My 1-T/Dbol log

  1. My 1-T/Dbol log

    Hey guys.This is going to be a very informal log with only basic updates a couple times a week.I hate typing so i am not about to get as detailed and some logs.
    About me:
    35 years old
    152 Lbs
    Training experience.5 Years many years ago then started training fully dedicated again about 1 year ago.
    PH experience. Lg Science M1D last winter, Havoc last july.

    Goal of this cycle. To gain as much weight as possible fat and all.Hey its winter to the shirt hides everything until the big spring cut.Cals at or above 4K, Protein 300g

    Dbol at 30Mg ED for 5 weeks
    1-T from Primordial performance
    Sustain alpha starting in week 2- PCT
    Nolva starting in week 2-PCT 20Mg ED
    Super cissus Rx
    AI Cycle support

    Pp's TRS
    Get Diesel's DTHC at the end of PCT

    I would appreciate any advice through out this log.Flaming is welcome if you must Yes i know i have no test in there,I have heard it before.I dont want to pin,I have my reasons. The 1-T should make up for it well.

    My Dbol is supposed to be here any day,I only have enough for 5 weeks at 30mg so i am going to go ahead and start the 1-T tonight and add in the Dbol when it gets here.

  2. Should i have this in the steroid section? Mod move if nes. Thanks

  3. Yahoo,Got my D today.Dosed 15mg right away and will do 10mg later.I am going to run this at 25mg ED and see how that works out.
    Today is day 3 of the 1-T and well its only day 3 so not much to say.Application is easy with the pump bottle and the smell is nice.Absorbtion is fast.
    Havent weighed in today and its also a off day for me.

  4. look forward to seeing how this works.

  5. Well today is day 6 on the 1-T and day 4 on Dbol.
    Weight today after training was 154 +2Lbs. I have been eating a ton and drinking gallons of water so who knows where the 2 lbs came from,Mix of everything i guess.
    Today was the first day i THINK i could really feel things kicking in.The pump that i got was the biggest and most painfull pump i have ever felt,(loved it).I did try a sample of Xtend that nutriplanet sent me so some of the pump may have been from that.I guess thats the problem with stacking so many things,You dont know what product caused what reaction.
    Libido is actually up a little yet my energy and endurance is down.Agression is up but not out of hand (yet).
    No real noticable strength increases yet,I did squat 20 lbs more than normal for all my sets yesterday so that was cool but i think that was more just having a good day and some placebo effect.
    Off tommorow and pumped to hit on monday!!!!

    Primary supps:
    Dbol @25 Mg ED
    Pp 1-T @ 5 pumps
    Cycle support
    Cycle length 6 weeks

    Pp TRS

  6. I figured i would add a before cycle pic. This was today so its a couple days into it.My chest is more more developed than this pic shows.
    Attached Images Attached Images  

  7. I just dont get it, Fricking horrible workout tonight.Tired and felt weak on every lift.This is day 6 on 25Mg Dbol and i really havent felt it kick in at all.
    My weight isnt up even at 3500 Cals and i have no strength gains yet.No back pumps that i have heard about either.Not saying this stuff is no good but i did think i would have felt something by now but who knows,Hope for a better day tommorow.

  8. Hey guys, What should i do at this point?I am very concerned that this Dbol is either very under dosed or at worst fake.I have been on 25Mg ED for 10 days and still have none of the typical effects of dbol.
    As of today i am up 4 lbs but remember i am also stacking this with Primordial performance's 1-T which also adds weight quickly.I think most of the weight increase is just from my increased cal intake.
    I have noticed 0 strength increase in fact i have felt weaker and had poor workouts lately.

    I know the 1-T doesnt kick in very quickly so i am not to concerned about that yet.Should i bump the Dbol up to 30Mg?

  9. Day 15 of 1-T
    Day 12 of Dbol

    Weight today after training and fairly empty stomach 159. Thats up 7Lbs,Yaahoo.
    Things are really starting to happen.I switched things up a bit and it seems to be making a big difference,I started applying the 1-t at night after my shower and then skipping a morning shower so the 1-T gets a full 24 hours to absorb.
    I also bumped the Dbol up to 30mg and started taking it all together.I am certainly feeling the dbol now.Strong back pumps,leg pumps and the strength increases were starting to show on saturday and tonights workout.Face is very bloated.
    On saturday i started on Nolva at 20mg ED.I have never takin nolva before and wasnt expecting the 24hour wood and very high BP that i got from it.I just checked my BP and it was 160/82 I have always had very low BP so this has me a bit concered.I will try doubling up on hawthorn berry and maybe cutting the nolva to 10mg until PCT.What do you think?
    Anyhow my spirits are very high now that things are happening,I feel like a frickin machine hahaha.Cant wait until the 3rd week when the 1-T should really start kicking in.

  10. Day 22

    So far i am not very impressed with how things are going.Todays weight 158 which is only +6 Lbs.The bigger discouraging part is that i have seen no strength increase and my endurance has been ****.I have been sick the last few days and my diet sucked so that hasnt helped but thats only a couple days worth of bad training.
    I do look bigger especially my arms and back but i also can see i have put on quite a bit of belly fat which is really confusing being i am only up 6 lbs.My pant size has even gone up 2 sizes
    I dont get how i could be responding so poorly.I cant imagine my past PH experience is affecting me this much.My last PH cycle was RPN's Havoc and that was 6 months ago,With Havoc i had huge strength increases by week 2.
    On monday i am going to switch up my training and do a shock routine for a couple weeks and see if that helps.I have been on the same routine for at least 3 months so maybe i am just hitting a platue.
    Any advice would sure be nice.

  11. Heellllooooo, Anyone in here? Nope guess not,Bye

  12. *cough cough*


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