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    Alright, so this is my first log I have ever done. Gonna give this a shot to help monitor my progress with the diet and the stack.

    Height: 6'3" Weight: 220
    BF%: appx 17 not to sure on this one
    Bench: Max 275
    Squat: Max 250
    Deadlift: Max 325

    I am currently doing the Anabolic Diet. Tomorrow will be my second carb up. It seems as though my body responded really well to the 30g of carbs on the 12 day intro so I stayed with that this week as well. A usual day end up with about 2500 cals, 160g fat, 200-220g prot, 25-30 net carbs.

    I lift MWF and do cardio on my off days except Sunday. Cardio is usually 30-45 minutes, and if I am not completely dead I will do aobut 15-20 minutes of high intensity cardio after I lift.

    My goals are to get my BF down to 12-13% at a weight around 200.
    My starting weight 2 weeks ago when I began the anabolic diet was 230, last weekend after my carb up I weighed 225. The scale yesterday said 220. I am trying to only weigh myself once a week so I dont obsess over it, and focus mainly on visual aspects rather then the number.

    Measurements at the start where:
    Waist: 40" at belly button
    Thigh: 23" both legs
    Bicep: 14"L and 14.5"R
    Chest: 48" (I think, I am at work now and cant remember for sure) oh well

    I will be measuring myself every 2 weeks, and tomorrow morning will be my measuring day.

    Current supps:
    Powerfull - USP Labs
    M-F - 2 preWO 2 before bed (May do 1 morning, 1 preWO, 1 before bed) Opinions? experienced users please share your experience
    Tri lean + TX- ALRI
    Venom - 1 pill 2 times daily
    Special Tactics - 1 pill 2 times daily
    Lean Dreams - 1-2 before bed depending on feeling in morning.
    TX - 1 pill 2 times daily

    If theres any other info I should include let me know. I am ready to lose this fat.

  2. Red face

    Alright so yesterday I went to the gym. had an awesome cardio workout. I am really digging the tri lean system. I love Venom Hyperdrive. Good stuff.

    Took measurements yesterday. Waist is down to 38.5"
    All others stayed the same, and I got the chest at 45"

    I decided to wait til monday to start Powerfull. I had a bad night sleep the first day I took it, and if its gonna take some time to adjust I want a full week to do it.

    BTW weight yesterday morning was 218. We'll see tomorrow what my weight is after the carb up and filling up some of my glycogen stores.

    I should be posting before pics tonight or tomorrow morning.

  3. going to follow this one. starting to cut right now too. interested in how you feel about PowerFULL.

  4. We have almost the exact stats ( except im 5'7 ) and I am JUST about to start in w/ the Tri-Lean system on the AD.

    Without a doubt subbed to see how you progress

  5. here is a before pic. I was going to post several but apparently they are to big or something and I am short on time to resize them all so I guess this will do. I will be posting another update later on. I have a test to go try and pass first.
    Attached Images Attached Images  

  6. Ugh ok. School finished for the day. So far as I have experience before the venom hyperdrive is awesome, it and the special tactics have been helping curb cravings for the sweets and carbs. I am also taking the TX, and have noticed that I am much warmer. I feel like I have a slight sweat breaking for long periods after I take it, which I guess is the desired result.

    I had some issues with Powerfull the first night I took it and it caused some serious lack of sleep. After discussing with the USP reps (thanks again guys) I found that some adjustment is needed for some people. So I took normal dosing during the day today, and will take the normal night dose tonight to see how it goes. Hopefully this plus the lean dreams will = awesome sleep. I need it.

  7. alright guess i should detail my workouts a bit here.
    Monday I did Chest Tris Back and Shoulders
    Incline Smith Press
    Smith Shoulder Press
    Wide grip pullups
    Rev Grip Bench

    I havent been setting any records on most exercises however, I did push my deadlift up to 250 pounds, 3 sets of 5, after 3 wu sets.
    I have been focusing on using the most weight possible to acheive 15-20 constant or rest paused reps. I enjoy the way this works, it has cut down my workout times some, i feel like i get more areas of my body working in a workout, and I still feel sore after, like i did 3 sets of 4 diff exercises.

