new workout/diet plan

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  1. i dont eat cottage cheese either lol

  2. Never enough
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    outside of that really soy or whey based protein drink mixes is around all I can think of
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  3. Drink lots of skim milk.
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  4. buffalo, peanut butter

  5. you want her to go all the way to buffalo for peanut butter? get out of here...there should be at least somewhere closer to you with some natural pb

    Sorry...I had to.
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by njsweetheart View Post
    i only eat...
    Quote Originally Posted by njsweetheart View Post
    i dont eat...
    Why? Maybe you should start. I used to eat m&m's, pizza, Dorritos, and Starburst, but not eat vegetables, fish, or brown rice at all. But then I decided I wanted to get in shape and now...

  7. Some people just don't have a taste for certain things. I don't care if you told me that it was going to create widespread world peace....i'm not eating Liverwurst.
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  8. Well to be honest I despise fish!! Passionately. But my trainer wanted me on 5 oz of fish a day. So I hit the tilapia. Now do I like it, eh not really. Is it working , yes. Is it getting easier to eat as time goes on, yes.

    It all about how bad you want it. If bodybuilding and weight loss were easy everyone would do it!!

  9. If you detest something enough though, it could turn you off to the whole procedure. If someone told me the only way to get fit and lose weight would be eating 5oz. of liverwurst a day, i'd say to hell with it and not follow a routine.

    Eating fish isn't a necessity, it just helps greatly. It balances your diet and gets you quality protein and good fats while not giving to many calories. If it's not something you can stomach...move on with your life, haha
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  10. i tried some seafood and i just cant bring myself to eat it, nor do i have the money to buy it
  11. Never enough
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    welp then more chicken + lean beef and less pork it is then. less pork because GENERALLY its fattier. not all cuts, but in general.
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  12. i only eat pork once very 2 weeks or so... i dont have a stove in my dorm ( which sucks ), and ive been microwaving my chicken, could i do the same with beef?

  13. That sounds like it may not be too tasty, haha
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  14. When I lived in the dorms we used to have a shared oven/stove on the first floor, there were these chicks that always made cookies down there mmpphhhh
  15. Never enough
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    hmm not really. beef jerky perhaps?
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  16. Buy one of those two burner things. we picked one up for my mom to use for work at Walgreens for $17.00. Cheap and you can cook skillet things on it. They plug into any electric outlet.

  17. UPDATE:

    i lost 1/2 an inch on my thighs. i can tell my legs are toning up mostly my quads i guess. but i dont think ive seen much improvement on the back of my thighs ( right behind my ass ). it feels like the weight of my ass is pushing down on my legs and giving me some ugly lines that i cant get rid of and its really annoying.. my abs are also getting pretty toned too, but i havent really lost any weight.. is that because it's being replaced with muscle??
  18. Never enough
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    that is definitely a possibility
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