mornings for recovery tommorow. with 40 mins of cardio... Friday will be 40 mins cardio and very light benching compeition will be tuesday.. will Probably squat thursday and then deload all the week after with light workouts

  10. Feeder workoutLeg extentions 100 with 185Leg Curls 60 with 105Calf Presses 100 + in 2 sets with 225Good Mornings 25 with 50 lb bar100+ Knee raises50 cable bends per side 20 mins incline walk for cardioTommorow very light bench and 40 mins cardio and then shutting down till tuesdays bench competition, wont win but deffintely need experience.

  11. Short deload workout
    45,95,135,135 x 5

    Tricep pulldowns
    2x 20

    Db shoulder press
    20lbs 2 x 20

    Db curls 20 x 20 reps x 2 sets

    Iso lat row
    135 x 2 sets x 20

    26 mins cardio. 14 shy of the week had to leave early weighed in at 198 in sweats ! Comp tuesday shut down till then besides ice and rexovery

  12. Campus bench comp
    45 x 10
    135 x 5
    185 x 3
    225 x 1
    255 x 1
    285 x 1
    315 x 1
    325 barely missed
    Bw for reps
    200 x 14

    Block deads and back today we will see how this goes feeling pretty beat up but full deload next week

  13. Block Deads135 x 5225 x 5315 x 3 405 x 1 working sets455 x 2475 x 2500 x 2 PRNeutral Grip Lat pulldown4 x 20,15,12,10 last set 195Iso Lat Row275 x 12,12225 x 10,10Reverse Curls3 x 50 15 reps different grips thats it squats Monday

  14. Squatted the day after the last post dumb idea upper back was pulled did 315 for one and stopped

  15. 11 days off have had the stomach flu since fri morning todays monday lifted anyways so so workout

    45 x 10
    135 x 5
    185 x 5
    225 x 3
    255 x 1
    285 x 1
    305 missed hand placement on left side was off got it off my chest easy stuck half way up

    90+bw for 6,7,7

    Incline spoon press
    3 x 10,8,7

    Neutral lat pulldown
    1x8 210 lbs

    Neutral bar face dizenzo rows
    4x 12

    Bw dips x 50

    25 x 25
    40 x 15

    Thats it reps were down no endurance from being sick. Floor press with dbs or barbell will be accessory work

  16. Deadlift wednesday
    500 missed again needa reevaluate

    Leg press
    6x3 8 plates saw this on tnation to replace this with squats wvery cpl workouts gave it a shot

    Stiff leg deads
    135,225,275,315 x 8

    Seated hamstring curls 4x15 185

    Decline crunches 20 reps started cramping so stopped

    Thats it for now

  17. bought the 5/3/1 powerlifting book, since im coming off my cycle i figured it would be better to back off a bit and instead of max effort and start this for awhile with the heavy singles couldnt wait till Monday to start the full cycle so did the OHP day today Overhead Press45 x 1095 x 10135 x 5working set165 x 7 last rep used leg driveFloor Press DB85 x 10100 x 10100 x 9DB shoulder press40,50,60 x 10 DB Curls50 x 3 x 10Face Pulls3 x 20 60,75,75 lbsDecline crunches 20 reps cramped up again afterwards idk why this happens i drank a TON of water and and had alot of BCAAs...will add sprints Monday with Deadlifts

  18. Deadlft monday warm up thourghly

    Good morning
    3x10 95lbs

    275 3x10

    Leg curl

    Side bends 35 lbs 3x12 each side

  19. Bench
    255 x 3 1 with help

    1 x 70, 2x80 10 reps

    Neutral lat pulldown
    3x12 182

    Rear delt 20 lb and tricep purple band pulldown
    3 x 20 3 x f

  20. Cldnt squat wasnt too sore upper body gave it a go... Have to get use to increase volume and an extra day.

    Ohp press
    155x7 shldnt have took it to failure did 2 heavy singles last week

    Db floor press

    Db shlder press
    50,60,65 x 10

    Iso lat pull 3 45s x 3 x10 with pause supersetted inverted pullups. Bw,bw and added 25 all for 20

    3x 15 leg raises

    3x20 flex curls

  21. Squats
    45 x 15
    95 x 10
    Workin sets

    Glute ham

    Lef press
    3,4,5 plates 3 x10

    Hip adduction abduction red mini band

    3x10 leg raises

  22. Bench Day forgot bands so had to use weights to warm up shoulders

    Bench Press
    135 x 5
    135 x 5
    185 x 3
    225 x 1
    working set
    240 x 5 just to get an idea this is 85% of my training max set at 285 when my true max is 315

