I have been working out for about a year and a half and have gone from about 130 at 12%bf to about 180 at 16.9%bf(9 site method).I have what I consider to be a very active metabolism at which was measured to burn about 2800 calories a day in an active office setting.During the bulking phase I had increased my calories to about 4100 a day and I was staying at 179-182lbs due to what I see as variations in water weight.Im looking for any information possible on how to cut fat and lose the least amount of muscle possible.

My training is as follows:
monday-Chest & Tri's,abs
thurs-back & bi's
fri-traps & delts,abs

As for cardio,I have done very little during the bulking phase.I considered the hockey I play once or twice a week my cardio.I am also wondering what is the best time and in what quanities to incorporate cardio into my routine.

As for my diet I was wondering what would be the best starting point for cutting and in what ratio(carb/fat/protein).As I stated earlier I have been taking in about 4100 calories a day in an estimated ratio of 40/35/25,carbs/proteins/fat.

My supplements:
Glutamine peptide capsules
Grape seed(heart)
Daily Multi
Saw palmetto(prostate)
Co Q-10(heart)
Post Workout-Creatine and L-Glutamine:good:

Thanks for any suggestions.