    Tuesday - I did not get much sleep on monday night because I was studying for an exam, however, I still went to do cardio and abs in the afternoon. I did 300 total reps on abs, 120 reps with a 45lbs plate. I do 5 diff exercises that target all ab areas upper lower and sides, with reps of 20 and just cycle em. Cardio was only 20 minutes of mod intensity, the abs wore me out, and I felt like I was going to fall asleep running.

    Today was an off day. I was supposed to go and do legs and bi's BUT prior obligations I forgot about changed that plan and pushed it to tomorrow.

  8. Alright todays workout was a long one. Picked up the leg workout I missed yesterday and did my abs and cardio that I usually do. PWO supps looked like this:
    1 hour before: 3 Powerfull, 6 vitrix (forgot to mention I was using this also)
    30 minutes prior: 1 venom, 2 special tactics, 1 TX, 1 scoop of PurpleWrath, 1 scoop superpump250.
    Right before workout: Protien shake w/ 25 grams pro, and 4 mg omega 3's

    The superpump isnt usually in the mix, but I had one scoop left over sitting in the cabinet so I tossed it in. I dont think it made much of a diff, just made me take a superdump like always right after my wo.

    Anyways legs and Biceps:
    LEG PRESS: 12*300, 8*400, 6*450, 4*500, 20*520(Straight reps) supersetted this with calfs on the last 3 sets.
    So CALFS on LP: 10*450, 10*500, 3 sets of 10 in a row of 520 with various toe positions. After that I did one more set of LP 10*520
    HAMSTRGTH LEG CURLS: 12*70, 8*90, 6*120, 4*120, 15*120(Rest Paused) Hams are a weak point for me.
    STANDING STRAIGHT BAR CURLS: 12*60, 8*70, 6*80, 4*80, 18*90
    FOREARM BB FLEXES: 12*80, 8*90, 6*100, 20*100
    To make sure I got my bi's good I did some close grip chins. Usually I can do 10 in a row, I did a set of 3 and a set of 2.

    After this was abs, 200 reps, 5 diff exercises rotating 20 reps on each to 200 total
    Then 10 minute run 1 mile, then 15 minutes on stairmaster. That was all my legs could take.

    The workout felt awesome....insane energy and intensity. Maybe cuz I took so many stims, but it was not to diff then Mondays lift.
    *EDIT* morning weight today was 217

  9. nice weight on the leg press KSMA, but can I ask why no squats?

    down 3lbs in a week is pretty impressive - good results so far

  10. I do squats. I will do legs again on monday and I will be squatting then and doing stiff leg deadlifts. I just enjoy leg presses more so I do them first.

  11. Got'cha

  12. Hey guys I am going to try my best to keep this up to date this week. I am travelling around and doing some training this week. So it may be limited.

  13. Aight so updating here. I'm in VA right now, working at an odd gym. I hate having to do that, you never realize how important atmosphere is until you are out of your norm.

    I did Biceps, Forearms, and Legs on Monday. Bi's I did preacher curls, Legs was squats and lying leg curls. No records set or anything special. I am really just trying to maintain this week. I have no scale, and most of my normal diet food is unavailable. This is aggrevating.

  14. It happens, just try and stay as clean as you can for with the choices that you have

    Are you feeling anything from the Tri-Lean system or Powerfull?

    I started my tri-lean system and I like it because I havent crashed I've just had a steady amount of energy all day and I've been pretty calorie deficient ( about 2100 and im 211+ while being pretty active )

    I feel like when I take the Special Tactics with my breakfast and lunch it makes me more satisfied/full off of ~500cals which usually I am still pretty hungry off.

  15. Oh man I love the tri lean. Between the venom and special tactics I have zero cravings. They control appetite so well. The TX is awesome too, I actually have noticed the my body feels warmer about 1 hr after taking it, and it lasts for 2-3 hrs. Its great.
    I cant even begin to explain the feeling of powerfull. I take 1 in the morning, 2 prewo, and 1 before bed. Sleep is improved greatly, even when I only get 5 hrs or so I feel rested and ready to go. Workouts are focused and driven like never before. I love this product. I'm a believer and will continue to buy this one.

  16. are you taking the entire tri-lean system and the t-x at the same time or following the recommended schedule? Just wondering because i really dont want to cut for another 3 months...been doing it for like 2-3 months as is

  17. I didnt mess with the recommended schedule. I am taking the recommended doses of Venom Special Tactics and TX all together.

