I Need A Sponsor...

  1. I Need A Sponsor...

    So you know how at rehabs, when ppl get out they have sponsors. these sponsors are there if the newly clean, free from addiction people, get a craving for something. I'm in the same boat,.

    I love food. Every aspect. its so hard for me to cut. i used to weigh 260 dropped down to 176 (lowest) and back up to 200 with some hard earned muscle, thanks to havoc and other supplements.

    So my question is... does anyone want to be my sponsor to help with my weight loss goals. i want to do the velocity diet and i know i cant do it alone. so if someone wants we could exchange phone numbers in PM's and just text to keep up. i dont want to carry on convos i just want to have someone to text message if i get a craving for something, then they respond back with the usual "u dont need this"


  2. Well, I know how you feel, having gone from a high of 245 to a low of 185 and now in the 190s.

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