my quest for high school 1000 lb club! at 175 lbs.

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  1. 84bandit
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    my quest for high school 1000 lb club! at 175 lbs.

    so im a senior in hs, and im trying to get into a service academy, preferably annapolis (navy). My grades look pretty good, (4.125 GPA) and i got a 1800 on the SAT

    anyway, ive been lifting for about a year (with a 3 month mono break)

    so to the story. at my hs we have a pretty interesting 1000 lb club. it consists of bench, squat and power clean. Anyways, since ive been there about 10 people have been in it, all football linemen. all at least 250 lbs+. no one EVER that was my build or size.

    ive been gifted with a pretty good frame and good genetics
    (6' 3", 175, six pack, 30 inch waist) anyway ive decided that before i leave (late may) im going to make it in.

    when i started back after dealing with a rough case of mono, i weighted in at 153 lbs (down 16) and here were my lifts


    total of 510 ugg.

    after being back in the game for the past 2.5 months, here are my lifts

    clean-205 (+80)
    squat-305 (+80)
    bench-225 (+65)

    total of 735, lookin up.

    my method of getting this 1000 lbs is going to be (hopefully)

    clean 275 (+70)
    squat 425 (+120)
    Bench 300 (+75)

    im doing bodypart per day week splits like this

    back and biceps
    off, or easy day.

    im eating my butt off because im also swimming (50 free)

    and im doing all the good lifts. (clean and jerk, deads exc.)
    and i bust my butt in the gym. i DO NOT slack off, which is why i seem to go through lifting partners almost weekly.

    any good tips? ill be posting workouts on here daily, and i know the squat numbers a little ambitious, but im here to work, and hopefully learn from you guys.

  2. 84bandit
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    btw, did legs today, and swam


    front squats
    3x10 135

    box squats

    safety bar squats (going from the bottom, with the weight on the safety bars, really digging out of the hole)
    4x4 135

    leg extenders

    leg press
    200, 200, 300

    rdls, 4x12

    calf raises 4x25 mixed weights

    look good to you guys?
  3. 84bandit
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    and todays workout....back

    lat pull down 8x10
    180,180,270,270,180,180,180,18 0

    assisted wide grip pull ups
    4x10 w/ 50 lbs help

    bent over rows
    95 lbs

    cable rows (strict form)

    and finally deads(not bouncing the weight on the floor at all, strict reps)



    and abs

  4. This looks cool. Good luck mate...if you replaced cleans with deads you'd get there easy
  5. 84bandit
    84bandit's Avatar

    i know, thats why no one built like me has ever made it in!

    with my current deadlift im almost there (935 total)

    but the you have to clean, so here we go!

  6. Good luck with ure goals bro. Id make a bigger split between ure leg days. Are u planning on sqautting on both? I suggest maybe trying to get a 4 inch keveler belt and knee wraps to boost ure sqaut. I wouldnt deadlift to boost ure clean though. Its an explosive lift and i would alternate between powerclean and hangclean. Are u going to try and play ball at Annapolis?

  7. you might want to hit up kabuki for some advice. i have nothing to offer - i don't train like a powerlifter. asking advice from someone who deads 660 for sets would be the best advice i could give.

    either way, good luck with your goals!
  8. 84bandit
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    thanks for the words guys!

    i am going to try to play ball at annapolis, but im also going to try and be on their powerlift team, so this is more for powerlifting than football

    im doing deads more for overall strength, and doing explosive lifts at school, during weightlifting.

    so you think i should space out my leg days more? i am squatting on both, and doing some light squatting during weightlifting as well.

    i max out with a belt, but not wraps. anything else?

  9. dude if ya wana play ball stop lifting so much. My body hurts thinking about how much u lift legs. U dont need to squat, front sqaut, box sqaut, safety sqaut and leg press in a day. Id just pic one and do it 1-2 times a week. Preferrably front sqaut and hang cleans for football. Do more functional stuff such as overhead squats, snatches step ups box jumpes lunges, etc. Also bro try and take the SATS again if you can. My best friend is at annapolis and had a 2150 and is one of the dumber kids there. Also start emailing ure congressmen or representative. I dunno how u get over a 4 either but make sure u get some real good recomendations to

    Powerlifting and Football are two incredbly different beasts though. Id say unless u are one of those 250+ less athletic guys, pick one.

  10. does the ASVAB apply to annapolis? if so, take it, study how to do better, and take it again.