  18. Ok. So I am back from virginia and getting back on track. Last week the diet was fairly clean except for a McD's trip one day and an amazing experience at a chinese buffet. I went to this buffet on sunday (carb up day) and it was so good i had to go back before I left VA.

    I worked out 4 times last week. Two days lifting, two days cardio(retarded long runs 5mi+). Weighed in this morning at 219. I was 216 last saturday morning before the start of my carb up. So as I see it, not to bad for the week. I think the fact that I took my supps with me and got some protien powder while I was there helped alot, I also caught up on some sleep. 12 hours of powerfull/lean dreams aided sleep.....amazing.

    :hot: No more of this for a while.

  19. Alright here we go.
    Monday workout was:
    I did deadlifts for back thickness 12X135,8X185,6X185,4X205
    then 3 sets of 5 @ 255. Pretty sore from this.
    Nothing else really of mention beside the fact that I picked up an illness from my wife. Started feeling really bad towards the end of my workout, skipped cardio.
    Tues: still feeling like crap
    Wed: Legs and Biceps
    Felt better today, nothing really special. Pump was alot better today.
    Weight as of wednesday morning was 217. If I have time I'll hit measurements tomorrow, if not then it'll be saturday.

    I definately need to focus on upping the cardio. its nicer outside now, so I may start riding my bike to school. Need to put some serious mileage down, either on wheels or on foot.

  20. Alright so I busted out the bicycle today, took a 5 mile ride to the gym.

    I did abs today. Weighted situps, Body weight situps, scissor kicks, oblique crunches, weight oblique crunches. Did 20 per exercise with no rest between exercises. Did 4 rounds of this.

    Proceeded to spend 15 minutes on the stair master, then when I left the gym a cold front had moved in and I had shorts and a cut off tshirt on so i took the 2 mile route home on my bike. Needless to say my legs are a little sore, especially since yesterday was leg day.

    I am thinking about modifying the workout a little bit. Adding extra exercises and spreading it out more over the week. I am finding it difficult with my busy schedule to make it to the gym for even 30 min of cardio if there is no weight training also. I am more of an outside cardio person, treadmills piss me off and the gym I'm at has no stationary bikes, just recumbants. Gonna have to work past this.

    Weight this morning was 216.6. No measurements yet. It'll be saturday when I post em. I definately feel leaner. Looking in the mirror I am seeing positive changes. Going to try and get some progress pics also this weekend.
  21. 3 days worth of updates

    Today was good at the gym, stressful outside of it.
    Lifted chest and back
    Decline Smith: 12x135, 8x155, 6x185, 4x205, 15x225, 10x225
    BentOver BBRows: 12x85, 8x100, 6x135, 4x155, 3sets of 6x185
    High Rope Pulls: 12x150, 8x170, 6x190, 4x200, 20x225
    -Admittedly I stole this from Semper27, Its a great move man, you got a great log going and I appreciate you sharing innovative moves.
    Dips- 3 sets of 15 bodyweight only
    Skullcrushers-12x30, 8x40, 6x50, 20x70
    DB Shoulder Press - 12x20's, 8x25's, 6x30's, 4x40's, 15x45's

    Saturday - took the day off from exercise.
    End of week weight was 211.4! Felt really lean this morning and I am seeing improvements.
    Chest - 43.5
    Waist(@bellybutton) - 37.9 it was just under 38
    Bicep - 15L 15.5R
    Forearm - 12L 12R
    I didnt measure legs this morning. Got in a hurry and didnt get to it.

    Sunday -
    10 minute cardio warmup
    Ab routine. Did a good mix of weighted and non weighted exercise. First thing I did today was test myself. 2 min to do as many situps as possible. I did 96. Most I have ever done. This bodes well for my next PT test in april.
    15 minutes cardio HIIT. 1/4 mile jog, 1/4 sprints. Jogs at 5.5mph 2.0 incline, Sprints at 8.5 mph 2.0 incline.

    I am really enjoying the carb up weekend. Feeling really good, its nice to eat freely (sort of) for a couple days. My only complaint today... I am dissappointed with USPLabs! They sent me a prewo supp for winning a contest AND IT IS AWESOME!! but, it is one they sell in australia. It has been an awesome addition prewo. I had been taking Venom prewo, dropped it added this, now i can save that second venom for a little later to help stave off hunger in the later hours of the day. Ridiculous amounts of energy. I'll be sad when I run out.