    Floor Press DB
    115 x 6

    90 lbs + bw for 10 and 8 reps

    Incline DBs
    55 x 15
    65 x 10
    65 x 12
    65 x 15

    DB curls
    2 x 10 50 lbs

    Barbell curl 40 reps 2 grips

    rear delts orange band pullaparts 3 x 20

    took care of all pressing today, will deload over overhead press friday and do back work with that and go for 270 for failure next monday i really want 3

  23. deadlift135 x 5225 x 5315 x 5365 x 5Shrugs275,295,315 x 10,10,8Good Mornings45 x 1075 x 1075 x 1075 x 10Hamstring Curls60 x 1270 x 1280 x 1290 x 8Cable side bends 90 lbs x 2 sets of 25... 25 knee raises, 25 leg raises Thursday light shoulders and back and hopefully friday squat if im recovered from today

  24. Overhead PressDeload45 x 1075 x 595 x 5115 x 5Db shoulder Press50 x 10 60 x 1070 x 10 (highest ive gone on these)Iso Lat Pull315 x 10335 x 10335 x 10(used inside grip)Neutral Grip Lat pulldown3 x 10 165 Inverted RowsBw x 20BW+35 x 10Bw+25 x 10 inner gripThats it Heavy Bench Monday 270 to failure and maybe squatting saturday if my hips recover

  25. Squats45 x 10135 x 3185 x 3225 x 3 added orange reverse bands315 x 3365 x 1405 x 1385 x 1Deadlifts 315 x 3405 x 6 (might be pr)Leg raises x 25Knee raises x 25Tredmill sprints 8 sets of 15 seconds.. worked up to 9 incline 8 speed ? alot of these were easy will up the intensity next time (monday)Benching on Monday as well

  26. Bench Press
    135 x 5
    135 x 5
    185 x 3
    225 x 1
    250 x 1
    270 x 3 PR

    Reverse Band Bench
    315 x 3
    365 for 2 singles needed help at the very top on both..

    Incline DB bench
    60 x 15
    70 x 12
    75 x 10

    Barbell curls
    90 lbs stripped 10 at at time down to the bar 20 reps each

    Face pulls with 80 lbs 3 x 25,25,10

    Tredmill Sprints ran 8 sprints ended with 9 incline 9 speed did 2 on 15 seconds with that will work up to 8 soon.

  27. Lower Assistance

    Glute and ham raise

    Orange band good mornings x10 then double orange bands 2x10

    Leg press
    5 plates x 10
    7 plates 2x10

    Hamstring curls
    80x12,4 burnt out lol

    Cable oblique bends 3x25
    Leg raises 1x25

    No sprints back was to pumped will do them thursday and saturday

  28. Overhead press
    175x4 was 1 short of pr

    Db floor press
    60x20 with orange band
    80x10 with orange band

    Iso lat row

    Bent over rear delt flyes

    50 leg raises
    50 knee raises

    Cant do much for abs they always cramp was pretty beat up today so didnt do terrible... Probaly need to cut out one pressing movement on mondays. Cycle 1 complete for 5/3/1

  29. Squat/dl day
    45 x10
    Orange band

    This was sort of a deload repostioned bar a lil higher helped the elbow pain alot.

    390x8 PR

    Knee raises 5x20 with 30lbs

    10,10 all 3 sets of 15 seconds 30-45 secs rest between each

  30. Didnt deload bad idea

    260x4 pr

    Reverse band
    2 singles at 365 needed help a bit sith both but had the damn spinning bar ****ed me up

    Incline dbs
    75x6 stopped this way to hard was over worked

    Skull crushers
    85x 2 sets 15,12 reps ended with benches to pump up a bit

    Thats all will take ohp day off and squat friday

  31. Abs a bunch of side bends for obliques and kneelin rope crunches also did tredmill sprints 8. Of em 15 seconds incline was 8 and speed 8 for 4 then 9,9 for the last 4... Friday will do 10 all at 8

  32. Had a horrible day wanted to go blow off steam in the weight room..

    Overhead Press
    45 x 15
    95 x 5
    135 x 3
    150 x 3
    170 x 3 just hit required reps since i skipped deload

    DB seated shoulder press
    60 x 10
    70 x 10
    70 x 8

    Lat Pulldowns
    150 x 10
    185 x 10
    185 x 10

    barbell curls
    95 lbs with 5s strip set x 10 reps

    face down incline rows
    3 x 20 with 35 lbs

    that was it felt good no aches, will hit squats tommorow and deload deads finally busting out the knee wraps.