  11. did that say you do 270lb pulldowns for 10...imma call bull**** on that!

    good luck reguardless!
  12. 84bandit
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    270 for ten is nothing I have done 360 for 8 before (last week)

    btw i mean the lat pulldown machine, where you load plates and have the two handles that you pull on, not a cable machine

    my back is massively strong, i have also shrugged 405 for 10. it sucks that the rest of me isnt as strong.

    football isnt the thing i really want to go for, im there to learn and train. i have spoken to my reps, and the way i look, my scores and grades place me in a pretty good position(4.125 is weighted), West Point pretty much said that i have a place there if i get a nomination. My nomination appointments come in December, so thats the next step in my application.
  13. 84bandit
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    todays thanksgiving, so no lifting today, just eating and sleeping, I thought about running a 5 or 6 miles, but decided against it, my shin splints still arent healed up from cross country yet, but they are feeling better. no point in tearing them up again

  14. Yeah bro keep ure shins fresh theyll kill your workouts if there hurting. Great to hear ure prob gonna get into annapolis thats awesome. Sounds like plebe summer would be a vacation for you....JK. Good luck bro
  15. 84bandit
    84bandit's Avatar

    thanks bro! im taking this real serious and training my azz off, have been for a while. Have to see how it goes, no point in showing up there and having the work part kick my butt, thats what the schooling is for!
  16. 84bandit
    84bandit's Avatar

    welcome back everyone! hope you had a good Thanksgiving!

    i actually got a letter today from annapolis, and they said i am academically qualified, and need to pursue appointments, which i am

    anyway, did chest today. my shoulder still bothers me, so idk if im going to be benching 300 by May

    mike tyson pushup drill as warmup (10, arms up, 9, arms up, etc) trying to get bloodflow to my shoulder, and have it feel better

    bench 185
    4x1 (1 set)

    then i decided to do dumbell work today

    Flat bench


    aborted due to my shoulder bothering me

    pec flyes

    dips, unweighted, to stretch out

    (btw i do triceps on their own, so no closegrip)

    then some bicep work

    hammers and curls

    bar curl

    pretcher curl

    does this look good to you guys? my chest workout really worries me, because it seems to be my biggest weakness.
    i really could use a couple more workouts to really tear things up. i usually do cable cross overs, but the machine was broke, and skipped the pecdeck machine for the same reason (recovering seat)

  17. hey i had to do something similar when i was a senior.. except military press was also in there... how much time do you have before your max outs... i utilized a program where i progressively upped the weights and lowered the reps for all the excersises i would be tested on >>>>>12,10,8....10,8,6, 8,6,4 6,5,4 5,4,3 4,3,2,1 .. test maxes....i utilized a program similar to that and at about ten pounds heavier then you 185.... i was able to complete a 305 bench, 415 squat and 225 pound power clean... thats about 945 lb total...
  18. 84bandit
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    the final max tests wont come until late may, so i do have some time. zach, did you do like 8,6,4 and then the next workout do like 7,5,3 and then the next 6,4,2? this sounds like it might work great for me, because its totally different than how i run my stuff now. thanx

  19. exactly man.. if you have the time see how it works out.. i was so suprised too see how high my 1rm shot up..
    also another great program that i have used twice so far in college is the bench like an animal program.. if your tough enough to lift heavy weights everyday and need you bench to shoot up in a few weeks try this
  20. dpfisher
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    Quote Originally Posted by 84bandit View Post
    i got a 1800 on the SAT
    Isn't the SAT out of 1600?

  21. believe it is out of 2400 now.. changed 3/4 years ago

  22. Good luck should be interesting to see how you do!

    Just took a quick look at what your doing.....I think on some of your workouts your doing too many reps. A lot of powerlifters I know do 1 RM days where they overload their nervous system. You can also do this by doing speed sets (6x2reps at say 75% of your 1RM and speed lift them)

    Just my thoughts...your only gonna lift these weights once come May so you may want to try doing heavier reps but less of them. Keep some hypertrophy work in there cos you cant max lift more than twice a week effectively.
  23. 84bandit
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    ohh man, what a workout.

    legs day (raw)

    drink preworkout (mri black powder)
    play basketball 10-15 minutes

    4 reps 135
    4 reps 185
    2 reps 195
    then i fail to get 195 up 3 times, call it done

    10 reps 135
    8 reps 195
    6 reps 225
    4 reps 295 (was pretty tired, not getting really good depth on these, just over parallel)

    box squats
    2 sets 135
    10 reps

    front squat
    3 sets 135
    10 reps

    quad extensions

    walking lunges

    95 lbs

    not a bad workout, kinda jittery, hating tuna fish(which i ate like 20 minutes before)

    but not too bad, need to get a squat belt.

    any comments?

  24. bro if you could put in 10 more pounds ur strength will prob increase dramatically..
  25. 84bandit
    84bandit's Avatar

    i know, and i've been eating as much as possible, but I just can't seem to do it. I'm gifting with a FASTTT metabolism, and it just doesnt seem to be working. Thanks for the link on the bench program btw, reps.

  26. P.S. You thought about Plyometrics and bounding? I added so much mass to my legs doing a combination of both!
  27. 84bandit
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    like jumping squats and that stuff? ive messed with it a little, but nothing major. I might add that in the ext week or 2

    todays workout-shoulders and calves (my calves are hurting for size, so im going to try training them 3-4 days a week, see if they grow then)

    my shoulders still bothering me, so delt workout is light

    smith overhead press

    dumbell overhead press

    overhead press machine

    trap shrugs
    225,315,405(yeah baby!),315,315,225,225(12reps) ,
    225(12 reps)

    pull ups (closegrip military)

    calves seated calf raises

    standing calf raises

    feeling pretty good, shoulders just something i have to keep an eye on, but it felt ok today
  28. 84bandit
    84bandit's Avatar

    ohh boy, had a busy day, senior project, 2 workouts and swimming practice

    workout 1- weightlifting class

    clean 155 4x
    185 2x
    195 1x

    skipped squats, still recovering from saturdays leg workout
    (i aint no dummy, i know my limits)

    swim practice, my 25m times are getting better, first meet is next thursday, hope i can turn a great time for 50 freestyle (states?)

    then its TRICEPS!