    Oh and I still hate treadmills.

  22. Ok so I made a huge decision this weekend. Spent the afternoon on Sunday finding a new gym. We bought a house to far away from the current gym to keep our memberships. I love this gym I am at and I hate to leave. HOWEVER, the new gym seems to be pretty nice. 110 peices of cardio equipment, MASSIVE weight room with absurd amounts of free weights, machines, and hammer strength equipment. For instance, the gym I am at now has 1 squat rack, and 1 power rack and you can wait for 20-30 minutes sometimes for em to open up even when they are only moderately busy, the new gym has 3 of each. Indoor pool, basketball court, steam and dry sauna, room with 50 stationary bikes (my fav cardio equipment), and we only pay 5 dollars more a peice per month then where we are now. Plus open 24 hours a day. bonus definately for me working nights.

    When we signed up they gave us a fitness assessment, bf analysis and weight. I dont remember the weight, but the bf was 15% (skinfold/calipers) This made me happy, solidifys that I am making progress. My pre cut bf was almost 18%. When I started the log i couldnt find my sheet with this info on it, so i guessed, I found it now.

    Weight on Monday morning after carb up was 215.5. Not to bad. Looking to be at a solid 209 by the end of this week. Ditch the glycogen stores, and that would be a solid 2 pound net loss for the week. Hunger/cravings have been pretty easy so far this week, I think I am becoming used to the AD at this level. This is week 4 since the first 12 days. I think midweek I will begin going below maintenance.

    Finally, worked legs yesterday.
    Forgot my log book at home Felt good during the WO though, definately put up some good numbers and reps, just dont remember them now. Oh well.

  23. End of week weight on sat morning was 211.

    Had a rough week last with a funeral to go to and a bunch of other junk. Looking to make up for it this week. Going below maintenance on the diet.

    Yeah soo...

  24. Weight at the beginning of the day today was 209.1
    Bad news for this post is that I have only 2 days worth of powerfull left.
    The special tactics is all gone as well. About two weeks ago I dropped the TX because I felt like a crack head. I finished out the ST and have now middle of this week added TX back.

    Also I have decided to switch up my lifting split. I have been having to much trouble getting to the gym on Tues,wed, and thurs because of class schedules and reduced sleep from working nights. So, in order to preserve my sanity and health I am doing Thurs-Cardio, Fri-Chest/cardio, Sat-Back/cardio, Sun-Legs/Cardio, and Mon - Arms/Shoulders/Cardio
    Gonna stick with this split til the end of regular classes in May, then rework it based on my new sched.

    As the powerfull bottle began to empty, I stopped taking it before my workouts in order to save it for the sleep benefits. I did not notice to much of a difference between with and without. I guess some people react diff to it PreWO. I wish I had figured it out sooner. I could have made that bottle last alot longer. The sleep/recouperative effects are awesome. I seem to recover alot faster, and feel better when I only have a few hours sleep. All for now. More later.

  25. nothin much to report really on this. Workouts have been good lately. The new workout split feels good and I think it will be very beneficial to me.

    One oddity to note: Woke up saturday morning and I had a sore spot below my right eye and my lip was swolen on one side on the top. I took some benadryl and the swelling and soreness went away. Same occurred sunday morning, swelling was in a diff spot on my lip tho, and again monday morning with diff spot on the lip. This is really friggin weird. I have no obvious bug bites or anything on my face, and I have not changed my diet at all for the past 6 weeks or so. I am hoping it is just start of seasonal allergies, weird stuff has happened before from that..so..i will keep my fingers crossed. if anyone has any ideas lay em on me please. Oh and benadryl makes me very sleepy, I missed a workout today because I took it mid morning and fell back asleep. So I will be making it up tomorrow afternoon.

    Any good non-drowsy allergy relief ideas besides quercitin? quercitin doesnt seem to do much for me.

    oh and sorry for the sparse updating if anyone follows this. My "final" weigh in is next saturday, the cut will probably extend past that date, but that is when I wanted to be at 200. I will make a full write up when its all over of my thoughts about the products.


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