  33. Squats
    Orange bands
    365x3 knee wraps
    385x2 kneee wraps

    Wanted to get the feel for wraps, hips were sore deload is much needed soon. Hips werent firing like i would have liked. Really shooting for a 495 squat by august.

    420x5 pr

    50 knee raises and did 20 rep 15 rep 10 rep oblique side bends with cable... That was it might do some recovery incline walk stuff tommorow

  34. Bench press
    245x3 i suck at doin reps especially using a wider grip i have a hitch that makes it harder i kinda pussied out after 3 feel burned out need a deload

    Floor press
    105 3 x 5

    Iso lat row
    3x12 315,335,365

    Tricep pulldowns and cable curls and dizenzo rows..

    Rope pulldowns 3x30,25,10

    Tredmill sprints
    10 at speed 9.5 incline 85 then 9.5

  35. did a deload workout, i dont stick to barbell movements because i feel like i recover alot better without it so here it goes for legs

    power squat machine worked up to 5 45s a side for 5

    Leg Press
    3 plates for 20
    4 plates for 20
    5 plates for 10

    Hamstring Curls
    2 x 10 80
    2 x 10 90

    calf presses
    2 x 315 to failure supersetted with bw calf raises

    cable side bends
    90 x 50
    110 x 25
    130 x 12

    thats it will try to run tommorow and friday.. if my legs arent too sore will deload all next .

  36. Took 5 days off went back to max effort work just do not like doin full rom bench wvery week still feel beat up when i do...

    Overhead press
    185x1 shaky rep too hard ive hit 205 before with elbow sleeves. Feel too damn plateued on ths switched to overhead pin press

    205 miss

    This will be a staple max effort movement no ohp for awhile.

    Db bench

    Goal is to hit 5-6 with 125 with these after pin presses by september

    Kroc rows
    125 20 with left 25 with right

    Tricep pulldowns and far bar cable curls for 4 sets of 10-20 reps each

    Dizenzo rows
    4x20 ended with the whole stack. Thats it squats and deadlifts wednesday

  37. Squats - right after warm up knew it was going to be a good day.
    45 x 10
    95 x 5
    135 x 5
    185 x 3
    225 x 3
    275 x 1
    315 x 3 (actually 320 50 lb bar) felt GREAT on my hips felt so good today i considered maxing.. but will stay the course.

    315 x 3 bar was ****ed it bends more on one side than the other
    405 x 6 not a PR, Probably need a week or 2 of deadlifts but i keep hitting my #s for 5/3/1 so just trying to stick the course

    Leg Press
    3 plates x 20
    4 plates x 20
    5 plates x 15
    *changed position so its pure quads, keeps the hips feeling good and feel like its more benificial*

    Hamstring Curls
    3 x 12 with 90 lbs

    Calf Presses
    3 x F with 315

    Knee raises
    3 x 15 with 40 lbs

    Feeling damn good the plan for now is to keep doing triples raw then adding bands for a heavy 5/3/1 set and keeping my deadlifts at my 5-3-1 routine so squats will look like this
    275 x 3 with bands 365 x 3
    315 x 3 with bands 395 x 3
    335 x 3 with bands 415 x 1
    DELOAD then next schedule start at 315, seems like a dummy routine but will see how it works. seems to be working now and keeps me pain free.

    On another note so idea what i will do for dynamic Effort cant speed bench for 2 week. Probably just do assitance work for Shoulders,Triceps and no barbell work so hopefully ill be fresh for mondays ME floor press

  38. Assistance day upper

    Standing db press

    Tricep incline extensions

    Iso lat row
    315x2x12 outside grip
    335x2x12 inside grip

    Fat bar curls 90x10x3 sets
    Orange band tricep pulldowns 3xf

    15 degree incline flyes 3x 25,15,25 with 40,50,40 lbs

    Face pulls 3x20 tricep rope

    Sprints on tredmill top set 11.5,11.5

  39. Leg work sat

    Good mornings

    Power squat
    2,3,4 plates all for 10

    Leg press
    3,4,5 plates for 20,20,15

    Calf presses
    3 plates,4 plates,4plates 12 all to failure

    Ab work leg raises side bends

  40. Max effort monday upper

    Floor press
    295,285 in that order missed no idea why i prolly need too deload

    Floor pressed 135x5 185x3 205x1 with 80lb chains

    Some lat and pulldown stuff wasnt feelin it this **** sucked


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