    100lbs (warmup set)

    4x 6,4,3,2

    unweighted(warmup 1st set), 45 lbs, 90,90,90


    pushdowns(working sets)

    seated and standing, same as yesterday pretty much


    reverse barbell curls

    behind the back curls
  29. 84bandit
    84bandit's Avatar

    ohh boy, its amazing how close i am to overtraining some days. i can feel it, and im pushing things to the breaking point, but its all worth it, because im still making gains

    swim practice (very frustrating day, had several mental errors in the water)

    and back

    bent over rows

    pull downs
    180,270,360(5 reps),270

    cable rows

    widegrip pull ups

    military pull ups

    very tired today, distracted about my performance in the water. need to get my head screwed on straight.
  30. 84bandit
    84bandit's Avatar

    Uggh, I havent slept well in 2 days. I started taking Centrum Performance (mulitvitamin) and i think that it is keeping me up at night. Im stopping taking it and see if I can sleep tonight.

    Anyway, Had swim practice today, and I was absolutely DEAD

    Then lifted legs tonight
    rough workout, just had to put my nose down and do it

    (1st 305 wasnt parallel, got the second one deep though)

    box squat

    front squat

    leg press
    200 lbs

    quad extens.

    walking lunges
    with 55 lb dumbells

    calf work

  31. seems to me like ure overtraining bro... No offense but i used to do what ure doing to and i overtrained for like three years til i started getting hurt. Ure back workout looks fine but the other two of the last three look real bad as far as overtraining goes. If ure gonna do that at least get some serious aminos and protein in ya. Also the mental errors....u gotta get ure mind a rest from the gym as u give ure body one also. Otherwise u aint gonna have that drive to push and get it everyday. Just my two cents though
  32. 84bandit
    84bandit's Avatar

    thanks for the feedback man, im taking friday off, tomorrow will be an easy(relative) day, we are lifting as a team, so im taking it easy.

    i really think that right now it is just fatigue, my weight is still up, no loss at all, and my strength looks really good. im still gaining on lifts. but i am going to slow down some and try to recover

  33. You need to look into Westside Barbell Training ASAP. Google
    WS4SB and Westside training and take in all the information you can.

    The biggest tip I will give you right now is that if you want to excel in the Bench Squat and Clean you should train for those three lifts. All accessory work should be directly related to those movements.
    Squat Moves:
    Box Squat
    Glute Ham Raises
    Reverse Hypers
    Good Mornings
    Box Jumps

    Bench Movements:
    Board Pressing
    Heavy Triceps, Lats, and Shoulders
    Form can really make a difference on the Bench Press as well, learn how to set up properly

    High Pulls
    Power and Hang Cleans
    Front Squats
    Box Jumps
    Speed Deadlifts
    Cleans are a super technical lift, keep the reps very low but do a lot of sets.

    Since you have trouble gaining weight I would suggest dropping your training down in volume but increasing the weights. If you can train 4 days a week and set it up like this:
    Day 1 : Squat Heavy + Squat Accessory
    Day 2 : Bench Press Speed + Back and finish with a few bicep sets
    Day 3: Clean 8-12 sets of 1-3 reps : Quad Dominant Compound exercise 5x5 + Heavy standing ab work
    Day 4: Bench Heavy + Tricep Heavy + shoulder stability and mobility
    Muscle Pharm Rep

  34. sub'n in, man.
  35. 84bandit
    84bandit's Avatar

    pmiller, what would be good for standing ab work
  36. 84bandit
    84bandit's Avatar

    thanks bro

    voted for u too, btw
  37. 84bandit
    84bandit's Avatar

    today, no swimming, and more importantly, i got 9 quality hours of sleep!

    i think it was the multi, i would take it right b/f bed, and then freak out,lol

    anyways, had an easy day today, chest.

    maxed out with 235 for bench today, first thing, so things look good.


    flat bench

    floor press(first time ive ever done it)
    4x3 185

    pec flyes
    25,40,60,40 (dumbbells)

    then a couple of cleans, and


    4 reps 225
    4 reps 275
    4 reps 315
    1 rep 365! this is my new max dead, and it was a piece of cake, i popped it right up!
    405 (missed, got it up about a foot and a half)

    and im done for the day

  38. lookin' solid, man. keep it up!
  39. 84bandit
    84bandit's Avatar

    todays workout, off day

    ran a track sprinters circuit

    400m warmup

    6x200m sprints
    aiming for .30 times, hit a couple of 24s and 28s

    so running them faster than called for

    btw i revised all of my lifting using westsides trainings stuff, have to see how it works out.


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