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    I have my workouts down, supplements down. My daily intake will be from 2500-3500 calories a day, 40/40c/20f give or take.

    I can cook pretty much anything so Please throw some cool new ingrediants I have never delt with. I relied on Broccoli and Brown rice and Chicken Breast to Long, as did the canned tuna thing.

    Shopping List:
    Brown Rice
    and I"m out of idea's.

    Let me know I don't mind eating new things but clean.



  2. red meat dont be afraid. try bison patties from trader joes. zuccinni,yams,

  3. Oats, Sweet Potatoes.

  4. Sweet I'm a huge fan of TJ's, any other ideas of things to get from that place would be sweet, also whenever I have redmeat I feel so much better the next day, when i grew up it was redmeat 4 times a week steak twice.

    Oats and sweat potatoes also golden, Looks like I almost have a full menu, keep the ideas coming, and thanks for the input.

  5. Whole wheat Bagels, bread and pasta. I don't how it is where you are but I can get a nice whole wheat bread that is sugar free.

  6. If you're going to Trader Joe's and you're looking for good bread, look into the Ezekiel 4:9 bread.

  7. Trader joes
    dried fruit
    and the best...
    pasta made from 100% brown rice

  8. Oh almost forgot a favorite Natty PB!

  9. Trader Joe's almonds, dried blueberries, oatmeal, they even sell a whole grain kinda minute rice there in the frozen section (good if preparation time is limited).

  10. Cottage cheese!
    Almonds, flax, walnuts
    Vegetables other than brocolli.. tomatoes, lettuce, celery, capsicum, mushrooms, greens...
    Get some salmon as well

  11. Skim milk, flax seed, olive oil, ground turkey breast, low cal yogurt...mmm makin myself hungry here...

  12. Great everyone I can do some pretty good damage with these ingredients.

    I'm thinking of some more meats, I'm pretty good with salmon, chicken looking for some other ideas. I'll make a master list pretty soon to help some onlookers out.

  13. sashimi grade ahi tuna, its expensive but if you like raw fish (or seared ) its gooood stuff...
    and the trader joes by my house does not carry bison meat!!
    i have yet to try it....i have heard good things

  14. splenda and cinnamon for the sweet potatos (try slicing them into "chips" and bake them... amazing snack)

    skim cheese (mozz and cheddar), grits, green tea

    when i'm going out and wont be home for a meal, i usually take 4 skim string cheeses with me... 9g protein, 2.5g fat, 0 carbs, 60 calories each

    rutabagas are awesome... cook it just like mashed potatoes but it isnt starchy and has less calories (its a huge kind of turnip)

  15. here's a few ideas:
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