mid-cycle gut

  1. mid-cycle gut

    it's week 5, and the test is starting to kick in (small zits, balls shrink, etc.). i have a tendency to get a gut every time i run it and it looks like my 6-pack just comes together as one big ab, so i tried clenbuterol, which virtually did nothing but make my muscles shake, and i tried ab-solved, which didn't work (but smells good), i'm guessing because i have under 10% body fat. the deal is i need to lose this gut and try to get my 6-pack back. i tried doing high reps on ab workouts, but it just makes them bigger and stronger and makes them stick out more and look like a muscular mini beer belly. i'm considering doing cardio 30 minutes a day since i don't do any. my workout partner is a personal trainer, so nutrition isn't a factor, but he also doesn't know jack about aas. any advice?

  2. I think you answered your own question w/ the cardio remark and you may be having water retention while on test

  3. add cardio. if necessary, use an AI like arimidex or letrozole

  4. I agree with Beelze I would take adex to counteract the bloat. Also try eating watermelon it's a natural diuretic and also a great source for NO

  5. does nolva do anything for bloating?



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