instant oatmeal

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    instant oatmeal

    is this ok to eat, or is it too sugary?
    ive been eating 2 packets a day for my first meal, for like 60 or so carbs (varies by flavor) for a few weeks now as ive been trying to raise my carb intake.

    if this is bad, what are some easy regular quick oats recipies?

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    Too much sugar.

    Here's what I do with regular uncooked oats:

    Throw 2 or 3 servings (2/3 to 1 cup) of uncooked oats into blender with milk/water and a scoop of protein. Blend well. Serve with protein base (chicken, beef, tuna etc...). Simple way to get lots of good carbs when bulking.
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    I agree with jeepthang. Too much sugar.

    I make a shake similar to his. These amounts are NOT PRECISE AT ALL. I put a cup of 1 minute unflavored oats into the microwave for 1 minute (surprise), then put it into the blender. I add some more water. Then I add 3-4 scoops of whey and a large chunk of nonfat cottage cheese (very imprecise...I turn upside down and let chunks fall into blender). I then add maybe 3-4 packets of artificial sweetner (Splenda or whatever I have).

    The only problem: Because you just cooked the oats, the drink is warm. Solution: 1. cut back on the water and add ice cubes or 2. make late at night, put into bottle and put into fridge and drink the next day.

    It's a lot to drink and a lot of calories and a crapload of protein.

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