ALRIís Thyrogen-X and Gaspariís Thermogenic Thyrotabs

  1. ALRIís Thyrogen-X and Gaspariís Thermogenic Thyrotabs

    I would like opinions on the relative benefits/downsides to simultaneously using ALRIís Thyrogen-X (tyrosine, Clary Sage Extract, Bladderwrack, Olive Leaf Extract, bAET ECPE, Piperine, Diprop and Triprop) and Gaspariís Thermogenic Thyrotabs (3,3P-iodo-4-(4-hydroxyphenoxy)-L-phenylalanine). I have been using Thyrogen-X (and Venom) 2X/day, and am wondering if adding one tab of Thyrotabs mid-day (between the doses of Thyrogen-X/Venom) would safely accelerate fat burning.

    So long as I was to keep this at a safe duration, do you see this as a good idea or bad idea?

  2. I wouldnt add thyro tabs and thyrogen x together

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